[Setting] Canvas and Camomile

| > Loosely standing, just right beside a busy market, a propped stand of sorts. Steel beams support it, but its roof is solely tarpaulin and patched up Nanocamo. Despite that, efforts were made to decorate this small waffle house; if not for the cafe-styled tables and seats, then it's the authentic wooden furnishes they have.

> Some customers come to sit, others leave and take their orders. Mostly, business as usual.

| > Steams run from the waffle stand to the twinkling night sky. The lunar cannon is visible today, and the seats are no less better way to see it.

> Two female staffs tend to the customers at bay. They don't serve as waitress, and food are to be taken by the customers themselves. Instead, they busy their hands with crafting the best waffle there is - all for the low-low price of a several zennies for the basic waffle.

| > The stand has received no shortage of customers, but in this break amidst the night's patronages, the two staffs rest their legs on two metallic seats.

"Ahh.... Ishihara, get me water, will you?"

> The one staff groaned, handing a metallic cup to the other. "Ishihara", is presumably who stood up, and walk over to a table close to them,, pouring as intended.

"You're a wreck!"

> She hands the cup, giggling over the matter.

"...sshhh. I'm just tired."

| >A girl gracefully approaches the waffle stand, she is dressed in a sweatshirt and a pair of trousers. She starts browsing through the waffles display on the stand.
>"Do I have Waffles? Why not, I guess", she mutters to herself. "I should get one for Red too," She continues as she let out a smile. She then turn to the staffs.

"Excuse me, how much for these?"

>She said, pointing at the waffles.

| >>667168
"Plain waffles are eight each, ma'am. Extra flavours are fifteen."

> There is a lighter tone to Ishihara voice. She stood up, steadying the cup to the table. Her long ponytail rests by her chest and the colour it possesses is a bright white. Early aging? No, her face and body looks too young for it — even the fitting behind her loose apron, the dress shirt and pleated skirt, would tell nothing of sort.

"Zennies, please. We don't accept Nuyen."

> She politely smiles.

| >>667172
"That's fine with me, don't worry.'
>The girl smiles back before taking a look at different flavored waffles they have on the stand.
"What different flavors do you have here."

| >>667174
> Readily available, you can see the chocolate and mapple being displayed, amongst many other imitative flavours. Right next to the dish is a free selection of biscuits and cakes — and they are bundled together when ordered.

"Well, aside from what you see. We have a handful of fruits. I will have to ask Ergina if they are--"

> Ishihara turns to Ergina, her coworker, receiving an instant,

"They are available."

> Which she then echoes,

"They are available."

> And nods.

| >>667180
>The girl laughs a little bit but tries to stop as to not be rude.
"I will take a maple one and a plain one."

| >>667186
"Right on it, ma'am."

> Ishihara gave a salute, waving it off as Ergina began rummaging. Ergina's short hair and similar apparel weren't as impressive as Ishihara's in terms of lasting impression — save for the distinct chestnut colour of her hair. Her taller figure did make more view, same for her deeper voice that came once she spoke.

"Good day, isn't it? It's.. night! I know, I know!! It's beautiful still!"

> Ishihara struck a conversation for the customer.

| >>667194
"Can't argue with that, really. The weather's great here, isn't it?"

>She says, taking in the view around her while she waits for the waffles.

"Even better with a nice, warm waffle."

| >>667199
> The view is a steady pavement of Uptown. Sometimes, the hovercars passes too close, skirting the wind to the stand - other times, it's regular cars being a decibel louder than they need to be.

> The shining moonlight comes to disrupt the scenery with the clear sky ahead. Clouds often enroaches, never completely covering it.

> Faint smell of batter being made and prepared distinctly rose anyone's memory. A benign cognitohazard bringing upon a morning serenity here.

| "Aww.. of course everyday is better with a waffle!"

> Ishihara giggled as she heats the iron, and Ergina quietly did most of the work with mixing. A waffle isn't a meal too complex for them both, yet, both seems to be set on delivering perfection.

> After all, there is a value for new patron.

"Are you strolling around here, if you don't mind me asking?"

> The girl asks again, continuing their chatter.

| >>667203
>She takes in a deep breath of the city's cool night air before taking out a small notepad and a pen from a small slingbag on her. She starts scribling down some notes.

>Your chatter took her back from her writing. The patron smiles again before replying.

"Well, yes and no, I'm waiting to see someone around here and I saw your stall so I decided to stop by."

| >>667222
"We're lucky then!"

> Amidst the gathering of night atmosphere, a click comes through - and a flicker of crackling disrupts the previous silence. Ergina slid the volume a step higher, and into their silence was injected a small piece of music, introduced simply by—

"Hello everyone! XNBC here, and I will be playing—"

> The voice became white noise, and before then another composition plays, [ https://youtu.be/iZ_sh1Ks4Kw ]

| "That is SO not your style!"

> Ishihara briefly turned back, now the waffle iron has heated, waiting for what to make. Eternally, they would wait, as Ergina is fixated on fiddling with the small radio-like box.

"Oh... you see? I want calm sometimes, Ishihara. I am not always the drum type. Sometimes I'm the.."

"Glockenspiel type."

"A.. what?"

> Ergina walks over to her with the prepared batter, confused.

"It's the metallic thing they play in marching bands."

| >>667231
"I think I should be the lucky one, finding a stall with such nice staffs, and evidently nice food too!"

>She puts away her notepads and other stuffs.

"That music is pretty nice. Who's XNBC? I'm not really familiar with her."

>The girl is clearly amused by the interaction.

"I think that's piano, but I could be wrong, maybe it is a Glockenspiel."

| >>667236
> This smell. This distinct morning smell, to those who've had it, and those who haven't, knows it by name — pancakes and waffles; and slightly crisp edges. Ishihara has let the mixture in its destined place.

"XNBC...? I don't know anything about her either. This was what came up when I searched pianos."

"This is piano.."

> Ishihara reiterates, continuing the patron's point.

"Why did you say 'glockenspiel' then?"

"It's a fun word to say~"

> She smiles in return.

| >>667238
"Actually a pretty good point, Glockenspiel is an interesting word to try and pronounce..."

>As the girl was talking, she saw a figure from a corner of her eyes, a man dressed in a half-military half-casual looking setup, with a small rig over his softshell jacket. His face is covered by a balaclava and his head is under a beanie as well as a pair of ear protection. The guy also openly carry a pistol, safely tucked away in his holster.

| "Red! Here!"

>She waved at the man, presumably Red, for a while before he notice and starts to approach the stall. Before Red could say anything, the girl strech out her hands.

"So good to see you! Hugs?"


"Come on, a little?"

>The girl tries to walk over and hugs him but he sidesteps out of the way.

"Why are you even here, Alix."

"Well, let's wait for the food first."

>Alix gestures toward the staff and their waffles.

| > Both Ishihara and Ergina are still working in tandem. The latter began to prepare two plates, while the former keeps an eye out for the iron - they let themselves be a transient background, leaving the two to chat.

> The music has since shifted, but another piano piece plays as the streamer's voice modulation grates with joy.

| >Red glances toward the pair working then go find a seat with a frustrated "Fine."
>With a smile, Alix tries to strike up a conversation with Red while they wait for the waffles.

"So, how have you been?"


"You know, I'm so happy to see you after we l... broke up."

>Red sighs.

"You are here to rub it in my face, is that it?"

>Alix smiles disappear from her face, replaced by a frown.

"No, Red, I didn't mean to make you feel that way. It's just I want to come see you."

| "I'm here. What do you want?"

