[Radio] Radio Wire 16


| "--He says 'Neil I believe this is killing me' so I'm like 'dude chill I'm just here to play piano'" -N

| "We're live" -X
"Yeah I don't care I'm finishing this story, so this old man comes to me and--" -N

"--Hello everyone and welcome to Radio Wire at 68.95FM once again, everyday a little closer to heaven" -X

| "Little closer to heaven huh? I like it" -N
"It means we're dying Neil, this job is killin' me slowly while everyday ah' dread for sweet relief" -X
"I.. er.. Music!"

>'March of the white knights' begins playing on live

| "Now, what do we got on schedule? I need a drink and you need to get laid but we got work to do so chop chop" -N

>"That's a wrong and stereotypical way of thinking that won't do you or any of us any good in the long run!"
"Boy I sure missed being corrected, everyone loves being corrected Cali you should keep doing that all the time!" -N

| "Behave" -R

"Alright alright, Cali what's the weather?" -N
>"38 Degrees outside!"
"Farenheit or Celsius?" -N

| "..With that out of the way, our lines are open like we always are to y'all, call to complain; to advertise; to whatever ya' want, we gotta justify our wages" -X

| >>656961
>Call 535

| "How" -N
"None of us sounds cute enough for a first call" -X
"I don't know you look kinda cute to me" -N

"...What?" -X

>"Can you guys stop talking?"

| >>657135
>California picks up line '535'
>"Welcome to Radio Wire oh dear caller, for news, events and music all day you couldn't choose a better place! although are you sure you didn't call in by mistake?"

| >>657142
"Yo Cali, hows its going? It seems it's as lively over there as usual."
>Its the classic voice of geekboy

| >>657143

>"You have no idea"
>She spoke with some delight on her voice
>"It's always been like the bell curve around here but I don't think we have gone down from the top on a long time now"

| >>657148
"Well I guess that's a... good thing? It sounds like your happy about it all at least."

| >>657150
>"It's a blessing CN to have stability for once with the whole group"
>The same delight was present with airs of freedom to it

"We had stability, lots of it in fact" -N
"We had bad stability where fighting became the norm" -X
"I'm gonna be honest with you chief I'm not entirely sure what stability means" -N

| >>657321
"I'm happy to hear that Cali! If I make ask what caused the change?"

| >>657395
>"The boys are re-re-re-re-conciliating and this girl on the phone got a brand new update recently!"

| >>657575
"That's great to hear! Glad everyone is getting along, and I'm glad you went through with the update. How has it been treating you?"

| >>657648


>"Turns out this just unlocks as to put it simple my potential, I'm not gonna keep having the mentality of an immature teenager but-"
"-Or a 'Neil' as we like to call 'em" -X
>"..But instead I should gradually develop a mindset of my own, or at least do it without the 'Glitches'"

| >>657911
>CN chuckles over the phone
"I guess you just ended up psyching yourself out in the end. Well not that that's a bad thing, just means wherever you go from here is a natural progression of your development. You just got to slowly grow up like the rest of us!"

| >>657945
>"That's boring"


>"It was waaay funnier when I managed to delete a bunch of old files and lines within my code, the result was instant! But so many bytes of sense pumped into you makes you realize is not really a good idea to keep doing that"

| >>658251
"Well it's also funnier to have a malfunctioning liver aug until you realize it makes your future sister in law the second biggest eater in the safehouse."
>CN sighs

| >>658420
>"That's.. Very specific, is it like one of those odd stories that people swear will get somewhere but the story just keeps getting weirder and weirder?"

| >>658796
"No it's the story of my actual future sister in law. She refuses to get a proper liver aug Cali, even when I offer to pay!"

| >>658856
>"Pride can be really something at times, what If you gift her the operation right away instead of money for it?"

"Liver.. Hey is she short, rich, and likes to give away money just because?" -N

| >>661790
"Well it's not so much money... it's more laziness I feel. And no Neil, shes blonde and has a southern accent. I think *one* of you in particular are quite familiar with her."

| >>661895
"Beats me" -N
"Beats me in a different way ah'know she'd know" -X

>"I really want to say I understand that point but I never saw laziness as an excuse for anything"
"You learn more than you show I see.." -R

| >Call 555

| "Wise is the man who knows what prophet to follow.. Or something like that, the point is everyone but me sucks and that's why I get like 90% of the calls" -N

