[Terminal] Mabinogi (Demo Release)

| > Your terminal connects to a single branch of the Mabinogi, an 'underground', indie gacha game only a few can access due to its short demo availability.

> With the right sound adapter, sometimes you can hear the flicker of gunshots. With the right terminal, sometimes redness in the fonts can be seen.

> Otherwise, the game presents you with a menu screen.



| >/about

| Mabinogi 27XX-A
"Seize the Day"

Release ID : Copy 47 of 50
Licenced to: -

> A portion of the texts detailing the developers of the game are missing, leaving you with a prompt that hung before it scrolls down again.

Thank you for supporting us!

Published by British Autumnwatch
Copyright (C) Cortain

> An icon shows beneath the copyright; it depicts a sword at 45° angle and a symbolised wyvern behind it.

| >>664610

| Enter topic number to proceed, or enter a range (i.e, 1-3),
> [1] What is "Mabinogi"?
> [2] What is "Hud"?
> [3] What are "Units" and "Pre-Units"?
> [4] What are "Unit Rarities"?
> [5] What is "Prana"?
> [6] How to play?
> [7] Can I play without purchasing anything?
> [8] How can I invite my friends?
> [9] What are "Social Links"?
> [10] Privacy and Policy

| >>664856
Finally one of these things can just spit out multiple pages at once. -CN

| >>664862
> What is "Mabinogi"?
Mabinogi is a character-collection game, set in a distant land of Annwn. You, The Commander, must build a team of Units and Pre-Units to conquer your foes from varying factions trying to take Annwn from you.

> What is "Hud"?
Hud are the main resources used to create Units and Pre-Units, as well as to summon existing named Units. Use them wisely to shape powerful allies!

| > What are "Units" and "Pre-Units"?
Units are your soldiers. They fight for your goals and doesn't disobey. Pre-Units are Units-to-be; they have to be grown, nurtured, and specialised — and they can even be stronger than the Units themselves!

> What are "Unit Rarities"?
Each Units and Pre-Units have a value in Rarity. The rarer they are, the stronger they will be! These rarities are signified by stars, from 1* to 6*.

| > What is "Prana"?
Prana is the energy needed to act. Each stage consumes Prana and you need to wait and rest to recharge your Prana!

> How to play?
Simple! Once you have assigned the Units for your team, you only need to strategically act the maneuvers and moves to win the stage. Do your best, Commander!

> Can I play without purchasing anything?
Yes. Mabinogi is a free-to-play game!

| > How can I invite my friends?
Please go to '/menu' in the game and toggle '/fr_search [ID]' with your friend's in-game ID.

> What are "Social Links"?
Social Links are the strength between you and your friends. The stronger it is, the stronger your friends' Support Unit will be!

> Privacy and Policy
> A long legalese is written. It is almost two-pages long, promising the user of NO private-data being used for anything but advertising and anonymous tracing. Who trust these?

| >>664873
That... ended up more informative than I thought. -CN

| ???: "Commander..?"

> A wispy, feminine voice resonates from your audio device, or if none, the dialogue slowly entering to your terminal suffices.

???: "No, don't wake up yet! You are hurt!"
???: "..."
???: "K-47X, falling back!"

> Your terminal starts to fill with various colours denoting icons.

???: "The Commander is awake!"

> The menus fades into existence. Many of them has not yet been colourised, indicating their unusable state.

> Portrait of a character appears...

| > Clad in plates of armour, it's a woman with her black bangs shown, though with much of her head covered with helmet. Her eyes visible only by the cracked goggles showing them, and a blinking visual is reflected on said goggles.

> What was once ??? became a readable name.

Nuada: "I'm thankful! I'm thankful!! You are still alive!!!"

> Her voice is a mixture of joy and relief, in a tense situation.

Nuada: "Are you okay, Commander?"

> A prompt shows.
: [Y]es, [N]o, [S]ilence.

| >>664881

| >>664891
Nuada: "Don't say so, Commander! You look.."

> A crashing and explosion is pictured by a flash in your terminal screen and with accompanying sound. From the right, now, sounds of footsteps - and Nuada's portrait pans her eyes to said direction.

Nuada: ".....!"
Nuada: "I'm sorry, Commander!! Please lend me your strength again!"

> Nuada's portrait changes, now wielding a shield.

Nuada: "I believe in you, let's seize our victory!"

> The word 'seize' is written in red...

| > ... Your screen fades. Entering into view now a small list to your right, and a longer list on the opposite end.

> [1] K-47X Nuada (Damaged)

> [2] Fomor Swordsman
> [3] A-892-B3 (Corrupted)
> [4] Fomor Swordsman

>>>/info [WHO]
>>>/attack [WHO, TARGET] (/attack 1, 3)
>>>/guard [WHO]
>>>/evade [WHO]
>>>/skill [WHO, SKILL ID, TARGET] (/skill 1, 0, 2]

| >>664893
>/info 1-4

| >>664895
> K-47X Nuada [HP: 288/3180]
> Damaged: This Unit's performance is halved.
Class: Knight
Equip: Pridwen+S (Shield), Gladius (Sword)
>>>ID:0 Berserk Charge: 1d8 Stun, 1d20 Phys. Attack to 1 Target
>>>ID:1 Warcry: +4 Phys. Attack for 4 Turns
>>>ID:2 Airgetlam: 4d20 Phys. Attack to 1 Target, -4 Phys. Defence, +2 Phys. Attack [Single Use]
> Valour: Continues battle for 4 Turns after running out of HP
> Motherhood: Pre-Units receive +2 Phys. Defence

| > Fomor Swordsman [HP: 2350/4000]
Class: Tactical
> Chaotic Luck: All rolls below 10 are rerolled
> Intimidate: Opponents receive -1 Phys. Attack

> A-892-B3 [HP: 732/1820]
> Corrupted: This Unit cannot be commanded. +2 Phys. Damage, -2 Phys. Defence.
Class: Assassin
> Momentum: Adds +1 evasion chance for every Critical
> Eye of Mind: Repeated opponent attacks will miss

> Fomor Swordsman [HP: 4000/4000]
> [ .... Same information .... ]

| >>664904
This feels like a scripted loss scenario but... let's see what can be done here. -CN
>/skill K-47X, ID 1, K-47X

| >>664930
> A portrait of Nuada appears, looking very much determined as her voice now too, enters with a hurrah of battle.

Nuada: "OK! Commander!!"

>>>Ally KN-47X uses Warcry!
>>>Foe A-892-B3 attacked! (20)
>>>Ally KN-47X received 144 damage! (4)
>>>Foe Fomor Swordsman uses Slash at KN-47X! (4)
>>>Ally KN-47X guarded! (10)
>>>Foe Fomor Swordsman uses Slash at KN-47X! (5)
>>>Ally KN-47X guarded! (7)

> Nuada's HP became 144!
> Nuada received +4 Phys. Attack!

| >>664960
Yeah I figured that was the case, then... -CN
>/skill 1, 0, 3

| >>664962

>>>Ally KN-47X uses Berserk Charge at A-892-83! (17)
>>>Foe A-892-B3 received 196 damage! (10)
>>>Foe A-892-B3 is Stunned! (1)
>>>Foe Fomor Swordsman uses Berserk!
>>>Foe Fomor Swordsman uses Sacrifice!
>>>Foe Fomor Swordsman received 1650 damage!

> Foe A-892-B3's HP became 536 and is Stunned!
> Foe Fomor Swordsman [2] received +2 Phys. Attack & -4 Phys. Defence!
> Foe Fomor Swordsman [4] received +5 Attack!

| >>664964
/skill 1, 0, 2

| >>664976
Nuada: "Let's bring our victory, Commander!"

> A bright flash comes from Nuada. Her shield appears to glow an incandescent light!

>>>Ally K-47X uses Berserk Charge at Fomor Swordsman! (24, Critical)
>>>Foe Fomor Swordsman [2] received 630 damage! (10)
>>>Foe Fomor Swordsman is Stunned! (3)
>>>Foe A-892-B3 is Stunned!
>>>Foe A-892-B3 is no longer Stunned!
>>>Foe Fomor Swordsman [4] uses Stab! (18, Critical)
>>>Ally K-47X received 410 damage! (2)


| > Your terminal fades to black. A red, shifting text denoting your loss was seen briefly.

> Before your screen returns. A dialogue seeps into view, with a weak voice that follows.

Nuada: "Commander.. I--"

> The portrait of Nuada was what seen last, finally bloodied. She sends off her Commander with a wisp of a smile.