"Well, I might have screwed up a little bit. The place I was meant to stay at was not ready and now I don't really have anywhere to go. Can I... stay at your place for a while?"

"What? Absolutely-fucking-not."

>Red is visibly angry now.

"Am I just a toy to you? You broke up with me and now that I'm over it you just come in and ask to live with me?"

"Please, just for a while."

>Alix's eyes begin to tear up.

| >"Aw-"

>Outside the shop, a biker rolls to a rather unfortunate stop down the street, sending the rider over the bars, and the bike on it's side!

> The man lands as he sits, and shakes his head in disappointment...

| > There is a ping, waking Ishihara to certain senses. Opening the iron, steam rises once more, meeting with the distant sky akin to the clouds once down here.

> The smell of waffles can't be more bittersweet and painful. With the tears and emotions being rushed by the first two patrons, the staffs has nothing to put in words. Ergina was going to interrupt by ringing the bell for the order, but Ishihara put a hand over her shoulder, shaking her head as Ergina turns.

| >>667602
> Ergina notices the commotion nearby. It's not hard for her, after all, it was a ruckus to see. Ishihara too, saw this, but goes back to preparing the waffle as intended. Shortly, Ergina followed.


> Ergina murmured to Ishihara. Forlorn or not, her voice is melancholic despite its low range.

> Ishihara nodded and pats her co-worker, consoling her.

"You always do this."

> Ergina says with a recovered smile.

| > The man returns to standing, brushing off dirt and dust from a red leather jacket and black jeans. He proceeds to take off his gloves before lifting the bike and setting it in his intended parking designation, before removing his helmet. The man -whose once had a head covered in an orderly dome of protection, now layered in a messy black fuzz, drawn out with a ponytail of all things- makes his way into the stand, avoiding the couple and beginning to seek his meal.

| >>667603
>Red was about to continue but noticed tears flowing down Alix's cheek.

"Alix, are you crying?"

"No, I'm fine."

>Alix replies, clearly not fine. She wipes away a bit of the tear.

>Red sighs again and stand up to walk over and try to comfort her.

"I'm sorry, I didn't want to shout."

"No, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have bothered you."

>The situation seems to have cooled down a fair bit now, it's probably safe to ring that bell, eh?

| >>667605

"Hm.. Ehto- Eh, chocolate chip? I wonder..."

> The man seems to talk to himself, however he asks again with enough voice to be audible. He doesn't look up from his current menu, almost not expecting a reply.

"Excuse me... Chocolate Chip?"

| >>667608
> Ishihara oversees the argument reduced to a slew of sorry, hoping her intuition is correct, she places the two plates on the serving table — and what's once a silent, idling bell was rung twice. It's a notification. She waits for anyone to turn, giving them a polite smile and a gesture towards the newly made waffles.

| >>667607 >>667609
> Ergina has her attention trained on this man. She let a smile, not as bright nor as jubilant as Ishihara, neither of which her mature appearance allows.

"Chocolate chip? Did Ishihara put weird..."

> She motions to Ishihara, pointing to the menu. The girl is good at charade, but she can't exactly guess from 'man', 'menu', and 'what?' — or, if those are even anything Ergina is trying to say.

| >>667611

"Er, sorry.. Do you perhaps have chocolate chip waffles? I've got a younger one at home that devours them like an addiction."

> The man shifts weight, looking up to the woman, to Ishihara and then back to her.

| >>667612
"We do, we do."

> Ergina fishes for a menu and hands it to the man. It's a simple paper with the names of possible flavours printed on them. Some are crossed out, perhaps indicating unavailability, but the paper is old, crumpled, and is slightly torn. Too old for anything relevant.

> 'Chocolate Chip' is written right where other chocolate variants are.

"So.. anything else?"

| >>667610
>Red looks up, hearing the distinct sound of the bell.

"Look, our meal's ready. I will go get it for us."

>Alix nods, she's not crying anymore.

>Red walks over to take the plates from the staffs.


| "Ah, relieving. Four of those, five plain, if you could pretty please. And-d-c-can I get the Chocolate Chip ones' to-go?"

> Maybe it was a strange request, but the man reaches for his credstick nonetheless.

| >>667614
"Have a good one!"

> Ishihara waved to the parting of the waffles. She enters into Ergina's conversation with a "Yo!" — she pays them first no mind, going to tidy their workplace. It's nothing insincere, as Ergina seems to have already handled the talk well without her intervention.

| >>667614
> The waffles present themselves in a great detail; the smell can remind one of home, its appearance is more so classical and Belgian, and the topped maple syrup — even if imitation — would sport the same qualities as the original. The white plates highlight the light brown, steamy food served on top of them.

> A packet of sweetener is provided next to them. Does anyone need it sweeter than it is now?

| >>667616
"Woah..! Lots of waffles you're having, mister! We'll start right away!!"

> Ishihara gasps at the order, then taps at Ergina's shoulder. This isn't time for breakfast, orders in this scale is uncommon — for them, this meant firing the three measly irons to full power. Unlike before, they start to work the same task in parallel.

> They cover each other's mistakes; Ishihara moves fast, but is prone to mistake, different from the slow and accurate Ergina.

| >>667622

> He gives a slight head bow, placing the stick where they can reach it when finished, before finding a small table to sit at. Patiently, he awaits sitting with his head in his hand, and a deep stare into the table.

| >>667620
>Red take the plates and walk back to his table. There, he lay down the plates and take a seat.

"You still like maple syrup huh?"

>He comments as he lay the plate of waffles down right in front of Alix.

"...and you still can't stand them, I'm assuming."

>Alix replies, she is smiling once again.


"Something just doesn't change."

>She continues.

| >>667628
> Ishihara picks the credstick as she goes shuffling ingredients around. The heat sourced from the stand remains to become a warmth for this cold autumn night — warmth that beats along the clattering of utensils.

"Ishihara, can you...—"

> Their conversation goes like so. Ergina points to somewhere, Ishihara followed and takes them to her.


> Instructing, instructed, doing until one, two, then three waffles are done perfectly. A proud smile is on Regina's face.

| >Red takes off his mask, beanie, and ear protection while Alix watch, amused.

"You know what, fine."

"What do you mean?"

"You can stay with me."

>Red says before he start eating his waffle. Alix was beaming.


"Yep, I will take you there after we are done here."



"Thank you."

| > The waffle stand is busy. From far away, or from the nearby seats, this fact is undeniable. The two staffs shuffle, switching positions as one keep tracks of the other. They work in synch, not missing a momentum; they work without ever needlessly wasting time.

> From a distance far away, a figure is running towards this stand. As it approaches closer, it became two figures. Two, one shorter and the other taller.

> They stop as they are visible to everyone around.

| "H-how.. cumbersome.... this mortal coil.. is..."

> The voice belonged to a short figure. Her hair is a shade of purple, darkened by the pale moon's ungiving light; the lights from pillars and towers near them made her cast a long shadow.

> She takes a deep breath. Her face is obstructed by a kind of head-mounted display — akin to VR units, that is — but she was able to see well, why, she can immediately see the stand so well.

| > The other girl is a taller — yet, no by much — blonde-haired figure. Her hair is shorter here, donned to a style to resembling a tiny braid. Her eyes seems to have illuminated when she arrived near the stand.

> No voice comes from her, even in an expression denoting a squealing joy. She still kept silence.

> In this regard, she waves towards the two staffs, receiving the same gesture in return.

"Hello, Vee!"

