(settings) CWrecked Multipurpose Building

| (I sincerely apologize for my bad DMing)

>Downtown, Glitch City.
>If one were to look for a really elegant, giant architecture miracle, CW Multi-purpose Building is not one of them. In fact, it has become a wreck. Its 3rd floor is heavily demolished, dust and smoke is falling out of the building... A rescue operation is underway.

| >Bravo and Red's Team is fighting an exoskeleton on the 3rd floor.
>Sweetheart is exploring the 2nd floor.
>The fox, receptionists, Krinkov, Ziv, and Alpha team is causing havok on the 1st floor.
>The secret entrance have been blown open. Alpha is decloaked from all the dust, everyone can see the Alpha Team.
>Krinkov and Ziv found a good urban legend in the restroom.
>And of course, Fling Posse is listening to the old bartender about the history of the building it self...(i'msorry)

| (Im having fun)
>he sighs
"Useless then"
>then snaps her neck and tries to wake up adam

| >>636035
>Alpha wastes no time, pushing onwards through the staircase.

>Meanwhile on the third floor Bravo lsw gunner finally gets a second to reload, and starts dumping a second drum mag into the exosuit guard, from the now-relative safety of the hallway corner(d20+2=17(15, 2)).

| >>636036
>Unfortunately for you, Adam doesn't wake up. His heart must have been stopped the moment he tries to run away while protecting Chris.

>The effect of the flashbang stunned the exoskeleton, and it seems like the Bravo LSW pierced its armor sufficient enough to damage to pilot inside. (rolled a 1...) It collapses. The way is clear. So much for OP.

>Alpha Team keeps going on the staircase, leaving everyone else behind... However, this is a really long staircase...

| >>636032
> Sweetheart assumes control of the computers, prying to see if there is anything important inside -- anything that she can use to uncover what those words mean, or why her VIP is locked in a closed basement beneath. If there is any, her eyes would've caught it, but her intuition is kicking her to get a move on.

| >>636038
"Double useless"
>he snaps his neck too and looks for ziv

| >>636039
>On the computer, a cloud folder seems to exist, and it has some contents in it, however they are all password-protected.


>Wow... I have ran out of words to say... Put yourself in their shoes now, will you? What would happen if someone wakes you up and snap your neck, huh? By the way, I think Ziv is in the restroom?

| (Took me long enough to realize the thread is full)
>Stormy Stormy Stormy
>Ziv and Krinkov come out of the restroom.
"It's clear. Did you really just snap two civvies' neck?"

| >>636042
"They weren't civilians."
>he drops the illusion
"Just, incompetent.
Girls underneath. Shall we go?"

| >>636043
"Uh, sure..."
>Ziv make his way down the stairs with Krinkov, their rifles raised.

| >>636038
>Alpha team have seen longer staircases. Like the one between 3rd and 1st floors of this very building, for example. Therefore, they keep on keeping on.

>Now with the immediate threats disposed, Bravo team regroupes, and starts retreating from the building through the fire exit to their east: "Alpha, this is Bravo. We have a casualty, break, pulling out towards the extraction point, over."

| >>636045
"Where are you going?"
>Red shouted after the Bravo team.

| >>636044
>he follows, matching pace
>sadly Completely devoid of any ranged weaponry

| >>636046
"The fuck out of here." — >Comes distorted grunt from the helmet speaker of the lsw gunner, as he helps his injured comrade down the fire exit stairs.

| >>636043 >>636044
>The staircase is pretty long. However, you three spot the Alpha Group, also heading down on the same way with you.

>Oh no, a giant boulder suddenly falls down and crush the Alpha Team to bits-I'm joking. Soon enough, you all arrive at the same destination:

>A small, metallic door awaits at the bottom of the staircase. It seems like the electricity is still on, as evident by the CCTV surrounding. Shouldn't it have been disabled?

| >>636048
"Well, alright."
>Red shrugs, he then talked into the radio.
"Foxtrot 4 and 5, this is Foxtrot 1, how's the situation, over."

"This is Foxtrot 5. We've found the possible location for the target. How copy?"
>Ziv replies

"Good copy, making our way to you, over."
>Red say, before turning to his crew.
"Let's go down to the 1st floor."

| >>636049
"Hey! Who are you?"
>Krinkov shouts upon seeing the alpha team

| >>636041
> Password. Of course. She enters into the RESEARCH folder, entering the word 'H31r3ss' to try and answer the password input.

| >>636049
>Alpha team approaches the door, exchanging looks.
>"Didn't Merlin nuke the security?"
>"That's what he said."
>One of the troopers, a significantly shorter one with a very large backpack on his shoulders, approaches the door and attempts to simply open it, before he and the rest of his team snap around, weapons ready — called out by Krinkov >>636051
"None of your business, I'm pretty confident" — >Relay the speakers of the shortest trooper.

| >>636053
>The door feels cold and hard, as if it hasn't been touched in ages. It doesn't budge.

>The file opens!
>Inside the file is a list of research projects made by unknown person. It includes details on... the STRONGEST sniper rifle ever... a hairdryer fridge... etc. However, at the bottom of the list, three important items are noted: Panty Girls/Race and Nano-Algorithm, and [prototype]Nanorejection "cure."

| (>>636054 how many C4 charges were used up to clear the staircase)

| >>636053
"Well, it could be my business, because apparently, the person we are looking for is somewhere down here."
>Krinkov replies

| >>636053 >>636054
"Yeah maybe Merlin could be as kind as to not air strike a shopping mall full of civilians in the middle of town."
>he says in a modulated voice

| >>636055
(1. The staircase is not that big to warrant more than 1 c4 charges.)

| >>636056
"And why would you be looking for that person, whoever it might be?" — >The short trooper responds in kind, not lowering his weapon. >>636057 It was possible to feel his eyes squint even despite the fact, that his helmet was completely covering his face.

| >>636054

> She held off her curiosity. Hold it off. Just for this once. Moving her hands to the the Nanorejection Cure, while keeping tabs on the Panty Girls -- which intrigues and disgust her somewhat.

| >>636059
"Look man this shit might be over the news unless our AI friend covers it up"
>he sighs, easily heard under the mask
"We came to get the girl because i thought she was in a normal hospital.
Turns out she thought this shady mall was a hospital and got kidnapped.
Now if you have good intentions like i assume you do we can do this together and make it a cleaner op for it.

