[Leak] Body Report Z-235.ab Midnight Selene precinct

| >A heavily encrypted filed belonging to the GCPD is dumped onto the matrix, most of it is unreadable due to the strong crypt, but some parts seem unprotected.

>A body was found 03-18-5:25am in the Selene district of midnight. the body was in a ditch next to a recycled waterway being used by workers to enter the Upper plates.

>The body is confirmed to be a lilim, although some of its parts were "Bizzare" with a notice to consult page 6 of the report, which is still encrypted

| >The report goes on to talk about similar cases across Midnight, Motor and Flooded districts.

>One of the corpses still had an active personality bank, and seemed to have been disconnected from the Collective Source, seemingly by outside interference (although the report cites their Lilim expert is still out of town and as such a contracted specialist delivered this judgement)

>The rest is unreadable

I did my best pals, got anyone who could get the rest done and direct it to me?

| Holy shit, another lilim killer? Man give us a break

| >>636276
Seems to me this one aint just fragging them, What's with their "augments" and the fact that their personality banks were untouched past slight tampering.

If you ask me, and sure I aint an expert but I know my way around systems and AIs, normally the top concern would be destroying these straight away so that pawns after you can't read em' and get info on ya chum.

Smells to me like something else, and that's chip truth chummer.

that's why I wanna decrypt it tbh

| >>636279

I see. No expert about this jack either.
Perhaps whoever is behind this is setting up something? You wouldn't really want to leave a breadcrumb trail unless you want people on your ass, or you're trapping them.

Watch when you finally decrypt it, another can of worms spill open. But hey, maybe it's just me.

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Well, atleast it'll be more interesting than the usual corp info smuggle I do for a living, these suits talk about the most inane boring drek all day. all in their own lingo of course...

I'd take a breadcrumb trail with dead lilims over that anyday. Not saying I enjoy lilims kicking it though.

| I can take a crack at the encrypted section if you want. -CN

| >>636289
Oh it's you!

Sure thing chummer, I'll send my decryption notes

>DecryptionNotes-page 1-2.bnk

have fun

| >>636291
Thanks, let me see what I can get done here. -CN


| >>636300
>The encryption is strong but with the help of the notes compiled by the OP allows you to unveil some more detail about the report.

>The Body was confirmed to have been "Biologically Altered" as in modified with human parts. Said parts seem to include 1 (one) Human spine 2 (two) eyeballs 1 (one) liver and finally a single tongue.

>The parts seemed to use a similar technology as other bio augmentations currently available on the market.

| >>638826
>The Augmentation showed no rot or decay, proving that they were in fact Functional at the time of death and retrieval, or installed very shortly before the lilim expired.

>The Lilim's model was a slightly outdated form of an experimental CH1A model called a M4KR-0SS. Its serial number was available but has been redacted from the document at the demand of an ALTERRA corp representative who "didnt want their brand smeared by the press"

| >The investigation is currently ongoing, with LT.Kaguya Anstrad taking over as presiding investigator

>So far no leads have been found that either ALTERRA or any bio-augmentation corporations have anything to do in the affair. although at the behest of MAJOR TALIA A. CHANKA Veriatech and it's subsidiaries are to be investigated properly.

>We shall await our lilim expert's return before updating the case

>This file was last updated on the 20th of the 3rd month, by LTI.KAMIJOU-ERU

| >>638828
Well... that is curious. I wonder why Lt. Chanka suspects VT of all people however. -CN

| >>638832
Ain't they just plain shady?

Also I heard the major had a bad run-in with some of them suits in the past, think the kind of run-in that makes you go red in the eyes ya'know? might be why, wouldnt put it past Tan-Chanka to hold a personal grudge.

| >>638834
Hmm... well they are but they havent done much recently, so even I'm hesitant to point fingers there first. Though if it's a grudge I suppose it is understandable. -CN

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