(Settings) The Cambria Lounge

| >Glitz District, Midnight

>The Cambria's history is peculiar. Started out as a small family-owned restaurant, it has slowly been reconstructed into a bar, to the owner's dismay. Soon it undergoes another modification, and the current result is this lounge. Ever since its construction, it has been cursed with a low attendance of customers, despite its location in one of the most active, and wild district, and the owner's attempt to "liven things up" has failed multiple times.

| >Its flowery-decorated pristine exterior betrays the neon-infested buildings nearby. Simple LEDs, flowerpots sit neatly outside of the building. Perhaps that's why not many visits the lounge... You can't visit it if you can't pay attention to it in the first place. Yet that very nature makes it a good spot for those who are lost, confidential business meetings, or just wanted to take a breather from the wild outside.

>Near the door, a sign can be found: "Free Night~!"

| >The interior complements its plain exterior: rows of armchairs and tables are laid out nicely, giving a luxurious yet comfy feel.

>On the side, there is quite a big bar, with drinks nicely stacked on the glass shelf behind. And of course, there are pillows and blankets provided too!

>And on the back side, instead of a plain ol' wall, there's an aquarium with several small fishes swimming and just going on about their day, or night.

| >Only a few patrons are present in the lounge. A girl is eating at the bar counter, a man with his whole set of VR glasses and portable gaming set is relaxing on one of the armchairs. Some men in suits are sipping their drinks in the far back. A group is chilling together, discussing really random things while playing a board game. Other than that, the night continues on, peaceful as usual.

| > A woman, one within the six foot of height, glances at the lounge and then to the phone held with her hand. Back and forth, she does, and she repeats the motion for three times.

> Her mouth words an unvoiced, "Let's go," and takes a peek inside, entering right through after opening the door.

> Her cargo jacket and jeans put her into the pedestal of casual fashion, even compared to the patrons, same with the blonde hair she chose to let hang beneath her shoulders.

| > She approaches the counter, bringing the fragrant of rose inside. While being wary of her surroundings, she did not place too much front to make her suspicious.

"Anyone serving?"

> She says, not to a single person in particular, but her blue eyes look around for a specific service.

| >A tall and young chubby man walks in, wearing a long blue trenchcoat. He looks around with his green eyes, his left one lightly glowing as he walks in from outside. He wears and equally blue deck on his back, accented with black coloring.
>He looks around, making his way to the bar

| >>637230
>The girl at the counter looks at you, and answered.
"Oh, welcome~! Just a second, the boss is in the back right now!"

>Upon closer look, she seems to be wearing a waitress uniform? Her cat ears perk up, wait a sec, where's her left ear?

"I'm on break right now, but I can serve~!"

>She coughs lightly

"Welcome to the Cambria~! How may I help you today?"

| >>637234
>And of course, she walks over to the man, and repeats her welcoming message. She bows lightly.

| >>637237
"Oh hello."
>The man grins slightly as he takes a nearby seat to the waitress at the bar.
"Hmm... one Sugar Rush please."

| >>637243

"Coming up!"

>As the man seats down, the one-eared catgirl goes to the other side of the bar counter and instantly grabs a glass of Sugar Rush and and gives it to him.

"Most people asks for Sugar Rush when entering a bar, so I made some in advanced! Don't worry, they're still cold and fresh!"

>She then tends the bar, at least until her boss comes back.

| >>637246
"Hey it's fine by me as long as its good."
>He takes the glass and takes a small sip of the Sugar Rush
"So uh... were you the one who posted online about the review stuff?"

| >>637255

>She nods
"Yeah, I'm Alisa! The paid reviews idea was came up by yours truly! I posted in lots of sites but no one came... but hey I guess it paid off in the end!"

>She then explains to you about the reviews, and the steps to write one... then she lets out a mischievous smug, and whispers to you softly while learning forwards

"I see you're a decker~ I'll pay you extra to "change" the reviews a little bit, how about it-"

| >>637235
> The woman notices the peculiarity with the waitress, she nods over, taking a glimpse into the decor and existing patrons of the settlement.

"One Zen Star, if you may."

> She looks at the waitress, treating her much of the same as a bartender.

| >>637263
>"Alisa" stops and gasps.
"A Z-zen star? Ahh, my prediction failed..."

>Her cat ear sunk down, then immediately perks up as she takes your order

"Right! One Zen Star, coming up!"

>With swift and smooth operation of the bar machine, and a bunch of risky ice shaking and tossing glasses later... she pours you a glass of Zen Star!

"Enjoy your drink!~"

>It seems like she's not mentioning the reviews unless asked about it, if you know about them in the first place.

| >>637264
"I'm not the type to ask for lightweights first."

> The woman just as swiftly accepted the drink as the waitress did making it. She didn't immediately drink what was served, though, but she did home into the bar's interior more.

"In case it was not obvious: I'm here for the reviews. I'm in your care today, Alisa."

> She says with a refreshing smile.

| >>637260
>He crosses his arms and ponders
"Hmm... depends, how many sites are we talking here and for what rate?"
>He takes a sip from his Sugar Rush again as he takes on a more professional persona.

| >>637276
"R-right... I'll take care of chu-"

>Alisa's voice trails off as you focus on your surroundings. This building is definitely a bar, but none of that loud and wild atmosphere can be found. In fact, the moment you step in, the noise outside are dampened, and on the intercom, soft classical music plays.

>There are not many people in here, and most seems to mind their own business. Big armchairs and tables are scattered and disorganized, but it gives out a soft cozy feel.

| >>637281

"So... how about..."

>Someone's hand bonked on Alisa's head, and pats her after that.

"Alisa, thank you for tending the bar while I'm gone, but giving our patrons extra businesses are against company policy."

"Eugh... I'm sorry boss..."

>Behind her, a taller and older figure can be found. He is dressed in formal outfits, just like Alisa, however he radiates authority. He bows and offers you an apology.

"Please don't listen to Alisa. She loves to burden people."

| >>637283
> Sip. The bar's comfort entwined her to pick up the glass and finally have a taste at the drink. Zen Stars are, to her knowldge, the most standarised drink any bartender can make.

> It doesn't change here.

"Alisa is a sweetheart, sir."

> The woman interjects their conversation. Her smile offers politeness and tender conversation along with it.

"Her intents are by no means malicious. Discovering the bar will be impossible without her."

| >>637284
"I-it's fine, she was no bother at all. We just met after all, it's difficult to be a bother in such a short time!"
>He unfolds his arm to grab his drink, grinning and acting more friendly again.
"Nice to meet you, I'm CN."

| >>637285 >>637286

>The man lets out an earnest laugh, his old amber eyes lets out a gleam
"Haha, it seems like she's drawing in some good crowd tonight. Well, since today is a free night, make sure you enjoy yourselves you two! The name's Fahrenheit, and I'll do my best to serve you tonight."

"Alisa, you're on break."


>Alisa's single cat ear perks up, and soon, she sits on the other side of the bar, relaxing.

| >>637288
"Nice to meet you Fahrenheit. Well if it's free how about another Sugar Rush?"
>He gulps the rest of his drink down, placing the empty glass on the bar table.
"What makes us such a good crowd though if I may ask?"

| >>637288 >>637292
> The term 'free night' puts up an interesting reaction to the woman. Especially once after CN mentioned he will take another Sugar Rush. She hasn't finished her drink yet; even for a Zen Star, taking another gulp is okay.

"Well met, Fahrenheit."

> CN's question made her pause to take a smaller sip. She looks to Fahrenheit -- seemingly of him, in a way.

"I echo CN's question. What makes us a good crowd in your eyes?"

| >>637292
>He pours another Sugar Rush, and instead of pouring it to you, he pours it on the table. But nothing spills out... however when he slides the drink to you, the glass is filled with the brim with sugar rush!

"What makes you a good crowd? I think the good crowd does ask that question a lot, in my years of experience."

"Boss, your riddles are too confusing."

>Alisa turns to CN and the lady...

"CN... What does that stand for? And miss..."

| >>637299

> The woman puts a name. Her eyes stare at Alisa and Fahrenheit, and even when her glass close to her lips, she took a ponder and puts it down for a healthier conversation.

"The good crowd is often confused about why they are good -- and guessing will take a risk at their reputation -- therefore, the safest choice will be to ask the one who handed them the compliment."

> She spoke.

"But I don't know why we are a good crowd."

> Then smiles.

| >>637299
"Woah how'd you do that!?"
>CN looks shocked, looking around the table for any sign of illusory trickery
"Um...well I usually like to just leave it at CN, it's nothing particularly interesting, just somewhat embarassing given the story behind it."
>He chuckles a bit, hiding the embarassment with a sip of his second drink.
"Well...at the risk of sounding somewhat self important, I kind of have a reputation online, so I'm not sure when those rumors end up preceding.

| >>637302
"Why, of course I'm aware of your reputation. Those two letters bring a reaction when I first read it."

> She beamed a smile at CN. A short smile, highlighting the glossy lips she has.

"I'm shocked you are willing to go the extra mile for this."

| >>637301
>Fahrenheit remarks
"No one knows if they're a good crowd or not... It's the matter of how other people perceive you. Perhaps you're a good crowd because you're drawn in by her ads, and it's good business. Even though this is a free night..."

>He sighs and sneaks a gentle look at Alisa, who is still eating a burg...

"Ohh, Melina! That's a really nice name. But how you say it... is so sad..."

>The one-earred catgirl opens her mouth, but stays silent.

| >>637302
>The old man remarks
"No trickery is found here. As an old-timer, I don't really on tricks like that. Perhaps if you're willing to abandon your deck and join me? Haha I jest."

>Alisa, deciding to change the subject, tries to take a guess at CN's REAL NAME.