> Nuada has been slain. Permanent death is enabled.
> Unable to defend against opponent.
> No unit left to fight. Retreating!

| > Once again, your screen fades.

It is time to reclaim Annwn again, Commander. You are weak alone. Here...

> An icon of a sphere fully materialises in your terminal. It dances, radiating a warm glow.

... Hud. If you know what to summon, you can use it to summon a three-star. Otherwise, let your luck decide.


| >>665037
Huh... was she already in Valour? Well not really surprised by this outcome anyways. In that case... -CN

| >>665103
> Your screen generates a flicker and flash. Not before long, the Hud began to take shape. It's now not in your hand anymore.

???: "So.. this is your space, Commander? Very well.. A-383 reporting for duty!"

| > A-383-ST Arleen
Class: Assassin
>>>ID:0 Flurry: 4d6 Phys. Attack to 1 Target
>>>ID:1 Focus: Increases Critical chance
>>>ID:2 Reduced Earth: Gain Perfect Aim for 2 Turns
> Momentum: Adds +1 evasion chance for every Critical
> Tempest: At full evasion chance, attack with +4 Phys. Attack
> Serenity: First-turn moves are more likely to cause Critical

| Arleen: "Let's work together, Commander! You and I, we make a damn good team!"

> Arleen is a girl with wild bangs and a spiky blonde hair tied to a ponytail. A confident smile is always drawn in her portrait. She wears a grey jacket, with its hoodie never pulled up.

> It seems a freeform reply is allowed to talk to Arleen.
>>>/quit closes the prompt and sends you back to your base.

| >>665110
>"Let's both make it through this okay?"

| >>665113
Arleen: "Of course!! I don't plan on dying with you here. There are lots more we can explore!"

> Arleen strikes that smile again. She chuckles; it doesn't seem like she is fully-voiced like Nuada, but her expressions are accentuated by a voice every now and then.

Arleen: "Hmh. Say, Commander, am I the only one here? Boring! I can't attack anyone far from me!"

| >>665117
>"That just means you have me all to yourself, at least for now."

| >>665145
>>>Arleen's relationship has been raised by +5!

Arleen: "Haha! You are a smooth one, Commander. No wonder you're on my side! Let's hope that wit translates to real strategy!"

> Arleen pauses without any dialogue, leaving you mostly alone for the most part. Aside from her portrait whose eyes are darting around.

| >>665157
Well guess back to the base? -CN

| >>665230
> The base opens with a chaotic sound of rummaging and pillaging. The sound was short, but noticeable. A grey nothing. This room is filled with rubbish.

Arleen: "Were those RATS?! Commander, this is my opinion, but damn - this is a disgusting place!"

> Arleen's portrait displays her distaste for this place too.

| > Several menu switches on. The base, despite what Arleen have said, is the safest zone to be for now.

> Prana: 8
> Food: None
> Electricity: Minimum
> Water: Minimum

> Hud: 0
> Unit Dispenser: Limited
> Unit Combiner: None
> Surveillance: None

Active Unit:
> [0] A-383-ST Arleen


| >>665256
Oh boy talking about starting with scraps. Uh, well food is probably important so let's start there. -CN
>/scavenge food

| >>665386
> Arleen stops you before you are able to leave. She shakes her head and her hand extends to stop your path.

Arleen: "Have more tact, Commander. Can you fight? No, don't answer that."

>>>Received Broken Hero's Sword (Material, Equip)

Arleen: "I found this while digging through the mud. Impress me with your swordsmanship later when we're outside~"

> As usual, a freeform reply is allowed here.

> The story progresses as a reply is made. Silence is allowed through '...'.

| >>665391
>"Well the swings may be a bit off with the weight of the broken sword, but I suppose that will just make my demonstrations more impressive no?"

| >>665395
Arleen: "Hmh. That's my Commander! Let's go then! I'm not that familiar with this area, so we'll both get lost."

> If a word is voiced by Arleen, it's her 'Hmh' — a voice in a lower feminine register always come true then.

> Your terminal began to struggle, but at last, details were drawn after several fade-ins and outs; waves, the sound of footsteps hitting the wet sand, and gushes of air following — all enveloped in a gentle orange.

Arleen: "... Sunset.."

| >>665398
"Well at least the place has a nice view of the sun."

| >>665401
Arleen: "One thing I agree. So much wasted junk here though!"

> The area is indeed, a glamour horizon forfeiting the junkyard metals laying around. Dead drones, cars, computers, and other scraps are sitting still.

Arleen: "Fuck this. We'll find more LEDs than we can food."

> Arleen's portrait shifts its eyes, left to right and so forth. Nothing found.

Arleen: "What about those shops? They're for... s--- so...u.. venirs. Looks like no one is home there too."

| >>665479
"Souvenirs, and its the best place to start. Shopkeepers need to eat as well. We should remember this place for later though when were repairing the base."

| >>665500
Arleen: "Capiche. So, Commander, you don't have 20/20 vision, right? Because those shops are open but not in the right way."

> The terminal shifts to show the shops, and the reason for Arleen's struggle spelling the name. The shops are barren, the glasses covering the windows are cracked, and rusted support beams stood where walls once were.

| >>665837
"Well... let's be careful as we explore and try not to make noise just in case. It would be bad if we end up being food ourselves."

| >>666041
>>>Arleen switched to 'stealth'

Arleen: "Mmh. Got it."

> Entering one of the shops, you and Arleen faces with a dark room. If it wasn't for the sun outside, your terminal will be void of colour, but the low-definition graphics don't help much tell you this either.

> The sound of creeping critters are heard from all around you. Arlene's portrait displays her serious attention.

> A choice is presented.
> [a] Rummage
> [b] Scan
> [c] Leave

| >>666054

| >>666056
> With Arleen's help, you are able to pinpoint the room's size and the precise location of the sounds - and the strange echo-like to those critter sounds. Holes gape from all over, bleeding light inside.

> Thanks to her too, you are able to stay focused even in this remnant of darkness. She taps your shoulders every now and then to remind you of anything that can make noise, and to not step anywhere your less trained legs will make a mistake on.

| > Three aisles. One of them is more dilapitated. Trinkets such as keychains and figurines are littered all over. Pieces of glass strewn about.

> A cash register is put next to the door. It's old; there are clear signs that the money it had were taken forcibly.

> More importantly, there is no soul. Aside from you or Arleen, no human is in visible sight.

> A choice is presented.
> [a] Rummage
> [b] Scan
> [c] Focus
> [d] Leave

| >>666059

| >>666090
> Wrappings of gifts and torn wallpapers. This shop has it all. Your footsteps echo louder than Arleen's; hers were almost silent. The crashing waves managed to be louder than you two.

> The empty aisles, save for abandoned items dating to years past, would be a negative news.

> As the sun begins to lower, your scanning of the area began to dwindle in effectiveness. Arleen too, has no eyes to see more than the visible light.

| >>666099
"There has to be *something* here, we cant go back empty handed..."

| >>666691
Arleen: "Do you consider all this junk treasure, Commander? I'm not the type to do that."

> It's hard to say if her dialogue were said in a whisper, or in a complaining tone, with the lack of voice. The game made sure to render the darkness reflecting upon you and Arleen, as shadows began to overtake her portrait.

Arleen: "Stay close to me, Commander. I don't want any stray shots to through."

> .....

| > It's difficult to be certain what Arleen has in mind, but the lack of space surely kills. You keep scanning the area, only to traverse with more junk. Canned food once existed, as apparent with their litter, but they are empty now. If you kick them, surely they make a good distraction.

> Arleen keeps her eyes trained on the ground. Slowly rising up, then falling down again; from left, swivelling to the right.

> You found some tools, but what for? These are available outside.

| >>666702
>Pick a can

| >>666703
> 'Fenz Curried Beans' it says. You can make out the etching, and the labels written, including the ingredients and nutrition facts. The dusty can leaves trace of its shape in the field of dust after you picked it up.

> Arleen's portrait came entering again.

Arleen: "Commander! I told you to stay close!!"

> It seems that no choice is presented, rather, a freeform reply and action is allowed from hereon.

| >>666710
"Sorry, I figured a can at least could come in handy in case we ran into something."

| >>666853
Arleen: (sigh) "Give me a heads up next time, got it? That's not an order for you. I only don't want to see your brain juice all over the floor."

> Arleen's portrait scoots closer to the edge of your terminal, and stays there for some time.