>Neil picks up line '555'
"Papa john's Jr aka the day of reckoning has come how can I help you?" -N

| >>663588
>The reply was preceeded by a small chuckle. Before the caller, a female judging by the sound, gather herself and greets you.
"Uh, hi!"
>She speaks with enthusiasm.
"I'm hoping I'm not bothering you too much. I'm calling because I'm just waiting to move in and I'm a little bored right now. I'm a little surprised that a radio show still exist here."

| >>663455
"It shouldn't be but... *sigh* I don't know. I think shes just gotten to enjoy the feeling I guess?"

| >>663863
"To be quite honest we're also surprised sometimes that a radio show still exists but you know what keeps us alive? Hipsters! Gotta love those assholes" -N

>Some rumbling could be heard within his end

"Now trust me when I say you sweet one you're anything but a bother, as a brother myself I know what I'm talking about, so you're new in the city?" -N

| >>664031
>"..I guess you can be attached to certains part within your self, is she safe with the one she currently has?"

| >>664262
"Actually, yeah, I've just arrived here a few hours ago. I'm currently waiting to see someone."

| >>664263
"Well she had the aug for years, even before I met her, so as far I know it shouldn't cause problems other than the... increased metabolism."

| >>664352
"Well as the most important person in the entire city-"
"why" -X
"-I say welcome to this hell, and on a related note, what brings you here? People are really fond of living literally anywhere else" -N

| >>664579
>"Well, if that's the case.. I really believe in that phrase, you know: if it's not broken don't fix it. Maybe because of how I have been raised but why waste materials when is not yet needed?"

| >>664994
"I suppose you do have a point. It's not like shes the only big eater with us anyways. One of our kids can swallow the entire burg menu in one sitting if you let her."

| >>664995
>"And from what I heard you have enough kids to keep a burg place out of stock"
>She commented with a chuckle

| >>664993
"In that case, I would be honored."
>The girl replies.
"Anyways, I guess I just wanted inspiration? Is that the word? I'm a writer and I think living here would give me some ideas about what to write."

| >>664996
"Who said we can only empty one?"
>He chuckles as well
"You have no idea how big I got to tip the workers for all the work we make them do when we get there."

| >>664999
"You know.. That's something I really can't complain about when discussing GC, this city has enough material for you to write God knows how many books, so inspiration should come by on every corner of it hasn't on the few hours you have here" -N

| >>665105
>"Sounds like a business man dream to have your family as clients, and with so many orphans under care I begin to see why it's been so hard for the big companies to demonize you, since always I mean"

| >>665321
"Oh, eventually, of course. I'm excited to start living here and take in all the stories."

| >>665322
"True, but that doesnt stop them from using my popularity against me as well. Like the whole Dynamoforce show business, it's so popular they use it to cover up news coverage some corps wouldnt want people to know about."

| >>665352
"Well I promise you'll have plenty of those here, did you use to write for those soulless news' sites or you do like, your own thing?" -N

| >>665384
>"I guess that's where it becomes handy to have friends who run a Radio show"

>Her smile could almost be felt within that tone

>"The boys get such a rush when it comes to air hot spot coverage, and I start to see the likes of it"

| >>666147
"Oh, I probably should have specified that sooner, that's my bad. I'm a novelist."
>She replied.
"I don't really like writing news all that much. I think they are a bit boring."

| >>666148
"Well then guess I better get some juicy gossips for you all then! Unless theres something you may be curious about to wet your palate right now?"

| >>666361
"Oh no listen girl news are the most boring thing to ever exist on this planet, why should I care about what happened to someone else? Now when you have writers with you they get down to do their writer magic and somehow make it all interesting"

>There's constant tapping coming from his end now

"You think I care what the major does on his free time? Thanks to these damnn writers I do!"

| "..Someone hit a nerve" -X

| >>667024
"I've never thought of it like that before. Making boring stuff interesting."
>She sounds somewhat more energetic.
"That's really good to know that writing can help people like that. I feel more motivated to continue writing now."

| >>666692
>"Oh if I knew you'd ask me I would have been more prepared! maybe next time I will, and asking the group here doesn't seem too optimal given.. Well, you know how some take every opportunity they can to ramble"

"hey screw you maybe ah' want news!" -X
"Alright ah' don't but how is blonde liver Aug doin'?" -X

| >>667029
"Now I'm not one to say you're welcome but hey, you're welcome friend" -N
>The tapping stopped as the mic got readjusted
"Inspiring is what I do you know? I'm like a role model, or a divine angel" -N

| > Call 545

| >>667031
"Uh, excuse me, did I say thank you? I'm pretty sure I didn't say anything about you being a role model, so that part might be in your head?"
>The girl replies, before letting out a chuckle.
"I'm just messing with you, thank you... what's your name? I don't think you've told me your name yet."

| >>667030
"Shes doing pretty good! Shes engaged with our pilot now. They are... very alike in some ways, but I'm happy for them. I'm dreading if someone brings up the idea of a joint wedding though with Engy and I."


| >>667200
>"But joint weddings sound like such a great idea! You take the best of a wedding and multiply by two!"

