(Settings) Ashen Multipurpose Building

| >Companies, secrets, hidden truth, one that can never hope to uncover.
>Chaos. Pure fear. Death. Screams. Charred ashes. Sacrificed ideals... Just for one person?
>And especially for one that you don't know?

>Legacies uncovered, and buried.
>Reasons shadowed by violence.
>An underground war makes its way to the surface...!

>There is no happy ending. But there is no meaningless ending either.

>That slip of paper... holds the all-access code. It can be only used 2 times...!

| >Cassius enters the guarded room.

>The temperature drops significantly. Machine humming can be heard. There is a giant bed in the middle-

>Chains. A half-naked girl lays on the bed, wires from surrounding machinery(?) is attached to her body. Upon closer look, the girl only has one cat ear. Her left ear is missing.

>Next to the bed is a cabinet. It has some water and candies... together with a picture of somebody.

| "Target located, watcher get in here and call evac. We're on the home stretch here people lets hustle!"
>he checks to see if its ok to remove her

| >>636759
>Wires are attached to several parts of her body. Multi-colored liquid goes in and out of her body through some complex, and loud machinery. Upon closer inspections, some big wires go inside her ears too.

>On the cabinet, a clock seems to be ticking down, and a holoscreen can be seen:

| >he inspects to see if there is anyway to reverse or at the very least disable the override
"God damnit"

| >>636759
"Sweetheart here. I will be by the locked room."

> She says, having heard the response. Her sigh sends a rush of euphoria she didn't once reflect with her emotions.

> Once she faces the locked door, she takes the guard ID and the paper containing all the codes. A game of guessing, at best -- a cruel game of gambling at worst.

| >>636763
>A menu pops up. It prompts for an access key... Perhaps someone have picked something up along the way? Alternatively, you can let it finish...

>Did I hear humming outside of the building? I'm not hallucinating, am I?

| >>636769
>The door accepts the guard ID flawlessly. However, the codes take quite a bit of time to input. (roll?)

| >>636769 >>636770
"Sweetheart do you have an access key for anything?
they were wiping her Memories"
>he says while looking for any ways to safely disconnect her

| >>636771
> (7+3=10) Having no idea what to enter, she glances at the codes. All of them are a matter of simple numbers and jumbled codes. All of them. So, picking one too, is only a matter of guessing.

> Yet, her first guess is always a failure.

> (19+3=22) The second too, she puts no trust in her own instincts at first. This time, however, it was a matter of whether she had the proper faith in her guess.

| >>636759
"This is Watcher we've already called in a medevac vehicle, she might be able to go with the wounded."
>Red said.

>The Pyromaniac team should be able to have reached the clearing in front of the building by now, the medevac vehicle should pull up any minute.

| >>636772
"Do not take chances. I repeated, do NOT take chances. I am aware her memories are being cleansed."

> She takes her paper again, scanning through the codes for anything she ought to guess.

"I have all the plausible codes in my hand. Are you in position to listen, Nameless?"

| >>636776
>he gives the go order in position to speed dial everything

| >>636772
>How crude. Wiping memories of an amnesiac?
>Occasionally, the girl lets out a small groan.
>You analyze one by one. It seems like the ones on her arms are connected with IV fluid, and are safe to disconnect.

>Yep, first try is always wrong (Check 15)
>However, on the second try, you successfully guess the right one! Now it's the matter of which one you want to use it on... 2 uses left.
>Please consider carefully.

| >humming outside grows larger. An engine?

| >>636774
>There should be no problem for the evac vehicle to arrive... The securities are absent, and a certain AI disabling a certain something prevents GCPD from seeing what's going on in this building.

| >>636781
>Please no crashing. This building has taken enough damage. Thank you.

| >Outside the room two Alpha team members begin to drag their leader, seated on a stretcher, up the staircase and towards the street.

| >>636787
>As the same as before, the trip is uneventful, as the evac route is clear. Now all that's matter is to wait for the right transport to arrive...

| >>636778
> She began listing the codes, hoping Cassius would have a mean to write and memorise them all. Every single one of them, sounding like a gibberish sequence.


> She says as she finishes listing all she has. Now, all there's left is to pass her own code to the locked door.

> No turning back now. She enters the code into the keypad.

| >>636796 >>636780
>he then proceeds to speed dial everything until it hits the correct one for the override! (Thankfully i finally get a 20
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/443893646824308736/690503039504744488/20200320_181207.jpg )

| >>636796
>1 use counted! The door slides open and a small room appears. It's fully stocked with weapons and ammo on the left. On the right, utilities items such as gas masks, fire extinguisher, water and refreshments can be found in abundance.

>However, what catches your eyes is a terminal, right in the middle of the room.

>And another one! The machine's menu pop up again, only now it presented you with two option:



| >>636805
>he taps both and prays for the best

| >>636805
> The first that the woman would pick is, of course, water. Water and food. She restores back her mental capacity, gaining the health she had, even if temporary.

> By herself, she has downed at least one and a half litres of water. Enough for a day, but her exhausted self didn't care for that, or whether the water spilled to her suit. She has since passed that point.

| >>636805
> Then, she finally works on the terminal. Another system to breach.

| >>636805
>All the tubes that are connected to the catgirl's body are retracted cleanly. Now she does look peaceful...
>Then you tap [ENABLE SAFETY], and the machine outputs an error: [MEMORY TRANSFER IN PROGRESS, UNABLE TO COMPLETE.]
>The catgirl then grimaces in pain.

>It seems like you can't do that yet...

>Another system to breach! except this time, there are only two options.