> Ishihara says to the girl.

| >>667660
> The waffle gave a semblance of texture before melting when chewed for long. It's soft, not spongy, but bland at first. Its sweetness comes much later, at a second or third bite, where the tongue has accustomed itself to the warm (and burning) sensation of a newly-made waffle. This is the spirit of breakfast.

> With the maple syrup, a thick sweet taste readily rejuvenates before the warmth. The syrup itself is what one expects, if only more runny than need be.

| >>667667
>not missing a beat a few minutes after vee arrives a boy wearing a blue jacket and a strange headset eventually finds the stand
>he has his hand cuped near the microphone of the headset in some attempt to isolate his voice amidst the busy crowd, clearly in a phone call

"Yes then take a left from there...are you sure you don't need help? I can come get you instead...alright if thats what you want, just be careful Alright?.."

>he smiles softly at the last bit

"Ok bye"

| >his eyes glow blue as he swipes the air with a gloved finger ending the call..ah AR gear.
>then dusts his hands just as he arrives at the stall proper

>peeking his head through the canvas blind
"Hello there~"
>he speaks in that ever so smooth chocolate voice

"A little birdy told me about this wonderful waffle stall down the street~
Would this be it?"

>he says with a smile betraying his calm looking demeanor

| >>667671
>The pair enjoy their meal in relative peace. They talk to each other for a while before more people arrived.

"Hey, Alix."

"What is it?"

"What happened to you after, you know, I left Canada."

>The question made Alix smile again. "He does care", she thought.

"Well, remember the book series I was working on? All of those are published now."

"Really? Guess that's a congratulations. You are a novelist now."


| >>667664
>"Vee, that name sounded familiar." Red thought. He looks up from his food to see the girl arrive. He too waves at the newly arrived girl and shouts out a greeting.

"Hey! You were that barista at Caramel Anne. Vee, was it?"

>Red looks over to the source of the voice he heard. He recognised Cassius and shouted out another greeting.

"Cassius Vanderbilt! Didn't expect to see you here, got your head fixed up yet?"

| >>667680
> The mention of the cafe's name brings Vee's attention towards Red. She unmistakably tries to remember him, with how many customers she has served, it's difficult to traverse this memory lane.

> Even when she isn't able to remember him, she nods then waves at him, giving rise to the other girl's curiosity.

"To be aware of you, out of many. A lofty occurence, is it?"

> She too, noticed more arrival than Vee initially promised.

| >>667674
"Humm... I think! There isn't any other waffle stand here!"

> Ishihara greeted the newcomer with a radiant smile, but her hands were nonetheless full with the order still imparted by the previous customer. It seems ordering will have to put in queue.

"It's a monopoly."

> Ergina chimes in, also greeting the man.

"Absolute oppression! No stalls open without our permission!!"

> They both laugh, maybe at the rhyme or what other reason, but it gave them a necessary pause.

| >>667680
"Enough that i don't ominously chew on my couch cushions anymore.
Sheesh i was sat there with my teeth in fine silks for longer then i care to admit."

>he says with a laugh
>judging by his merry yet calm demeanor and that utterly quelling french accent hes more then Alright, hes in a good mood!
>although knowing Cassius he would be all shy and deny it

>god damn tsundere

"But lets not talk about that yeah? We're here for waffles after all~"

| >>667688
"Hmmm now all we need is a dainty old man with a tophat and someone screaming about hotels on a blue colored street"

>he responds with a laugh

"Oh and one person that goes to jail every other turn but prefers it over the blue hotel"

>he shakes his head returning to the subject at hand

"Now then where is our dearest Vee? It would be rude of me to order without greeting the darlings dearest little songbird that lead me here no?"

>he looks around for her

| >>667695
"Friend of hers? She never brought one.. that's new!"

> Ergina gave the jokes a chuckle; while Ishihara points to Vee, still waving at Red, along with the friend next to her that is no less familiar. With Vee attaining her interaction elsewhere, the purple-haired girl is the first to have noticed the man.

"Cassius. What pleasure I have seeing your presence here, I wonder."

> She walks forward, closer to him.

"I take it you are here to partake in a feast, too?"

| >>667697
"Hello there vee dearest"
>he calls out from the entrance
"I must say you have been progressing quite well, we should be able to move toward doing the tango by next week!"

>before turning to the purple haired woman
"Ah yes hello! Err...Forgive me have we met before?"

>he tilts his head in though before extending his hand for a shake with a smile one would expect any well raised soul to show when greeting someone new

| >>667701
"Were my books in equal value to a dust? How saddening."

> The girl accepts the handshake. The difference in hand size would compare easily their stature, as how the girl needs to keep taking a peer up to even meet Cassius' gaze through her head unit.

"We are Uni; of one and many. Alas, I expect names to be what you recall of me."

| > Hearing the voice of her mentor made Vee jump. She turns to face him, also waving. Radiating from her is an aura as usual; not graceful or overflowing, rather, just bright and charming.

> Unlike in their first meetings, Vee seems to have adjusted well to the social setting. Even here — or, especially here — where she was able to say a warm hello to everyone.

| >>667702 >>667703
"Ah madam curator, Forgive me for not recognizing you, last ive seen your hair was not purple.
However i must admit the new shade makes you look quite ravishing"
>gods above curse that voice for it is poison on the mind
>a sweet sweet seductive poison indeed

"Ah but where are my manners? I should Probably come inside"

>yet before he could put a foot through the door a the voice of a certain ecstatic cookies and cream girl rings through the air


| >she could be heard even from far away, that peculiar girl...

"Gem! Hell- urghpw!"

>yet before he could even finish his greeting he is put to the ground as the girl dashed through the streets and quite literally jumped to give him a hug!
>this left Cassius momentarily dazed and, were it any other moment he would simply lie there until she was satisfied.
>yet instead he wrapped his arms around the cookies and cream colored girl and hugged her back

| >a single small teardrop running down is somewhat shocked and confused face somewhere deep down he missed her after being apart for so long. But of Course he would never admit it

>the girl on the otherhand is just happy to be reunited with a friend after so long, simply contented with being in the moment
>although of course, some waffles would make it that much better for her

>cassius gives literally anyone available the look of needing some help up
"Uhh..gem...cant brearh"

| >>667653 >>667702

> The man awaiting a disastrously large order of waffles perks up at the sound of a name after having nearly drop his head to the table. He sits up in his seat to take note of the change in pace around him.

>"U-Uni?" He only mutters to himself, but he repeats about three or four, progressively louder until he gets an answer.

| >>667686
>Red, seeing that Vee might not actually recognise him, decides to not bother her anymore.

>Instead, he turn his attention towards Uni.

"Oh, hey! Aren't you that women from the literature fair."

"Well, glad to hear you are back. Impulse's still mad at you for calling me and screwing up last time."

"Who's this?"

>Alix chimed in, deciding not to be left out anymore

"Cassius, he's my friend with me and my boss except he's kinda not anymore, it's complicated."

| >>667708 >>667709
"Gemini too, huh? You two really are a package."

>Red added, seeing Gem.

"How it's going both of you."

"You really need to start introducing me to your friends."

"All in good time, Alix, all in good time."

>Red turns back towards Cassius and Gemini.

| >>667710
"O-oh, be careful!! The tiles get slippery here."

> Ishihara hands a final piece of the order, plating it as intended before she goes to place it on the serving table. Ergina has finished the rest, packaging the monstrous layer of chocolate chip waffles, then,

> A bell was rung for the man.

> The noticeable rush of new faces quickly took Ishihara to memorising them. Aside from those that have ordered, and Vee, she sees three new identities.

| >>667708
"Why indeed, thank you. I-—"

> The girl crashing on the man gave Uni a strong surprise. She would have let out a yelp, but her constitution strongly goes against the reflex.