"And save a lot while you're at it, but money ain't the problem here from what ah' heard, now I-"
>"-Have a call pending, while this call is still mine"


| >>667100
"You are a good sport! I like me a good joker, you know I know this cute one made out of tin and can, speaking of Tin and can I.. Shit my name, sorry I forgot the most important part of the day which is anytime I am mentioned" -N

>He made a dramatic pause, or a 'taking air for once' pause

"I'm Neil Michaels, spots one to ten on the top ten sexiest men of the country by Neil Michaels, and I realize now I too didn't ask your name" -N

| >>667036
>Xii picks up on line '545'

"Hello and welcome to Radio Wire, If ye' dialed in here by mistake I'm so sorry but yer' free time belongs to us now, that bein' said you're talkin' with Xii and Xii's talkin' to you, and yer' name is...?" -X

| >>667862
"I guess that would break us even then, Neil, that's a really nice name by the way. I'm Alix, at least that's the name everybody use call me back in Canada."
>Alix replies.

| >>667866
> The other line takes a breather before speaking; there is a few commotion in the background, some that the noise cancellation failed to silence.

"A-ah! It's functional—!"

> First, a feminine voice enters, disrupted by a crackles and static, then come rushing a tapping and thumping.

"Did you actually make it work?!"

> Another feminine voice, only younger and more higher pitched.

"I did! I'm in a call! Shush!"

"Let me try—"

"Noo! I'll talk to the host first—"

| >>667858
"I mean I suppose so, the party guest list wouldn't necessarily be a problem since they would be similar as well. It's just..."
>CN pauses
"Mmm... things could get quite eccentric I guess? Not that we've really done any of the preparation yet anyways, including a wedding hall that would allow joint weddings."

| >>667955
"Well it's nice to hear you Alix, to return the politeness I will keep all the maple jokes I know for myself just this time Eh? I think we had one of yours the other day, someone from Colorado" -N

| >>668014
"..Y'know we haven't actually talked yet and I already feel like ah'll regret this one, how are y'all there? Ah' hear a pair of legally questionable voices" -X

| >>668137
>"But eccentric is just what makes a wedding perfect! Besides, it'd help to distract unwanted attention like the media if there's ambiguity on who exactly is getting married"

| >>668680
"Colorado is in the US, but I guess that you mean someone from the same continent?"

| >>668684
"That... is a good point. Honestly last thing I want is to make this a show for the city. A wedding is supposed to be about us all the time."

| >>668681
> A laughter comes from the first voice, a deeper sounding mezzo-soprano, and the one to have initiated the call. There is a quick sound of air around, entering the microphone — the sound of swishing; rapid movements?

"Okay- stop! He didn't call you underaged!"

> The second voice finally spoke, a sharper and younger voice, also brighter in melody. They groan, accepting the laughter as common sense.

"We're doing fine, thank you! We're just ecstatic to be in the show!"

| >>668786
"No silly Colorado is.." -N
>And the awkward pause is palpable behind that 'is'
"Oh God is it??" -N

| >>668909
>"Exactly! It'd suck to see it making it into the news just to stir drama and distract from real issues"

>"...Though following that point, they will still find something to pin a distraction on, it's just better if it's not you for once"

| >>668940
"Then it's a pleasure to welcome y'all into this mess for the first time since ya' sound like a pretty group" -X

>A few taps on the microphone follow to identify what end was making noise

"can I get some names to accompany this? Just for you ah'll throw a song request within the deal at the end of the call" -X

| >>669246
"Yes, Neil, Colorado is a state in the US."
>Alix replies, before continuing with a laugh.
"Someone haven't done their Geography homework."

| >>669251
"Oh? Did you hear that...?"

> They definitely heard the taps, as both voices hum a nod in agreement. Shortly after, the communication device used — a phone or otherwise — was heard passed to another person.

"I'm Ishihara!"

> The high-pitch voice says, and slightly less audible, the deeper voice mutters "Don't break it!" from a distance.