>GW NeuroNetwork v2.5


| >>636811
"Sweetheart in. Nameless, is the VIP doing okay?"

> She keeps the radio connected as she enters [Settings].

| >>636810 >>636811
"Please tell me you can stop the wipe from there.."

| >>636812
"Yeah, but i cant cancel the memory wipe. Anything on yiur end?"

| >>636812
>The [SETTINGS] menu opens, of course with this damn logo.

>Current MemFile: [LINKS]CWStandard

>Reset Progress

>It seems like you can swap out the memory file for something else... or you can reset the wiping progress.

| >>636813
> She stayed quiet. Someone is risking their life for this, but to her, what is this person worth?

"I will… I will do my best."

> This is the first time she has ever stuttered when given an honest question. Her eyes glanced at the terminal, doubt crystallises.

> Change file.

| >>636819

>A file upload menu opens with a wireless [LINKS] input. A cable also slides out from the terminal, in case one would want to upload it via hardware.

>It's time.

| >>636821

> She slaps herself. Again. Her inaptitude has caused a failure in her own job. Stupid. Useless. Worthless. She would have never thought to take any memory archive. How useless.

> Defeated, she tries to tap back to the previous menu. Her face screams for defeat.

"Not again…"

| >>636822
"Whats the situation?"
>he sounds concerned
"We're on the clock here!"

| >>636822
>The screen remains there silently, offers no solace nor judgement. It stands by, waiting for a command.

>Current MemFile: [LINKS]CWStandard
>Reset Progress


| >>636825
> Reset Progress.

> She mindlessly taps. This is for the best.

"Is it…?"

> Her last murmur came after she had pressed the button.

| >>636824
"Sweetheart in—"

> She didn't have a single report to file in. Bashing the usual etiquette in radio communication, it takes her a long pause before answering.


| >>636828 >>636831
"English dammit whats the problem!"
>nervous he begins running out back to the stairwell

| >>636828
>Resetting... Resetting finished!
>[ENABLE SAFETY] is now available!

>It's over. All you have to do now is... disconnect the gurl from the machine. And another mission finished...

| >>636833
"Th-the job is done, Nameless. Focus on the VIP."

> She takes one final look at the terminal. Maybe she did miss something. However, her personal curiosities is not in the best interest of the mission.

"Sweetheart, over. Pleasure to be working with you."

> She throws the radio down, then glances at the exit. She drops the rifle, leaving pocketables with her.

> Finally, she ran away from the room. One burst, and a quick dash to distance herself from her group. (20+2)

| >>636835
"Job?! What fucking happened?!
the stairwell is clear we're safe, the cops wont come and we killed every fucking guard in the building!
What the fuck happened!?"

| >>636838
> The radio received a literal radio silence.

> By now, she should already be past the stairwell, leaving not a trace behind her. Even outside, evasive maneuver she applied would've been enough, in this dark and dim night.

| >>636839

"Dammit! Shit mission failed!"
>she swears a storm
"All units get the hell of here.
Sweetheart fucked up! The mission is lost!"
>he returns to the room and ends the girl as peacefully as possible via snapping her neck
"Get out soon...im torching any evidence"
>some of that burning debris in hand he burns it all then heass for the exit
>trailing as much fire in his wake as possible

| >The objective of the mission... failed.

>The underground compound is set on fire... The crimson flames devours all, including many secrets laying underneath. This fire... is the start of something new, and the end of something old. It consumes every corpse, every terminals, every data, every connections and bonds to start everything all over again.

>Soon, the flame spreads to the main building... The sight of a giant building being set on fire can be seen all over the district.

| >Striker crew ran up to the approaching medevac, which was a hovercraft.
"Fletcher! Tell the medevac to wait a little. We need to extract the VIP."

"This is Watcher, what happened to the VIP."
>Red say.
"I told the medevac crew to wait."

| >>636840
"What do you mean the mission failed, we've cleared the security!"
>Red shouted into the radio.

| >>636845
"Get the hell out red"
>he sounds pissed
"Sweetheart fucked us over and ran.
Vip is lost"

| >The fire is slowly being spread due to flammable materials not being cleaned up properly due to the raid. Whatever business you have, you better hurry... before the Fire Department come.

| >>636848
"That's the twist I didn't expect from you... Cassius."
>Red said again.
"Fine, if that's what you say. This is Redford Bell, signing off."

>He turns to the other.
"Nevermind, let's get the hell out of here, fellas."
>Two of the Pyromaniacs boarded the medevac vehicle, while Fletcher, Red, and the rest board the hovercraft Fletcher's crew came in with. They speed off into the night.

| >>636849 >>636851
"Im sorry..i couldn't do it in time..."
>cassius is long gone, parkouring onto the rooftops and into the depths of the night skyline
>a handful of passerby get a brief glimpse of a shadowy blue figure...

>a singing blue fox...that heralded disaster..

| >The humming from before is now a soaring roar of a black Vendetta LTH landing right in the middle of the road, caring not for passerby safety and other trivial things like electricity cables. Alpha team rapidly moves in, loading themselves inside the hovercraft, and the bird takes off once again, rapidly gaining height while its optical camouflage kicks in. Any mission is successeful as long as everyone comes home.

| >The empty building now holds nothing but pure rage. Explosions can be heard as the fire move further up. Everyone have evacuated safely, if anyone is still in there. Sirens surround the building and of course the firefighting effort begins...

>Ashen Building, Underground.
"I feel like... I have woken up from a really long sleep. My neck hurts."
"So just like back then... I failed... again. I can't remember-"



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