(Settings) The Cambria (part 2)

| >A quiet place that rarely gets visitors. Even if it rejects the paces of the outside world, the grasp of the machines are inevitable. Yet the artificial lights of Glitz District does not stop the flowers in their continuity. Within is a home known only to a secret few. The blue lights shines a gentle, yet strong hue.

>Tonight, a deal is made. A heiress rejects her own royalty and legacy.
>And of course, no one knows CN's real name. STILL.

>3 people, 250 posts- amazing.

| "I should be able to figure something out then. I know an ex-employee from VitaLife, she can help me figure out how to put in some data log in some abandoned servers or something along those lines."
>CN replies, confident on the current course of action.

| >>638008

"Right, and we are still associated with CW. You might know this family business, but I'm still a part of the family. I can do something to make them investigate VitaLife. Now what kind of information will you put in their system?"

>Fahrenheit responds with confidence as well. Is this a definition of a win-win plan?

>Quiet snoring sounds can be heard over at Alisa's seat...

| "Mmm..."
>CN thinks as he takes off his trenchcoat and gently puts it on Alisa as a blanket for her while she sleeps.
"Well I know in the past their GC head, Yubari King, like using a type of cognitive brainwashing to give his workers new obedient personalities. Maybe I can leave garbled data stating Alisa, or Ruma in this case, went through a similar process and forgot about her life as a heiress?"

| >>638005
"There is no need. She has subtracted it already from my… accounts."

> Melina says, with a rather odd pause before the word 'accounts'. Seeing Alisa asleep comforts her, in some way.

| >>638010
"Right... But she did forget you know, heh, it makes it all sounds more authentic. That should be enough to prompt an investigation from CW..."


>He notices the pause, but he pays no mind.
"So... your name is R3, and no longer Melina. I see, but you're still the same person. Still, I appreciate the help."

| >>638012
"The best lies are like a sandwich Fahrenheit. They best hidden in between layers of truth."
>CN muses

| >>638012
"For now, do call me Melina. R3 is a temporary name as well. You will need not remember anything about my name or what I am now."

> Despite this, she does still act the same way as before. Perhaps to keep an integrity in the conversation?

"I'm helping because I want to correct my faults. But… I can't stay still while my emotions sympathise for her."

| >>638015
"Heh. But be careful to not get sandwiched by your sister in law. Want a drink to finish off our business?"
>He offers a drink, the same way as you came in.

"What is wrong with having emotions and sympathizing for a person? You are not just a tool you know. No matter what name or what you are, you cannot simply just break the bonds that you have forged. That is, true "humanity". Correct your fault? But I'm afraid you didn't make any mistakes."

| >>638018
"Mmm... I suppose for good luck I should order something fancy. How about a Piano Woman?"

| >>638019
"Coming up."

>Fahrenheit pulls out a silenced pistol from nowhere, and shoots the glass in front of you to pieces. Then he takes a handkerchief and covers the shattered glass pieces. You see something emerging under the handkerchief, and he unwraps it, revealing a Piano Woman.
>He puts the gun away, and there are no shattered glass?
>What kind of trick did he pull?

| >>638018
> Melina didn't reply any of those statements. She stayed quiet, her eyes locked to Alisa and finally, the drink last served.

> She takes a small sip of it, unbeknownst to her the ingredients used- not that she was expectant of the flavour given.

| >>638070
>Alisa looks worn out. Perhaps all this talk is a little bit over her head. It doesn't really help that her memories about all of this history is gone.

>The blue drink melts down in your tongue. Rushes of flavor assault you at once, and all that's left is a bittersweet flavor. It seems like the flavor leaves you with a certain aftertaste of regret? However, behind that taste, there is a minor sweetness...

"So, how was it?"

| >>638072
"Like an old memory resurfacing."

> She says in a weak voice. It startled her, how much a drink can convey emotions, and how much of this would be from her.

"I hear a good bartender can tell stories from drinks they make. Anything particular from this one?"

> Lifting her glass, she takes another small sip -- this sensation of not wanting to let go; she clearly likes the drink, but doesn't voice it out much.

| >>638081
"I see. It's a really old drink. The name was forgotten but I still remember the recipe."

>He makes himself the same drink, and sips on it too. He then clasps his hands together.

"A small story for a lost friend. A drink that signifies one who has lost everything. She fought until the end, to see her own ideals betray her. Yet she's satisfied to see it. By the end, she died for what he loved, and by what she loved. All that's left is..."