"The she from earlier is Ergina. It's nice to meet you!"

| >>669248
"No I understand. You've given me a lot of food for thought here actually hmm... well regardless of what we do you all at least will probably get an invite."

| >>669335
"No no you see I'm just way too smart you know? My knowledge is so vast I tend to forget where I put all this information that I know, such as cities and the meeting of words" -N
>And that's a nervous exhale there
"Meaning" -R
"You shut your mouth there" -N

| >>669339
"I promise the pleasure's all mine gals, we're used to gettin' groups callin' at once and ah' gotta ask, what are you using? From here it sounds like ya' got a wet paper mic that's gonna tear apart if you hold it wrong" -X

| >669417
>"We'd be just so glad to show up if that probably becomes a definitely! I have never been on a wedding so that would be a pretty experience"

| >>669688
> A laughter came from both girls, but Ishihara's was louder, even when accounting for the plausible distance between the two.

"It's a transceiver we used at work..."

> Ergina interjects, her voice trails — but so did the rest of their call. Once life returns to the call, Ishihara can be heard saying "It's back!" repeatedly.

"... It's still working!"

> The higher-pitched voice says, resulting in a chuckle from the other.

"We are holding it upside down now."

| >>669686
"Well, then I guess you would be able to guess where I come from without accidentally say another country's city?"

| (*accidentally saying)

| >>669693
"Yes though given both of our daily lives be sure not to think our wedding will end up the typical wedding ceremony!"
>CN chuckles
"Especially with all the kids running around."

| >>669725
"Man It's kinda nostalgic to hear you peeps havin' to move that thing around to a certain angle, like when your first charger broke and ya' had to hold it a certain way y'know? And all of that to call us here it's just an honor" -X

| >>669775
"Oh lady lady" -N
>He laughed and spoke with such sudden confidence
"I know for a fact that there's around fourteen or so people spread all over Canada and that ten of those live in Vancouver if not Colorado, so my guess is gonna be you're from Vancouver, right?" -N

| >>669896
>"Of course it can't be, we know your fame would be way different if things were that normal with you"

>She joined with a giggle and an adjust of the signal

>"The kids will at least fill up any empty seats that just look so ugly on weddings"

| >>670329
"Well, at least you know that Vancouver is in Canada. Also, saying Colorado is in Canada twice doesn't make it true, Neil."
>Alix points out.
"But, no, I'm not from Vancouver. I'm actually from Toronto."

| >>670332
"We'll be lucky if they have enough chairs for all of them. Though I suppose if theres any place that should have enough guests for someone it should be a wedding hall of all places."

| >>670328
"Oh please... Ergina loves the attention! She even fixes this just for you all.."

> A loud "HEY!" comes in retaliation, Ishihara giggled even more. There was a brief banter before she hands the transceiver to Ergina, as apparent by the "Okay, here-" she said.

"Erhm.. how is everyone there? Is the studio as lively as I think it is?"

| >>670419
"Toronto Toronto.. That's a real place right? Don't get me wrong I trust you since I know Canadians can't lie but until now I though Colorado was there so I'm a bit skeptical here" -N

| >>670577
>"And with double the guests on a double wedding what is there to fear about having empty seats!"

. . .

>"Oh you're worried about not having enough seats now are you? I think it flew right over my head"

| >>670661
"Weeell that really depends on what ya' mean by lively girl, are we happy? Damn right we are; are we active? Absolutely not, we got the same Playlist on repeat for the past 5 or 6 transmissions and it's makin' me kinda sick but we're definetly killin' it at entertainin' and please correct me if I'm wrong at that" -X

>It's almost like the more he spoke the faster he spoke

| >>670977
"It's fine, *it's fine*. I guess I can always ask a couple people what they suggest and do some research. Apparently theres a wedding hall that's like up in the sky apparently???"

| >>670975
"Neil, I think I'm starting to doubt your statement about your 'vast knowledge'."

| >>670979
"No corrections!"

> Ishihara repeats what Ergina had said. They both bicker silently, only faint hints of their voice are heard, before the sound of a metal chair dragging across the floor is heard. A quick, "I'll grab milk" by Ergina, then Ishihara's own giggle returns.