> After a more thorough scanning, you seem to have explored every inch of the room. All three aisles have been dug (with eyes peeled) and without touching much, you are still empty handed -- save for that empty can you have.

> .....

| Arleen: "This blows."

> Arleen's signature complaining voice made its sound on your end. There is a stroke of annoyed expression on her portrait.

Arleen: "What you say, Commander? I found this."

> The screen shows what she found. A busted, broken first aid kit. A red cross is embossed onto the torn metallic case. There is an undeniable print of a logo here, but you can't see it clearly. Few medicines are left intact for who knows how long.

| >>666871
"Well it's better than nothing. Though I'm not sure if we should spend some more time rummaging at least for food for the night..."

| >>667198
> Arleen's portrait closes its eyes. Thinking, giving empty dots and pauses. Abusing them, even. A stomach grumble is heard as she projects her inner will unconsciously.

Arleen: "A..Ah! I'm okay with what you have in mind, Commander. Just be careful around here. I'm not getting the good feels."

> A choice is presented for the medicine, though it is overlaid with a field for freeform reply too.
> [a] Take
> [b] Inspect
> [c] Leave

| >>667212
"I understand, just keep an eye out and we'll had back soon."

| >>667232
Arleen: "Gotcha. I'm already feeling way past hunger now, Commander."

> You search the box more. Aside from roll of unused bandage, there are bottled medicines of various labels. You don't know what these are for, but some you recognise as painkillers and cold medicine.

> You also find a knife. A gravity knife, to be precise, and even damaged, it is nothing alien to you.

> There might have been another Unit here.

| >>667234
"Another unit's weapon... we should be careful. Let's scout ahead a bit more and then call it."

| >>667237
> A stern expression is casts on Arleen's portrait. She nods. Battle-ready, and clearly amped to enter into a heated conflict.

Arleen: "Got it. It's a gravity knife, isn't it? It's an R.... Reconnaissance... Unit. They're a weak bunch."

> Confidently, she kept the conversation as is.

> A choice is once again presented for the first aid kit.
> [a] Take
> [b] Leave

| >>667240
"Let's still be wary, were not in a position to underestimate anyone. Besides, if they're be themselves would they leave their only weapon by itself?"

| >>667244
Arleen: "I like your thinking, Commander, but I'm confident in my rating."

> You skirmish what can be had. The box is damaged, leaving you to carry most of the items. Thankfully, they are pocketable, and those you can't carry can be given to Arleen.

> Stepping off from the first aid kit, you sense the crippling dry winds and the sound of water outside. Night has befallen you.

> A choice is presented.
> [a] Rummage
> [b] Focus
> [c] Leave

| >>667248

| >>667251
> You traced back your steps, digging any pile of interest, no matter how small or insignificant. Arleen made a note that you shouldn't do this, but she didn't say anything outright to you.

> By now, you have spent thirty minutes digging and your fingers have begun to bruise. Small crevices takes an effort to go through, but you found small necessities — namely, packaged sweets.

Arleen: "... Not a kid. I won't take gummy snakes for food."

> .....

| > You are holding to a plastic-wrapped gelatinous snake. It can be almost half a metre in length. For sure, you found other sweets too, but this one is your first find.

> Other than the gummy and sweets, your hand made hold of tools. Tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, and scissors. Varying uses; better than none.

> A choice is presented.
> [a] Rummage
> [b] Focus
> [c] Leave

| >>667255
"We may not have much of a choice tonight."

| >>667256
> Sighing is heard from Arleen. She recovers to her usual mood, with the smile unwavering.

Arleen: "This is our FIRST dinner and you're treating me gummy snakes. I can't blame you for that."

> In fact, she grinned.

> You continue to forage. Arleen helps this time, and with her sharper eyes, you two dug through in less amount of time. Save for the sweets, you found yourself a packet of instant curry. One of it.

> .....

| > All's the good news. The instant curry was all you can find. You can see the opened packets, and the minor and unnoticeable box that once hosted these packets. They are there to mock you.

Arleen: "I found salt. You can't make everything taste better with this."

> Arleen's portrait enters your screen again.

> A choice is presented.
> [a] Focus
> [b] Leave

| >>667258
"Well... dont worry if it makes you feel better you can have the curry."

| >>667273
> Admittedly not a Unit, your senses are far less honed than one. You try to hear between the rustling waves and the pier they crash onto, or the empty shop and the gushing gale, but there is only indifference.

> Arleen sees your gesture. She stays still to listen to the environment.

> Then, her portrait slowly creeps out from your terminal — before a repeated footsteps is heard. She is running towards something.

> Not long, was the sound of two blades clashing.

| >>667410
>He rushes after her

| >>667841

> As you exit the shop, you heard a single round fire at you. Considering the volume it releases, it cannot be any less than a rifle — aimed close to your direction.

> Your screen fades.

"Shit—.. Gah..."

> It returns, presenting Arleen's portrait. Damaged, bloodied by her right hand. Her fierce stare is stained by the rich, red splatter going across her cheeks.

"... So much for telling you to back off."

> She still stands, for this scenario, at least.

| >>668013
"Arleen!? Are you okay!? We need to escape!"

| >>668129
Arleen: "Good.. idea--"

> Arleen's portrait degrades in colour. Your screen sees nothing more of her than a faint outline now, as she began to dissipate, undrawn by your terminal.

???: "You are with us now, 'Commander'."

> When Arleen fell, a new portrait comes entering. A female character, with hair as long as her waist, bangs covering until her brows — brows that flatly shows.. anger?

| > She wears a dark royal blue coat with upturned collar, covering the entirety of her neck; the coat is most definitely a uniform, if the many pins and lapels signify any meaning. A cape drapes elegantly, frozen in a flowing position due to the nature of being a portrait.

> If her portrait is a representation, she also carries a bulky rifle.

???: "Did you really wish to end your life here, now? Going outside with one Unit. Just one. Was that all you have, 'Commander'?"

| >>668194
"Who are you!? Theres no reason for us to fight!"

| >>668604
???: "Vanguard Unit, designation 9X5."

> She introduced herself with no name, with no expression, and voice that withers with bravery. Her portrait doesn't shift. There is no mistaking it, she is the one that shot Arleen — but where did the sound earlier come from?

V-9X5: "Us? Yes. We are tools. We have no reasoning. You should know that better than anyone."

> Her name became readable - as a bunch of numbers.

| >>668619
>Shakes head
"I don't believe that. You've been made to fight just like Arleen, but you're not tools. You're alive just like me."

| >>668625
V-9X5: "What hypocrisy. Commanding a Unit and saying that."

> Suddenly, V-9X5's portrait paints a surprised expression. Her eyes slide to the right, squinting as another portrait rises behind her with a dagger pointed straight at her.

Arleen: "My Commander isn't here to talk Plato with you."

> The wounded Unit has bled enough to warrant a shock. Her portrait indicates she is at the last of her vitality.

V-9X5: "... Who am I to talk? You are only proving a point."

| >>668635
"The only thing weve tried to do here is try to scavenge for food."
>I move to get between Arleen and 9X5
"I'm not going to let you hurt her anymore."

| >>668969
>>>Arleen's relationship has been raised by +10!

Arleen: ".. Commander!"

> Arleen's portrait shows her maintaining composure, while slowly nicking said composure with a build-up of a red blush on her cheeks.

V-9X5: "..."

> V-9X5's portrait, meanwhile, kept a dagger of stares at you, not minding Arleen in the slightest. It was then, you can see that her eyes are tracking what is behind you.

Arleen: "...!"

> You hear the sound of Arleen dropping to the ground again.

| >>669056
>I use the moment of distraction to tackle her down! Even she wont be able to react fast enough with a rifle at this range.

| >>669416
> Thump!

> You went fast, but the Unit is faster than your measly untrained self. Her buttstroke was unprepared, but it struck your chin enough to make your terminal flash for a brief moment.

> What was said by V-9X5 was only dots and silence. Is that her, or your ears losing grasp of sound?

???: "Is her Commander okay?"

> A younger voice, still unknown, spoke while you have no clear view of anything.

V-9X5: "Heal him. He should be alive."

> You hear clattering...

| > ... You then hear nothing. Your terminal regains colour, the first you see is the portrait of another person. A Unit, from her uniform.

> Dressed in a combat gear to the nine, pockets everywhere, with a noticeable contrast being a blue crystal sign on one of the pocket. Her eyes are sharp red, leering through you, and her pink hair is styled in a wavy lob — her bangs cover her left eye.