>"A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy."

| >>638083

> Melina sipped as the story was being told. She didn't have any proper response to this, or has been drawn out too much by the karmotrine to become an open book.

"Would you say she left on the note she wanted?"

> Speaking of notes, she considered writing the story on, hadn't she realised the pen has long ran out of ink.

"On a… happy ending?"

| >>638032
>CN practically jumped in his seat when he saw Fahrenheit pull out the gun. Thankfully he quickly calmed down when he ended up fine.
"While the trick was impressive, I was more worried about getting a heart attack there."
>He grabs the Piano Woman and drinks a good portion of it to help him calm down.
"*sigh* I suppose this is a good time to ask but, I'm going to need to ask you about some personal info about Alisa to use in the doc before I head out. You know, help it make it more believable?"

| >>638085
"She never got what she wanted, but it's an happy ending. Turns out that she doesn't need any ideals to be successful. At least that's my view at least. You can come up with your own. Half of the fun is trying to take a story out of the tastes itself."


"Anything suits a college girl is fine... However, you need to add a medical background, for example: nanomachine specialization. That'll really catch their eyes... She's 19, blood type O, hmm what else?"

| >>638114
"I assume I should also add she had NMR syndrome when she was born? Or did it happen after? I'll also need her actual full name and when she first arrived to Glitch City, or perhaps more specifically, when she stopped communicating with UW. This plan kind of falls apart if I put the date she was captured as when she was still being a heiress in UW of course."

| >>638114
"No ideals, hm…"

> Melina answers in an even quieter voice. She peeks at the conversation happening, thinking and nodding a way to help. Ah, if only her intuition is something that can be applied directly.

"Just so I understand… this is not a completely forged identity if it is the case then? Wouldn't it be… never mind."

> She cuts her question again, hesitating isn't completely unlike her. The drinks really have completely ushered into her.

| >>638116
"Well if they're looking for their heiress, we should try to make the account of the person VL has be accurate to that person. If I fill in with false details it ruins the credibility of the document. Though it sounds like you have a suggestion, what is it?"
>CN turns to Melina, looking at her quizzically

| >>638115
"This is a hard one... She arrived in Glitch City on a vacation...? Before she lost her memories, she stopped by here to run some tests... I do not know the exact date she arrived in GC, I'm afraid. And for the name... Just input whatever. Trust me on this."

"Right, Some accurate data is needed, however, if there's too many true things about her on another corp... Not a good situation either."

>He sips on his drink, trying to find a good balance on the info...

| >>638119
> She simply shakes her head. Definitely the karmotrine talking.

"There is the issue of data leak."

> Hearing Fahrenheit mention the same issue made her momentarily pause, nodding his points along.

"We need a way for obfuscation. I'm not talking cyphers, I'm bad at them; something to conceal without being an obvious secret."

| >>638122
"Just a general timeframe is fine, as long as there a period of time I can put for when the report was made. And if you say so. I guess I'll stick to the info you gave and I suppose her physical appearance? Or did that change since she arrived to the city as well?"
"Well I have some knowledge on ciphers so i can always encrypt the text when I am done, however I'm more than happy to hear suggestions."

| >>638124
"Her first vacation here... is shortly after the December Riots. Thus begins her fates interwoven with Glitch City..."
>Fahrenheit pats Alisa, and she purrs.
"No, nothing much has changed. Physically, at least."

| >>638128
"Alright, I'll go based off of that information then. I think I have enough for the writing, all we need to do is decide on how to best keep it as a hidden file. I can attack some ICE to it on top of encrypting it as well if you'd like. I'm uncertain if VL has specialized ICE programs however."

| >>638124
"I don't have any suggestions. After all, my skills aren't put anywhere here-"

> Melina places another call. After taking a few retries, it finally goes through… to that same girl earlier.

"GOD! You are such an earsore. What do YOU want?! If it's something about memories again, arrange it later!"

> It's clear the recipient isn't in a good mood, and this voice is more audible as she puts the call in speakerphone.

| "Ciphers. Help me, please."

"You begged. That's good. Know that I'll have to take more from you next time~"

> The other end seems happy with how Melina strung together a prayer of sorts.

"So? Ciphers? Who needs it this time? It can't be CN, can it?"

| >>638131
"Uh... what?"
>CN looks confused again, the poor hacker.
"Yes...? Though I suppose you have me at an advantage here as I dont know who you are."

| >>638129
"Of course, do what you would like. Of course, ensuring that a data breach isn't possible the the number 1 priority. I will influence CW to investigate that server, and they're made sure to delete everything... after doing their business."
>He glances at the phone.
"Sour mood, isn't she? If only the magic of my drinks reach her...!"

| >>638132
"W-w-wa—Wait a minute!"