"Sorry.. I think she's having a bad case of lactose hypertolerance. What are you guys up to now?"

| >>671207
>"L-Like floating in the sky? Above the city? I wouldn't trust such a place while having so many kids that run around everywhere, don't you think?"

| >>671324
"Oh please there is no need to doubt me, I assure you sometimes I'm afraid of how smart I can be, that's why I work with radio! Talking with people all day and gettinng paid for it its the smartest move a person can make" -N

| >>671550
"Well I'm up for searchin' what's lactose hypertolerance later on, fix some legs after the show and give my all in here like y'all give your all with all that not fully broken not all workin' transceiver that's doin' just all-right" -X

>There's a pause as Xii takes a sip of water, stay hydrated®

"ah' don't know much about the others tough, Neil disappears for days sometimes and Cali can spend days on that damn internet" -X

| >>672286
"Yeah, n-not that I was seriously considering it anyways. You don't even want to look up the prices for a booking there. I'm pretty sure those figures would even make some of the smaller corps roll their heads!"

| >>672291
"I-it's not a real thing! I don't think.. you can have insatiable appetite for milk?? Hey, I'm not a paramedic unit.."

> Ishihara pauses. The rustling and crackling returns, as well as some sounds of shaking and thumping.

"Oh-.. is that why this cable exposed.. well, anyway..! 'Fix some legs'? I sure hope that's metaphorical.. or not?"

| >>672288
"Well, I write up a story and get paid for it, so I guess I'm also pretty smart."

| >>672437
>"I mean, rumors say you do have enough wealth to make small corps roll their headS, the great businessman slash hac--WAIT WHAT ABOUT A VIRTUAL WEDDING HALL THROUGH THE MATRIX"!

| >>672472
"No I.. Really wish ah' don't do metaphors but I'm almost pretty sure I always do 'em.. But no ah' meant literal legs, like, prosthetic ones that need an oilin' a fixin' or a replacement, shit's easier when ye' got your own to practice" -X

| >>673021
(wish to say*****)

| >>672554
"..Alright we might be on the same IQ scale or whatever it was called, I think being paid to sit down and type with no boss breathing on your neck does count as a smart move, *maybe* even smarter than Radio" -N

| >>673020
"That just sounds like a good way for someone to dump shock a ton of people... besides I don't really have a datajack myself so I'd be just staring at a screen the whole time myself."

| >>673023
"Well, that depends, doesn't it. I technically don't have a boss because I'm self-published but people that read your books would still keep asking about the next one, something like that."

| >>673021
"Ooh! Are you a mechanic? Please tell me you are! I have a great follow-up joke to this..!"

> Ishihara brushes against her transceiver, maybe getting too close as to make a pop before a crackle.

| >>673046
>"I forgot the vulnerabilities of some people.. Didn't you used to have a datajack? I remember you introduced me to the matrix when I was brand new but I was too into the matrix to remember if you had one"

| >>673158
"I still will put you on top with this because I'd rather have a line of nerds asking me when is the next one than deal with the psychopaths that call here, psychopaths, so many of them I promise you I'm a saint when you put me next to the kind of people that used to call here" -N
>A chair readjust can almost mutter his next mumble
"Now it's just a bunch of wussies" -N

| >>673164
"Legally speakin' yes, ya' kinda need a license to fix people but that's bullshit to me y'know? Anyway tell me the joke, ye' got a live audience and everythin' so go all out here" -X

| >>673401
"Well, I guess that's true, I would rather not deal with crazy people calling me 24/7. Wait a minute, are you calling me a wimp?"

| >>673405
"Look I.. Yeah I got no excuse here, of course someone who writes for a living has a keen ear to hear all dem stories but, honestly, imagine you're looking into my eyes and tell me you're a real threat, go on" -N

| >>673410
"I *am* a real threat though."

>You can hear a sound of the door. Followed by a male sound in the distance:
"Who's a real threat?"

"Oh, hey Red. This radio guy's calling me a wimp."

"You are kind of a wimp..."


| >>673404
"You DO need a licence to be a doctor, right? That! That segues to my joke. So, a doctor and a mechanic walks to a bar—-"

> Ishihara's joke was pounded over and interrupred by a loud thumping. The transceiver registered the wind then it hit what seems to be the floor.

"..it! N--"


"Check---- okay.."

"That's not how the joke goes! Haha!"

> It's Ergina's voice this time. The two voices laugh in unison.

"Sorry, that was absurd. I hope that's allowed on air."

| >>673398
"Nah I never had one. Which is unusual for my profession I admit but I've just never bothered with one. What you saw back then is just an avatar I made! I use my deck and it to interact with the matrix in my stead."

| >>673413
>Neil bursted in laughter and responded just after catching himself back up
"See? You can't be smart *and* a threat unless your name is Neil! writers are wimps and Radio is the future" -N

"Radio is literally the past" -R
"Oi, shut it" - N

| >>673415
"T-That was a pretty good one!" -x
>Xii said forcing an awkward laugh upon missing all of the joke
"Trust me we allow absolutely everythin' on air since the day they forbid us from airin', y'all got quite the humour!" -X

| >>673458
>"Oooh you log in like they did back in the day, I can't say that's more fun but.. At least it's safer and more comfortable that way!"

