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Waffles for tonight

| Hello!! It's Phoebe!

A looong time ago I promised to tell /u/ a waffle stand. Well, it's for someone called IA. But everyone can go here to! They are friendly, yes!

I have coupons too! It's free waffle for two people and I don't have two Phoebe, so you can have it /u/!!

> A location to Canvas & Camomile is attached, along with a badly photographed sheet of paper, with a barcode right in the centre.

| Waffle time
Mind if i call a friend of mine?
she would love something sweet

| >>667631
I have only one coupon, but you can have it!! Please bring a friend! -Vee

| >>667632
Mmm no i must insist you bring that coupon for yourself little missy~

Oh but yes, i have a hunch you will quite like her

| >>667633
I like many people! I want to like many people too. I want to have many friends! -Vee

| I think I know someone that'll enjoy this, coupon or not...


| A waffle stand, huh? I guess I could stop by—The bros'd appreciate it. -MC B.B.

| >>667759
I like this waffle stand!! You must come, MC. It's good! -Vee

| >>667636
Someone? Hmmm...! I don't know who they are but I will give them coupon, yes! -Vee

| >>667773

Oh. Yo, Vee! It's been a while. -MC B.B.

| >>667786
Hello hello!! I want to post more often in this site so we can meet more, MC! -Vee

| >>667788

You can just call me Ichiro—It makes things easier! -MC B.B.

| >>667790
It's nice meeting you Ichiro! I will call you Ichiro from now! -Vee

| >>667630
But... you >>>do have two Phoebes!! One of them is me... I think. :?


| >>668272
Is PB coming too?!! I'm happy! Please come! I will have two Phoebes and I can use the coupon for two Phoebes! (Is this bad?) -Vee

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