"Does CN stand for... chicken nanny?"

| >>637303
"Well not enough people pay attention to the 'little' jobs y'know? Though I have to admit it's not entirely selfless- bars tend to be a good source of information for my job as well, so it's worth visiting different ones."
"Sorry but sadly I've too much to do with it still before I can consider retiring or a career change."
>CN frowns a bit as he turns to Alisa
"N-No... but you're not the first person to guess that to be honest..."

| >>637309
"Hnnng... Not the first person..."

>Alisa grumbles, and Fahrenheit pats her

"Oh man, young'uns have a lot of energy nowadays. If you're looking for information, there's not a lot of people that come by this establishment, so there might be less flow compared to others."

>Alisa stands up and tends to other customers in the back, mostly with refilling drinks and provides extra if they demand... despite being on break?

| >>637316
"Mmm... that's fine. More times than not that is just how it turns out."
>CN shrugs, drinking some more Sugar Rush.
"Some people like going to the quieter places though, so I still make the effort. In some bars they kind of specialize in gathering that kind of info, but thats neither here nor there."

| >>637317

"Bar designed for gathering information..."

>He remarks, and he continues to tend the bar peacefully. Suddenly, he asks a question.

"I am curious but.. boy, do you work the shadows with that deck of yours? Or do you just strive for knowledge?"

>Alisa tended to the guest... across the whole building... Busy even though there's not a lot of people here, what will happen if the bar gains even more people? Soon, she goes back to the bar, and takes a seat next to Melina.

| >>637317

"Bar designed for gathering information..."

>He remarks, and he continues to tend the bar peacefully. Suddenly, he asks a question.

"I am curious but.. boy, do you work the shadows with that deck of yours? Or do you just strive for knowledge?"

>Alisa tended to the guest... across the whole building... Busy even though there's not a lot of people here, what will happen if the bar gains even more people? Soon, she goes back to the bar, and takes a seat next to Melina.

| >>637321
> Melina's attention was momentarily taken by Alisa. She was listening to the conversation before, eyeing CN and Fahrenheit while her glass was emptying in each passing conversation. By the time she realised Alisa was there, her Zen Star has faded.

"You seem to be a busy few. Why not take a break?"

> She says to Alisa, turning to her.

| >>637323
"Hmm? But I'm on my break. Besides, I gotta help out the boss, he helped me a lot after all..."

>She adjusts her uniform for a little bit, and out of nowhere, she pulls out another burg and starts eating it.

"You enjoy your Zen Star, wow... That drink is honestly so lame and boring, can't believe there's a person out there that's willing to drink it! I guess Glitch City has a lot of *weird people*..."

"Oh, and tell me whenever you want something! Like a refill! Free~!"

| >>637325
> The insult to Zen Star gave her a chuckle. However still, that was a defensive reaction -- obvious as it may be.

"It is lame and boring, but so is the person drinking it."

> She comments, perhaps taking a jab at her own choice. Amidst this, Milena has paid a closer attention to Alisa -- particularly, the burgers that she kept munching.

"My boss wants me to… work… after this. I don't want to disrespect her by coming late like a failed alcoholic father."

> She says.

| >>637338
>The burger that Alisa's munching on is a... wait it's gone already? Her dark vio eyes meet with yours.
>She reaches into her uniform's pockets, and pulls out a package.
"Do you want some burg too? Here."

>She sighs.

"Jeez, don't go too hard on yourself... I was joking. and don't worry, there's also a really nice selection of non-alcoholics too, if you're coming to work later!"

>She attempts to pat you!

"Um... do you mind if I ask about your work?"

| >On the street outside the lounge a teenager is walking by, arguing with someone over her smartphone. Her appearance is quite an attraction for the eye — with bright blond hair, cut around the shoulder blades, icy blue eyes, and a slim figure tightly snugged into an eye-bleed inducing, toxic yellow business suit that is undoubtedly not designed to go onto a female form and seems awfully tight in places.

| >"And this is the fifth time I say that, even if the Board of Directors fails to see the value, *I* see it. To hell with their regulation! No, I do not give a shit. If they keep acting like a bunch of old mules I will just veto their resolution.... You can tell them to stick their opinion up their hemorroic asses and read through the fucking analytics report, that's what you can tell them!! I have to go, bye."

| >She cuts the call off, weak protests barely audible from the smartphone just a seconds before that, and lets out a long exasperated sigh.
>"They all act like a total morons sometimes," — the girl mumbles to herself as she looks around, seemingly only now becoming aware of her surroundings, — "I need a drink."

| >Her cold eyes fall down upon the flower pots, so uncharacteristic compared to the rest of the street, and then to the "Free Night~" sign near the entrance.
>Guided by a sudden impulse, she walks up to the door and pushes it: "Let's hope this isn't a brothel."

| >>637354

>Not a brothel... Of course, you are bombarded with the sight of the lounge: completely opposite atmosphere from outside.

"One sec, miss Melina... take care of my burg!"

>Greeting you is a cat-boomer girl in a waitress uniform. She bows slightly

"Welcome to the Cambria! How may I help you tonight?"

| >>637355
> Melina hastily takes the burg, but leaves it at that in her hands. She peers at the now-empty glass she has close by.

"Fahrenheit, can I get a Sunshine Cloud with an extra karmotrine?"

| >>637355
>Two sharp aquamarines give the cat-boomer waitress an appraising, if slightly indiffirent, glance, and traveled the lounge's interior in search of something — and, apparently, failed in said search.
"I don't imagine you would have seats for smokers, would you?" — >The girl asks, as she struggles to put her smartphone into her suit's chest pocket, a task fairly different, considering surface tension experienced by her jacket.

| >>637357

"Coming up."

>He proceeds to make a Sunshine Cloud normally... however, after he finishes the drink, he grabs a small package labelled "Karmotrine" and puts it in the drink using some kind of filter... and slides the glass to you!

>By the time the glass reaches you, the filter turns dark. He snaps a finger and both the karmotrine and the dirty filter flies back into his hand. You are left with a finished Sunshine Cloud!

"So much for that job later, huh?"

| >>637360
> Melina stayed quiet, sighing only after she gets her very first dose of karmotrine in this hour. The bitter taste of the drink is what she would much expect, but today -- somehow, even with similar ingredients, her tongue has amplified the tame flavour into more than what it needs to do.

"I don't think I'll break any protocols with this."

> She chuckles, hearing Fahrenheit's words made it clear she violated her own statement.

| >>637358
"I'm very sorry, due to our policy, no smoking is allowed here. However, we allow smokeless cigarettes and tobacco... Of course, those are provided for free tonight, should you require it. And of course, you can sit anywhere."

>The one-eared waitress follows the girl a few paces behind, in case she wants additional help...

| >>637362
>Fahrenheit lets out a small chuckle in response

"Tonight is a free night, but a friendly reminder to don't go all out. Don't want to make your boss super cranky now, would you?"

>He winks. Weirdly attractive despite his old age.

"You seemed really focused on the part-timer. You two are acquainted or something? It doesn't seem like you know each other though..."

| >>637366

> Melina bit her lip. The blue eyes orbit between the rims of her glass and the burg she is holding.

"Complicated. I don't think we share any relationship, but I have been indebted by her once. But don't let her know that."

> She puts a timid aura, brimming with casual smile she wears.

"My boss… you say,"

> She returns to the previous topic.

"She will have to bear with me coming home in tatters."

| >>637363
"Nah, I need a very specific mix." — >The blond teenager dismissed the notion, as she made her way towards a free table closest to the aquarium wall. There was no disrespect in either her manners or her tone - rather, there was notion that she aknowledged the waitress'es existance any more than one would aknowledge the air they breathe.
"Can I get a menu?" — >She asked, as she collapsed onto her seat with a rather uncharacteristic pomf.

| >>637368
"Complicated... I see. Was that before her memory los-"

>Fahrenheit's voice trails off, as he doesn't push the envelop any further.

"Well, I hope your boss understood your decision, and your situation."

>His tone is understanding and sympathetic. He continues to tend the bar, the idle sound of glass cleaning and clatters fills your ears pleasantly.

"You have the whole night. Take it easy, and sort out your thoughts. However, my prime advise is always: communicate."

| >>637369

>Alisa taps on the table, and a holo of a menu comes up. The menu present all type of drinks, and also meals... just like a restaurant. The ability to make your own recipe and meal is also present.

"Of course, if you dislike these sort of things, there is a traditional menu..."

>On the table, a small notebook labeled "menu" appears! Or was it already there in the first place?

"Tell me when you are ready to order! No pressure at all!"

| >>637373
> The cut sentence did not come unnoticed, but Melina's attention was neither wavered nor altered meeting it; to her, it's a fact that she simply gave no attention to.

"I think she will. After all, she will have all night and morning to use me!"

> She is set with her plan. That Sunshine Cloud too, is already half-empty.

| >>637321
"Mmm... both I suppose. Knowledge is power after all. Most of my uh "shadow work" is mainly for myself though for the means of rooting out corruption. I'm not exactly contracted to any corp in the city for example."
>CN replies, just holding the glass in his hand, electing to drink this one slower
"Mmm... I can understand that. I never know when I may need to do something myself so I stick to lighter drinks to Sugar Rushes. Though I do enjoy sweet drinks anyways, so it works out."
>CN glances to the newcomer as they enter, then turns back to the bar seemingly paying them no mind.

| >>637376
"Youth these days... So darn active. If she hears that, she would probably faint of shock."

"Interesting. So you're an independent... 'Whistleblower' of sort? What an ambitious goal... How long have you been working at this, if you don't mind the curious old bartender asking?"

| >>637380
"That's not what I… is that… no—"

> Melina is at loss for words. Is she being misinterpreted? She isn't sure. She makes a bubbly sip at the drink, gently placing the glass down again to hear CN's conversation with the bartender.