> She let the two be together, not intending to break their bonds. A simple smile she leaves as she met Red — she too, remembers him.

"My, I was sure you will recognise me."

> Uni trails her leg behind, performing a curtsey.

"Uni, a soul bound to the grimoires."

| >>667710
> Vee was the one to squeak. It's not everyday she sees someone crashing to her mentor, giving him a treatment as close as that. She steps back behind, watching the duo closely, with slight interest in Gemini. Of course, how can she not?

> She offers a hand for the two — "one for each!" she would say, with the gleaming smile unlike many.

| >>667721
"Redford, just a guy, I guess?"
>Red replies awkwardly. The answer clearly amused Alix, who let out a light chuckle.

| >>667716
"Hiya there mister red!"
>she says while cassius panickedly taps out like a defeated wrestler

>>667721 >>667725
>they both take a hand with Cassius just barely wording out an exasperated thhhaaahhnnnjkkk youuuuhhhhh and hazily standing back up
>on a side note he is rather light! Still healthy Definitely but you can imagine why hes taken to dancing

>the girl on the other hand giggles and gracefully lifts herself up with Vee's help

| >...say she looks quite familiar...
>wait a second! Isnt this girl an Idol!?!? A true full fledged idol in the flesh!
>quickly! who was it!? You don't want to embarrass yourself by not remembering anything about her right!?
>uhhh uhhh! Think!
>right this is Gemini!
>『The monochrome angel』! 8th generation of Platinu♡Moon's newest member!
>how does she know cassius!? Why are they so close!? Wait she likes waffles!? Where are her wings!? AAAHHHHHH SO MANY QUESTIONS

| >>667718

> The man quickly stands to retrieve his order, nodding his thank you and turning on a heel to get back to his claimed table. When he turns, his eye immediately catches >>667721, stopping him immediately.


> He calls out, curious.

| >>667737
"Careful not to kill your friend there, alright? Don't need any tragedy on a good day at the waffle stand, do we?."

>Red say, seeing Cassius's state.

"Hey, hi, Gemini is it? What a nice name, I'm Alix."

>Alix chimes in from behind, waving at the girl.

| >>667735
"Presumptuous title. You lack pride in your crafts, soldier."

> Uni rose to her posture; a straight, formal and sharp standing posture. She chuckles at Red's response — expecting flair in someone like him.

> The girl switches to the man. This is not Uni. A petite and short body, unbefitting of the memory of the figure the man would remember. The head unit worn on her blinks a white light twice; there is no blue eye to glow.

"... Kazuki?"

> Yet, she greets him.

| >>667738
> Vee pulls her hand and places it on her lips. Her brows rose and she recognises this presence immediately! She flutters wildly trying to have a word to say, settling down on a simple, signed "Hello!!" with much exaggeration in her movements to show wide interest and appreciation.

> She is smiling widely, cheeks blushing and with eyes that couldn't stop admiring.

| >>667742

> Kazuki walks over and sets his waffles on his table before approaching her, bewildered at the sight before him. He stops and looks between her and the couple.

"I-er, I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"

| >>667740
>she walks over and gives alix a hug!

"And hello to you too!"
>she then does the same for vee!
>giving them both a nice and soft warm hug!
"Nice to meet you!"

>Cassius in the Meanwhile tiredly limps to the counter to make an order
>mustering the strength to place a credstick on the table before falling into the counter using his arms as makeshift pillow to catch his breath
"One...smores waffle and one cookies and crea..m...change...keepp..hahhh.."

| >>667742
"So you know that I'm a soldier."

"Well, quite obvious from what you always wear around doesn't it."

>Alix pokes.

"That's beside the point."

"Don't worry, I still like you as much, maybe more because of it."

| >>667747
"W.. what silly.. idiosyncratic idea... do you think— I——"

> Uni takes a step, then another, then this repeats until she relentlessly fall in front of Kazuki — not dissimilar to what Gemini has done — and falls square on his chest - lending him an awkward hug, with the head unit bumping him instead of her pale face.


> It was a release of emotions. She clings her hands tight around him, and tears would be running, if it's not for the unit blocking her eyes.

| >>667748

>Alix hugs back at Gem, really tightly.

"You're so warm. This is possibly the nicest thing anyone has done since I'm here. I'm hope I'm not crushing you."

| >>667748
> Ishihara takes the credstick again. Both her and Ergina's attention were stolen by the events, until an order is pressed.

"On it, mister!"

> "S'mores"? Even though Ergina has begun preparing another serving (two, in fact), she doesn't know what to do with S'mores. She knows they are there, but—

"I'll handle the first. Can you do cookies and cream?"

> Ergina steps in, with a mixing bowl in hand, she tells Ishihara that replies with two nods.

| >>667748
> Vee was surprised by the hug! It's clear she hasn't received one in a long time, nor has she felt embrace this close to an idol before. This is a first. This smile casts on her allowed her to indulge in a moment of paradise.

> The warmth, the connection, the sensation. This is all too new for her.

| >>667750

>Kazuki has her caught as she does, returning a firm, comforting hug and head pat whilst picking her back up.

"It really has been awhile! Say, I've missed seeing you..."

> He doesn't attempt to let her go first, instead preparing mental questions on her appearance, the one thay strikes most importance.

| >>667751 >>667753
"Not at all!"
>her response to both was the trademark snowmelt smile and giggle
(Le see to image above for approximation, flowers included)

>he barely manages to put out
>one scan of the stick reveals 150zen! Way more then standard price
>and he did say keep the change...well as much as one can when breathing

| >A party of two approaches the little café. The first is a man with an intimidating aura, dressed in a dark red dress shirt and grey suit pants. The second is a redheaded girl with... A decidedly less intimidating aura.

>She hangs back, evidently waiting for someone, while her companion goes up to the counter.
"...I'd like a menu, please."

| >>667755
"How vexing.. Kazuki! To see yourself in this world, a different city — a same background.. I am.. at a lost. I don't know anything—"

> Uni burries herself deeper. Her voice withers by moment. The world, this world, is not hers to own — why is she complaining about changes?

"This is.. cruel..."

| >>667756
"I'm glad."

>Alix continues to snuggle with the girl for a long while before breaking free, realizing she had been hugging for way too long.

"Good to see you are having a good time here."

>Red mutters.

"Are you feeling left out, is that it?"

"Absolutely n-"

>Red was interrupted mid sentence when Alix lunges in to hug him.


>Alix declares, still smiling.

| >>667756
> Vee signs an 'OK!' with her hands. She kept her words simple and gestures simpler. Unbeknownst to her, even these usually confuse people. If her gaze were to be followed, they track Gemini more than the waffle stand.

| >>667756
"Hey, Ishihara, this is—"

> Finally noticing the mismatch in value, Ergina takes one step, before a voice enters from behind her. A new customer, and they haven't finished this. She steps back, leaving Ishihara to work on her share.


> She sets the bowl she held down, taking a piece of paper to show as a 'menu'. Same as usual — plenty of chocolate, fruit, and other sweets for a waffle to be together, along with beverages such as tea of varying tastes.

| >>667765
"It'll be alright, Uni; seems we have a lot of catching up to do. How about we take a seat and sort things out?"

> He directs her to the table he was seated at, reaching to pull her a chair.

| >>667767
"Soooo watcha eating?"
>she asks vee while taking a seat next to a now recovering Cassius

| >>667771
"That is.. a wonderful idea."

