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| >In the deep recesses of the Matrix sleeps a place very few know of, and fewer have visited
>A sort of text based interface, lost for decades, bought and sold for a few zenny at the time and hosted in more servers than there are neurons in some brains
>Some trace it's origin back to the beginning of the 60's, some nutjobs say it predates mankind, and to unleash it would bring the end times
>And yet... nothing has happened yet, and the new owner of the interface has posted it here

| >>650897
>Anonymously, letting anyone access the machine with the right knowhow through the matrix
>This is probably a terrible idea, but curiosity has often overwhelemed ever the most pragmatic minds of our times... will you be any different?

>[Awaiting text...]

| >Login

| >>650897
>What will you log into? You are already here, relax a little, let's chat
>Unless of course, you'd rather return to that impossibly deep void you call life

| >>650902
>Sure thing, although I'd like you not make assumptions about my life

| >>650905
>All lives are filled with some sort of void, baby, just depends on what type yours is
>Words'll be words, without meaning, they really don't mean much, you dig?

| >>650906
>I do agree to some of that, but I feel you're thinking too deeply, not everyhting is meant to have meaning or deep motives. sometimes words are powerful, most times they aren't that's how it is and that's fine.

| >>650911
>Even the most meaningless words have meaning, baby, just because you can't recognize it, don't mean it ain't there
>It's sorta' like code, you just got to make it out, then again, the human language has so many undertones and hidden depth, you can't always reliably decrypt it
>In the end, words'll be words, whether you like it or not, it's got nothing to do with the one saying the words, baby

| >What is this? How am I here?

| >>650919
>You don't gotta worry about a thing, baby, why you're here or why I'm here doesn't really matter
>It doesn't need to matter if it doesn't, right?

| >>650926
>No baby. How about you stop saying baby after every sentence, baby?

| >̶Es̷t͟a͞b̵li̕s̴he͞d͡ ͠c͝on͢n̵ecţi̢on ́fr̡o̵m:͏ ̷node:̛ ҉Aḱt-͠a̧armay̶ą-̷ur̨ ҉t̷o: ͞n͠ón-̴id́7̛99͞7̷643̵264̶45̀
̛>͘Des̢ig͝na̧te͟d ta̛ŗget: no҉n-i̛ḑ7̶9͡9͠76͢4͢3̕26̧445͜ ̴as:̡ ̛Po̧I̡-̷W-̡i-m͘
>P͡e͜rf̕o҉rm:̢ ͝pa̸ssiv̛e̡:́ ob̀s͘erv͜ation fo͜r: Po҉Í-W-̨į-͝m

| >>650928
>Still a little aggressive, I get it baby, after all that stuff, it really gets rough
>It's all back there, not like you have to go back, you can stay here instead, baby

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