Cuz i dont think we mean eachother harm unless someone gets shot right?"

| >>636060
>You skimmed through the abstract of the paper. It seems like, by directly injecting a certain type of the proposed nanomachine with a specific algorithm, it can combat the dangerous effects of nanomachine rejection when the baby is still developing. It can prevent one from using the famous cat-boomer method to-
>The rest is scrapped. Reason: political and self-doubt.

| >>636061
>A tiny pinging sound can be heard in the resulting silence, after which Alpha team slowly lowers their weapons.
"Just make sure you don't end up a stick in our wheels." — >He gruntles, as the rest of his team gets back to the door.
>"Alright, get this shit open, we don't have all day." — comes muffled under his helmet, as Alpha team prepares shaped charges to knock out the door's hinges.

| >>636062
> She takes her phone out again, writing several notes she thinks may be important -- outlining the experiment done, perhaps in this same building. She didn't heed attention from it anymore, saving the time to glance at the Panty Girls experiment.

| >>636065
>The c4 charge doesn't even work against this monster of this d00r. What it accomplish, however, is blowing up the wall bad enough so that the door falls down with it too.

>You don't have time to see the surroundings as gunshots whiff past you!
>It seems like the remaining elite guards have formed a barricade and was waiting for you to come!
>You can see several LMGs mounted on the sand barricade, all facing you.
>A voice comes out from the back.

"Turn back now."

| >>636066
"Ugh... I don't really wanna write about this... but I guess I have to."
>Abstract: .......

>You skimmed through the abstract of the paper. It seems like an attempt to make a stealthy surveillance idea changes itself in the face of Glitch City. The integrated AI, combined with autoforging nanomachines and knowledge from Glitch City denizens have mutated the original project into a new race capable of existing and producing offspring.

| >>636071
> Understanding the importance of the subject, she chose to pack off and leave the folder. She decides to enter the LAST folder now, assuming the same password as before.

| >>636070
>Alpha team's responce is very charismatic: pretty much every single grenade remaining on them, of which there are 4 frags, 3 flashbangs and 6 smoke grenades, gets thrown towards the barricade, as the team itself scrambles to take cover behind the wall at the sides of where the door once was.

| (will likely be away for the next 12 or more hours)

| >>636059
"Well, she requested for help, why not?"
>Ziv​ answers.
>The pair also scramble to find some cover, preferably out of sight from the guards.

| >Nobody's in the casino to gamble with Dice, so now he joins Fling Posse at the bar. The three of them sit there, contemplating what course of action to take now, and waiting for the story of the building they're in.

| >>636137
>The explosions below seems to be continuing below. The gray-haired bartender slides a glass of shochu to Ramuda and asks Dice if he wants anything.

>A soft synth plays on 7F, contrasting everything else.
"Don't worry, even if this whole building falls down, this floor will be fine."

>He then does some dangerous flipping trick to refill the glasses and of course, swiping the table.

"Yes, a secret has been uncovered."

"...But that's not important. My job is to serve."

| >>636072

>A video recording opens with a view on the night sky. As the night sky is bright, and you can see the whole Milky Way in its full brilliance, it does not seem like it was recorded at a city.

>A voice calls out from the back.
"Hey boss, what chu doing back there?"
>To which a masculine voice answered:
"Just watching the stars. Been like 30 years since I saw this. And don't call me boss."

"You're still older than me, and that means I gotta respect right bossu?"

| "Not for long, anyways. Once this operation is over, the whole East Coast will be in your hands."


"Hey, don't look so sad! Not many people have the chance to run the megacorp that controls literally one of the world's most influential economic zones."
"Huh... Well, once I do that, perhaps I'll make you one of my slave, eh boss?"
"I suddenly have the urge to run away right now. Anyways here, catch."

>The camera is suddenly tossed in the air. Another pair of hand catches it.

| >The video feed seems more delicate, compared to the firm grasp from before.

"The night sky is really beautiful... I wish I can sit here forever."


"I know, I was just joking. I know I have a job to do."

"For now, you can stay here and gaze all you want. After all, you probably won't have another chance like this again."

"I see."
"I'm home now, at last. Glitch City was fun, but... I guess I can't escape my fate."

>The video then cuts off.

| >>636077

>The combined explosions seems to caught the defense line offguard, and some of them were wiped out. The voice in the back screams:


>Despite initial losses, some of the barricades still stand, and the LMGs retaliate! (15-6-2=7)

| >>636178
>seeing as it would be rather different to really help in this situation without any guns or ranged implements
>the blue fox tosses a small orb, too small to really see easily in the mess of gunfire and rubble into the guard formation and hastily retreats to cover

>the little orb mimics the same trick in the bathroom, emitting a infrasound that makes them think they are monsters and heightens agression!
>but the effect is most likely weakened due to all the white noise!

| (Le 16)

| >>636176
"Which operation?"

> She murmurs a certain doubt to the contents. Is this relevant? Is what she's seeing not a soap opera? How much worth does this video pose?

> Those questions she persevere through without an answer. She keeps shots of the video in her phone by capturing them with its camera.

> Onwards, she moved to the CO folder, doing much the same as before.

| >>636183
>With the most likely weakened effect, it is good enough to throw the guards into a panic, but not strong enough to make them run away. They scream louder, and fights with more conviction! (15-6+3=12)

>The voice in the back screams out

>Oh no. Please don't be another exoskeleton.

| >>636186
>Perhaps it'll be the right use for the right person... Some people really like soap opera.

>The CO folder pops open, within it is the details of CW Corporations... How it was formed, what its goal is, and its dealings with other business.

>Most of them are really long, coupled with really "big words" like "elucidate"... Not an entertain read.

>At the bottom of the text, it seems like CW, along with others, are tasked with retrieval of a person by a megacorp.

| >>636189
>he throws in one more orb
>this time, the frequency makes them literally poop and pee their pants simultaneously (15)
>a god damn brown note!

>and with that the blue fox is officially out of tricks!
>its going to take a while until the headset recharges and it can be useful again
(As DM i think its only fair you decide when its done recharging!
makes it more interesting!(。+・`ω・´))

| >>636194
(Sure, if that's what you want~)
>Placing the power inside my hands? You must have a Ḑ͘E͡A̛T̨͞Ḩ̢͟ ̵͝W͜͏̡IS͜H͢

>It is unknown whether or not the orb is effective, as they all are covered in ballistic armor from head-to-toe, and the hail of suppressive fire remains uninterrupted.

>Of course, peeing and pooping their pants are certainly better than losing their lives.

>You seem to be safe under cover... however, if you want to break through the line, you need a plan.

| >>636191
> She notes everything down, including the business relations and the recent task that CW had. Her expression stiffens as she becomes closer to her own truth -- but nowhere close to forming a cohesive narrative.

> At long last, she peeks into the LINK folder. Hoping that time had just frozen itself, considering all the time she had taken here would amount to collosal happenings outside.

| >>636220

>Inside is of course, a bunch of links that leads to almost everywhere on the matrix...

>Research, flowers, weapons, recipes, pets, food, memory archive, etc...

>Deep down, you can see a network that leads to something. However, due to the computer's limited use and the network's size, the file does not open.

>The network's name, is coincidentally the same as the password.

| >>636233
> She closes her eyes and think. For a moment, time actually does stop for her -- or at least that is what she wants it to be. The case wasn't complicated, merely hindered by her inability to process them as they were.