> Uni looks to Kazuki. Her smile, even if it's not hers, were sincere. She follows him to his seat, taking one before showing her anxiety — she fidgets there, unsure of what to say to an old friend.


| >>667770

>The man bows as soon as he receives his menu. He gives it a once-over, then turns to the redhead by the entrance.
"...Sandansky, aren't you going to come in? He's probably gonna be a while."

| >>667777
> Vee points to the stand, then makes a big circular motion with her hands. Does it mean 'big' - or does it mean.. something else? Regardless, she makes a confident look while she does the act — even if it means nonsense in the recipient's end.

| >>667779
>The girl shakes her head, then changes her mind and nods, joining her friend. She also takes a quick look at the menu, but before she can finish reading it the hubbub over where Gemini is catches her attention, and once she takes a look in the direction of the noise she... Doesn't take her eyes off.

| >attempt78

> Upon sitting down after her, he pulls his chair up and sighs.

"Why... Why don't we start with your, er... Appearance?"

> Quickly, he makes a small motion to his waffles.

"Oh, by the way, would you like one, or maybe two?"

> His gesture is a bland attempt at comfort, but still an attempt at heart after seeing her worry.

| >>667782
>gem tilts her head
"Uwahhh..? Something...big?...uhhhh chocolate!"
>she throws a guess in the air!

"Uuuummuu...sorry i don't get it..
Unless this is a guessing game! In that case my second guess is just a plain large one!"

>Cassius having finally recovered pipes up to the waffle duo
"Thank you again and my apologies for the trouble"

>just a not! Anime girl doing cute not! anime girl things

| >>667789

"..." >There's something bugging Sandansky about this girl. She seems familiar...
"...I'll have something with tons of chocolate and strawberries on it. Specifics don't matter. Oh, and I'll take whatever drink you're havin', Kiryu-han."
>So in this case, Oolong tea. Kiryu nods, preparing to place the order.

| >>667792
>black white hair, bubbly...well..*everything* similarly colored attire consisting of black skirt white button shirt black thigh high socks and white mary janes, oh and a pretty black bow on her hair
>bog standard not! Anime girl

| >Just then another pair of weird people walk by the scene, both are really tall around 6'5''. One was wearing a full suit of plate armor reminiscent to late medieval knights, fully kitted with a longsword in a scabbard. Lights reflected off the bare steel of the suit. Another was kitted in a hooded cloak, with a hint of mail armor hidden underneath his clothing. This man is carry a literal longbow and has a quiver of arrows slung over his shoulder.

| >The two noticed Red, who is still getting hugged by Alix.

"Arnir! Look, our friend is under attack! We must go save them, as he had done so many time when we needed."

"Anbor, forgive me for this but I don't think they are under atta-."

>The ranger, Arnir, tried to reply but the knight, Anbor, is already drawing his sword and walking over to the hugging couple.

| "Oh, hey, what's up you tw-- what are you doing?"

>Red calls out to the pair, and cuts mid sentence alarmingly when he see Anbor approaching manacingly, sword out.

>Just about when Anbor was about to slice down with his sword, Arnir suddenly appears in front of him.

"Arnir, dear brother, what are you doing! Shall we not save our good friend from this witch?"

"Anbor, i do not think that they are having an outrage of violence."

| "Guys?"

>Red calls out, he is done with Alix's hug now. Alix also turns around and see the pair. She is evidently weirded out.

"O' noble Redford! Are you hurt?"

"No, Sir Anbor, I'm fine."

"As I've told you so, Anbor."

>Arnir says, now stepping out of the way seeing Anbor not trying to attack Red anymore.

| "Then who is this, women, and what are you doing with her?"

"Well, she's my ex. Uh, she used to be my spouse? We were just hugging."

"Oh, then you will have to forgive me, good lady. I have misjudge your 'hugging' for an attack."

>Alix, still weirded out, tries her best to reply.

"That's fine, I'm glad nobody is hurt. Red, who are these?"

| "Uh, Arnir and Anbor. Don't mind them too much, they mean no harm."

"Sir Anbor Belegil, ready to serve."

>Anbor is now kneeling and offering his sword.

>Alix stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to do.

"Anbor, that's enough now, you can stand up."

"With pleasure."

"Now, doesn't anyone care to explain to me why you two are here?"

| >Arnir nods as Anbor rises up.

"Impulse wanted us to come find you, as he wanted to assign you to a task and for you to visit him some time later."

"Oh, that's alright. Now that you are here, why don't you sit with us for a while and we can go visit him together later."

>Red says before turning back to Alix.

"Hey, can we go visit my 'employer' before we go to my place? I'm sorry about this but I think he might have something urgent to say."

"That's fine by me."

| >>667787
> Uni kept silent to the offer. Is it hesitation?

"Of course.. of course. A matter, I tend least — yet, it's obvious, is it not?"

> This Uni is small. She is smaller than what Kazuki knows. She bears the same weight in speech, but — a lacking figure here, does not represent Uni.

> It's someone else Kazuki knows.

"... I am a parasite. A lonesome worm burrowing under truths. I am, a figment. I am, what the world erased."

| >>667789
> Vee nods! Surprisingly enough, that's what she plans to order. This game of charade she didn't play very long, mostly because she spots more people than she can imagine. Unaware before, now reminded of the busyness of the stand.

> She slowly make her way to the stand, trying to best avoid people while she does so, only to see the two busy staffs.

> No escape now. She is locked in this position until the staffs are ready to meet her again.

| >>667792
"Your order will be ready soon. Please have a seat--"

> Ergina tries her best to ignore any strange patrons. Anyone is welcome. There is a limit to this welcome, still, and it is when she sees a real sword ready to be drawn anytime.

"Hey! Knight! Plunge your sword! Keep it away from other customers!"

> She warns the knight, trying to as best as possible say so without disturbing the customer in front of her.

| >>667810

"You're far from a parasite, Uni. Tell me, why Lucetta?"

> It was an easy start, maybe. He wanted to be careful about digging, maybe his timeline isn't as straight as he'd hope'd to be.

| >>667799

>Could it be? A small part of her doesn't want to know, but she needs the closure. Sandansky begins to approach Gemini, thinking of things to say.

"Thank you very much." >Kiryu once again bows in thanks.

| >>667808
"Well, I will take up on this offer, Red. What are the food available here? They do not smell familiar to something I have eaten before."

>Arnir asks, interested by the smell.

"Waffles, oh right, you haven't tried waffles before."

"We have indeed not tried this before, what is it?"

"It's, how do I describe this? Alix, any help describing waffles?"

| >>667819
>Alix gestures towards the waffles on the table.

"It's a sweet bread with a pattern on it, see?"

"Looks like those food the Kriegers ate, don't you think, Anbor?"

"Indeed, we would like to try."

"As you say, good lady! Now, would you be so kind as to fetch us two of those 'waffles'?"

"That's two plains waffles for them please."

>Red clarifies.

| >>667812
"Big chocolate waffle!"
>she says with a giddy spin!
"Yeah im great at this!"

>cassius chuckles
"Well done gem"

"Alrighty your turn! Ask me something vee!"
>she asks like a child giddy from making a new friend
>wait no she did make a new friend, she just isn't a child

>yes that is very much Gemini!
>and gem being gem she is engrossed in being friends with a newly befriended friend

>cassius of Course close by watching with a chuckle

| >>667816

> Uni parses the name strangely. It's not a name known to her. It's not a name she can remember. She presses a hand against her head, doing her best to remember. The hand slams against the table, making a loud thump.