"Lighter drinks… hmh."

> This Sunshine Cloud surely is.

| >>637381

>The old bartender just smiles gently. What is he thinking? Is he interpreting things right? Whatever the answer is, he does his job. Your Sunshine Cloud is filled up to the brim again magically??

>Of course, he leaves a remark, as always.
"If you want more karmotrine, tell me."

| >>637383
"This much is enough. I don't want to disrupt the memories."

> Her mind -- and her eyes -- weren't to par with figuring out why the drinks would magically fill. To her, it seems that the best magic tricks are those her mind ignores for entertainment.

"Fahrenheit, if time allows, may I ask the history of this bar? It seems… antediluvian? That word is new…"

> That same mind sparked a new word to use, visibly confusing her to a tee.

| >>637380
"A little over 3 years by now I suppose. Though that means I have an equal amount of friends as enemies due to it."
>CN turns his head to the side quizzically

| >>637386
"I easily forget things when drunk."

> Milena says. She reasons with a single glass of Sunshine Cloud, now back to full thanks to Fahrenheit's service.

"Both of us are tasked to write a healthy review, right? I don't want to write a review of a place I can't remember."

| (OOC: You also forget your own character's name, dummy.)

| >>637385
"History of this place... Where to start... This place were not as elegant, nor calming 20 years ago. And 'antediluvian'..."

>Fahrenheit takes out his phone and starts typing.

"That word is *beyond* old. Ancient. How did you come up with it? It's so rare these days, to have people asks for the history behind a building, in particular."

"Only 3 years. I see. Your journey is just starting."

>He goes into a deep thought, then snaps out of it.

| >>637392
"Must be the Sunshine Cloud."

> Despite the reason she puts, Melina wasn't convinced, nor was she acknowledging her awareness of the word. Regardless-

"I have… no, would I say had? I had a particular interest in memorising every single particle of history, concerning buildings and events."

> Her eyes opened wide hearing '20 years'. How many units of history is that? She doesn't care. It's history.

"From what I hear, it's part of a personality."

| >>637387
"Oh I see. I suppose I cant argue against that logic. Though I'm not sure if were going to get paid for that still."
>CN chuckles
"Well let's hope it's a long journey. Many people say the one I walk doesnt last long for most."

| >>637393
>Fahrenheit gives you a really short summary of the Cambria

"This building stayed as a department store/restaurant for 15 years. The time that I as the owner did not actively manage the property. Soon a scandal happened in this building and I was put on the frontburner. To escape from the haunting event, I decided to convert it into a bar. That was 10 years ago."

>He takes a deep breathe.

"Nothing like this bar. It was like your typical, neon-ridden, and loudly-

| -which I grew out of. And the last 3 years, I decided to make it a quiet place, for myself and for the lost. That quiet place is The Cambria you're seeing now."


"Life brings you everywhere, to a place where you least expect it. They doesn't necessarily be death. It could be a new career, or a change of how you tackle things.

It's really hard to do justice in Glitch City now, not because of the "Man", but the mindset of all of us. Seeing this refreshes me somewhat."

| >>637400
"Well I definitely agree with you on the city's mindset. I can only do so much alone. The only way things actually change for the better is if people change and cooperate more. I've been thinking of some ways to go about it, but it naturally will take a bit of time before any of it shows fruit."
>CN looks down and nurses this drink, clearly his been thinking about this dilemma for awhile now.

| >>637399
> Melina was jotting down the details passed to her as it goes along. Her fingers were cunning and swift, moving from one stroke to another, writing smoothly on the notebook that she uses. The pen she uses have begun drying by the time she finishes the last of her paragraph.

"Quiet. I like that word. A change from a bustling youth to a slow, serene upbringing."

> She taps a final period on the paragraph, giving her handiwork a smile.

| >>637402
"Right. It's like people are the hollow shell of themselves. When you try to change, and you see it for what it is, you get discouraged and give up. That's how I have seen the young'uns who tried to change the world. We fed the machines, and now it's running every single cog. If we go against the machine, we die. If there's enough force to stop the machine, everything breaks down and we die. How vexing."

>He pats CN.

"It's only 3 years. It's just getting started."

| >>637403

>Fahrenheit sighs

"This building doesn't get a lot of patrons. Perhaps this is a self fulfilling prophecy. It's commonly said that what you work on reflects your vision. I believe this is the same for business."

>He makes himself a Bleeding Jane, and sips on it too, to blend in with the two who's sitting in front of him.

"I'm a bit curious. It seems like you're writing about the history of this place. What intrigues you to The Cambria in the first place?"

| >>637407
"You will have to ask Alisa about that."

> Melina makes a sly gesture towards the waitress, smiling with clear intent. Yes, it was money that led her here.

"Mm… never mind that. My boss did gave me a secondary task. It's to write down every place I'm in. O-of course, she didn't mean it to intrude my privacy -- just when the place is interesting enough."

| >>637404
"Exactly. Oh well, I didn't pick this path cause it was easy. I'm not going to get discouraged that easily!"
>CN punctuates his point by drinking a large portion of his Sugar Rush.
"Are you friends with Alisa then?"

| >>637410
"I wish I was."

> Her smile shortened.

"No point sulking about it now. I've lost the chance anyway."

> Melina's own words have made her take a long breath. It boomeranged back, enough for her to put down her notes and come to the embrace of the minute karmotrine inside the Sunshine Cloud.

| "Alisa... she's a handful. I might have to cut her paycheck later..."

>The old bartender mutters to himself. Somewhere, an ear perks up in terror.

>He says nothing, and just nods. He seems like an encouraging father.


"Lost the chance? I see..."

>His face is accepting, but his eyes wants to question and answer. Eventually, he takes back control, and no questions were asked.

"Even if you forget, the bonds you make still exists."

| >>637416
"Will that be true?"

> This topic seems to have struck Melina in a specific way, like a binding contract, it made her wear off her usual aura of kindness. Instead, what's there is a pragmatic envelope, sealing her as she takes smaller and smaller gulps.

"Not just to her in particular…"

| >>637416
"She seems pretty filled with energy but is she really that much of a handful?"
"I agree with Farenheit. I say theres no point in giving up until things are certain. And things rarely are ever certain."

| >>637422
> She nods, affirming something in her.

"Thank you."

> Her Sunshine Cloud was last the last downed. With a glass that has been empty twice, she traces its rims, blankly giving the reflections visible from what's left of the drink a gaze.

"This isn't limited to Alisa. I had… circumstances… circumstances that, otherwise would have made me stop thinking of these ideas; thoughts; these… momentary connections."

| >>637423
>The bartender gives an intriguing look, as he earnestly answers the question.

"Mmm... it's definitely true for me. Even if you don't notice it, or they don't notice it, these bonds definitely exist. It's what draws all of us together. Even if it seems sad, or even cruel. It's proof that these bonds exist."

>He pats Melina.

| >>637424
> Her eyes, which have clouded have at least stopped gazing into a hallucinatory abyss.

"I'm scared. It's a stupid fear. To think that… what scares me will be something I can't end with force."

> She chuckles. Offering her empty glass, she rises it to the bartender.

"I'll wash this with what CN is having."

| >>637425
"Of course. I assume no karmotrine?"

>He pours out a Sugar Rush normally this time. No tricks, no magic.

>He glances over at Alisa. It seems like she's staring at the fishes in the aquarium while awaiting her client's orders. He lets out a small smile.

| >>637427
> Upon glancing at the Sugar Rush, she gives a weary smile. Her hand dug through her pocket, taking a damaged phone with upon its return.

> She dials a number, then steps off from her seat -- one distance further than the group.

"I… I'll do it. I'll take the test." > was the only audible part of the conversation she had, and it was only so because of her indomitable fighting spirit, born from the conversation earlier.

| >>637428
>Fahrenheit pays you no mind. Instead, he looks really satisfied. He then calls Alisa over from across the bar, and soon, she arrives.

"So, can you tell me about this... review thing?"

>The catgirl sweats.

"U-uh... it's... a business opportunity..."

"Mhhm? It just so happens that we just ran out of profit this month because there is little customers."


"I'm joking. You're a handful, you know."

>Fahrenheit pats Alisa gently. She lets out a relief sigh.

| >>637423
"Mmm... I won't pretend to know your circumstances, but I had a similar experience in the past. It took awhile to get out of it, but it made me a better person after it. Of course you wont need to go all on your own as well."
>CN adds

| >>637430
"You know..."
>CM interjects
"I don't mind just making a review and not worrying about the cash. This place is cozy enough in my opinion."

| >>637434

>The old bartender lets out a surprised gasp.

"You fell for it?? If you keep going like this, your career will be really cut short you know, HAHAHAHAHAHA! But hey, I appreciate the free review and exposure!"

>A loud laugh can be heard.

>Meanwhile, Alisa is staring at the bartender with a "I-don't-believe-this look."

"You dirty old geezer."

>She bonks him.


| >>637436
>CN sighs and scrathes the back of his head
"Well if you're gonna be like that I hope you at least let me know of any juicy info you here in the bar should you come across any. That way I get something and you dont need to give me cash."

| > Melina returns to her seat, with a refreshed expression. Despite this, even with an plate of other emotions she could've shown, her face is flush with beet red.

> She began sipping on the sugar rush. Quiet, but not silent. She slowly catches up to the conversation happening.

"I applaud you, CN -- if I were to walk in your shoes, I would so much easily break. Things like these… are harder to deal with for me. Personally."

| > The gentlest happiness. She watches as the two bar staff interacts with each other. It reminded her of something, drawing her back onto her notes, but her empty pen has shortened her efforts.