> She took her last notes in her phone before finally logging off the computer. Knowing this, she may have been traced well before she boots them up.

> One deep breath before exercising her actual fight or flight.

| >Red and two others finally reached the 1st floor via the fire exit stairs.
"Foxtrot 4, Foxtrot 5, come in. How's the situation going down there?"

>Ziv and Krinkov throw another set of flashbangs at the securities, and turn their magnifiers to thermal settings.(The Alpha squad already threw smokes, right?)
"We are under heavy fire, we need back up."
(Can I call in my reinforcements?)

| >>636252
>As you log off the computer, every other computers in the screen logs off too.
>After a few seconds, they reboot, and a giant text fills the screen... [SYSTEM LOCKDOWN.]

>Footsteps approaches the room, judging by the sound, it's 2 people, and one is louder than the others.

(Yes, feel free to call reinforcements, but try to keep things less confusing!
and yup, alpha team threw the smokes)

| >>636256
>Despite the smoke and flashbang, the fire doesn't stop... Multiple-coordinated LMGS are still firing.

>It's either they are just spraying because they know where you're coming from... or their LMGs are just that good. Luckily, as long as you're in cover, you're safe.

>If only there's some objects that can help you push forward... or a really coordinated wave of flash and a spearhead rush to break them.

>You have to be quick too, because they also called for backup.

| >>636257
> Immediately noticing the footsteps, she didn't throw her paced breaths for naught. She takes the radio from the left pocket of her suit and a gravity knife from the other, and puts them to the pocket of her dress instead.

> She unbuttons her suit, leaving it idle in her hand. Wary of the difference in sound, she scatters the many computer parts to the floor -- leaving the floor littered.

> Finally, she takes cover besides the door. Another deep breath. Here we go.

| >>636270
>The footsteps stop on the other side. You can hear some armor clacking and radio chatter.
"You hear that? Someone is in here right now."

"Seems like they accessed level Ω info. Get ready, they're better than your average enemy."

>They seems to be setting up shop on the other side of the door, equally as wary. Are they planning something? They seem to have plenty of time, but can the same be said about you?

| >>636280
> Sweetheart let out a sigh.

"Compromised. Alpha, out."

> She spoke to the radio, but not with her usual voice. Through extending her vocal tract and widening of her throat, she made sure the voice came out as masculine as possible.

> Then, she kicks a few of the computer to create as many false noises.

"There's nothing left here."

> She says in her feminine voice.

"Better hurry out then."

> And replies in the masculine voice.

| (I hope that wasn't me sandbagging some new power! I introduced her voice control prowess in the previous thread, just in case it seems weirdly out of place.)

| >>636281

"You hear that? Don't tell me they're... This is the 3rd floor!"

>The door is suddenly busted down, and a grenade is thrown right at the middle of the room. It explodes midair, encasing the room in a sudden deafening flash of light. (12)

>Then one of them rushes in. The figure seems to be covered in ballistic armor. However, his heavy armor prevents him from rushing in fast enough! (3-5=-2...)

| (I don't mind! It's pretty fun to see people bust out new powers here and there. appearance doesn't say everything about the person after all)

| >>636287
(Is the ballistic armor made out of kevlar? Or are they proper steel and such?)

| >>636292
(proper steel. level 3 ballistic plate.)

| >>636295
(Plan sealed.)

> The grenade didn't surprise her (12+2), but it was enough to fling her to the far edge of the room (8). It was at least her ribs that suffered the damage. Ribs regrow -- that's what she heard from a certain Medic.

> Holding this pain is normal, she carried herself in the dizzying ring. Her recovery isn't timed well, but assuming the heavy would rush in first, then—

> She takes her folded gravity knife, then dashed to the hostile's direction!

| >>636296
>The man who rushed in, was indeed, the heavy. The other one has no body armor, and only wore a suit.

>The man didn't expect you to just rush at him like that, as he thought the grenade would have knocked you out right, and he was caught off-guard! He also didn't expect it to be just one person...

>Meanwhile, the guy in the back is trying to take aim at you, while trying not to shoot his ally.

| >>636297
> It was like that, the knife thrown with her left hand propelled ahead to the men behind. She aims for the general vicinity of the heart, where the knife is the best at piercing.

> Her right hand, wrapped in suit, stays limp beneath -- in what appears to be a makeshift treatment for... a fractured arm?

| (Oops, forgot to roll. I got a 16 on the knife throw.)

| >>636299
>It all ended in a flash. The man in the back clutches his chest and immediately falls down, the knife pierces his heart. (4...)

>However, the threat in front of you still presents. He seems to have noticed that the other is down.

>Instead of shooting you point-blank to end it right here, he bashes you with the butt of his rifle to push you back (13) and then runs to his friend. He screams into the radio:

"S2, one down! Need medic and evac! Repeat, S2, one down!"

| >>636306
> The rifle was more than enough to send her body, despite her height, pushed backwards (7). She groans in pain this time, has the pain finally overcome her perseverance?

> With her one hand disabled, her body aching, and her shoulders nearly dislocated, nothing is the best outcome for her now.

> She slowly unwraps her suit from her arm and undoes her shoes. Through another breath, she feels the adrenaline rushing through.

| >>636309
>The heavy completely ignores you, as he's focus on his friend who is injured. It seems like he's not on the offensive anymore, but he still stands guard.

>Perhaps he's waiting for you to bleed out, or waiting for backup?

| >>636314
> She stands back up. Before springing her legs behind her, she had thrown the rubbles aside. Her eyes focus on the single man standing, she squints and began to make a move at her target!

> Her dash is fast (13), but not enough to overcome any sound barrier. Her feet were light enough to move with little sound, as she is close to the man, she puts a charging pose and she uses the fullest of her weight to push him.

> If her weight is to be of use... (5)

| >>636329

>Once more, the man is caught off-guard by the speed, however, he is still unharmed, and successfully managed to counter your pushing attempt, and push you back once more. (18)

>He then quickly readies his rifle, however, at that moment, the other guy interject.

"Code V12!"


"Hurry, I'll be fine here. It didn't struck any fatal spots yet."

"You better come out alive."

"This is nothing."

| "Don't worry, I think there's a misunderstanding here. Ignore the knife in my chest, and go."

>After all that, the heavy guy immediately runs out, but not before glancing at his fallen comrade. You're now left alone with the suited man.

>He struggles, and a strained laugh comes out. His chest is now covered in red, his face is pale, but there's a certain smugness radiating from him.

"You look very beat up, Meliana. Looks like I won."

| >>636335
> She stood up, having received a full force of the push. While stumbling momentarily, she gave a silent laughter.

"When will you learn? I'm Melina, Meliana isn't my name."

> Standing with her two legs now, the 'fractured arm' and 'dislocated shoulder' returns to their original state. It was never there to begin with.

"Thank you. You still helped me in the end."

| >>636337
"Shut... it... Melissa..."
>He's breathing heavily now, the wound must have gotten serious. However, he tries to get it under control, even he doesn't show it.