>Her tone didn't hide too well how little she believed on her last statement

| >>673701
"Well, to be fair, Neil. Alix could probably beat you in both a knifefight and a gunfight, she just isn't that strong."

>Red replies this time, having moved closer.

"You know him?"

>Alix asks Red.

"Actually, yes, I've talked to him a few times."

| >>673705
"I guess having a jack is more fun, I'd be lying if I wasn't curious about the idea of getting one installed from time to time. I just got used to hacking without it so theres just not much of a need for it."

| >>673703
"SEE! I knew wait--- you know what this dial is for?"

> Ishihara's voice enters again, having calmed from the break of laughter.

"Oh.. it's signal adjustment, correct?"

"... Soooo---"

> All the perfect moment for both to realise they made a blunder of themselves appear on air.

"You rolled this?"

"—While telling the joke...."

"Did.. did anyone ever hear-"

> A loud 'Shhh' from Ishihara interrupts Ergina.

"I can't believe we dodged a bullet there, Ishihara."

| >>673756
"I definetly have heard your voice numerous times but forgive me if I forgot the context on which I heard it, with any luck I barely remember to breath every minute" -N
"She can have the gun and knife fights, after all you can't kung fu a bullet" -N

| >>673827
>"Maybe there's also a certain advantage of going with a manual approach, such as quick exits or.. Em.. You're less vulnerable to virtual attacks!"

| >>673831
"Man y'all really just put us to shame by managin' to do Radio way worse, I'm sittin' here wonderin' what the hell am I hearing from your end and for the first time ah' realize that's probably how our audience hear us, with confusion and awkwardness" -X

| >>674142
"Pretty sure I called once in the middle of a fight because I overheard you saying there's nothing bad going on. Remember the knight guy? I've also met you in person at some party."

>Red replies, trying to remember.

"Yeah, no wonder you think Colorado is in Canada... just kidding, of course."

>Alix laughs.

"He thinks Colorado is in Canada?"

| >>674151
"Back in.. Annwn, I reckon? It's Annwn..?"

> Ergina's voice made through as though she is looking for confirmation from Ishihara.

"Err..? What're we bringing to the live people?"

"As I was saying.. in Annwn, we ran a pirate—-"

> A comparatively loud "OOH!" breaks the pause, inviting Ergina to giggle again.

"So.. in Annwn, where broadcasting in this frequency weren't common, we often make a make-believe station."

"Yeah! It's a billion times worse than your show too!"

| >>674146
"Well it is safer but... I cant think of many other advantages. In fact most people tend to be surprised when they find out I don't have a datajack. I've gotten some humorous reactions from some corpers though."

| >>674260
"Alright yeah let's all laugh at the radio host but when the United States finally annexes that piece of maple scented snow you see I will be right!" -N

>He set his fist on the table for pure emphasis

"Colorado will be-Wait no that's not.." -N

| >>674291
"Now that just makes me feel fuzzy inside, knowin' the tradition of havin' horrible radio shows stands all around the world thanks to people like us that got tired of findin' a real job or have nothin' better to do, God bless the radio" -X

| >>674464
>"Oh don't get me started with corpers, they will find a reason to dislike you whether you share the same practice as them or have your own, the only winning with them it's.. Oh, sorry! that wasn't the subject! Would you say there's a specific case or situation that would make you get a datajack installed?"

| >>674978

> Ergina's laugh is comprehensibly loud, but not overpowering like Ishihara's. She spends an uncut moment of the laughter, possibly a five-second.

"Ergina did air when we were stationed! Ooh! Actually, we were garrisoned, didn't we?! We held camp for a week and dying 'cause northern malaria.."

> Ishihara enters, again, telling the story at her pace.

"I got tired of my job and I had nothing to do. Can anyone be blamed? Talking to this.. made me feel... human."

| >>674985
"Hmm... I suppose if there was something I absolutely needed to hack into and I had no other alternative means then I suppose that would be the case. It would have to be something personal, and not something I need to do for a job. A lot of people forget that even an unbreakable system has vulnerabilities in the real world, so I havent reached that point until now."

| "It would need to be the other way around, Neil."
>Alix replies once again.

"I wouldn't mind if hockey were the national sports of all of North America."
>Red adds.

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