???: "Feeling OK? Stand up. You didn't even lose any teeth."

| > The unnamed portrait pause, looking to judge you closely.

???: "Do we have the right person?"

V-9X5: "We do."

> V-9X5 enters the frame. Her portrait depicts confusion as she does so.

V-9X5: "Any confirmation needed?"

???: "You say 'He'. I don't think..."

V-9X5: "Everyone has a case of gender ambiguity. This Commander is no exception."

???: "No. I remember his appearance. It's not the same. In fact, as you said..."

V-9X5: "Argh. A pronoun made you question our intel?!"

| >>669438
"Ugh... where am I... wait- You! Where are we!? What did you do to Arleen!?"

| >>669539
V-9X5: "The Commander is awake now."

> V-9X5's portrait shifts her eyes to you. The unknown girl keeps her attention at the other unit, however.

???: "Arleen..?"

V-9X5: "It's the Unit's name."

???: "..."

> Then, her eyes finally sets on you. The bangs make it hard to discern what she is thinking, much less plan to do.

???: "Should we call Commander for mistaken identity?"

V-9X5: "Hmph. That makes us look like failures."

???: "We did fail..."

V-9X5: "Shut up!"

| >>669552
"Wait... so you attacked us because you thought I was someone else!?"

| >>669561
> V-9X5 couldn't even look at you now. The dots she make as a dialogue would only count as an abuse against the wasted space.

V-9X5: "What a blunder."

???: "We should notify Commander..."

V-9X5: "..."

> You have hit a lucky scenario. The two walks away, leaving you alone. For the most part, you can move freely. There is a device attached to your hand, creating a beep when you try to go outside the room.

| >>669562
"Dammit... where is Arleen..."
>I start by examining the room I'm in.

| >>669622
> The room is pristine clean. Cold, uncaring ceramic meets your toes and feet. Your terminal plays a constant beeping noise, and a faraway sound of.. something.

> Medical instruments, white clothes hung everywhere, and curtains. Your screen drew these with struggle.

> A small window is installed directly to your left, where a wall happens to meet you as well.

> The exit is slides after the two Units left. The door is made out of a heavy metal, or so — you can't tell.

| >>669631
>Examine outside the window

| >>669894
> The window opens your view to the outside environment. Swathes of water fills your terminal. You are surrounded by water; the only visible land being a hazy, wispy mirage away — all you can see there are patches of trees, coloured in a dark indigo.

> Your feet doesn't shake, nor is there an active sound of engines powering a ship. You can be sure this isn't a vessel.

| >>669906
"Some sort of underground facility then...?"
>He tries to leave the room.

| >>670009
> The door opens at your presence. A small ring can be heard beeping. You step outside to see the same pristine environment. Humming of HVAC and sounds of keyboard strokes is soon audible too.

> Endless corridor of white, non-reflective surface. Ceramic, just like your room, mixed with alloys and metals as segments your feet often meet.

> No windows here. Only harsh artificial lights to lead your way.

> A choice is presented.
> [a] Focus
> [b] Explore
> [c] Return

| >>670147

| >>670220
> You walk forward. The corridors start to look the same, no matter where you go. These dimming lights blink, sometimes, for power failure or what unknown reason you haven't yet know.

> The doors you pass through seems to have people inside. Yet, they are all locked by a kind of biometric verification. Whoever are inside these 20-or-so doors must be working diligently.

> An extended choice is presented.
> [a] Focus [WHAT]
> [b] Explore [WHAT]
> [c] Go [WHERE]

| >>670221
>focus doors

| >>670224
> Thick, impenetrable, and cold. These unpainted steel doors aren't the same as yours; they are uncaring, and moves not once to your sight. On all of them is an insignia inscribed, they correspond to the symbols representing Units designation.


> The doors of A Unit, in particular, react when you are near them. The insignia glow and you can feel a slight warmth from them. None unlocks.

> .....

| > Every door has the sound of activity. Typing, walking, pacing to and from; you can't make any coherent sense of these, only the rumbles and faint sound they make.

> An extended choice is presented.
> [a] Focus [WHAT]
> [b] Use [WHAT]
> [c] Go [WHERE]

| >>670235
>[a] Focus Assassin

| > The doors of the Assassins are like many, but they make the least noise. You hear the swish and movements of air, and oftentimes shuffling feet, if not straight jumps to the air — clunking to the floor as they eject their mass again.

> Some doors become warmer than others. Some insignia glow brighter. Coming closer, you felt a silent door resonating a familiar speck of warmth.

???: "Say my name; I will be there."

> A flash of voiceless dialogue. A freeform reply opens for you.

| >>670241

| >>670242
???: "A Commander searching for their lost Unit. I see..."

> The dialogue enters again. Its voice is unlike Arleen.

???: "Arleen.. is it her name you have given to her? You are interesting.. Commander. Naming a weapon is unnatural."

> More of the insignia's glow can be seen. Before was a simple brightness, now you can see through the glow — as if illuminating and reflecting the room inside. A figure, a shadow of a woman.

> A freeform reply is open.

| >>670246
"Weapons cant talk back and wax the philosophy and irony of giving a name no? You're still all your own individuals as much as you can fight."

| >>670251
???: "Pfft.. while you are correct..."

> The insignia finally forms a complete, visible window inside; the slits between the symbols show the room. Yet, you can't completely gather anything meaningful aside from the spectacle of the figure speaking to you.

???: "Is this what you are showing to your Unit? A Unit that feels no remorse for killing... all for your sake?"

> Another freeform reply opens.

| >>670253
"I think you're being quite presumptuous of what I've been doing and talking about with my unit."

| >>670259
???: "Because I am projecting. What do you expect... from someone.. that has never seen the sun?"

> Whether her reply is meant to be literal or not means nothing. The freeform reply opens yet again, but a choice shows beneath.
> [a] Use [WHAT]
> [b] Focus
> [c] Return

| >>670262
>[a] Use candy
"Then how about this? It's not much but I dont really have much to begin with either."

| >>670267
???: "What is that.. I wonder?"

> The candy is unseen by the figure. A window, sure, but they don't seem to be aware of who, or what they are talking to — much less what you are doing.

| >>670300
"It's candy... I forgot this is a window for second. Is there anyone I can open this or give this to you?"

| >>670310
???: "Hahaha...!!"

> That was a laughter heard through your speaker. Fully voiced. An older, gentler feminine voice — but traces of that tomboyish nature heard from Arleen can be heard from her.

???: "You interest me.. Commander."

> Your freeform reply ends, but a choice extends for you.

>>>>2 Hud received for completion of Phaae 0.1!
>>>Status: 2 Hud
> [a] Summon ???
> [b] Catalyst Summon ???
> [c] Leave

| >>670386
> a
Ngl not sure what the difference between the two is. -CN

| >>670576
> The insignia dims. Furthering, and continuing to do so until you see it as it was.

> The door unlocks itself, opening ajar. Mist releases from inside, and you can finally hear a sound of machinery - cog spinning and turning.

> The sound stops when you come near.

| ???: "... Hud? Hahaha-!"

> A voice coming from the inside of the room echoes. It gives the impression of an older, more mature woman than Arleen - and at last, the words are voiced this time.

???: "Come in... Commander. You have earned more than my interest..."

> A freeform action and reply opens for you.

| >>670659
"I will admit the way you phrase that is somewhat concerning but... alright."

| >>671204
> When you enter the room, your terminal first drew was the portrait of the voice. A chained woman, with faded black hair growing uncared for. The portrait makes clear of the bags under her eyes -- eyes that glow with a reminiscing yellow.

> She wears a torn grey shirt, with a jacket atop of it, sleeves damaged. Her legs are covered by a short, exposing much of the smooth skin.

> The portrait presents you with a weak but confident smile.

???: "Fufu.."

> .....

| > The sound of humming fan plays.

???: "Presenting for your use, Commander. I am A-X97-Mod; an altered Assassin Unit."

| > A-X97-Mod Levenweiss
Class: Assassin
>>>ID:0 Shadow Step: Evades, then strike 1d20 Phys. Attack to 1 Foe with Critical if Foe is guarding
>>>ID:1 Thunder: 1d4 Elem. Attack with 1d20 Phys. Attack recoil to 1 Foe
>>>ID:2 Breathworks: Increases Critical and Evasion chance
> Momentum: Adds +1 Evasion chance for every Critical
> Sidearm: If evading, damage a random Foe with 1d6 Phys. Attack
> Berserker: Increases Critical chance every turn when HP falls below 500

| Levenweiss: "Let's do our best from now, Commander..."