"Damn... with the only competent janitor gone, who will clean up this... mess now?"

>He shoots a dirty glance at you with his dying eyes.

"You went and ate her food, but now you stole the recipe too? You're truly evil. What... what was her name? Elina?"

| >>636338

> It's that stare. She has seen it over a million times now. Right now, she is helpless too.

"She is the best co-worker I had. You are the worst. You are undoing your own work."

> She says in a controlled voice. Not a single emotion show, aside from the gruelling thought to finish her job.

"If you can't get up, I'm afraid I'll have to leave the shift to you."

| >>636340
"Right, right. Still a joykill as... always, Mariana."

>His voice gets quieter, but it doesn't stop him from mocking her back. In fact, he seems satisfied. His shallow eyes still shines.

"Man... nobody seems to give any respect to janitors these days. I have no choice but to follow the contract, or else my pride will be tarnished!"

>Pained breathing.

"Anyways, it seems like you have the recipe now. I heard the chef lost her memories. Perhaps if you show it to her..."

| >You can barely hear him now. Suddenly, he grabs the knife and yanks it out. Blood spurts out on the open hole on his chest, and his mouth.
>In a last ditch-effort, he grabs a tissue in his suit's jacket and cleans the knife sloppily, and tries to hands it back to you.

"No throwing knives in the kitchen... It breaches the safety protocol."

"Right... it's time to start my shift now... I'll take a breather first... I just came from another one."

>The knife falls to the floor.

| >>636346
> It happened again.

> Her face is shadowed by shame and guilt, darkened in forlorn and in regret. Not known to others, she has given this feeling long ago.

"Ally down."

> She murmurs. The knife she picked up has since reaped many lives similar to this -- she thinks this is enough. That's all she'll need to retrieve her goal.

> She leaves the body behind, not wanting to attach her emotions to him anymore.

| >>636350
>2F, Storage.

>The artificial lights are replaced with gentle moon breeze as the last of LEDs go dark, leaving the floor with red emergency lights. The scattered machinery from the fight creates a layer of dust that soon fills the room. A certain someone will get really upset.

>The red lights lead to the fire escape outside of the building. If one were to look down, they can see collapsed sections of the wall, and a giant hole where 1F entry was.

>It's time to go.

| >>636353
> It doesn't take her long to realise what has happened down there. In her state now, bruised and pained, there is no way she can survive a single minute down there -- on with the explosions and such.

> She goes back to the room to get all her belongings. Buttoning back her suit, and doing her shoes again, she tries to not leave any of her behind, even under the assumption that this place will become debris and rubbles.

| > Taking her radio out, she echoed another message.

"I will need current location ASAP. Sweetheart out."

> Now is the time to regroup, she thinks. She follows the red light, being as cautious as possible while doing so.

| >>636166

"I'll take a whiskey, if ya don't mind." >Dice takes out his mic, turning it over in his hand.
"...what was that secret, if you don't mind us asking?" >This is Gentaro speaking, his attention turned to the bartender.

>Secrets... None of the three men at the bar are going to pretend they haven't had a rather nasty experience with them recently. Still, their curiosity is hard to keep down.

| >>636368
"This is Watcher, requesting rendezvous location. We will try to make our way to you."
>Red shouted into the radio on his shoulder.

(Another question before I do anything stupid. Is the kidnapped girl near the line of guards? Like, if I were to say... throw a bunch of incendiary grenades and flushed out the defenders with small portable flamethrowers, would she be close enough to get roasted alive? Or suffocated because of the smokes and lack of oxygen?)

| >>636388
"En route to first floor. ETA six minutes. Expecting other units to hold ground."

> She says, now taking a faster pace than before -- despite this, her perturbed self still shows. Any surprise now may just catch her off guard.

"Request for status, Watcher. What is the scene in your position? Sweetheart out."

| >>636396
"I'm at the first floor. Two of my men, Nameless, and another unknown faction are underground beneath fighting the securities. I'm calling in back up."

(I'm gonna assume it's fine, since she already survived the frags and the random shots through the smoke.)
>He then changed to his headset's comms.
"Pyromaniac, come in, this is Striker requesting back up at [Location]. We are under heavy small arms fire."

"Roger that Striker, we are heading over to you, ETA ten minutes."

| >>636388
(Nope. This is just a defense line. If you break through this, you will have free access to the facilities, then you can find the girl.)

| >>636384
>The bartender lets out a sigh, before sipping on a drink too.
"You three, what do you think about gambling? Is it an inherently sinful, or a normal human act?"

>A sip.

"Because right now, right here, a bet is taking place. And the chips are, very, very real."

| >>636396
>The route to the first floor is uneventful, and soon, you arrive at the breached 1F fire exit.

>The reception looks nothing like when you came in. Instead, now it has a giant hole in the middle of it, the hidden staircase being revealed forcefully by an unknown party.

>Nearby, two dead bodies can be found. It seems like a fight has taken place here.

| >>636400 >>636403
"Watcher, this is Sweetheart. I am close to rendezvous, confirming two casualties. What is the status down there? Sweetheart out."

> She checks on the dead body, trying to see if she can recognise or plunder any weapons from them. The smell of hell is fresh, regardless, and she expects no less for the path ahead to be fatal if she were to be unarmed.

| >>636400
>The dead bodies have name tags on them, both of them says "Receptionists."

>Your search yielded a taser, and two flashy IDs, each corresponds with the two bodies...

| >>636409
> Undoubtedly, she took the taser with her. In regards to how useful they will be: she doubts it'll find more use than the knife, but pocketing one extra armament won't encumber her.

> As for the IDs, she pockets both of them. Same with the taser, she is unsure how well they will come in the future. No harm's in sight when keeping them, yet.

> All's done. She heads to the depths, wiping the sweat off of her forehead before entering the underground.

| >>636405
"This is Watcher, I'm right outside the first floor. Are you armed?"
>Red asked.
"Our reinforcements could arrive any minutes now."

| >Minutes later, a hovercraft stopped in front of the building and a group of 5 people dismounted the vehicle.
>Unlike Red's initial crew, these men wear plate carriers over fireproof fatigue. All of them also had special version of the S10 gas masks. In addition to assault rifles and sidearms, they also had a small, single-use flamethrower resembling a small tubular tank attached to a trigger mechanism and a sling, which allowed it to be tugged away nicely under their arms.

| >>636415

>The front of the building is still quiet as ever, except for the mess on the side, which is easy to notice. However, bringing this much is bound to get some attention...

>Meanwhile, at the heated fighting zone...
>Of course, the barrages never stops. It seems like in a specific interval, they are supplied ammo from within the compound, making them hard to defeat. In the midst of the chaos... some footsteps hurriedly moved around the defense line, through the smoke...

| >>636413
"Copy. I am not armed. Currently standing near the receptionist, approximately one meter from the hole. Can you spot me, Watcher? Sweetheart out."