> Instead of an advantage, what she has is a disadvantage. It doesn't appear like she fully expect CN to be there, merely using his name as a passing sarcasm.

"I-I didn't know you'll be with HER! God, woman! Switch places with me!"

> The call has derailed. Completely. Melina gave two, audible coughs to put it back on its track. Hopefully.

"Sorry. Okay. Anyway. What do you need, my pal? I'll do my best to help at anything."

| >>638133
"Alright. Good to know, if they delete after searching that should get rid of any evidence of my tampering as well."
"Um... right. Well good to meet you stranger."
>CN talks back to the phone
"So long story short, we're planning on putting a file in some databanks, and we need good encryption on it to make sure the only people who find it are those who are looking for it."

| >>638140

> The other end stayed quiet, only the sound of papers rustling and quiet fan humming are heard.

"Pandora's Box; Pandora, for short."

> She replies with a composed manner.

"You have multiple keys. Each keys decrypts the content differently, but will show correct results regardless. Block size and key length is… good enough for quantum."

> After the lengthy explanation, she cleared her throat.

"In short, everyone sees something and not a random block of chars."

| >>638144
>CN looks up the cipher
"So we can leak the key to those we would want to see the actual text then."
(Is this an actual thing? Cause I was planning on actually writing and encrypting it)

| >>638149
(The concept is called 'deniable encryption'. I don't think there are many ciphers implementing it, aside from obscure ones like sunchoke_bed -- sorry!)

> The cipher, which has been implemented fairly recently to counter advanced codebreaker AI, uses 'foil keys' -- multiple correct keys are set up, therefore multiple results can be retrieved, requiring previous knowledge to find one 'true result'.

| "Basically. You can leak one of the keys to me, but have the keys show a specific output instead. Mathematically, it is impossible to find a crack for- if you're smart, a 10 minute brute force is enough."

> The fan hum, if not overpowered by her voice, can be still be heard.

| >>638160
>CN taps the side of his deck as he thinks.
"I suppose this could work, but I'd need to test if I can do it first. This is more complex than the usual methods I employ."

| >>638185

> Before she can reply, Melina takes the phone away and ends the call. She stares at the phone's screen, grimacing at it.

"It's rude to interrupt, but I have no credits left to call my other contacts if we continue. Just know that we have used her and that's all we will get. Do you have what you need, CN?"

| >>638187
"Um... I-I suppose I do? I have to ask though, who exactly was that 'interesting' acquantiance of yours? You dont have to answer just curiosity I suppose."

| >>638190
"My boss."

> She answers, short as ever.

"—Or rather, someone who has me as their property. It's not a regular employment."

| >>638191
"You seem to live a complicated life..."
>CN shakes his head and drinks some more of his Piano Woman
"So Fahrenheit, how should I let you know when I'm done?"

| >>638192

> Melina says. She takes her drink too, still unable to forget the first time she had to taste it.

"I will also help in any way I can to assist either of you two. If there is anything I can do within my abilities, ask away."

| >>638208
"What would you say you're good at Melina?"

| >>638209
"I'm an R unit. I am best at reconnaissance. Field reconnaissance, specifically-… scouting, tracking, and presence concealment."

> Melina seems to have referred to her other name, R386, to answer this question.

"My personal best skill is evasion. Put it bluntly: running away."

| >>638213
"Hmm... I suppose I dont need any help now but maybe done the line I'll hire you for some recon work on some other corps."

| >>638214
"Thank you for considering me. I have been… low on funds… any job is an honest one now."

> She chuckles, a first since she put on a brooding facade over her.

| >>638215
>CN simply responds by head patting her.

| >>638215
>Fahrenheit slides back the chip that has the name R3, back to you.

"If you need assistance, just ask. Tonight is a free night after all."

"Hm. How about leaving a review on the public board that Alisa posted?"


| >>638223
"Hmm... I'll be sure to keep that mind then."
>CN grins back

| >>638224

>Fahrenheit says it to both of you, holding up his drink. However, his face darkens.

"Alisa, how much did you listen in?"


"I guess by that expression, you've been awake by a while."

>Standing behind you is Alisa, whose energy is gone. She just stands there, and doesn't say anything.