> Leaving her phone aside, she let herself be immersed in the moment instead. Her eyes are no more tracking dangers here. It's a good time to rest those unnecessary worries.

| >>637437
"I was just joking."
>His tone turns professional as he starts to talk things out with CN.
"Feel free to send us the review any time, and we will wire you the money based on your efforts. Also..."

>He shoots Alisa a look.

"You're slacking off. Go serve the customer."
"Yes, sir!"

>She runs off...

>Fahrenheit continues. He searches in his pockets, and takes out a chip. He tosses it to CN.

"A backdoor to a weapons supplier corp that's going to be moving in GC soon."

| >>637443
>Before Alisa runs off however, she smiles at Melina

"Miss Melina, you look a lot better now! I hope everything is okay~! Oh, and you can keep the burg that I gave you! It's a gift!"

| >>637447
"T-the burg…?"

> She had forgotten it was there. Insistent on guarding it, she had completely lost the recollection of there being any burg. The karmotrine is taking effect.

"…Thank you."

> Melina says in a whisper. She didn't deliver her bite onto the burger immediately. Her mind still wanders off somewhere, but at the very least, it's a better scape than what she thought of before.

| >>637443
"Well don't think I handled it all with beauty and grace."
>CN turns to Melina as she returns
"I just got back up again whenever it got too much."
>He picks up the chip and examines it in his deck.
"...You're a man of many faces Fahrenheit."

| >>637445
> While eating her burg, Melina notices the trade happening between CN and Fahrenheit. This much is nothing strange for her world.

"Even if you said that, you're still here. And now you are adding another reason why people may be after you."

> She makes a finger gun and points it to CN's deck as it analyses the chip.

"Is it anything that people might gush over?"

| >>637451
"Well I guess that depends on what the the corp themselves are doing. Weapons themselves aren't bad per say after all."

| >>637452
"A 4 in my scale."

> She says, taking another bite at her burg as a means of pause.

"If it commences, I'll be happy to join your party."

| >>637453
>He smiles at that
"I'll keep it in mind. Though we're getting ahead of ourselves. Sometimes just sharing secrets does as much damage to some corps as much as physically hitting them."

| >>637454
"Noted. People don't realise that as much."

> She happily responded, putting the burg down to take a sip from her Sugar Rush, clearing her throat of the umami.

"You don't need to murder people to kill them."

| >>637455
"Exactly. Theres enough needless bloodshed in the city as is."

| >>637460
"Needless bloodshed, mm… that is one way to put it."

> Melina began to yawn. The sound she made was soft, almost muffled by the hands she put in reaction.

"The karmotrine is doing me in. I hope Fahrenheit has a spare room."

> She says, in the most obvious joking manner.

| >>637462
"Maybe, though it would be bad if you fall asleep while your boss is expecting you."
>CN plays along, typing in his deck as he takes another sip of his drink.

| >>637469
"It's going to be like everyday. The memory test is getting is ridiculous and lengthy."

> Melina says. She has eaten half of the burg, and drank half of her Sugar Rush. She would have shown no sign of stopping, but her carelessness hasn't taken over her when she is alert.

| >>637475
>The bartender takes an interest in hearing that.
"Memory test? And I assume drinking is definitely going to make it worse, whatever it is."

| >>637483
"It will worsen my rapport."

> She replies, taking the Sugar Rush and finishing it in one fell swoop, leaving the burg alone without anything to accompany if.

"… It's only a simple test of memory. Nothing else. I am given a set of phrases, I'm expected to remember them, and the expectation will be put to a test."

| >>637519
"That doesn't sound too bad, unless it's that kind of thing where they want you to have long term recall after having you do other tasks in between."
>CN replies but is deeply engrossed in his deck, looking into the name and details of this new corp already.

| >>637519
"Right... An effective way to keep your memories... but it wouldn't really help if you lose it..."

>Fahrenheit seems to be also contemplating.


>This old ass chip takes a really long time to analyze. Then the details suddenly spill out.
>CW Corporation?? Within is details of heavy weapons shipments and part distributed to various places in Glitch City, and of course, a backdoor to one of their logistic servers that handles all of these "transportation".

| >>637538
>CN keeps looking through the data, searching for details on the kind of weapons and parts are specifically being shipped and to where in the city.

| >>637538
> Melina intuition starts to have her feel a tingle of familiarity upon having CN open the chip. She doesn't know what it is being shown, her hands tied to the single burg that has yet to be finished.

"It's as you described. The other task being my daily life."

> She turns to Fahrenheit, hearing him reply.

"Usually, I hardly forget what I have learnt. Unless—… unless something peculiar happens."

| >>637539

>A large amount of nonlethal weapons, vehicles are being transported along with several riot gears and military weapons alike. The network goes through a lot of points in the city, sometimes intertwining with other... unsavory PMCs. The road stops at several points, on several district... you find no distinct pattern: it's like a really bad cobweb.
>One of the point that it crosses... is the Cambria.

"Do not mind me. I'm just thinking of something recently."

| >>637541
"Something in your mind, Fahrenheit? I'm not an expert at talking, and never will be, but you can unload the repressed feelings unto me."

> Melina attempts a jab at more casual conversations, assuming that she is only here to wait for her shift.

| >>637541
"I see..."
>CN ponders, combing through the data. Trying to see if the transport records has any logs to see where each kind of weapon will be dropped off to in the route. He seems completely oblivious to his surroundings at this point...

| >>637543
"Nothing but old man thoughts."
>He leaves a grin.
"Feeling like a bartender tonight? Perhaps you would want to quit your job, and join me in this drink-serving adventure! Together, we can share our love to the world!... I jest."

>He turns serious for a moment.

"I have a "friend" of sort who just lost their memories recently. Been using my network to find a solution but my instinct warns me to stop. Perhaps you, a memory expert can do something?"

| >>637544
>Data keeps scrolling through and through... Whoever designed this backdoor, it is almost perfect. No traces of defenders nor IC...

>Looking at it in general, a mixed bag of weapons are dropped off in every single route, perhaps to prevent shortages in case something doesn't go to plan. All type of weapons, and with their estimate amount... they can completely shut down a city.

>Where? Good luck finding that. You can literally pick anywhere within this jumbled mess.

| >>637549
"Fahrenheit... if I may ask from a professional standpoint. Who made this backdoor? This is some seriously hot data. Theres enough weapons here to commit a coup of the government building."
>He looks up from his deck to the bartender

| >>637548
"My instincts would have told me to continue."

> Her smile this time is a warped, serious one. Determination flows, but it was upon a realisation of something different -- of an event she thought was closing.

"I'm not a memory expert either-- if that's the case then a rat will be an expert in sciences because they have been through many experiments."

> She hints at her mainstay reason.

"You have an interesting case yourself, Fahrenheit…"

| >>637550
"A man who had the same vision as you do. Same goal at least. But it is useless to ask about he now. For he had been crushed by the machine."

>The bartender nods solemnly.

"A governmental coup you say? Fufu. Damn."

>He sips on his Bleedy Jane once more, and the glass is emptied.

"He remains a bitter fool until the end. Back then, the network were not so extensive. Yet his tunnel remains."

>He seems really acquainted with whoever came up with this chip.

| >>637551

"If you're gonna be a bartender, at least you gotta be interesting right? Of course I am interesting."

>He remains seated, his eyes gaze past you.

"I am a bartender, and some call me a historian, or old fart, but I'm definitely not a neuroscientist. Your analogy is intriguing. So in a way, we're all rats... But if one rat practices something enough, they become experts at that thing. That's what I think."

>He pours himself a drink, and offers to pour another for you.

| >>637554
>CN internalizes the information
"And if I may pry a little further... what part of this shipment is yours exactly? One of the stops on the route seems to be here."

| >>637556
> Melina politely declined the drink. She finishes her burg before answering, and while taking a handkerchief from the pocket of her jacket, her mind flinches at a thought.

"The rats will yield fake expertise. Only copied, not learnt."

> She says as she wipes her lips with the simple white cloth.

"Besides… what little expertise I have will disappear anyway -- but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to help you and your friend."

| >>637560
"We're expecting new shipment of drinks and bar tending supplies over the next few months. Then we transfer them to other bars and stuff. Other than that, there is nothing new."
"I see. So that's what's going on. So you're saying there's weapons being transferred through this? Interesting."

"Fake expertise or real, they can still help and get their jobs done... probably. As I said, I am no neuroscientist. Thanks for your help, Ms. Melina."

| >>637573
"Would you believe me if I said I know a friend, who knows a friend…"

> Melina pockets her handkerchief, even though the burg left no stain on her, she still made sure the handkerchief is as clean as ever.

"And this friend… will assist us?"

| >>637579

"A friend that knows a friend... I have a feeling that this will take me quite deep."

>Old man cleans the glasses, and sorts them by order. It is quite satisfying to look at.

"And if I accept it... it will cost quite a bit, right?"

| >>637585
"Yes. She is a picky one too. But…"

> Melina looks to hesitate between her sentence. Her words turn to a long 'Hm', and her eyes dart with her head tilted.

"…I'll help with the payment."

| >>637604
>Fahrenheit nods, but a weird look manifests on his face.

"What warrants you to help all of the sudden, to the point of... offering to pay cash too? No... I would say that money's the least of our worries here."

| >>637573
"You had no knowledge of this...?"
>CN looks confused at Farhenreits response
"Did you never look through this yourself? How have you been in the dark?"

| >>637612
"It was never money that mattered. If it were, then I wouldn't be able to help."

> Melina says, again, hinting heavily through her words.

"She isn't someone who accepts payment through money. It's deeds and owes and debts. Contacts, and informations. She's someone chasing a goal, after all. That's all she ever wanted."

> She seems to be willing to say more, but refuses to utter any word afterwards.

| >>637616
>After you say that, something in Fahrenheit changed. He just says:

"I'm in."