"... I don't know, Kazuki! I was told of my demise! It's the end of this play, yet—... Yet! This world- it continues to string me another red fate..."

| >>667820
"I have your order!"

> Ishihara says, as she hithers over to the serving table. She has finished her waffle, whereas Ergina has barely started hers — at least now, she can focus on another.

"That's two plain, Ergina..."

"Yes. Can you get the berries?"

> Ergina points beneath the table she is in. She still prepares her waffle, setting it on the iron now.

"We aren't making plain.. first?"

> Ishihara concerns the difficulty of the order.

"We can. It's up to you."

| >>667821

"...Gem?" >She calls out her friend's name before she's even aware of what she's doing. There's a lot going through her head right now.

| >>667824


> Kazuki winces at the sudden action before taking her hand in his.

"Hey, look."

> Kazuki takes a rather quick pan across the room before giving Uni his full attention.

"This play isn't going to end soon, not if I've got anything to do with it. It'll be alright, truly. We can fix this! We can fix this, yeah?"

| >>667832
"Thank you!"

>Red says before he gesture the two brothers to settle down.

"Take a seat, both of you."

>They did so and doesn't cause much more trouble, just waiting patiently while the Canadian couple finish the rest of their meal. Alix was a bit tense in their presence at first but quickly gets used to it.

"Alright, Red. We have a lot of catching up to do. This is getting crazier by the minute."

>Red laughs.

"Of course, of course"

| >>667836
"Fix what? All that is written in me are lines for pain. I am miserable, a desperate existence latching to others. If I knew this life was mine no more, I will have let it be."

> Uni dove even deeper to the existential crisis. Surely, her voice even starts to give in. Unlike Lucetta's alluring and high-pitched tone, Uni spoke at a pace for hyperbole — yet, what she has said and what she has done mirrors little of that.

| >>667821
> Vee signs something. To the intrepid few reading her fast signing, something along the lines of "How are you?" can be seen, except with some peppered signs that is merely unknown to ASL — it's her own dialect, perhaps?

> Regardless, she gave a nod, trying to confirm with Gemini as to how much she understood her words.

| >>668025
>uwah? goes the uwah? girl
>gem closes her eyes and puffs her cheeks trying to recall everything Vee just signed, quietly thanking Cassius for teaching her some bare amount of sign language
>after all what kind of idol would she be if she couldn't communicate with her potentially mute fans during meet and greets!

"Oh i got it now!
Im doing great! Everything is great!
I meet a friend! I did a show! I get waffles! And i made a new friend!
Wait no! Will you vee my friend?"

| >>667835
>hmmm it looks like you will have to get closer to the cookies and cream girl to hear you..

| >>668041

"..." >Sandansky starts to approach Gem, her legs moving of their own accord. Her curiosity triumphs over her nerves, and she starts to walk with purpose. Whatever the outcome is, she can handle it-- and even if she can't, the closure would still be nice. Once she gets to a distance she deems close enough, she clears her throat.

| >>668024
> Kaz shakes his head frantically. The belief in itself offsets him, more or less angers as well. It's almost obvious when he squeezes her hand firmly.

"Uni! Stop-"

> He stutters and looks around, fearing himself from raising his voice; Kazuki returns to almost a whisper, however retaining still rather aggressive.

"-Uni there's more to it than... Well, this. Let me help, please."

| >>668132
>even from there you can feel the metaphorical fairy dust and rainbows sprinkles that seem to manifest around her at all times going at full blast
>some things never change eh? Same ol ice melting smile, same love of sweet things, same black and white clothing choice
>yeah, thats gem, no way its not
>she turns to face you!
>with that ever heart bursting smile!

| >>668396
>Sandansky- Chisa -stops. This was a lot easier when Gem wasn't looking directly at her. Still, she's come this far- might as well say hi. She takes a deep breath.
"...Heya, Gem. It's been a while."
>Sure, her appearance might have changed, but her voice definitely hasn't.

| >>668040
> Vee eagerly nods. She makes a repeated signing of 'yes' and 'of course!' — if only words grew to a shape, hers would be a circle that links them together.

> She seems to really have forgotten the waffles, but oftentimes take attention towards Ergina and Ishihara, both are taking a gander at pressing the bell, now that both orders are done.

| >>668040
> In fact, a ding was heard. The s'mores waffle and cookies and cream that are ordered have been plated neatly on the serving table — but Ergina and Ishihara took no waits or pause. They continue to drive another set of waffle in the process of making. Two more to go, this and a tea.

"Can you do this alone?"

> Ergina asks the pacing girl, giving her a worried look.

"I can! I can! It's just plains!"

> With said reassurance, she let the girl do the order by the lonesome.

| >Red and Alix finish their waffle quickly enough.

"The waffles are pretty sweet, do they serve drinks here?"

>Red remarks.

"No idea, let's ask them."

>Alix replies before turning to the staffs.

"Hey, excuse me, do you guys serve drinks?"

| >>668432
"Hiya chisa!"
>gem being gem, she immediately goes for a hug!
>would you really expect anything less?

>then lets go to give her space
>the waffle mysteriously dissapeared the moment the bell was rung, and in her mouth...how!?

>cassius on the other hand simply quietly digs into the smores one
>then nods in approval
"Yup these are good"
>somewhere in the back of his mind he worries about a certain Belgian friend of his ever finding out

| >>668462
>she eeks and then wraps vee up in another hug!
"Yayyyyyyy! A new friend!"

>one can smell the distinct smell of cookies and cream, even before her having a cookies and cream waffle
>yet in her warm and soft arms it is that much more potent!
>mmmmmmmm cookies and cream

| >>668323
> Uni pauses. She pauses from the incessant madness reigning over her. She pauses from her trailing sanity, ever closely pulled by this fear of death.

"Help? Bring me from this hell and out? I don't deserve this. I don't deserve you, Kazuki. I am.. not even sure if I am myself, the person you refer to by that name—"

| >>668505

"Uni, it doesn't matter."

> Rather bluntly...

"What you deserve - whether or not it is more or less - has nothing to do with it. I'm not going to idle whilst those closest to me are suffering."

> Kazuki turns his gaze down to the meal he'd ordered, but hadn't touched.

"It's okay not to be sure, sometimes, either. That's why I'm here."

| >>668473
> Ergina turns, again handling the query.

"We do. Please have a look."

> She hands the same parchment, still the same menu, but she points to the bottom of the paper before leaving to finish an order. A list of beverages is seen, mostly warm and mildly sweet drinks such as the aforementioned camomile, or many variations of true tea and herbal tea — chrysanthemum, elderberries, artichoke, and others. The list is nothing comprehensive.

| >>668477
> Vee is tightly bound in the hug. She presses tight too, returning Gem with a hug akin no other. There is no voice to come out of her, but her smile is as wide as the horizon above and brighter than the distant moon.

| >>668806
"It matters not. I live with a borrowed reason. I am a phantasm that has no meaning but to live now."

> It's hard to tell where Uni is gazing at. The two cameras in her head unit tells no direction, due to their fixed lens, and much less emotion. Her window sealed shut, speaking no connection from the closed eyes.

"Whether you help or not... I am... nothing to stop you. Your Uni has long since past this world. Their copy is not themselves."

| >>668871

> Kazuki only just releases her hand, having a solid grasp on her. He remains silent in thought, glaring at the table before taking his silverware and beginning to consume his waffles.

> He pauses and finishes what's in his mouth before speaking again.

"Copy or not, you're still Uni. You have purpose here. If not to you, to me. Simply it."

| >>668874
"Aren't you lying to yourself, Kazuki? Are you using me for a purpose, after 'Uni' has died?"