> The portrait smiles at you. Gentle, motherly, but there is a hint of fierceness in her gaze.

> A freeform reply opens for you.
>>>/quit closes the prompt and resumes your adventure.

| >>671222
"Why are you chained up...?"

| >>671510
Levenweiss: "These are rooms for discarded Units.. Commander."

> A rattling sound plays. You see your terminal drawing a full CG event of Levenweiss, standing with the chains unhooked from the wall now, yet firmly attached to her hands.

> Behind her is only light. Light that would have shone her malnourished figure.

> That smile teases coming from her.

Levenweiss: "All Units that are unused, trashed, and removed belong to these rooms."

| >>671513
>He clicks his tongue
"How much HUD is it going to take to get all of them out..."
>He offers her the candy.

| >>671518
> Exiting out of the CG, you find Levenweiss' portrait to have a notion of happiness, perhaps one to the point of laughter.

Levenweiss: "Hahaha-! You still insist... Thank you Commander.. This is my first since forever."

> She unwrapped the candy and bit through it in a fully-voiced 'nom'!

Levenweiss: "Using Hud won't raise the dead. These doors may have them.. rotting.. Fufu..."

| >>671521
"Well you were alive were you not? It may be the case for some of them as well. Do you know who was supposed to be in the other rooms?"

| >>671523
Levenweiss: "True! I am an exception.. however. Other Units, especially lower ranks and rarities will be in a... derelict state."

> Levenweiss' closes her eyes, a signal to her periodic thinking, then opens them again after a moment of dots and silence.

Levenweiss: "I won't force you, Commander, to unlock the doors, but.. my comrade were held behind one of the doors. She is an excellent Reconnaissance Unit and I can lead you to her.."

| >>671543
"Please do then. I wouldn't had difficulty making my choice anyways... perhaps we'll find Arleen on the way as well."

| >>671545
>>>Disposed Broken Hero's Sword

Levenweiss: "Arleen..! My senior...!!"

> Levenweiss' eyes grew with a reddening blush, then her portrait disappears in a flash. Before then, you hear the quick sound of slashing and stabbing.

Levenweiss: "A spy. Fufufu..."

> Your terminal drew a lifeless female figure standing on their knees alongside Levenweiss' portrait. Blood bubbles and drips from their slashed neck. The sword was driven to puncture the heart, too.

| >>671546
"Wait what!? Why did you that who is that!?"

| >>671552
> As your terminal draws the details of the figure. It's apparent that they are nothing more than some sort of cleaning staff. The patched logo in their uniform, and a simple blue dress shirt indicates them to be a civilian — or someone of that rank.

Levenweiss: "She was peeking... You shouldn't trust anyone here.. Commander."

> The body drops dead, with their face falling flat on the floor.

Levenweiss: "Anyone supporting this filthy place deserves to rot in hell."

| >>671560
"W-While I don't exactly disagree, wanton murdering will get us no closer to our goals. You're just going to end up locked up again at this rate!"

| >>671562
Levenweiss: "... If that is what you want.. Commander."

> The sword was drawn from the figure; like an unholy Excalibur, it was cleaned from the dripping blood with a simple swipe to the air.

> There was only silence from Levenweiss as she scans the area again. Unlike Arleen, it doesn't seem as though she has 'modes' to switch by.

Levenweiss: "Let's do our goals then, Commander. I will lead you to R-974."

> Her portrait fades, leaving you with the bleeding body.

| >>671566
"Uh... right."
>He casually steps over the body to avoid tracking blood as he follows Levenweiss

| >>671568
> You walk with Levenweiss in relative silence. Whenever you see a figure, they are already knocked out, unconscious or otherwise silenced — but never dead. By now, you can track three bodies that aren't hostile — but you are always too late to tell Levenweiss to change her action.

Levenweiss: "Arleen.. that is a cute name.. Do you love your Units, Commander?"

> She brought the topic as you descend to a darker corridor.

Levenweiss: "... I wonder what my name is."

| >>671569
"I mean I try to. You're all your own individual after all. As for names, if you dont have one would you want me to give you one?"

| >>671581
Levenweiss: "Give me a cute name too Commander.."

> The lower you go, the harder it is to see anything. Your terminal reflects this by darkening everything, including the fonts and portraits.

Levenweiss: "... after this, okay? Fufu..."

> Her voice calms to a whisper as complete darkness were to invade you.

> Albeit dark, you can see a your terminal drew your hand being held by Levenweiss' across the unlit corridor.

> You are deep underground now.

| >>671609
>He stays silent, pondering as he thinks what name to come up with while they walk in the darkness.

| >>671619
> The gentle tug of Levenweiss didn't stop. She didn't search for anything, but she walked through as if everything went by her memories.

> You feel the same sensation; a warm glow around you. Left and right, doors you can unlock. All of them poses the same insignia.

> It's almost seem like they were begging for you to release them.

Levenweiss: "..."

> You briefly see her portrait as you come to a halt, but you continue being pulled again.

| >>671665
>He doesn't resist, noting the door they were by when she briefly halted.

| >>671791
> The door was hard to make out. You saw the insignia of the Knight Unit, though that was thanks to the ethereal glow giving it shape.

> She leads you to meet another door. This time, it's the door bearing the insignia of the Reconnaissance Unit. Scratches and dents are highlighted by the faint gleam around the insignia itself.

Levenweiss: "This is my old comrade.. R-974. Locked and removed, even for a high-class Unit like her..."

| >>671810
"Let's see if she is okay then Levenweiss."
>He gently knocks on the door
"Hello? R-974?"

| >>671812
> No reply. Unlike Levenweiss' door, this door doesn't respond by giving you a reaction. The insignia's glow felt mocking now.

Levenweiss: "...! 'Levenweiss'? Fufu... That is a cute name.."

> Levenweiss' portrait is seen holding her slowly blushing face. She made the chains appear to have no weight, holding them akin to any bracelet or accessory.

> A choice is presented.
>>>Status: 1 Hud
> [a] Summon ???
> [b] (Unavailable) Catalyst Summon ???
> [c] Leave

| >>671997

| >>672129
> The door clicks open, releasing the same mist. The insides greet you with a cold, frigid air. Empty. There is no light to give you sight, and Levenweiss' eyes are the only two glowing orbs.

> Until something awakens fast inside the door.

Levenweiss: "...!"

> You were pulled and you fell to your back. A clang shatters the silence. You see two pair of glowing eyes now.

Levenweiss: "R-974..?"

> A primal scream shatters and bleeds to your audio output!

| >>672134
"W-What happened to her...? Was it the isolation?"

| >>672135
> Suddenly, red lights invade your terminal. In a flash of vignette, you see the figure. A limping girl, shorter than Levenweiss. Her white short has been torn, and you spot glimpses of abuse and disarray — wounds and scars, fresh and healed.

> Her eyes possesses no soul to peer into.

Levenweiss: "Commander.. I'm sorry.... I wasted your Hud."

> Levenweiss' portrait is seen preparing a stance of attack. An attack, to end someone's own suffering.

| >>672138
"H-Hold on! I have a medkit, it's not much but I can at least treat some of her injuries. Dont give up on her yet."

| >>672145
> Levenweiss gave in to your idea. She turns the sword by its handle and began a rush towards the broken Unit!

> Yet, despite her excelling speed and her natural prowess, all of her attacks were rendered useless with the dance of R-974 — a form of natural evasion. Your eyes can't keep track at how fast the two are moving; only the sounds you hear confirm the rapid movements.

> Before you know it, both Units are at stake. With Levenweiss losing energy, R-974 darts at her.

| > In the moment of clarity, you managed to peer a chance to step between them — but your legs haven't moved.

> No, your entire body seeks to move now, but Levenweiss may have a plan at hand. Contrary to her swift, emotionless strikes before, Levenweiss put hesitation to each and every of her attacks.

> She didn't want to, once, land a hit.

> A choice is presented.
> [a] Skill: Shadow Step
> [b] Intervene
> [c] Tackle Levenweiss
> [d] Tackle R-974

| >>672151

| >>672154
> You reach for R-974, receiving a weak kick in the process, but it was enough to weaken your balance — giving you to gravity's hold. Your fall was hindered by Levenweiss, catching you whole without once letting the freezing floors touch you.

Levenweiss: "R-974! Be awake..! This is my Commander... and your Commander!"