>The sound of glass cleaning is stopped.

"That's because I'm not supposed to know, CN. He kept me in the dark to not expose himself. And I figured that was the right move to make."

"You must not have dived in thoroughly. The backdoor is very cleverly hidden, and it has survived through generations of patches. I am protecting his legacy, but I have nothing to do with it."


| >>637636
> A bitter smile is drawn in Milena's face now. She nods, taking her phone again for another call. This time, however, she stayed still -- wanting Fahrenheit to get the perfect log of the call. The call connected. Click—

"Good night. I will relay the call."

> She increases the call's volume, tapping it by two levels up.


> The other end is a surprised feminine voice.

"Fahrenheit, if you may."

> Her hand extends, passing the phone over to the bartender.

| >>637649
>Fahrenheit accepts the phone graciously. However, he has no idea who's on the other side of the line, and he doesn't know how they're like either, so he goes all in.


>He says a cheesy pick-up line, so bad that it's good. I am not going to disclose this, you're just gonna have to guess what he says.

>..............What a dirty old man. -Alisa.

| >>637636 >>637650
"Very well."
>CN simply says, now that Farhenheit is busy with the call. He turns to Milena.
"I changed my mind, theres some military level stuff here than is going to some unsavory PMCs in the city. I think it's better if we get it instead of them."

| >>637650
> The other line stayed quiet. Long and long, before they gave an unsatisfactory sigh.

"Look… if that… girl trusted you with contacting me… that meant two things: a) she's fucked, b) you know what you need. State your reason, old pal."

> The stern reply was masked by the white noise, clearing out any of her higher tones and replacing them with a crackle.

| >>637660
> Hearing this idea, Milena nodded in agreement.

"Before I start pointing guns, can I get a share of information from what you've read? Any names, anything?"

| >>637663
>Is it Milena or Melina? No one knows anymore. It seems like everyone is drunk...

>Right. Back on topic. The old man sighs.
"Just breaking the ice, young lady. Very well."
>His tone turns professional, and he turns away. You cannot see what expression his face is wearing.

"You have the expertise of a neuroscientist. I have a friend who lost their memories, and I am willing to pay the price for a solution. Psychotherapy nor cognitive therapy works."

| >>637671
(OOC: Gah.)

> It seems that a certain worldly event has affected this world as well.

"…Is that so?"

> She stayed quiet. Maybe this time, it's not due to the bad pick-up line that may have lowered her mental resistance.

"Is this… what she wanted? You didn't coerce her into doing this, did you? And you have heard of the risks involved with… toying with memories, right?"

| >>637677
>How peculiar~

>Fahrenheit thinks silently for a while. It was safe this time, but what will happen later? He was getting cold feet. His bystander principle is acting up within his instinct. What was he trying to do?

"Of course, I am aware of risks. But you pose an interesting question. Is this what she wanted? Maybe I need further discussion."

>He turns around, and hands Melina her phone back. And he snaps his fingers. Nothing happens for now...

| >>637666
"Of course, here let me pull up the route and the clients involved. Of course given we know the route we dont have to hit them on one of their stops or with anything lethal still."
>CN types a bit on his deck and shows the data to her

| >>637684
"I'll put you on hold. I promise I will come clean today, Master."

> Melina gave her last message, closing it as a tease with the word she used to refer to the other side.

"Fahrenheit… if it… no, never mind."

> She stops herself from interjecting any further. This much is enough.

| >>637685
> Turning to CN, she analyses the data given. Focusing on the map, and the laid pieces of points, her eyes widen slightly.

"I don't think we will be able to cover enough ground. No matter how talented or skilled, this is too much for two heads to do."

| >>637690
"Just a second. I'll satisfy your cup of curiosity soon."

>He snaps his fingers again. A moment later Alisa comes running back. She looks chipper as ever.

"Sorry sorry boss, I was busy!"

"Right. Question time. How's your memories doing?"
>His interaction now is serious, and the trace of fun-and-loving old man is gone.

"Um... still a blank unfortunately... No matter what I try, things are still blank..."

"Don't worry. At least you know you lost your memories."


| >He pats Alisa gently. She stays quiet.
"I would like for you to meet Melina. Less than 5 seconds earlier, she put me through a potential contact... that can restore your memories."

>Alisa glances at Melina, then quickly breaks eye-contact.

"I'll give you time to consider, Alisa. Whether you want to have it back... or not. Here, take a seat."

>Fahrenheit gestures, and Alisa reluctantly sits next to Melina again.
You can see her nervously shifting in her seat...

| >>637695
> Hearing the interaction made Melina eject herself from her seat again. She murmured an audible, "J-just a minute," then moved past the bar's door. She is seen standing outside, but with her back facing against the door, one can only guess what she is doing outside.

> She is holding her position for some time now.

| >>637697
"Boss... don't you think this is a bit too fast?"

>A groan can be heard.

"Man, I was trying to be cool and stuff..."

"Sorry, but it's past your age already."
>She then falls silence again.

>Fahrenheit turns to CN, and apologizes

"Sorry you have to see all of that. In any case, those data are really interesting."

| >>637700
> The bar's door is opened again.

> Melina trots slowly, retracing back her steps. Her eyes see the group close to the counter, but her gaze has gone past them. It's a lifeless, meaningless gaze. Did she prep up before going back inside?

> She takes a seat after taking a deep breath. Right next to Alisa, she puts her phone for the waitress. The screen displays a thread of a particular board -- concerning a false hospital.

> She didn't say anything to contextualise.

| >>637693
"Well I'm not saying we go to every location. We have the supply route, so I suggest we just get them in transit, at least the biggest one listed here."

| >>637700
"Oh, don't worry about me I'm fine."
>CN replies
"Though it is surprising meeting two people who both have memory issues at once. I'm no stranger to the experience however, my fiance had memory issues of her own when we first met."

| >>637712
"Interesting, so memory issues are more common here... I feel like this is not your typical trauma, just my instinct speaking."

>His eyes seems to now be focused on Alisa, who is reading the thread...
Halfway through, she suddenly drops the phone, and clutches her head.
"My head... hurt all of the sudden... W-what is this??"
>She sloppily picks up the phone, and keeps reading...

| >>637719
"Well in the case of my fiance, that was mainly due to past trauma. Thankfully she was able to work through it and is fine now."
>CN jumps in his seat as he looks over to Alisa, gently placing a hand on her shoulder
"Hey you okay?"

| >>637726
>Alisa ignores you, and keeps focusing on reading whatever it is on the phone... Her violet eyes are now crimson, as she read the thread, her eyes widen by each moment. Eventually she gets to something, and she drops the phone once more. This time, she writhes in agony as she covers her head...

"it... it HURTS-!!"

>Her breathing gets faster and louder, until she then collapses on the bar counter. Fahrenheit stands up, worried for the waitress.

"W-what is this??"

| >>637730
>CN stands and gets a bit closer to her, checking her vitals.
"Get the phone away for her for now."

| >>637732
>The bartender nods, and quickly moves the phone away from Alisa. Her vitals seems fine, even though her heartbeat is way faster than normal...

"This is..."
>He stops suddenly, and focuses on helping Alisa. Seems like she's sleeping peacefully.
"Thanks for your help, CN."

| >>637734
"It's no problem."
>After making sure she seems stable, he takes a step back and takes his seat again.
"What exactly was she even looking at?"

| >>637735
>He takes the phone and looks at it. After a while, he shrugs.
"I have no idea. Is that a thread? I can't keep up to the matrix at my age. If I have to take a guess, those information are somehow... impactful."

>He passes the phone to CN
"Maybe you can take a look? Tonight turns out to be not so quiet after all."

| >>637737
"Well let me see then..."
>CN takes the phone and scrolls up to the top of the thread

| >>637739
>The thread seems to be a person that is asking for advice and complaining how horrible hospitals are. The nametag of the poster is "r"? It looks familiar somewhat. It gets weirder and even weirder as you scroll down...

| >>637742
"This... seems a little silly but... not sure what caused Alisa to have a strong reaction, unless this somehow know this "r" person."
>CN keeps scrolling through the thread.

| >>637744
>Fahrenheit takes an interest in what CN has found, however nothing seems to come to mind.
"Maybe this "r" person knows her from before? I really have no idea. I guess we will have to get the answer from her..."
>He reaches over and pats Alisa, who is dozing off peacefully.

>The thread then devolves into some kidnapping-like scenario, which various people like IA, Red and others decides to come and bail this person out. There's also traces of Merlin's hacking...

| >>637746
"Hmm... she would have to remember first of course."
>He keeps reading, curious what caused Merlin to get involved in a random flame thread.

| >>637747
>Of course, I'm not Merlin nor any experts, but it seems like whatever was happening, it breaches Merlin's primary directive...? Everyone else in the thread thinks that's there is something suspicious about the poster's location, and Merlin was no exception.

>Then it bumps up to eleven with Merlin's various commands and pulling information out of places, tons of cross-referencing, which gets really chaotic to a normal person...

| >>637748
"*sigh* This stupid AI and their post patterns. I cant make sense of this gibberish."
>CN puts the phone down on the bar counter.
"I know some of the people on the thread though, I can try and talk with them later and see what happened."

| >>637758
"No need to wait."

> Melina takes the phone back, reading everything felt surreal now. Every posts here should have been meaningless, has it not been for one fact-

"I am one of them. R386; R-3. I know everything that happened…"

> Her voice is sullen, the events happening must have made her from disassociating with that name in particular.

"…everything. Even our failure."

| >>637760
"I see..."
>CN seems confused but decides to play along for now
"So I take it this person is another 'R'? What happened then?"

| >The bartender keeps quiet, but he is listening very close. He thinks in his mind, connecting any dots that he might have formed.