> Uni bats no thought to the waffle. Their sweetness sickens her now. Same for herself, and her own thoughts.

"... What burden are you shouldering, Kazuki? To make yourself do such a thing..."

| >>668876

> He pauses and nearly chokes on his faulter.

"I... I have a hard time letting go of people, that's all."

| >>668879
"You should learn to accept losses.. this body too— why would she do such sacrifices as if they were trivial? Granting me a mortal self.. a mortal... life— her life, for my sake—"

> Uni gave herself a long pause. She bit her lips, crushed by a doubt.

"I do not ask the dead to rise, such I will enjoy the delight of their living remains. I abhor those thoughts. If I am to die then I shall; I shall be where I am, and not here."

| >>668869
"Thank you, and sorry for the bother."

>Alix say as she takes the parchment and browse through the menu.

"What do you want, Red?"

"Uh, I will go with camomile tea."

>Alix turns to the staffs again.

"We will have a cup of camomile tea and a cup of milk tea please."

| >>668882

> Kazuki finishes what he can of his order before responding. Not having looked back up to her yet, he cleans up before putting attention back into Uni. He hides his unhappiness by showing acceptance.

"Yeah, you're... You're right."

| >>668870
>ah yes, a brief moment of heaven
>yet all good things musg come to an end eh? Thus gem slowly lets go, and with a giggle excitedly noms on her cookies and cream

>Cassius on the otherhand makes an order
"Oh some chamomile tea if you would?
I need something to balance out this sweetness"
>it would double as something to take his mind off a potentially very upset Bulgarian lady

| >>668886 >>668889
> Ergina smiles. She turns to her co-worker — still busy but idling waiting for the iron; so is she. Regardless, once an order is received, it cannot be annulled. She keeps an eye as to whose order is which, never mind a paper to remind herself.

"One camomile and milk tea; another camomile!"

> Ishihara was instead, the one who shouted loud of the orders. She rung a bell, finishing the waffles for the knights first.

"Plains done!"

> She declares.

| >>668887
"I consider you.. no— would it matter now? I sense little of myself. What am I? A simple instruction to live — or am I truly Uni?"

> Uni is at a lost. She isn't minding her environment well anymore.

"Am I myself, if I am only a copy? Or am I a copy, and can live a life of my own — not naming myself off a person once existed?"

| >>668893
>Red heard the bell.

"Both of your waffles are done."

>This prompts the brothers, well... only Anbor, to suddenly becomes much more lively.

"Very well! I think it's time for us to try out these 'waffles'! This shall be an experience, like a first battle or perhaps first love experience."

"You've never courted any lady, brother, all you've done is go fight the Khanians."

"Neither have you."

"That is true."

| >Both Alix and Red are amused and allows themselves a laugh.

"Poor guys, here, I will go get the waffles for you."

>Alix says, she walks over to the staff for the waffles.

| >>668893
"merci beaucoup demoiselle"
>calling his friend a Bulgarian in his head when she was Belgian sealed his fate, and has doomed him somewhere down the line to a fate of torture via cursed food pictures and wet socks

"Soooooouuuuu what made you make this stand misses?"
>gem asks after cleaning her mouth from a big bite of cookies and cream waffle
>the picture of her with a curious look and a crumb on her face is kinda cute heh

| >>668895
>Arnir, the ranger who had been listening in on the conversation since he had settled down, decides to intervene with the conversation. He stands up and walks over to her.

"Excuse me for a moment, dear friends, but I have been listening in on your conversation for a while now. I'm terribly sorry to be rude and interrupt your conversation, but I've heard of your problems and 'doubts' and as someone who had interracted with people with similar problems, I wanted to help."

| >He pauses for a moment, glancing at Uni.

"You, Mi'lady, I presume that you feel conflicted about the truth that you are, in fact, alive, even when you are not supposed to, only able to do so by the sacrifice of others. You feel conflicted that your current form is not that of your own, but just a memory assuming control over others, is that true?"

>Red, realizing what's happening, facepalms.

"Damn it, Arnir's in scholar mode again."

| >>668895

> Kazuki finds it hard not to stare at the absolute unit of a man, mostly frozen in disbelief to his size and build, then to his wardrobe and weapon. He keeps his mouth shut, almost begging to not be called upon for a response.

| >>669349
>Red notices Kaz's reaction and tries to shout to Arnir.

"Arnir, leave them the fuck alone. You are scaring him. Goddamnit he's not listening."

>Arnir turns to Kaz, and also notices the reaction.

"Fear not, friend, for I mean no harm. I have only interrupted to offer help to your lady friend."

| >>669220
"Whose dream was it.. was it yours, was it mine, Ishihara?"

> Ergina prods Ishihara for an answer, receiving a very mild "Well.." as she has her hands full on orders. She prepares chocolates, and a few berries alongside, and another waffle was swiftly before either could answer.

"After we're fed up with shooting people's heart, we went with.. shooting people's heart!"

> Ishihara finally responds after she sets up a cup of tea.

> And the ball rang again!

| >>669338
"I confer naught in your words, priest."

> Uni's tone shifts. A radiant sharpness in her glare, even felt now from the thin layer of plastic, and given by her voice is the same derelict hostility.

"What I be, to be, will be — all not a matter for indwellings such as yourselves, not of this land; uncoil your preaching to another lending ears. I do not grant you my blessing."

> Not a single sorry was heard.

| >>669353

> Uni's quick change in heart snaps Kazuki out of his fear. He pushes his plate aside and attempts to intervene om her reaction.

"G-oh, U-Uni, hold on, let's not be so hostile..."

| >>669551
"Isn't this what you wanted, Kazuki? For your Uni to be here still? I am a cheap copy; a replica. I do not listen to meddlings of others; this is what Uni will do."

> She didn't bat an eye towards Kazuki. Her answer is nonsensical at best, if not implausible to understand. However, she is confident — no, far too strong to reject any other idea.

| >>669439 >>669553
"My words may sound like that of a preacher, but I can assure you, good lady, that I'm no man of the religion."

>Arnir replies.

"I do not try to meddle with others if I do not trust that good will come of it. So, I pray that you would trust the same and the conversation we could have would prove useful towards us both."

| >>669626
"You have predicted incorrectly, lest fate sees you a farewell, make this your last mistake."

> Uni's word became sharper, resisting nothing and piercing everything; hostility, hostility, hostility. She can draw these dark clot of thoughts to the world, unlike no other time.

> She bites her lip.

"I am the goddess of this land. A deity once reaching a thousand leagues. We are Uni; we do not see you as a follower of this soil."

| >>669398
"Ooooo! Bang! Bang! Bang! P-p-p-pull my devil trigger!"
>she makes a finger gun aimed at Ishihara and mimicks shooting her heart
>one must wonder where the intrepid idol girl learnt that

"Hah, quite the same then the both of us"
>cassius adds before taking a sip of his tea
"Mmm a strange pair, chamomile and s'mores, yet strangely not unwelcome?"
>he chuckles with a shrug and then continues with his impromptu tea time

| >>669635
"Customers always come with the idea. We are the pan and stove."

> Ergina adds, noting the expression of slight disillusion when hearing the enjoyment in Cassius' words.

"I'm more of..."

> Ishihara interjects, giving Ergina time to counter.

"The stove?"

"That's not what I was going to say!"

> Her spread out hands wave to show her shorter height.

"I said I was the creative one...!"

"The canvas."