> Before she enters, she was able to hear the aforementioned reinforcements. She took a step back, taking the female receptionist's name tag and pockets it too -- all while dragging both bodies away from the point of interest.

| "This is nameless,Meeting heavy resistance. Stairway under reception proceed with caution."
>the fox radios in
"Hope someone has crowd control"
>without any guns and the headset still recharging he decides its best to move a bit closer to the stairwell, away from the gunfire

| "Red, What's the situation."
>The captain of the group asks Red.

"Fletcher, There are two of my men and a few other allies heavily suppressed by the security."
>Red replies.
"The radio frequency is [number]"

"Let's go get them un-suppressed, then."
>Fletcher replies. They walks up to the building.

"I can see you, Sweetheart."
>The group quickly filter into the building through the door.
"Hello there."
>Red walks up to you and hand you a pistol, a modded FN Five-seveN.

| (Clarification: The frequency Red gave Fletcher was the frequency for his squad's comms, not the one Cassius and R-3 use.)

| (quick question: is death allowed? once the smoke and the barricade are cleared, I plan to have some sort of assassination event. but if it's not allowed, that's fine too.)

| >>636421
"Nice seeing you here, Red."

> She answers with… a strangely similar voice. As she responds, she accept the pistol, feeling a sense of security holding them over being empty-handed.

"I hope this goes better over trying to raid a burg joint, hm?"

> Her voice turns masculine again, before modulating to become feminine when saying 'Hm?'.

| (I would rether not have Red and his crew killed, because that's my main character, but the new squad is fine)

| >>636420
> Sweetheart taps the respond button on her radio again.

"Negative. I will leave the reinforcements to that. What is the status of our VIP? Sweetheart out."

| >>636424
(I'll limit the plot armor to leaving Sweetheart heavily wounded to the point of retirement. I hope that fairs things up.)

| >>636424
(Cassie is currently my only Character so it would kinda suck if he died)
"Thats what we're working on down here"
>he is barely audible under the storm of gunfire

| >>636426
(got it. Don't worry, not planning to kill any main characters. But i'll gladly take some grunts XD)

>In the fight, footsteps sound can be heard all over, however there are no heat signatures nor any movements that can be detected. Then they suddenly stop.

>Currently waiting for reinforcement to come, speaking of which, it kinda smells now. Besides the smell of gunpowder and death in the air, if one has really good nose, they can smell... shit and piss...

| >>636425
"Well, I hope so."
>Red say as he starts walking down the stairs with his crew and the Pyromaniac Crew

"Your crowd control is here."
>Red says into the radio.

"Foxtrot 4 and 5, do you copy, this is Victor 1 actual, how's the situation."
>Fletcher asks Ziv and Krinkov through the squad's comms as they make their way down the stairs.

| >>636430
>the fox chuckles under his breath at the smell
"Heh..it worked"

| >>636432
> Sweetheart follows Red and his crew, taking the furthest back position in the group. Her gun isn't holstered, merely letting its weight rest in her hands.

> She didn't say a word through, staying quiet. Perhaps it's the end of her wit, as one can say.

| >>636432
>As the team makes their way down the stairs, the evident sound of fighting becomes louder and louder. You can hear it loudly enough that the status check seems almost redundant. And soon... you arrive at the end of the staircase. It seems really short... perhaps the adrenaline is kicking in already?

>You terrible person.

| >>636436
>Fletcher team immediately toss
a set of incendiary grenades, they should burst into flames as soon as it hit a hard surface.
>Red and the rest of his crew also throw in a combination of frags and flashbangs, for good measure.
>All of them took cover after doing so.

| (That was supposed to be red, but nevermind)

| >>636439
> Sweetheart backsteps upon recognising the grenades. Her body reacted as fast as her eyes, and she had long since shielded herself behind any available cover when they were thrown, ears enclosed by the two of her hands.

| >>636439
>All of the grenades successfully exploded in unison, creating a resonance that shook the building. Screams are heard, as the smoke are burnt away, and so is half of the fortification. Securities scatter as burnt men tries to get the flames off, and the hail of MGs stopped. With the scattered formation, it is now possible to rush in, of course with resistance.

>A beep. A certain headset has been charged... but it would be wise to save it for something more... dangerous.

| >>636443
>Fletcher's team rushes in. As soon as they are in range, they took up the devices that were tucked underneath their arms and start unleashing fire upon the remaining of the formation(d20+5:22(17+5)). The device lasted for around 10-15 seconds before it runs out. The team cast the device out and take up their assault rifles to continue firing, stepping through the fire they had created untouched thanks to their fireproof uniform.

| (For the assault rifle fire

| >Red's crew, now reunited, pushes through the smoke after Pyromaniac squad, firing their assault rifles at what's left in the trail of fire, careful not to step into the burning fire themselves. They start to cough a bit because of the smoke from the smoke grenades and the fire.

| (Fuck, forgot again, sorry. Red's crew rolls is d20+3:11(8+3))

| >>636446
>The remaining security arms their shield and fights back (10-10=0), but the flames, and the overwhelming combined power, there's nothing they can do but to surrender.

>However, surrender is not a choice, as they are being cooked alive, and of course, Red's crew's assaults finish up the rest. (defense roll 15-10=5) The room is now lit in red, and black smoke now fills the room.

>Charred bodies scatters all over the room, the smell and sight is beyond nauseating...!

| >>636451
"Im rather thankful that this thing has a filter.."
>the blue fox looks around for any guns still useable, primarily one of those machine guns and the required ammunition for it. Still shes not in any situation to be picky

| >>636451
"We should probably get going."
>Ziv says.

"Couldn't agree more."
>Red agrees, coughing from the smokes.

>Both the Pyromaniac and Striker team walk pass the scene and look around.

| >>636454

>You look around, and see some unbranded rifles on the ground. On a sandbag, a half-loaded LMG sits there...

| >>636456
>it inspects the MG for any traps or general reason not to use it
>then checks what type of ammunition both the rifles and the MG use

| > Sweetheart has been checking in on the battle every now and then. She seems to be willing to rush in, but a Five-SeveN can only provide so much support, no matter how good her aim is.

"This is Sweetheart. I will hold ground. Sweetheart out."

> She said after tapping out of her radio.

| >>636455

>However, relief hasn't passed yet. In the midst of the flame... there are still some footsteps, but you cannot see anyone. You sense another "fight" coming up, but would you really wanna have one in this forsaken room? Hurry.

>The LMG is tightly attached to the sandbag. It is loaded with 7.62mm rounds. On the ground, the rifles are loaded with 5.56mm rounds. It seems like the poor security didn't get to use it.

| >>636459
>The Strikers and the Pyromaniacs tries to find the door thatvwould lead out of the room.
(Does the 5.56 rifle uses STANAG magazine.)

| >>636459
>he takes any one in usable condition and then fires at the sound in the smoke, utilizing some degree of echolocation to get a better idea of the target then just spitballing (11)
"Not done yet, we got movers"
>he says in a modulated voice

| >>636460
(STANAG? It should be the same as NATO?? if it is then yes. sorry for my lack knowledge of guns asjfasjkf)
>Of course, there is a door, right behind where the securities has set up their defense.