>Does he know anything? Regardless, he pays attention. He's getting close to something...

| >>637768
"I failed at restoring the VIP's — Runa's — memory. I only did a reset to prevent her from accepting CW Corporation's own memory."

> Her eyes close for a split second, she rubs her temples, easing up on the tension.

"What happened next is beyond my knowledge. I was… too much of a coward to look back."

| >>637771
"Woah let's slow down a moment here. Who is this Runa? Is it Alisa or somebody else here?"

| >>637773
>Fahrenheit interject:
"I believe that Alisa's true name might be Runa. I might be jumping the gun here, but the circumstances that Melina told us... and the events of her rescue are matching up, somewhat. And I gave her the name Alisa, because she doesn't remember her own..."
>He pets Alisa again, then lets out a chuckle.

"If her name is really Runa... haha, oh boy, do I really feel a shiver on my back now."

| >>637783
"The Heiress, was it not?"

> Melina tries to strike for an immediate target. No running away no. Her personality has been muddled by who is who; letting an answer out has become her means of discovery.

| >>637791
"I sure hope you know the weight of that question..."

>His eyes narrowed. He doesn't say yes or no, but a warning. The bartender definitely knows something. Perhaps he's waiting on a clear stance, instead of just a question. By his posture, it is clear that this is something... supposed to be never discovered.

"Because this is something you don't just ask casually, in my quiet place."

| >>637794
"Do not feign ignorance with me, Fahrenheit."

> Melina can feel the rising tension, but her voice still bellows the same tone. Her attention is locked onto 'Alisa', that is all she can do now without provoking the afterimage of chaos in this quiet place.

"I failed on that day. There is nothing worse than having the bitter weight of intel with no one to report to."

| >>637794 >>637799
>CN looks back and forth between the two as they talk, still looking just as confused as 5 minutes ago.
"You two are using a lot of terms I'm not familiar with here..."

| >>637799
"Heh. Do not feign ignorance? I have no need to say something unnecessary that might put you in danger..."

>Seems like Fahrenheit will not budge further on this topic. However, he means no hostility. His tone of voice is serious, but is backed up by a layer of gentleness. Protectiveness?

>He then looks back at CN

"Do not worry. Sometimes being outside of the loop is better than staying in and having to keep up with it every single day."

| >>637804
"I was ready to atone my mistake, but seeing her alive is enough."

> Melina returns to her relaxed position. The hostile intent has long disappeared, leaving only her tall, tired figure to appreciate the drawn out exhaustion back to herself.

"One Zen Star, please."

> She says to Fahrenheit, then eyes CN without changing position.

"I hope you are at least acquainted by the name 'CW Corporation'. That ought to alleviate the confusion somewhat."

| >>637806
"Um... no. I'm havent really kept up on corps outside the city. Hence why I'm *very* confused about something apparently everyone but me knows here."

| >>637806
"Right. One coming up."
>He pats Melina.
"Don't look so bummed out. Things will clear out, when your mind finally does. Charging headfirst into something unknown is dangerous."
>By the time he finishes his speech, a Zen Star appears before you. You didn't even see him make it!

"Ho, if you really want to change the system, pay attention to things outside of the city too. You still have much to learn... Glitch City is not immune to the outside world after all."

| >>637808
"Pay proper attention to the chip."

> This time, Melina spared no expenses in her intimidation -- even going so far as to ignore CN's own comment. Her words are spaced as such, making them sound disgruntled. The pace at which she is able to switch emotions can hardly be overlooked.

| >>637809
"I just can't live in failures. Not when it's the one I made."

> She responds, taking her Zen Star to a sip. The taste didn't change at all.

"I'm willing to name any price to correct my own mistakes, but that only led to more mistakes."

| >>637811
"Hm... Really...?"
>Perhaps just this once, he might break out the secret. All in the favor of comforting the customer.
"Did you really think you failed? Do you think it will get worse if you didn't do anything? If it will, you didn't fail."

"And of course, if you do fail, there's always more opportunity to learn. There's nothing wrong in that. In this city, a mistake can cost lives, but at least, there are worse mistakes."

>He then jokes...

"Maybe join my bar?"

| >>637809 >>637810
>Figuring hes not going to get a straight answer from the two, he looks back at his deck and reads through the chip for any hint about what they're talking about.

| >>637812
"One day. I'll take the rain check."

> She puts a weak smile to the joke, the smile that, for once, is a true emotion that she felt.

"Just so you know, I'm already employed. I can't cheat on my boss like that. I'm a failure, not a disgrace--"

> A light sip. Maybe there was a meaning to Zen Star's unintentional blandness (aside from promotional purposes).

"--but thank you. I'll find a way to redeem myself soon."

| >>637815
> Melina stops CN at a single page. Was she reading through the entire time? It seems not, seeing that she was paying no attention to him. Mostly to her drink, and the light reflected from its surface.

"There," > She says, not at all saying which or where he should focus on.

"We are all tied by one big head, which you happen to strangle yourself in now."

| >>637815
>Of course, the chip only tells you about the routes, the weapon shipment... but nothing of significance. No matter how hard you look, the results are the same. The name CW Corporation shows up, they seem to be in charge of the weapons network- Hey! I'm supposed to be the one explaining!

>Fahrenheit laughs at CN's struggle. Old people, they seem to love seeing young'uns struggle for some reason.

"If you're stuck, ask me anything. Not anything too secretive, of course."

| >>637817 >>637818
"Well I asked what their deal was and I didn't get an answer the first time..."
>CN pulls out his phone and just does and old fashion search on a search engine.

| >>637820
>Right, a simple search should work.

>CW Corp, from what you gather from a search, is a corporation situated outside of Glitch City, across the country... it seems to be a big retail company that operates chains of general goods, and consumer-related items. It has a notable standing in Glitch City, however an accident left it scarred.

>It is owned by another megacorporation called Bishop Genetics Apex Developments, which has no influence over Glitch City....

| >>637820
"Sometimes the data isn't always so hidden."

> Melina gestures towards his phone. She is enjoying her Zen Star more, but it's hard to tell from her stare.

| >>637817
>Fahrenheit questions Melina...
"You seem to be knowing more about this than I expected, huh. Maybe you're not so far after all..."

>Wait, is he opening up? You don't know. He seems to continues tending the bar.

"Ohhh...? What are you all looking at? They sound so serious!"

>An energetic catgirl exclaims, and tries to get closer to CN to take a look... How long has she been awake?

| >>637826
"Just looking up some info on this paydata I got. Are you okay by the way Alisa?"
>CN doesnt really hide his phone, instead electing to distract her by head patting her with his free hand.

| >>637827
"Mhm! I think I just-"

>Fahrenheit yells out, disrupting both CN and Alisa.

"CN! No touching my workers, and Alisa! Take a break! You just fell asleep on your job!"

"U-uuuu... I'm sorry..."
>Alisa bows apologetically, but she still persists to work.

"B-but I wanna...!"

>He sighs.

"At least take care of yourself now. CN, got any progress so far? Or are you stuck?"

>Alisa, heeding the boss's advice, goes back to her previous spot and takes out a burg.

| >As she takes a seat, Fahrenheit checks on her, and whispers.

"Hey, how was your sleep?"

>Alisa looks away, her voice wavering.

"It's another nightmare... It's almost the same every time. And it felt so real, as if I can't escape it."

"I see... Well, use this time to consider carefully, okay? Your memories is yours, and yours only."

>He pats Alisa. She nods, and goes silent. She stares at the burg before her... Tears collect in her eyes...


>Trying her best.

| >>637828
"Supposedly they focus on general goods and a subsidiary of something called Bishop Genetics Apex Development... jeez what a mouthful. Though this only brings more questions on the pay data."
>CN sighs, turning all the info in his head to make sense of it
"Hmm... I see. You just wanted to pat her head to yourself Farhenheit."
>CN adds, hoping it will cheer Alisa up a bit

| >>637831
>How, and why would a general goods corp have access to military grade weapon and networks to other PMCs to transport them? Could it be supplied by BGAD? Their routes are complicated, and it ensured that no matter how you stop them, they can still continue delivering whatever it is for their objectives. They seems to be monitored by their logistics server though... if one would hit that, things would probably fall apart? However, how can just 1 server achieve all of this?

| >Fahrenheit takes the hint, and laughs loudly
"What, of course, I do! You're just jealous aren't you? Well too bad!"

>Alisa smiles a little... it seems to have worked to distract whatever she's thinking of right now.

"...Hey boss, can you make me an espresso?"

>Soon, she goes deep in thought again. The old man nods, and a cup of espresso appears before her.

"Thank you bossu!"

"No problem. Heh. How nostalgic indeed."

| >>637826
> Melina silently nodded. She watches the passing conversation between the three, but not saying anything in particular. Only observations, no conversation -- she has had enough, it seems.

| >>637843
>Indeed. Truly a quiet place. Everyone minds their own business. The endless bar tending by Fahrenheit, together with the soft ambient sounds from the intercom makes for a perfect bar night.

>The sweet and sobering aroma of Alisa's freshly made espresso fills your nose.

>The whole lounge is now mostly empty. Yet it doesn't feel lonely at all.

"Melina... should I- should I get my mind back? I had a nightmare. Things will go terrible if I do, but..."

>A soft question.

| >>637848
> Milena was close to patting Alisa. Close. If only she hadn't remembered Fahrenheit's stern warning to CN. A proud father figure, it seems. She peeks towards the bartender, giving him the judging look, then goes back to Alisa.

"Unlike you… I am forced to forget."

> She sips her Zen Star, mulling over words that has long since forgotten.

