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K-TRAN Conglomerate stock jumps 5%

| ...following the public matrix network responce of its elusive and secretive CEO, Richard King Dragonheart.
Following Bulmundri Zumbawalandee, leader of the movement Against Excessive Planetary Exploitation, uploading their open letter to a number of major megacorporations, controversial contents of which we have covered before, sir Dragonheart responded with a concise "ok zumbawalandoomer" post in K-TRAN official press page.

| This led to K-TRAN stocks substantially jumping in price, as investors were led to believe that the conglomerate has just officially refused to conform to the eco-movement's demands and is fully intent on continuing their aggressive industrial expansion into the Outer Rim.

| >>650907
Just knowing that he said that makes me want to punch that guy so hard his teeth go through his skull

| The AEPE movement's representatives have proceeded to call K-TRAN Conglomerate's CEO responce as "childish", and have stated that if the megacorporation conglomerate is refusing to abide to their demands, they will enforce those "another way".

Note: AEPE Movement is an interplanetary non-profit organisation that has been officially taking a stance on concerning itself with growing industrialization of the Outer Rim worlds.

| That made me crack up ngl

| The organisation itself is outlawed in multiple states and has been accused of attempting acts of eco-terrorism on multiple occasions, claims it is actively dismisses.

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