(Stealth roll: 16)
>You get an approximate location, however where they are exactly is inconclusive. The footsteps have gone quieter as well, as whoever the cloaked people are, they know.

| >>636462
(STANAG is the type of magazine used in the AR-15 rifles, many 5.56 rifles use it.)
>The teams filter out of the room.
(Shouldn't the thermal see through the cloak? Although I don't know how your cloaking work.)

| >>636462
>two can use the smoke!
>he fires a short burst to distract them hopefully hitting something along the way but by the power of (5) its Probably not going to do anything

>and then tries to hide in the smoke but also fails Probably cuz (8)

| >>636461
"Do you have an approximate, Nameless?"

> Sweetheart loudly echoes into the radio. She calmly assesses the situation -- as calm as someone can be amidst this hectic room.

| >>636464
(Did a quick search, and found out that they are also called NATO magazine. Yep, they are compatible.)
(Also a secret, there are actually... no people there! just sounds!)

(Stealth roll, 10)
>No footsteps are heard as you shoot into midair... It didn't hit any hidden objects for sure. isn't that the same as spraying? After you fire a short burst, the sounds of footsteps continue, quietly.

| >>636474
>he sighs and draws an M48 cyclone knife, and just death rushes the footsteps utilizing the smoke to weasel a suprise attack (15)

| >>636402

"Hmm. Interesting answer..." >Gentaro strokes his chin.
"I wouldn't say it's >>>sinful, but it's definitely something Daisu needs to do less of."

| >>636464
>The next room is approximately the same size as the hellhole from before. It is filled with bunk beds. Except this time, it is empty. There are 3 doors: left, ahead, and right. You can choose, and of course, you can return later to another door if you wish.

>The blue lights of the room gives you a calming, yet cold feeling.

| >>636475
(stealth roll: 6... damnit!)
>You rush the source of the footsteps... however nothing happens? If there were really people there, surely they would retaliate?

>As you rush, you realize the true source of the steps: a really tiny speaker on the ground... It seems to move slowly too, to give an illusion of movement-

| "Nameless, catch!"
>Osiris shouted as he toss Cassius one of his magazines before he leave the room.

"Let's split up."
>Fletcher says into the radio.
"Victor 2 and 3, on me. Victor 4 and 5 check the left door."
>Fletcher and 2 other men tries to open to door on the right while the rest of his squad tries to open the left one.

"Foxtrot 2 and 3, let's go assist the others. Foxtrot 4 and 5, check that door."
>Red said, pointing to the door ahead.

| >>636482
>he inspects speaker, where does the wire lead and if it leads to a threat

| "Nameless, Sweetheart, come in, what's happening in there."
>Red shouts as he walks back into the room with two others.

| >>636483
>it bops him in the head and then lands on a open hand
"Seems we're clear"

| >>636476
"Ha ha, I spot a fellow gambler over here!"

>And of course, he offers to refill Dice's whisky.

"Well, as always, nothing is really *sinful* about it, I agree. Gambling is indeed very fun, and it can bolster your social life."

"However, if it is done too excessively, it loses its meaning and you fall down on this really endless spiral. This building is the same. It has taken someone important, and trapped them, hoping for a really big prize."

"And they lost today."

| >>636484
>The speaker doesn't seem to be connected to anything. It seems to act independently.

>The door on the right is locked, with a keypad next to it. From looking at it, it requires a guard ID and passcode. Perhaps someone has it?

>On the left door, however... before the squad can check it, a loud *SRING* (slash) can be heard, together with consecutive blasts of something. (16+10=26 scripted kill event)

>The reinforcement squad fell to the floor...!

"You can't."

| >>636489
>he leaves it alone, it might come in handy later...perhaps a distraction if things get heated

>he then heads over to "sweetheart"
"So, info share. What we're you up too?"

| >>636489
(Nat 20, do I get a save? Anyways I'm gonna go to sleep now.)

| >>636490
> She stood up from her cover and dusted herself off. It seems that, for whatever reason, she was trying to hold off vomit -- if her nauseated face is anything to go by.

"I didn't flee for nothing."

> She takes her phone out and hands it to Nameless, leaving it unlocked with everything she has recorded, noted, and otherwise won't be able to say in one breath.

"As I said, leave the scouting to me."

| >>636491
(Sure, and goodnight!)

| > She pauses, clearing her breath in this rancid room. Despite her expertise, things she won't overcome do exist.

"N-now. If my intuition is correct, there should be more than enough personnel to unlock that door with some form of identification method."

> Her sight scatter to see if she can find any dead bodies someone hasn't yet looted.

"I don't think the IDs I have possess any clearance to get past this wall."

| >>636492
"Holy sweet fek"
>he looks down to the phone
"Im going to assume this has a lot of important things in it....
Nice work"
>and stuffs it in a secure pocket in his jacket
>can take a gunshot on that spot and it should come out unscratched
>he then offers a shoulder
"Here...puke on the wall or something if you need too"
>and offers a small little gas mask that only covers the mouth
>Better then nothing no?

| >>636496
"I'm thankful you are SATIS—"

> Before she can even come close to finishing her sentence, her face turns pale and she dashed for the nearest wall, ejecting her stomach acid and nothing more. Nothing in that scene would've spoken for professionalism.

> Her empty stomach at least have helped better the result.


> Thankfully, that was all her body had to say. She takes a handkerchief from the pocket of her suit and wipes her lips with it, staining it directly.

| >>636499
>Bad timing for it, but... There really is nothing to loot anymore from the dead bodies. All you can see are ashes, and the brown vestiges of those who stand in your way. An invisible hand pats you, and you can sense a smug, somewhere.

>Another smack from the next door, this time it can be heard even louder.

| >>636499
"Easy there, easy"
>he attemps to comfort
"Nobody can get used to the smell...trust me i would know..."
>you can tell underneath that mask, lies the concerned face of a war vet who dealt with things like this countless times
"If you cant handle it take the mask"
>he tosses it over then drags a corpse over the body
"Distasteful but it'll cover up any marks"
>then takes a peice of burning wood and sets the corpse alight

| >>636500
>a moment of grim humanity put to the side as quickly as it was summoned
"Watcher, we're ready to proceed, hows things on your end"
>he sets himself beside the door and readies the knife

| >>636501
>The corpses go out in a blaze. The smell of blood, shit and piss seems to be burning away, replaced with pure heat.

>Was it worth it, to sacrifice this much, just for this one person? One that you don't even know...?

>Eventually, only ashes remain.