"It's near the end of the night, why not take some rest?"


| >>638226
>CN swivels around on his chair to face her
"You doing okay?"

| >>638228
"I'm doing fine. Thanks."

>Her hair is messed up and covers her eyes, so you can't see her expression...

"I heard a bit... I think some of it, is coming back to me now."

>She sighs, then reaches into her pocket for something, but it doesn't have it.

"Only some of it, but not enough for me to connect the dots."

>She then reaches for the now-cold coffee that she ordered, and drink it all down in one gulp.

| >>638231
"Are you okay with what you heard then at least?"
>CN looks for his trenchcoat he left on Alisa

| >>638234
>The trench coat is folded neatly on where she was. Alisa nods.
"I'm fine with what you says... A destruction of a few corps there and there is good right? They're not human, after all..."
>Her voice is now filled with anger, and sadness.

"Boss, why do you hide everything from me? I think that all of this can be solved with communication... Which you are failing to do. You pretended that I'm a nobody, and now you're... you're...!"

>Fahrenheit stays speechless.

| >>638242
"Mmm... I suppose not all of them are but I digress."
>CN interjects into the conversation
"I agree with you though Alisa, you should start being kept in the loop, that's why I was trying to inform you earlier about what I was finding out. As I've learned pretty fast this afternoon, Fahrenheit is a man that has trouble communicating. But perhaps now is a good opportunity for him to change that."
>He turns back to the boss of the place
"Fahrenheit instead of remaining speechless and make Alisa even more unnecessarily angry, why dont you try to apologize and explain your intentions to her now? Maybe you just wanted to protect her or something but she deserves some words from you by this point no? Meet her halfway here."

| >>638244
>The old man, backed into a corner, smiled.
"As you probably know, you're the heiress to the BGAD, a massive corporation that is leading the field of nanotechnology and its applications. Right now, there is a search party that seeks to capture you and convince you to use your talents to enhance the "security" division... You tried to retaliate, but that results in your memory loss. In GC, you have been recovered by Melina... The rest is now."
>He says it regretfully.

| "As your personal bodyguard... I thought this would be an opportunity for you to run away from all of this, and free from all this conflict that's going on. But it seems like everything is pulling you back in again. My goal haven't changed. I just wanted the best for you Alisa... No, Runa."

>He finishes, and this time, Alisa was the one that stays speechless.


| >>638253
>CN simply says, feeling saying more at this point would be out of the turn. He simply just tries to give Alisa what little support he can give with a hand on her shoulder.

| >>638256
"Thanks, CN."
>Alisa, or Runa then sighs.
"See that wasn't so hard was it, if only you said that earlier, we wouldn't have to make a second thread and waste everyone's time... You're truly a bad communicator. How did you even become a bartender in the first place?"

"I have nothing else to say, Mistress... It's my fault for not saying it earlier... It's the wishes of an old man. Forgive me."

"You stubborn old man."

>She remarks, her voice is deeper and more chill...

| >>638257
>Runa then turns towards CN.
"Hey, how's the progress on the data transfer?"
>She's completely chilled and the bright energy from earlier is now gone... Did something change?

| >>638259
"Hmm... I've gotten all the data I need for now. To plant the file however I'll need to go and talk to a contact of mine, and will take some time. Should be done before the next supply arrives. Though..."
>CN pauses, obviously concerned about the change in demeanor.
"This is all assuming you would rather *not* go back. This is to buy time of course. Once some time had passed and VL is hopefully not a problem, I would throw some breadcrumbs that would lead outside of the city."

| >>638261
"I see. Keep doing what you're doing. I'm in your debt, CN."

>She smiles. Not the cutesy smile from before, but a bright and charming one.

"Fahrenheit. You do not need to look to restore my memories any further. It is enough. Thank you for your help. I'll take it over from here. I will not leave Glitch City."

"But Mistress, you are still..."

>A glare from her.

"Yes, of course. Your wish is my command. I wanted to ask...

>How was your sleep, Runa?

>It was nice.

| >>638262
"Of course."
>CN decides to take the opportunity and finish the rest of the drink.
"Fahrenheit, do you have a piece of paper and something I can write with?"

| >>638264
"Of course."
>Runa hands you a big piece of paper and a pen, instead of the old man. The pen has the bar's logo on it.
"You can keep them. A souvenir for a peaceful time?"

| >>638270
"Thank you."
>CN nods, and writes something done on the paper, handing it back to Alisa
"Though what I wrote down is for you. It's my number, in case you want to talk. Like I said before, I'm no expert, but my fiance has been through similar circumstances as you in the past, and hey, if she wants to marry me I must have said at least a couple of helpful things right?"

| >>638275
>She giggles, and lets out a mischievous smile.
"Of course, thank you for your help tonight. I'll contact you when something is up!"