> Ergina smiles at her own answer, while Ishihara chuckles deep.

| >>669633
"Well, then, never before have I seen a deity stoop this low to the people's level. Your mouth says you are the goddess of this land yet your body screams that you are but a mortal being. I am not a follower of this soil, and I would be glad that it is so if what they worship does nothing to help them but use their time to satiate themselves by meddling with their own followers' lives."

>Arnir comments.

| >>669661
"Humour me — person of the plains — and harken to my absolute words. You, who has not bent more than arrows — arrows of fate — and you, who has twisted no chaos upon themselves — what do you know of us?"

> Uni proclaims the situation, stirring still the vicious gaze.

"You are unfit to be an advisor as much as I am unfit to be a goddess. Assumptions, they poison judgment. I do not need to hear from you."

| >>669638
>he gives a court laugh
"Oh please, get a room you two!haha!
Or at the very least close down first!"
>ge chuckles, clearly just an innocent tease
"Besides there are children!"

>said child he is referring to isnt a child and is eating a cookies and cream waffle
>almost in synch she gets a cat like grin and smiles

"Cassie! For eternity!"
>she cheers aloud!

"Wha?huh? O-Oh uh sure!"
>caught off guard but still reciprocal to gems antics he nods and taps his headset

| "Best pay attention miss vee, were about to see her in action~"

>almost as if magic, across the air multiple flowers bloom around the two!
>each and every one seemingly made of sound, each petal a dazzling spectacle of visible echos bounding from each other to form the head of a flower floating around the monochrome girl
>each one playing a beautiful tune, from angelic strum of a harp to the delicate ring of a piano

>and then the girl in question begins singing

| "Ooh you are my first lo~~~ve~"
>the tune is almost melodic and yet stunningly hypnotic, all carried through by a heavenly singer and her skillful accompanist

>the romantic nature of the song..one cant tell if they sing this in joke or sincerity
>yet it becomes clear its both

>sweet in their own eccentric way one would support

| >>669663
"Assumptions may cloud my judgement, but not as much as affection has clouded yours. You question the morality of your existence, but not the morality of a relationship with your worshiper. How can a diety be a paragon of justice if the goddess is biased towards a single follower of your faith."

>Arnir continues.

"Mark my words, O' deity, this shall bring nothing but destruction to yourself and those you showed affection to. That is not an assumption."

| >After a while, Alix come back with the plates of waffle.

"Here, I got the waffles for you. Where's that other guy."

"He's in scholar mode over there..."

>Red replies, gesturing towards Arnir.

"He has a scholar mode?"


"Well, is anyone gonna stop him?"

"I would, but he wouldn't listen. Just let Anbor eat first, I guess."

| >>669732
> In cue, Vee took her phone out — it's clear what she plans to do, and she does so in a hurry. After the slightest delay she finally began capturing the moment; her other hand, while idle, mimics the motion an idol concertgoer will do: a wave of light stick, following the beat of the song.

> Wide smile, jubilant aura.

| >>669773
"Harken! Your words are your thorns. Unremarkable, a poise to threat — as I am, someone knowing better of my own demise."

> Uni pauses, but her unending leer continues beneath.

"Are you a presence only echoing those that have fallen before you? You are not a paradigm. There is no justice in me, as many have said; and there are none in everyone. A fallible existence, we are — yet, dare you assume I am such deity? Pray tell, brave one, of how little you know of me."

| >>669801
>Arnir was about to reply again but both Alix and Red came over to stop him.

"We're so sorry, book fair lady. Come on Arnie, let's go."

>Red says.

>The sight of a 6"5'tall man getting dragged away back to their table was almost comical.

| >>669lit1

> Kazuki is taken aback at the sight of the Ranger being dragged away.

"Uni, that was a little aggressive."

| >>669855
> Uni dismisses them with a nod, she turns to Kaz, having made a comment that she can't refute.

"You live knowing what I am, Kazuki. You should know what I am not - one, I sincerely forbid my own self to be Uni. I forsake this identity.. I forsake what I believed."

| >A young looking lilim with teal hair walks in the door
>She walks up the the counter
"Hello, can I get whatever you recommend? i don't know much about cafes."

| >>670777
>oops wrong thread


| >>670662

> Kazuki feels as if he can only stare, the back and fourth between her and the ranger had only made his bigger picture worse.

"A-Alright... In that sense, may I ask who you wish to be?"

| >>671377
"A no one of this world. A walker for paths only the dead can see."

> Uni's answer were short but emotions well from her. Emotions that were unfounded. These were not hers. These were Uni's.

"A breeze I follow where only I can see. A distant utopia, for neither you or I, but for myself that once existed. A world that..."

> For herself, she told a lie.

"... would only exist as fiction of hers."

| >Red and Alix push Arnir down to his seat.

"You'd better eat it while it's still hot, Arnir."

>Red says, watching Anbor eating his own waffles contently.

>Arnir slowly take his mind of arguing with Uni and start eating his own food.

| >>671516

> Confliction, he decides, before settling himself. Kazuki fills his to-go order with the rest of his uneaten waffles and closes the box.

"...Surely, you can't be serious?"

> Kazuki had lost his pace and feebly asks the question, not realizing how so he sounds.

| >>671991
"I wish to die. Kill me, Kazuki."

> Uni takes one of Kazuki's hand and puts it on her head unit. The unit's surface is cold, having reflected the night's air — pale and breezy.

"End my folly."

| >>669794
>less of a beat and more of a melody~
>she sings a gentle song of first love to last eternity
>a slow siren sweet beat that would Probably summon a picturesque moonlight down upon its singer

>the question is why is she singing for no apparent reason?

>judging buy that look on Cassius's face of "i don't quite know myself but it makes her happy?"
>with the emphasis on the eyes up to the side "uhh?" Question mark its Probably something unfathomable

>still quite nice if her

| >>671998

"A-Are you..."

> Kazuki breaks his stare, lasting moments, then transitioning to his hand's retreat.

"N-Not here. If you wish to go, be it. But we'll do it my way."

| >>673328

> Uni retracted her gaze from Kazuki. Untrue to herself, she hesitated from this. She continues to stay silent, digging a thought long gone to break apart the mental pause.

| >>673390

"I'm not asking for much."

> Kazuki stands, sliding his chair into place. He takes hold of his boxed breakfast in one hand and takes a step around the table, closer to who once he could call Uni.

"I'm not asking for much-"

> He makes a subtle nod to her headgear, clearing his throat.

"Your call, though. Either way, it's proper burials, however you see fit."

| >>673392
"I don't need any ritual of parting. Nothing of that. I am naught of value; you should consider me that from now, Kazuki."

> "Death", in her sense may have meant more than physical separation.

"If I am fated to be reborn once more, and the sky greets me again, treat me not as your friend — but as a wandering soul not of this world."

| >>673400

"That won't be easy for me, you know that."

> Kazuki reaches out a hand in offering her to stand.

"Nevertheless, I assume you want this done soon, so..."

| >>673408
> Uni shakes her head. She accepts Kazuki's hand, but her lips remain bit in doubt — not once withstanding her own weight, she teeters as her balance returns.

"I am pleading too much from a stranger."

> She yields him a bittersweet smile. Those lips that aren't hers, and this self that surely doesn't reflect her past — radiates the aura of this once old friend.

| >>673411

"Well, fortunately for you, this stranger's okay with that. Ask all, get all, y'know?"

> He pats her atop of the head, only twice, chuckling. Just long enough to transition to turning towards the door.

"You know where to find me, I'll assume. Find yourself n' come by, don't be a stranger."

> Kaz doesn't kook back to her before slowly exiting the stand.

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