"You are what you are. If it's something terrible then so will it be- there are others that will correct it, for their own sake."

| (Also, *Melina. Caught red-handed again.)

| >>637850
"Forced?... That's too sad. So you will repeat the same day, and forgetting everyone?"
>A sad smile.
"I had a bad dream. I was trapped. Magicians came and took pieces of me away. I did nothing but watch, as the people outside end each other... for me. Burnt sacrifices. Lives carelessly just vanished... I saw slaughter, and regret!... It's just a dream. But why-why does it feel so real? Am I... really worth it? W-Who am I?"
>A droplet of water falls down from Alisa's eyes.

| >>637854
> Melina scoots closer to Alisa, before ending in a sincere hug. This humanly emotion she feels envelops Alisa in the warmth of her jacket, and to this extent, her body.

"Your worth is not decided by your own self."

> She wanted to say more. There are words she can still continue saying to this small, frail figure that she embraces, but there was nothing better she could have said. Her voice trails, into uncertainty it becomes.

"If people fought for you… then let them."

| >>637832
>CN mumbles to himself, almost inaudibly, as he thinks about how to go about tackling this run. Could he use the backdoor to access and crash the logistic server during the run?
"Please, if anything Alisa is the one missing out here, my kids call me the headpat master!"
"I'm not going to pretend to be knowledgable on everything going on here or you in particular, but even if you were to get your memories back is not like you would revert to some horrible person if that's how you were before. The time that you spent as Alisa still matters. That time would not just disappear. Those precious moments like this one right now would be there to ground you and allow introspection. I believe its important to know your past if you can sure, but you shouldnt need to be beholden or defined by it. You decide how you are today."

| >>637870
>Alisa gasps in surprise, but she hugs Melina back.
"Hey... I wonder if you were the one that came for... never mind."
>Melina's warmth spread through her, and she smiles sadly.
"Thanks- I'm sorry to be like this... I was the one who's supposed to take care of you... Please don't leave a bad review..."

| >>637877
>She tries to let out a grin through her tear-ridden face.
"Thanks CN. I... I know that. But I'm scared. Really scared. My mind is in a mess- I just..."

>She falls silent. Then wipes her tears, and beams at you.

"So, as a punishment for making me cry, tell me your REAL name, Chicken Nugget!~"

>Her voice is still wavering, but it's clear that she feels better thanks to that.

"I- I'll make up my mind soon...! So you keep focusing on what you're doing, alright?"

| >>637877
(Being a janitor must be great, no text limits-)

>One attempted run would cause whatever security out there to notice the backdoor, and it will get patched indefinitely.

>Even if you do destroy it, there's just... too many. Long-term wise, it's not likely going to have any effect. Short term? DEFINITELY.

>Fahrenheit glares at you from a distance, but then smiles at you.

"Running the shadow and taking care of the kids? You're a man of contradiction, CN. How risky..."

| >>637902
"My reviews are objective and impartial."

> Melina says, in a voice akin to a loving mother -- but her words mismatches what she had said, even as a joke. She chuckles with this gentle voice.

"If it comforts you, I am also someone without an identity."

> She whispers, then smiles to console the one-eared cat girl. Releasing her hug slowly, she kept her eyes on the girl. Some parts of her are unwilling to let go of this moment.

| >>637910
>She wipes away her tears.
"No identities make it worse than me, you know..."
>Some breather to calm herself down, then she smiles with resolution, her cat ear fluttering.

"My memories... I'm getting them back. I- I don't know what's awaiting me, but... so many people's live were...! And most importantly..."

>She then takes your hands in hers. Warmth.

"You can't just live with no identity!... I'll get my mind back, and I'll get back your identity...!"

| >>637913
"You can't take back what never existed."

> The warmth had her surprised, too. She grasped these hands; they were different from hers. For sure, they were better cared for.

"Unlike you… I don't ever rely on my… self to be myself. I am fine as I am now, this is my choice, after all."

> She says, giving the worst fake smile she can muster.

"Yours? You never wished to have your memories disappear, do you?"

| >>637903
"Eh... how about a hint? I never said CN were my *initials*."
>He teases a half assed response, clearly he has no intentions of telling anyone the answer that easily.
"Though don't worry about it, I'm sure you'll come to a decision just fine. I dont mind you talking with me about it if you really need to as well though."
"Just cause I do shadow work doesnt mean I cant take care of others. I just make sure I only do things I want to do and in a way only I can accept living with. I'm far from perfect but theres definitely more... volatile runners out there."

| >>637914
>Alisa giggles, and pokes your cheeks
"I... I was conflicted. Things rushes into my head, but you two made it calm down. I'll see through to the end. It doesn't help that my mind is still a big blank..."

"Your choice? Fufu. You're being a very terrible shadow, Melina~"
>More pokes.

>Come oooonnn CN, Alisa will cry very hard if you don't.
"I see... If your true name is revealed, it wouldn't be as cool, and your popularity would dip~"

"But seriously, thanks!"

| >>637915

>Fahrenheit comments

"Never have I seen someone who runs the shadow, and taking care of a family at the same time. You're certainly a weird one, CN."

>"Just make sure you keep your work and your family separated. Sleep with one eye open, or one day you'll regret it."

>He then bows again.

"Thank you both for cheering Alisa up, and straightening her resolve. I was right when I said you two were a good crowd. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free."

| >>637920
> Melina's cheeks are surprisingly soft, and chubby too -- despite her appearance showing otherwise. She doesn't seem to mind the pokes, but does retaliate by poking back.

> Though, the mention of being a shadow did leave her somewhat startled.

"I think that is all the questions I will ask. This is enough."

> She says. Seeing her intact Zen Star, she finishes it whole in one gulp.

"I have had three of these now. That's as good of an indication as any."

| >>637920
"Um... sure."
>CN already mentioned it was embarrassing, but it's probably best that he doesnt mention it again or she'll only get more curious.
"Dont worry, you're not the first one to mention that. As for questions, you can stop being so coy about the previous topic of conversation."

| >>637923
"Of course, any family topics are forbidden to outsiders after all. You're a good crowd, but it doesn't mean that I'm gonna give out family secrets. If you wish..."

>Fahrenheit sighs, and he takes out another chip and puts it on the table.

"You can take a peek. I hope your deck can handle wide-scale matrix."

>Alisa pats Melina.
"Zen Star... Are you sure you're okay? They are soo bland after all. Perhaps ease up? I-"

"Boss! Don't give her any more Zen Stars!"

| >>637925
>CN picks up the chip and turns it in his fingers.
"Family...? So you *are* closely related to this whole corp business."
>He sighs, wondering what he is getting into as he plugs it in to analyze it

| >>637925
"I'm not."

> Melina gave that same smile as she was asked her condition. Hearing the ban of Zen Star doesn't surprise her. It's about time she takes off this minor addiction too.

"Why, I haven't even tasted anything else. All I'm going to review are multiple Zen Stars."

> She jokingly said.

| >>637926
"I'm very much surprised you didn't connect the dots immediately."

> She says, hearing CN sighing over when he takes the chip. Somehow, she has a good gut feeling as to what will show, but decided against making others hear her.

| >>637926
"Can't say anything. Family secrets."

>The chip this time loads up quickly. It shows a similar network, except this time, Glitch City is shown as just another point in this endless web. The CW Corp logo is now replaced with a chess piece, below it is another logo...
>[BGAD Relay Network, Search 2]
>Judging by the name, it seems to be an armed searching effort... across the continent!
>On the corner, two objective are shown:


| >>637929
>The old bartender nods.

"Of course. Give me a second. I believe I have a drink for you."

>He takes your empty glass, and starts to mix and match several liquid together...

>Alisa gasps loudly

"D-don't tell me... He's going all in? Oh crap, Melina, run away!"

>The bartender keeps mixing his drinks, tossing and turning the glass with grace, but behind him is an air of dread and threat! Time seems to go slower...!

>His laughter echos throughout the whole lounge...

| >>637930
"I obviously suspected something was going on but not that it was a family matter."
>CN sighs again, not getting the logic of this guy
"So I assume the Heiress is...?"
>He glances towards Alisa

| >>637936
>Fahrenheit does not respond, and he is only focused on making a drink for Melina...
>Alisa meets eye-contact with CN. She tilts her head.
"Hmm...? Do you have something to say, CN? You look like you wanted to say something."

| >>637937
>Okay enough beating around the bush. If he has to force some hands, so be it.
"Well Alisa, based off of this BGAD network this chip is connected to, one of the goals they want to accomplish is retrieve a "Heiress". Now I dont know everything, so unless someone else wants to refute me here, I hypothesize that's you Alisa."

| >>637943
"I-I... I see..."
>"Alisa"'s eyes flicker between violet and red... then stops at violet.
"So... I'm a heiress, huh? I, I figured. It confirmed these dreams that I keep having, at least..."
>She sighs
"So I'm somebody important to this certain corp. What should I do now?... My head is still blank, and there's still someone looking for me..."

>Alisa trails off, then takes a sip of her espresso. Bitter.

"Hey, CN... What would happen if I don't go back?"

| >>637944
"Well I'm pretty in the dark about all this as well so take my advice with a grain of salt but... in my personal experience, corps dont really have the best interests for individuals. I'm sure they would keep looking for you if you don't go back but theres a lot of people like that in the city. Those hiding from corps I mean. If you're unsure what to do you shouldnt need to decide now. Just do what feels right to you."

| >>637945
"Hehe... boss tells me the same thing. "Just do what feels right". He never tells me anything about this corp business either. And if what Melina says is true..."
>Her face darkens.
"They captured me once before... and tried to override my mind with something else! If not for her, I... where would I be right now? *sigh* But I don't want to live a life in fear 24/7..."

>A calm sip...