>Runa/Alisa writes a similar number on the slip, and tears it off.
"Here's also my number, and my boss's number. I also have signed you up for "Daily Pickup Lines" by the way~"

>She bows again.

| >>638283
>CN nervously smiles back
"T-Thanks...? Maybe I'll end up using some on Engy then."
>He stands up
"I guess I'll go and head out then, unless there's anything else to add?"

| >>638285
"Ah! Remember the review okay?"
>Another bow, then a full on smiling face
"I hope you enjoy your Free Night here! I know a lot has happened, but I believe we can meet again in better times!"

"ohbythewaythesubscriptionisnotfree I didn't say anything! Have a great night!"

| > Seeing the credstick slid back to her, Melina's confusion turned to doubt. She could have taken it, of course -- but the conversation at hand is more important.

"Back when I was… at that building. I had considered three options, you see. One is to restore your memories. Second, to leave it as is - it's not my job. Third, sell the data; all of yours and CW's."

> Melina's eyes appraise the newly awoken Runa. The leer is as sharp as ever.

"You can guess which I took."

| >>638304
>Her violet eyes glances back, confused.
"Hmm... None? Aren't you omitting something? None really fits you..."

"Did you forget this is a free night? All the drinks and stuff are free for tonight!"

| >>638313
"I'm not omitting any part of my thought. I'm a selfish person."

> She takes the credstick back, for a moment, her eyes are put still by its appearance - after all, this is her last resort.

"That is why, I want you to trust me as less as possible in the future. This is so that all of us can benefit from each other's service."

| >>638316

>There is something that you said that tilted Runa off. Her hands curl into a fist, and she swings it at your face. But it never came.

"You... you LIAR! MEANIE! SELFISH! Why do you keep insist to be a tool? Fine! If-if that's what you want. I *sniff* I-I'm angry... All of us? I... You selfish prick *sniff* Go benefit yourself instead! Y-you have no future anyways!"

>She turns away, but it can't hide her weeping. Fahrenheit runs over and comforts the waitress...

| >>638317
"I'll take my leave, CN. Do your best."

> After whispering those words, Melina stood up too, not wanting to make a single scene anymore. She slowly steps to the door, leaving the group behind. That's enough for a farewell.

| >>638287
(Are you in any of the discords by any chance?)
"U-Um... I believe so too. Though I hope that subscription service isnt too expensive."
>CN sighs
>He frowns as Melina says his goodbyes, simply shaking his head as he goes to comfort Runa as well >>638317
"Just... give her time I suppose? I dont know the history but I'm sure everything will work out for the best."

| (i stalk the /u/ discord, but not in any rp-related ones)
>The waitress whispers to CN, loudly so a certain lady can hear.

"I finally remembered. I was connected. I remembered when she pressed that damn button on the screen. I remembered when she panicked over the terminal, as she regretted her decision and mulling over it to this date... I remember her comforting me and trying to make me remember. What a liar... but I really like her. But I guess it's impossible."

>She smiles.

| >>638324
(Can I have your name or at least your nickname on the server so I can coordinate some background stuff with you?)
"She already left. I do agree shes being worse on herself than what she makes herself to be, but that's just something will just have to refute over time."

| >>638325
(Potato#7481. You're mgrunner right? or jexam? didn't really catch up with discord. just dm me whenever)

>The waitress didn't say anything for a long while. She breathes deeply, and after that, a cold voice is let out from her mouth.
"Fahrenheit. Get ready. And yeah, I'll do what she wants. She already went through that much for this. Thank you for being so calm and collected while my emotions are out of control."

"And CN, I'm looking forwards to your review."

| >>638326
>CN gives her a calm and disarming smile
"Of course, I'll let you know when it's posted. And again, should you ever need to talk to a friend you can contact me as well. I'll stop by again whenever I get the chance later."

| >>638328
>After CN leaves, Fahrenheit gives Runa a napkin. She cleans her face up.
"I see. This night is not so free after all. So I got myself in trouble, ruined a potential friendship because of my emotions, and risking a corp war. Hahaha."

>She goes to the back, disappearing from view. Only the old man stands at the bar now. It's a quiet place once more.

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