(I think they went to sleep)
>Silence in the other room. If there were indeed some commotions, you can't hear it in this room.

| >>636501

> She immediately interjects, trying to take any bodies belonging to the hostile party, doing as far as putting out the flames with her own feet.

"I'm sorry, but I have to reject this one plan. Until… until we have a way to unbreak the wall."

| (Gah, was I too late?)

| >>636503
(Gah sorry autocorrect fekked me and i didn't even notice.
I meant a corpse over the vomit wall
to get rid of the vomit smell)

| (there are still more corpses! Not too late, I assume-)

| >>636507
>ok lets just say he burnt the corpse over the vomit wall to delete the traces of it
"Just this, vomit can be used as an identifier. Dead cells in the acid and the like"

>quite frankly he genuinely thought he was going to get a person from a hospital and take them too lunch.
>this was...unexpectedly escalated horribly

| >>636501
> She stayed quiet to this. Not willing to answer nor reply, appearing due to respect, but also due to feeling largely incompetent for her weak stomach.

"Say, was it worth it for you to sacrifice everything for one person, Mr. Vanderbilt?"

> Instead, she asks a question that hoops over the usual topic.

"Don't take this as my doubt for you. I have no reason to disagree with someone who is under a contract with me."

| >>636509
"Honestly. I genuinely expected this to just be a normal outing.
Like i came here thinking that i would just go to a hospital, pick up a person and then have lunch with friends and meet some new people.
Shit i wasn't even the one who escalated everything."
>amid the still burning flames he kicks a piece of rubble
>its a fair assumption to make that under that mask hes...distressed and confused..angry even
>but also...scared

| (Recap- Here are my interpretations of current event:

Red's squad made it over to the next room, Cassius and R-3 is still in the burning room.

Something happened in the next room.

Since Alpha Squad didn't act during all this, I assumed them to also take a part of the fight, and is now standing guard. (sorry!)

Things are still peaceful on the casino floor.

Let me know if smth's wrong.)

| >>636512
(I wanna go to the casino now. It's better than vomitting :( -r386)

"I understand. I share your sentiments."

> The way she responded would made it sound like she doesn't. Her flat tone doesn't make for a very convincing emotional reply, after all.

"My intuitions have warned me the moment I received the money. It's a strange sesation, to get your own instinct speak truths."

| > She slowly draws on to a corpse search. While doing her best to respect them, she digs for any items that may be of use.

"Mr. Vanderbilt, do you mind lending a hand? I sense we will need a puzzle piece later. I picked the wrong shape."

| >>636512
(That seems right.
I actually share the same thoughts as Cassius, genuinely thought that this was going to be a normal comfy thread.
That casino looks soo much better in comparison (´;ω;`))

"Y-yeah...we should get going"
>he helps out
"Careful with the name by the way.
That might cause me undue trouble if people heard"

| >>636514
(You can ashgfashjfash! You can even go to the 20th floor for a massive bar! later! when the building is fixed up and transferred to a new management... I'm so sorry qq, I succeeded at deceiving the chars, but I didn't think the people would too-)

>The corpse search turned out to be rather unsuccessful, however there's a guard ID with sufficient access on one of them.

| >>636516
"You are correct. I'm not used to working alongside my client -- or getting familiar with them. I'm sorry."

> Her eyes spot the ID, snatching it slowly so as to reveal it to Cassius. She leaves the other bodies alone, enough to let them have their proper rest.

| >>636521
>he just nods and follows along, uttering a little prayer for the dead

(( ;∀;) *saed cries*)

| >>636522

> She throws the ID at Cassius, fully expecting him to catch it without too much effort.

"It will be better if I become your shadow for now."

> She lets him take the lead, stopping in place until he can get in front.

"I will be a hindrance if I stay in front. May I say the status of my health?"

| >>636493
>One of the two members that check the left door was hit by the slash and the flash, launching his body backwards. However, he was saved by both his plate carrier, now having a huge gash on it, as well as his fireproof uniform, which help save him from the burns that would have happen from the explosion.
>Nonetheless he was heavily concussed and was knocked unconcious.
>The other Pyromaniac shouted.

| >>636502
>Red ran over to see what happen.
"Nameless, this is Watcher, our soldier just got hit with a booby trapped door. He's not dead, but unconcious."

"It's locked."
>Fletcher said, before turning to the other squad, he saw the soldier got hit by the trap and ran over as soon as he could.

"Eagle Eye, this is Pyromaniac, we've got a man down, I repeat, we've got a man down. Requesting medevac, do you copy?"

"Good copy, Pyromaniac, medevac dispatched, ETA 15 minutes."

| >>636593
"Tsk tsk tsk. Booby trapped door? You make me sad. Can't you see me?"

>A male voice can be heard, then a figure materialized next to the left door. He holds a sword in his right hand, and an automatic shotgun in his left. He is dressed in baggy clothing, and he has his hoods on, so it's unknown whether he has any armor underneath or not.

>Despite being outnumbered, it doesn't seem like he has a disadvantage at all.

"You are free to go to the other 2 door, but not here."

| >>636593
"Tsk tsk tsk. Booby trapped door? You make me sad. Can't you see me?"

>A male voice can be heard, then a figure materialized next to the left door. He holds a sword in his right hand, and an automatic shotgun in his left. He is dressed in baggy clothing, and he has his hoods on, so it's unknown whether he has any armor underneath or not.

>Despite being outnumbered, it doesn't seem like he has a disadvantage at all.

"You are free to go to the other 2 door, but not here."

| (crap doubleposted again)

| >>636601
>The team quickly sprang up, their weapons raised.
"Who are you?"
>Fletcher asks.

"Nameless, Sweetheart, this is Watcher. We've got contact here, over."
>Red said into the radio.

| >>636607
>Instead of pointing his weapons back and gets ready to fight, he remains at ease.

"The one that will stop you from getting into this room behind me. Now who are you?"

| >>636607
"Sweetheart in. What is your unit's status? Over."

> She gently releases the button on her radio, then looks over to Cassius. None of her fighting spirit is in place, but rising in its position is her will to follow an order -- and that is what she waits for.

| >>636609
"My name isn't important, but just know that I'm trying to rescue someone."
>Fletcher replied.
"Victor 5, keep your weapons on him. Victor 3, take Victor 4 to medevac. Victor 2, on me, we will come back later."
>Fletcher said, before he approaches the door that wasn't locked or guarded.

"We've got a man down, and a contact armed with bladed weapon and a shotgun. He doesn't seem to be hostile at the moment."
>Red replied.
"We are keeping eyes on him, over."

| >>636616
> 'Bladed weapon', 'shotgun' -- covering both grounds. Her eyes squint hearing this, considering the worth of the fight, should they aggravate this individual.

"Keep a stand by, Watcher. We will approach ASAP. Sweetheart out."

| >>636616
>The remaining door leads to a small room. Your eyes are immediately bombarded with a giant blue holoscreen of a city?, with arrows pointing in seemingly random directions. A control panel is also present, with multiple buttons, sliders, and menu...