R-974: "..... Commander?!!"

> She didn't say it with surprise. It was anger. Anger, and ire — a reaction unexpected by Levenweiss.

Levenweiss: "... Why?"

| >>672158
"I'm not sure how your previous Commander was but I have no intention of hurting you. I have a medkit with me, it doesnt have a lot of supplies, but please allow me to treat what I can."

| >>672162
Levenweiss: "Is it okay to reason with her.. Commander?"

> Levenweiss easily dodges the charging R-974, taking you around to a rush of adrenaline — jumping from a side of the wall to another, leaving the hostile Unit to attack empty air.

Levenweiss: "If you believe in that then I believe in you.. Tell me what I need to accomplish."

> The growls and screams from the Unit is becoming more animal-like.

| >>672166
"Just lead her towards me and I'll do the rest."

| >>672176
>>>Levenweiss' relationship has been raised by +10!

> Levenweiss made a full stop with her legs. She stays idle, expecting for the berserking Unit to come near her — in the chance she creeps closer, Levenweiss used her body to land a thud at the Unit, pushing her down.

> Dropping you at last, Levenweiss quickly pinned R-974. Her hands and chains against the struggling Unit's hands.

Levenweiss: "Our Commander wants to speak.."

R-974: "...!!!"

| >>672177
"Please... I know this far from repays what they did to you but allow me to relieve your pain somewhat."
>He takes out the medkit and starts treating R-974.

| >>672179
> You definitely got hit. Once. Twice. Thrice. You can't even count anymore. You treated the wounds, but they seem to leak more blood too. In this dark environment, it is difficult to tell what you are doing.

> Levenweiss keeps the angering Unit in check. The struggles reflected in them both; it's even harder to focus with the lights propelling in intensity.

Levenweiss: "Commander.. this is enough..."

> A look of doubt; a look of apology; Levenweiss' portrait said.

| >>672183
"No! I will not abandon her like they did. She may hit me if she must but I will not leave her hear in this cage."

| >>672187
> You sense the struggle have stopped as you said that. Your bandaids have run dry. You are left empty-handed.

Levenweiss: "...."

> The Unit didn't wake. The eyes once stark of attention are closed. You still sense heartbeat, weak but present.

Levenweiss: "Thank you.. Commander."

> Almost as if speaking in R-974's stead, Levenweiss lowers her head and begun to caress R-974's hairs. Those long, wispy black hair, she strokes.

Levenweiss: "... Welcome back, R-974."

| >>672193
"This is all I can do for now. Not sure where we may else get medical supplies, I'm still lost in this underwater facility."

| >>672219
> Levenweiss disappears from your terminal. As you see the screen being refreshed, the room that was once inhabited by R-974 is left alone. That is where Levenweiss stands. She searches inside the room and you hear the sound of metals clattering.

Levenweiss: "Commander.."

> A katana, dark and eclipsing even the red lights. She presents this to you, as if giving it as a reward.

Levenweiss: "This is.. the weapon she held in her duties... should we keep this?"

| >>672235
"I'll hold onto it for now until we're sure shes calmed down. Can you carry her? I dont think she would be happy coming to later in my arms as well."

| >>672243
> Levenweiss gracefully handed you the curved sword. Its craftsmanship is exquisite, different from your earlier broken sword. Without glancing a second look, you can already tell this weapon is combat-ready.

>>>Received Heshikiri (Catalyst, Equip)

Levenweiss: "Fufu... Have you grown to not require me in the frontline? Very wel..."

> She seems to have returned to her usual self too.

> .....

| > In a distance away, you hear the sound of explosion rapidly encasing the upper floors. Levenweiss notices this too, even before you did.

Levenweiss: "... Did you hear Commander?"

> The red lights circle around. Now up above, there is an unseen threat.

Levenweiss: "Let's be careful.."

> She carries R-974 while leading you to backtrack. The lights now make it clear how long the dark corridors are, and how much is left unexplored.

| >>672255
"*Sigh* What the hell is going on... still no sign of Arleen and now were being attacked."
>He starts making his way further down the hall
"Levenweiss what do you know about this place exactly?"

| >>672258
Levenweiss: "This is GROWTH Site A. Units are.. how do I put it... Levelled up here. Fufu.."

> There is a hint of snark in her voice. Levenweiss' eyes weren't exactly avoiding your gaze, but it is a false statement to say they are meeting yours directly.

Levenweiss: "It is also a storage for unused Units.. of course. You know this, Commander."

| >>672261
"Tch, why the hell were they looking for someone. I ended up here when some of the units from this base confused me for *another* commander that they were looking for. Now I can't even find Arleen, and she was hurt pretty bad last time..."

| >>672382
> Levenweiss stayed quiet. She observes you, all while carrying her comrade. As more dots enter, you reach the stairs where you once entered. This straight path leads directly to an open door to the upper floor.

> The smoke that permeates from that open door is, however, never a good sign.

Levenweiss: "..? Who might it be.. I wonder."

> Gunshots echo throughout the hallways above. Rapid shots, all coming from a submachine gun.

Levenweiss: "I sense other Units nearby.."

| >>672471
"...What are the chances they won't shoot on site?"

| >>672511
Levenweiss: "Fufu.. if it's myself; zero."

> The sound of bullets tearing the air seems to have made R-974 react somewhat. Her portrait shows no sign of eye contact, but a shift in expression is displayed.

> Thankfully, the sounds have largely dissipated, gradually fading. You can make them out in the smallest details, if you put your ears as close as possible to your audio output.

| >>672514
"Looks like they're moving away from here, let's move while we have the chance."
>He peeks out of the base of the stairs to see his surroundings.

| >>672517
> Ashes and smoke; faint tinge of gunpowder; you can see it all. Most importantly, you see the bodies that fell from the battle. From your position, you can count two or three intact, while the rest have been mangled by the bullets or by utter destruction caused by explosives of sorts.

> Your terminal struggles to draw everything without pixelating the details, perhaps for your own good.

Levenweiss: "Units. These are.. low-ranked Assassins and Vanguards.."

| >>672518
"I'm not surprised these people have all sorts of enemies... Levenweiss, how well do you remember the structure of the facility? Do you know where the exit or medical supplies could be?"

| >>672519
Levenweiss: "I'm afraid I don't have any knowledge for that, Commander.. I'm only here because I was discarded for Hud.. sorry."

> Levenweiss' portrait displays her dismay. True, her eyes didn't look straight at you for a different reason now.

Levenweiss: "However.. no Unit should be stationed here... Sites don't belong to any Commander. To see these Units here..."

| >>672528
"Mmm... well for now let's avoid where the gunfire is coming from. Were not in any state to fight anyone right now."

| >>672531
Levenweiss: "Wise decision.. I don't want to show you my worst."

> You traverse as intended, avoiding any source of conflinct. The empty halls and resonating doors give you unrest, even in their silence are the moving ambiance of water — and faraway fights.

R-974: "... Mmh..."

> Sometimes, you hear your companions mumble. Levenweiss, in particular, gave blank stares whenever you check on her.

> No rooms are empty, but all are similar rooms to chain Units in.

| >>672540
"How many units are in this place...?"
>He sighs
"More importantly, why were the units here looking for a certain commander..."

| >>672541
Levenweiss: "You were here not for the purpose of summoning or retrieving a Unit.. correct?"

> You reach a door, a gateway that shows another long corridor. The air here feels sterile. You hear better of the calm water outside.

Levenweiss: "It has been too long since I'm here.. I don't know why you are here Commander."

> Passing by, you spot an open room. Clean, white room without insignia. Several open doors ahead are also open.

> They reek of peroxide.

| >>672564
"No I was essentially kidnapped here from some units. V-9X5 was their name I believe. I didn't get the other one. They attacked Arleen and I while scavenging for supplies. They apparently confused me for another Commander..."

| >>672565
Levenweiss: "A Div Unit..? You were targeted by someone important..."

> The tone Levenweiss spoke signify some sense of suspicion. She squints at the doors as she passes through them, scanning them for any hostiles.

Levenweiss: "Fufu.. you spin my curiosity around Commander... Now I know what foe to fight."

| >>672567
"D-Div unit? Either way, I did say it was a case of mistaken identity. I just kind of walked out on the room they put me in. I don't even know if they brought Arleen with me or not."

| >>672570
Levenweiss: "Divisional.. but during our trainings they were referred as 'Divine' Units. Units that..."