"I'll think about a solution soon. Thanks for sticking with me and this stubborn boss."

| >>637946
"Well if that's what happens that should help with the decision process..."
>CN crosses his arms and ponder
"If they give you any trouble though let me know and I help. They cant do much if their influence in the city is limite-"
>He thinks back to the paydata.
"Hmm... we wouldnt be able to tackle all the supply lines, but what if the info was leaked...?"

| >>637948
"Right! The boss gave you the data right? You should be able to do whatever you want with it!"

>She thinks for a moment.

"That'll be good if it was leaked, but... you said they were in leagues with other corps too, right? Wouldn't they already know that, and choosing to cooperate?"

>Did she just get smarter? Impossible.

>Fahrenheit finishes making the drink, and a satisfied look appears on his face.

| >>637952
"Yes you make a good point, but the point of this isn't to get the other corps involved, but the runners."
>CN adds
"Free paydata with supposed weapons all over the city, they'll be stopgapped in all of their routes. They would lose their entire claim in the city market before it even began."

| >>637953
"A-ah... wow! You're a genius! If that success, that means, I'm safe right?"

"Even though I'm supposed to be a heiress... these are technically supposedly MY army... but I have no choice, am I?"

>She sighs.

"I'll just go on with the current plan until I get my mind back. Now I'm just a newborn baby- but I can't shake this bad feeling off the back of my head."

| >>637954
"At the very least they wouldnt be able to make their way into the city for awhile. I'm sure they have a lot of resources, but even a hit like this would hurt them. The best I imagine the best they could muster after that is a small search group in the city. Of course if you don't think this is the best option we don't have to go along with it of course. To be honest I'm not fully happy with the plan myself, since we wouldnt exactly know who gets the weapons at that point."

| >>637934
> The laughter caught Melina's interest more. Something worthy of a review, perhaps? This is not the first time she faced fierce opponents…

"Certainly not a silver bullet. However, we don't need to reduce all of them. If we take half… that should be enough to handicap them."

> She adds.

"Runners love to receive anything free for a fraction of the risk. Half is a more manageable number to monitor over a span of time. We'll know where the weapoms go."

| >>637958
>Fahrenheit does not interfere. In fact, he is sitting back, letting Alisa does the talking.
>In front of you, is a mysterious blue drink.

>Alisa shakes her head.
"I... disagree. With this amount of weapons in Glitch City in the wrong hands, it will create bloodshed and chaos. Even if we do stop them, they- will know that I'm here. And I don't want to know what they will bring next time."

>She gulped, her voice shaking.

"If-if I'm gone, all of this... will be over..."

| >>637960
> The blue drink surprised her. She stares back at Fahrenheit, wanting to confirm what the drink is.

"Perhaps that is why I suggest monitoring the half. It is impossible for a single person to collect them all, even if only one third of it. They will at least need two helping hands."

> Melina puts away the thought for now. It's a plan she can get behind, to an extent.

"Now, as for the other situation. Do they know the Heiress from physical descriptions?"

| >>637963
>Fahrenheit just does nothing, but nods. The blue drinks gives out an ominous shine.

>He adds.
"You guys figure everything out by yourselves. Ha, now that is certainly a good crowd."

>Alisa shakes her head, but says nothing else...

| >>637960
"I'm inclined to agree with Alisa honestly. Like I said before, I'd like to decrease the bloodshed in the city, not add to it. However I don't agree that you should be some martyr here to protect the city."
>CN rebutted
"I don't but I can check if it's on here in the chip."
>He looks back to his deck to see if he can find a hint of the heiress in question.
"Although this would be a lot easier if Fahrenheit would just *tell* us. If you don't that's fine, but to be quite frank, I need to know who's side you're on here."
>He looks up, the light from his deck illuminating his face.
"If you are 'family' to this corp, you have no reason to keep Alisa here, assuming she is the heiress of course. So are you going to help the corp, or are you going to help Alisa? This isn't something you can exactly ride the line on here."

| >>637968
>Fahrenheit lets out a chuckle. In his eyes, an impartial gaze, and posture.

"I am on her side. Whatever her choice is, I am on her side. If you're going against her, don't expect me to go easy on you."
>He glances at Alisa, whose shrinks, intimidated.

"As you have guessed it, she is indeed, the heiress to BGAD. However, in her current situation, I cannot afford to let her go, unless her issues are resolved. BGAD does not care if her memories are returned or not."

| >>637969
"Don't worry, I'm not the type to side with corps usually, I'm siding with Alisa."
>CN meets his gaze back in spades.
"I suppose this answer the first question then. The next would be how to go along helping Alisa getting her memories back? Not to force it of course, but having them back would be better than not no?"

| >>637974
>He shakes his head.
"That's what I've been trying to do ever since I broke her out of the burning CW building. Unfortunately, nothing ordinary seems to work. It's not memories locked away- but overridden."

>He sighs. "Alisa", however, is the opposite of calm.

"I- I can't keep up with all of this. My head hurts. Excuse me..."

>She slowly walks over one of the armchair seats facing the window. She sits down, hugs a pillow and buries her head in it.

| >>637976
"Well I guess theres no point forcing it then. When is the CW delivery arriving to GC?"

| >>637979
"Soon. I don't know the specifics, but they have different time and date to deliver... And one is already here."

>He gestures at the second chip.

"It was delivered to the Cambria. This is just one of them. Soon, other nodes will get them as well. If you want to act, you're one step ahead for a few days."

| >>637980
"*sigh* I'm not exactly sure what to do to stop them if they have staggering delivery dates..."
>CN scratches the back of his head in frustration.
"I dont exactly have the resources to stop something like this on short notice."

| >>637982
"There is another option. You're a decker, correct? If you can spread misinformation somewhere else... You can direct the search party elsewhere, and buy Glitch City more time. If that's what you want... Consider this another challenge to 'change the world'. If only... if only..."

>Fahrenheit deeply sighs. His option... causing trouble in somewhere else, and risk another city getting annihilated... to make sure Glitch City stays safe. Just how important is she?

| >>637976
"Overwritten. I wonder now, what may have caused the building to burn? I failed my task, but… no—… what happened then?"

> Melina isn't in a deep thought, but it wasn't as though she stares into the distance with no semblance of consciousness either -- the question she poses for herself required her some time to think about.

"If only I didn't fail that time… We wouldn't have every issue on the tin now."

| >>637985
"I don't disagree with that plan, Fahrenheit."

> She then trails to the next issue at hand.

"Know that, despite everything else, I am and will always be a selfish person. If this causes no issue for me, by the next day, and the day after, then it's the plan I will use--"

> Then she falls in enthusiasm, remembering the clause of the sentence.

"If I am a decker. Which I am not. CN has the upper hold for that description."

| >>637985
"Mmm... it doesnt feel right pushing our problem on some other innocent place. Hmm..."
>He looks over the supply lines again
"If they're searching in GC that means they probably suspect that shes already in the city, so turning them away from the city may just make them suspicious..."
>CN snaps his fingers, arriving at an eureka moment
"But these supply lines cover such a wide area cause they dont know *where* in the city she is. So all we need to do is get them distracted with info on someone who may have them... perhaps another corp in the city? One who maybe deserves all the trouble they would get."
>He smiles mischievously, happy with the solution hes arrived at.

| (wow almost bump limit)
>Fahrenheit lets out a laugh.
"Interesting idea. Thinking outside of the box is not one of my job. My only job is to protect the Heiress."
>He glances over at Alisa's direction. She haven't said anything in a while.

"However, if this escalates into a full-blown corporate war... You know what happens *next* right?"

>The blue drink evaporates into the air...

| >>637994
"I'm aware of that, which is why I'm picking a corp I was planning on taking down anyways. CW will cripple their resources so I can take out the hydras head so to speak. You cant have a corporate war if one side ends up desolving from the strain. The one I have in mind also just *finished* being in a corporate war, so I doubt they could handle another right away, especially one with military grade weaponry."

| >>637995
"Heh. Very well. I entrust her fate, and all of ours in you, CN. Show me how you can change the world."

"Gabriel Fahrenheit, V12, The Heiress's arm, shall assist you in this endeavor."

>He extends his hand out for a handshake. His face has a confident smile.

"Do not include any of this in the review of the Cambria. Or I will text you pickup lines every night."

| >>637996
>CN extends his hand to meet his handshake
"I won't, although I can assure you pickup lines are nothing compared to some of the stuff I heard from my fiance's sister."
>He sighs, seemingly remembering an embarrassing moment.
"Either way, I might as well say now, the corp I have in mind for this plan is VitaLife, they're a pharmaceutical company."

| >>637997
"Hahaha! Sisters in laws are the worst! I wish you good luck!"
"VitaLife, huh? I see. A suitable target indeed."

"Melina. Get me in contact of that sexy lady again. This time, we are sure now. Alisa's wish... will be realized. And don't worry. I have deemed you trustworthy after all of this. I will brief you on what happens after. There are some eyewitnesses after all."

>He says everything in a serious tone while doing a certain Gendo Ikari pose.

| >>637999
> Melina nodded. The thought of having eyewitnesses seeing her breaks some of her confidence with ease, but it's probably for the best now.

"There will be no next time for Melina. This is where she ends."

> If her cryptic word doesn't help, she takes out a single credstick, containing an appropriate value to pay for her drinks -- but not for a tip. The name 'R386' is plastered over the stick.

"Still, I will try to get my boss in line with you again."

| >>637999
"I'm glad you agree. Now the question is how do we go about steering the ship in their direction?"

| >>638001
"I see. Nice working with you again, Melina. And R386, huh. R3, we'll get in contact with you and your boss soon. I'll send payment."

"You focus getting the information into VitaLife... I'll try and use my network for CW to start looking their way."

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| (Part 2 at least to wrap up, melina also needs to reply)

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