> Levenweiss' blush builds again. Her portrait shows her trembling — an insatiable urge for battle?

Levenweiss: "... Have the most excelling capability of all. Ahh... How I wish to fight one..."

> Her desire seems to have settled down as you move past the doors. She calms herself with a cycle of breathing.

Levenweiss: "We will find Arleen.. Commander. Not to worry."

| >>672574
"I hope so... t-this reminds me though, you seemed that you were excited to meet Arleen earlier as well. Is it cause you're the same class?"

| >>672577
Levenweiss: "I respect my seniors, Commander.. no matter our class, if she has protected you longer than I have then..."

> Levenweiss words were interrupted by the dissonant footsteps. As she urges you to stop, same for herself, there is an extra pair of echo coming from behind.

Levenweiss: "Fufufu... A coward. Show yourself.. Reconnaissance."

???: "Grr.. I didn't expect the lost Commander to spawn a good Unit!!"

| >>672580
"You... you were one of those units that kidnapped me! Wheres Arleen!?"

| >>672581
???: "Arwho..? Don't mistake me for those two incompetents!"

> Levenweiss bashes one of her hands, swinging the short chain to have the invisible figure dodge, removing their camouflage. A short figure, almost too short for an adult, with her body covered by a fishtail parka — only revealing her jeans beneath. Trails of curly purple hair are visible somewhat.

???: "I'm the Aide of the Resistance!! I am R-742! And I'm here to free your Units!"

| >>672583
"You're here to help me then? Are you with those units attacking the base then?"

| >>672588
R-742: "I'm here to help YOUR Units. I have no sympathy for you people controlling us. Don't mistake me for an altruist; I'm only returning a favour."

> R-742's expression tells you little, aside from her tendency to pout and make childish remarks.

R-742: "One of your Unit helped us infiltrate this site. I didn't expect it to be infested.. Damn, that Commander.. Grr!!!"

Levenweiss: "...! Arleen?"

R-742: "Yeah! She refuses to be called by her designation. Weird girl."

| >>672614
"So she *didn't* get dragged in here with me then. Is she okay then!? Where is she?"

| >>672616
R-742: "Limping. Missing a hand. That's the best I can tell about her! She is helping K-X83's battalion..."

> Levenweiss reacts at the name. A vehement disgust. The reaction dies without R-742 noticing, but you were able to hear her grunt, as short as it was.

R-742: "... If you hear any loud booms, that's probably them. It's best you hurry! You don't look like the type that gets good luck all that often."

| >>672618
"Thank you. Levenweiss looks like we're following the sounds of the gunshots after all. Let's not waste more time."

| >>672619
Levenweiss: "Very well.. this is for Arleen's sake..."

R-742: "If you're going there, I suggest being VERY careful. You're facing against a Commander that has enough stock to release an entire facility worth of Units. Knowing what you got, who knows how many more ridiculous Units this place's got?"

> R-742 eyes R-974, looking at the disparity in appearance and state compared to Levenweiss.

R-742: "Plus, she don't look good. Not one of you are, just saying."

| >>672624
"I don't care, what matters is that Arleen is safe. What you're doing is noble but fighting isnt always necessary. Units are dying on both sides after all."

| >>672627
R-742: "Feel free to have your opinions. We don't appreciate stagnancy here."

> R-742 walks past you and your group. Her footsteps are audible until a certain metres away — when it became clear that she has cloaked herself again.

> Levenweiss slouched R-974 to a wall. She rests her arms, before returning back to view with R-974.

Levenweiss: "Noble or not... you are selfish, aren't you Commander? Selfish.. and selfless. Fufu.. never mind that thought. Let's find Arleen."

| >>672629
"Maybe so... but what I care about is those under my 'command' surviving. Once we're in a stable spot, we can concern ourselves about others."

| >>672630
Levenweiss: "Haha-! You are unwilling to give up your determination Commander. For that, I appreciate you.."

> It's not hard to trace the sound of gunshots from where you stand. Following Levenweiss' lead, you quickly return towards your room — or the room that once held yourself. You soon see what the room was — brimming with medical equipments and utilities, and undamaged, too.

Levenweiss: "Fuu.. can you hear? Three unending battles..."

| Levenweiss: "My heart wishes R-974 to be safe here.. Then, Commander... I'm able to lead you to the sounds. What we do there is within your decision.. Fufu..."

> A choice is presented.
> [a] Nearest Site: Corridor A
> [b] Explosion: Grand Hall
> [c] Active Battle: Unit Creation Centre
> [d] Rest
> [e] Use [WHAT]

| >>672650

| >>672653
> Levenweiss made sure to point you to the paths. Regardless of how fast you go, she always move first — and always be in the front to tackle any unnecessary happenings. Thankfully, with the rubbles and cleared paths, you don't see as many Units in your way.

> Of course.. as they have lost their lives in the path you walk on.

> The Units you pass almost look as though they are begging for you to call for them. A name, perhaps. Their broken body is soulless now, however.

| > When you arrive to the hall, dust and debris have flown everywhere. Four tall pillars have fell, serving as makeshift cover, but they have begun chipping away.

> Levenweiss pulls you to a safe retreat, one enough to admire — or oversee — the fight head on.

> You don't know which side you will be fighting for, or which side will oppose you. From what your pixelated terminal sees, all sides appear the same.

> War cries and cries of pain you hear repeatedly.

> .....

| Levenweiss: "Commander... if you have any action to be done, please order me. I love heroic acts.. but I prefer the outcome where you live..."

> Levenweiss' portrait appears, bringing a mixed expression with her. This time, there is no predetermined action. You are on your own.

| >>672660
"For now we'll focus in finding Arleen, if we can we'll try and understand what's happening and hopefully stop this needless bloodshed."

| >>672661
Levenweiss: ".... Does the previous order still apply...? Am I not allowed to kill anyone?"

> You hear someone aiming for your cover. Blind shots, or even missed target — everything is possible in this moment. Levenweiss appears calm despite the implications.

> Several explosives have gone off. The screams are becoming a frigid terror.

| >>672663
"...You may only do so if absolutely necessary, try to go non-lethal if possible."

| >>672664
> Hearing the order, Levenweiss began scouting the perimeter. Doing as best as she can to make you hidden as well; a difficult task, seeing the reflexes the Units have for new presences.

> Even among the battlefield, you manage yourself to still be able to move in a quick pace, while staying under the radar.

> Whenever another Unit manages to come into melee range, Levenweiss quickly "subdued" them, though you still hear ribs being fractured when she does so.

| > From where you are - covered between thick pillars and ashes, you can't see very well. Differentiating between anything, from anyone, let alone finding Arleen will be very difficult.

> You approximate the hall to be as wide as an American football field. Many Units clumped together tend to result in many of them receiving explosives — but from whom?

Levenweiss: "Fufu.. heavy artillery.. they have deployed the Tactical Units."

| >>672915
"It's very difficult to spot Arleen in these conditions... if there was only something we can do to differentiate our positions to each other..."

| >>672927
Levenweiss: "... Forward is the way then Commander.."

> Eventually, several armed Units gather to reach your position. They move fast, and Levenweiss is anticipating a collision. She drew her blade, and with a stance, she readies for an aggressive encounter.

Levenweiss: "...!"

> She tucks you behind the cover. Several shots were fired, but all struck the hard pillar. Levenweiss charges onwards, leaving you behind to order her!

| > ... Your screen fades. This is your second battle, yet the screen is as familiar as it was then.

> [1] A-X97-Mod Levenweiss

> [2] T-351 (Corrupted)
> [3] T-351 (Corrupted)
> [4] V-224 (Corrupted)

>>>/info [WHO]
>>>/attack [WHO, TARGET] (/attack 1, 3)
>>>/guard [WHO]
>>>/evade [WHO]
>>>/skill [WHO, SKILL ID, TARGET] (/skill 1, 0, 2]
>>>/equip [WHAT, TARGET]

| >>672935
>>>/info 1-4

| > A-X97-Mod Levenweiss [HP: 1233/1800]
Equip: Broken Hero's Sword (Sword)

> T-351 [HP: 280/930]
> Corrupted: This Unit cannot be commanded. +2 Phys. Damage, -2 Phys. Defence.
Class: Tactical
> Altruism: Chance to pass a buff to another Ally
> Adrenaline: Critical chance increases with consecutive attacks

> T-351 [HP: 160/1002]
> [ .... Same Information .... ]

| > V-224 [ HP: 400 / 630 ]
> Corrupted: This Unit cannot be commanded. +2 Phys. Damage, -2 Phys. Defence.
Class: Vanguard
> Spring: Evading grants +2 Phys. Damage

| >>672947
/skill 1,1,3

| Levenweiss: "Hmph!"

>>>Ally Levenweiss uses Thunder! (3)
>>>Foe T-351 [3] received 760 damage!
>>>Foe T-351 [3] was defeated!

T-351: "S-sorry... Commander--"

>>>Foe V-224 attacked! (3)
>>>Ally Levenweiss evaded! (11)
>>>Foe T-351 [2] uses Trap! (18)
>>>Ally Levenweiss evaded! (20)

Levenweiss: "Fufu..! My Commander is a genius beyond your comprehension!"

> Foe T-351 [3] has been slain.

| >>672966
>/skill 1,1,2

| Levenweiss: "... Ha!"

>>>Ally Levenweiss uses Thunder! (4)
>>>Foe T-351 [2] received 936 damage!
>>>Foe T-351 [2] was defeated!
>>>Foe V-224 attacked! (9)
>>>Ally Levenweiss received no damage!

Levenweiss: "I expected better! Is that all..?"

> Foe T-351 [2] has been slain.

| >>672975
>/skill 1,1,4

| > Your battle was interrupted! A gleaming shot grazes your focus. A familiar Unit rushes into the scene, with hands ready to fire another shot at you!

V-9X5: "I won't let you kill another of my comrade!"

Levenweiss: "... Be quiet!"

>>>Ally Levenweiss uses Thunder! (4)
>>>Foe V-9X5 guarded>>>Foe V-224! (6)
>>>Foe V-9X5 received 800 damage!
>>>Foe V-224 uses Trap! (16)
>>>Ally Levenweiss is unable to dodge! (2)

> Foe V-9X5 entered the battle.
> Levenweiss is Bound.

| >>672978
>/skill 1,3,1

| >>672980
> Error: SkillID out of bound: 3. Going for SkillID.LAST instead!

Levenweiss: ".... Fuu.."

>>>Ally Levenweiss uses Breathworks!
>>>Foe V-9X5 began aiming!

V-9X5: "I will show you our true power—!"

>>>Foe V-224 uses Stomp! (14)
>>>Ally Levenweiss received 300 damage!

Levenweiss: "Gah..!"

> Levenweiss' HP is now 933.
> Levenweiss' Critical chance became +4!
> Levenweiss' Evasion chance became +1!
> Foe V-9X5 is preparing a skill.

| >>672990
>/evade 1

| >>672991
Levenweiss: "I can't.. do that, Commander...!"

>>>Ally Levenweiss is still Bound!
>>>Foe V-9X5 is aiming!
>>>Foe V-224 uses Stomp! (1)
>>>Ally Levenweiss received no damage!

> Foe V-9X5 is preparing a skill.

| >>672992
>/info V-9X5

| >>672993
> V-9X5 [HP: 1100/2710]
> Vigour: This Unit's performance is doubled. Attacks will more likely to miss.
Class: Vanguard
> Telezoom: Critical attacks never miss

| >>672994
>/guard 1

| >>>Ally Levenweiss braces for attack!
>>>Ally Levenweiss is freed!
>>>Foe V-9X5 is aiming!
>>>Foe V-224 attacked! (5)
>>>Ally Levenweiss received no damage!

Levenweiss: "Hahaha—! This is nothing..!"

> Levenweiss is no longer Bound.
> Foe V-9X5 is preparing a skill.

| >>673007
>/skill 1,0, V-9X5

| >>673009
>>>Ally Levenweiss uses Shadow Step!
>>>Ally Levenweiss disappeared into the shadows!

V-9X5: "Witness your defeat!"

>>>Foe V-9X5 uses Sky Arrow! (79)
>>>Ally Levenweiss evaded! (17)
>>>Ally Levenweiss attacked! (11, Critical!)
>>>Foe V-9X5 received 866 damage!

V-9X5: "A-ah—?! H-How...!"

>>>Foe V-9X5 received 148 damage!
>>>Foe V-224 uses Trap! (8)
>>>Ally Levenweiss evaded! (14)

Levenweiss: "Fufu! My Commander has no match!"

> Foe V-9X5's HP is now 86.

| >>673038
>/skill 1,1, V-9X5

| >>673042
V-9X5: ".. I'm a disgrace to my Commander.."

Levenweiss: "... No.. you fought well."

>>>Ally Levenweiss uses Thunder! (2)
>>>Foe V-9X5 received 400 damage!
>>>Foe V-9X5 was defeated!

V-9X5: "Farewell-"

>>>Foe V-224 attacked! (20)
>>>Ally Levenweiss received 200 damage!

Levenweiss: "Fu.. you too... still fighting in your Lieutenant's stead!"

> Foe V-9X5 has been slain.

| >>673047
>skill 1,1,4

| V-224: "I will live! For my Lieutenant!!"

>>>Ally Levenweiss uses Thunder! (4)
>>>Foe V-224 received 1220 damage!
>>>Foe V-224 was defeated!

> Levenweiss' portrait smiles at you. Blood shed by the smile radiates a strange sense of fear, but hers show no signs of hostility to you.

Levenweiss: "Congratulations.. Commander..!"

> All Foe has been slain.
> Victory attained!
>>>Received Sagittarius Hairpin (Summon)

> .....

| > Your screen returns to the sight of the battlefield. In front of you is a heavily injured V-9X5. Her proud rifle is only a speck of broken parts and her fighting spirit too, follows suit.

> You notice that your victory didn't bring any change. After all, your battle was only one out of many in the war.

V-9X5: "... How does it feel...? Being thrown into this war..."

Levenweiss: "..."

V-9X5: ".... My Commander.. will bring justice... again.."

| >>673054
"A war only lasts as long as the players want it to. Now stand up, I have no plans on killing you. I just want to find Arleen and put a stop to this ceaseless fighting."

| >>673055
V-9X5: "Ceaseless.. heh. We are.. tools. We have no need for..."

> V-9X5 face falls slowly. Her body lowers as her muscles began to lose their tension. Eyes closed, she stopped her words at her firm belief.

Levenweiss: "As they are, unable to believe anything else.."

> The situation hasn't calmed in the slightest. One side is definitely turning the tides over — the side without the promised Knight Unit leading them.

Levenweiss: "Fufu.. Arleen's team is losing..."

| >>673057
>He drags V-9X5 into cover.
"I don't suppose we can use her as a way to demoralize their side would we?"

| >>673061
> Levenweiss' smile briefly turns devious. How can she not? This is more of the playing field she is used to; despite dagger being a sharp weapon, striking the psyche of enemies will cause more catastrophe.

Levenweiss: "There is no law that states you can't.. Commander. This is war... All is fair in war."

> You hear another loud explosion and a flash from a distance, and a mention of "BREACHED!" — before the collective thumping and footsteps quivered the floor.

| >>673148
"The question is *how* to do so without getting attacked by half the units in this area. Anywhere useful you see that might work?"

| >>673228
Levenweiss: "She is a high-ranking Unit.. Fufu... do you understand my thinking Commander?"

> As more Units advance, the area began to quieten somewhat. Only the groan and pained growls are left, alongside the sound of water and electricity leaking about.

Levenweiss: "... Whether she is disposable is a question you should ask.. In my personal belief we still are.. but... you have proven otherwise."

| >>673246
"Hmm... I think I follow, okay I may have an idea, you two just need to stay in hiding. I just need to go out with V-9X5... what is something here I can use to get their attention..."

| >>673247
Levenweiss: "Hahaha—! To ask that.. you are a Commander! Your appearance is already telling..."

> Levenweiss explanation didn't tell you anything, until she pulls your hand. Your uniform, as vaguely drawn as it was, is something displaying many titles and ranks.

Levenweiss: "I will be here.. to guarantee your safety."

> Her portrait smiles at you.

Levenweiss: ".... and I believe in you."

| >>673251
"Thank you Levenweiss, just dont go dying on me either. You need to stay alive and catch up on the time you spent locked up."
>He peeks out of cover to find an opportune plan to conduct his plan.

| >>673253
Levenweiss: "Fufu.. That is an order I must obey."

> Levenweiss smile bids you a farewell - and a good luck. Her long hair is dirtied by blood and dirt, yet this unkempt nature makes it easier for her smile to contrast.

> In this battlefield, you walk alone now.

>>>Completed Phase 0.2!

> Your screen turns dark. A transition commences.

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