>The hooded man leans against the door. His posture is unguarded.

"Rescue? Right... is that the keyword for "kidnapping"? Because there is no one that needs rescuing here."

| >>636618
"Roger that, sweetheart."
>Red said.

"Well, she definitely sounds like she didn't consent to be brought in here and kept under watch by armed people"
>Red told the hooded figure.

>Fletcher look around the room for a little and leave, going back out. If he doesn't know what's the thing is, he's not touching it. That's the job for others to do.

| >>636633
>You can feel his piercing glare under his hood.

"Hmph. It seems like you know who is supposed to be behind this door. If so, I have to try even harder to not let you have her then."

>His grip on his weapons tightens.
"And don't you try that bluff against me. Taken forcefully? Didn't consent? What a sack of bullshit. You're just trying to get her for your personal goals, aren't you."

>He doesn't believe you. A faint aura of hostility is being given off...

| "Watcher this is nameless, lets not waste time here.
Throw a nade at him then shut the door immediately after"
>he sighs
"This entire thing is already a mess.
Nameless out"

| >>636650
> Sweetheart steps in as soon as Cassius said that. She has a plan. Her steeled leer is speaking a determination of some kind.

"Trust me on this. You keep her safe."

> She opens the door to enter the other room, letting Cassius stay in the back. A shadow that moves first, that's surely a concept to defy common sense.

| >>636655

>Noticing you walk in, the figure lets out a whisper.

"Hmph, another life that I might have to take away tonight."

>Having one more to fight, it seems like that one combined, swift focused strike will overwhelm him in an instant. But still... his posture is as calm as ever. Does he have an ace on his sleeve, or perhaps a death wish?

| (I'm back after a, uhh, slightly longer than 12 hours break. Can I get a rundown on what transpired since Alpha team threw their nades? Reading through 113 posts is confusing —UKT)

| >>636657
(Welcome back! Here's a quick recap at



(The security defense line is broken via new reinforcement from Red's team. Everyone is now regrouped at the next room. There's a really strong guy guarding a door, and now everyone is dealing with that.)

| >>636512

(oops the link broke.)


(if you have any questions, ask away, i'll try my best to clarify!)

| >>636656
> Sweetheart stayed modestly quiet. She analyses the figure with a gaze that pierces through. Her eyes focus onto the equipment he wore, finding if they're of any danger to her -- if it can ever be.

| >>636643
"Personal goals?"
>Ziv laughs.
"I can't imagine kidnapping a girl. What use do I have for a normal girl? I'm thinking that YOU are the one that's keeping her for personal goals, from all the things I've gather from the thread she created."

| >>636660
>In his left hand is an unbranded shotgun, but it resembles a SPAS-12, however it has been modified by god-knows-who. Magazine extension, weirdly bigger barrel, etc...
>How can a person wields a shotgun one-handed? And an automatic one too?

>In his right hand is a simple... curved longsword? You can almost swear you see some smoke particles emitting from it.

>His long hoodies prevents you from seeing which kind of gear or body armor he is wearing underneath.

| >>636661
>He lets out a laugh too, as if some expectations are betrayed.

"Hahaha... Here I thought you were... nevermind. Let me clarify. I do not work for them, nor associated with them. My only job here is to ensure her safety, and see through the transfer process successfully. That is all."

>He then scoffs.

"This is a personal business... a war between cities and states. One goes deeper than you can ever imagine. And one that you should keep out of, mercenary."

| >>636655
"Dont do anything careless..."
>he stands by and watches, trusting R-3 but hoping for the best all the same

| >>636661 >>636660 >>636633 >>636650
"You all talk too much." — >Comes distorted voice from the entrance, as the Alpha team finishes their way inside.
>The short trooper, who was the one to speak, drops his backpack on the ground and then with a loud hissing sound takes off his helmet... Revealing a stern, deeply-wrinkled face of a man, well into his fifties from the first glance. His hair heavily touched by grey, with steely-grey eyes to come along. A long thin scar on his forehead

| >Completes the picture.
>The short man calmly pushes past the woman, then Cassius, and, finally, Red and his team — his movements fluid like flowing water.
"Move. Or be made to." — >What could only be the Alpha team leader says, as he flows down into a wide bajiquan stance. Air crackles slightly around his gloves — shockers?

| "...!"
>The hooded man gets on guard instantly, but eases himself.
"I see. The Eight-Extremities School, huh?. Aren't martial artists supposed to be patient? Or perhaps your robot boss told you to hurry up?"

>In a flash, his shotgun disappears. He grasps his sword with both hands, but doesn't get into any specific stance...

>His hood falls down, revealing a young face, in his 20s. His cold, blue eyes betrays his bright red hair.

>A sizzling sound can be heard from the sword...!

| >>636672

> Sweetheart gets into her stance, pushing through the Alpha team's leader, ignoring him completely after striking a glare. She faces straight against the man, now knowing what he will wield.

"Halt, in this instant."

| >>636673
>The man's piercing blue eyes stare at you. His mouth doesn't move, but by his stance, he seems ready for an attack in any direction as well, if your attempt proves to be a distraction.


>However, he seems to be listening? Or is that just you?

| >>636675
"The Heiress."

> She says, replying the stare with another. Her hand has readied the single knife she has, despite the knife being folded in.

"Before I let the man behind speak, do you side with The Heiress?"

| >>636677
>His eyes open wide in shock, but he returns to his stoic stance immediately after.

"Who... are you! How do you know... THAT?!"

>From his look, it seems like he's trying to control his emotions, whichever it may be.

| >>636678 >>636672 >>636675
>Short man explodes in motion, almost literally. It takes him one blink to stop just underneath the blue-eyed blade, the force propelling him forward sending a wave of air throughout the entire room... As he vanishes below the view of his foe.
"die" >resounds in the air an emotionless, calm, coarse voice.

| >>636678
"I SAY!"

> She loudly retaliates. Despite this, she shows little appearance of a strong emotion, merely a raised voice.

"And I repeat do you—"

> Her eyes now has widened again, opening in response to the man's attack. She didn't receive a single alert from her intuition -- but she knows for sure, it is better to stay neutral against him.

> At least, until she launches herself in the man's direction too.

| >>636679

>It also takes a blink for him to ready his stance, and he vanishes. Like a needle popping a balloon, only the sizzling sound can be heard, as the force of air is cut and pierced, so fast that the most augmented eyes can't catch up.

>The surrounding wall lit on fire for a second, and a chunk of wall is broken down in the shape of cuts.

| >>636682
>Which makes no difference, as the short man is way, way below — a snake coiling on the ground. He makes a perfect circle around the youngster's legs, adding the rotation's force to an already impressive acceleration.
>He blows upwards as a spring let loose as he reaches the blue-eye's front right, and all the accelerated force gets blown out in one line, as the soldier's right hand, blurred from the speed it moves at, lunges for his foe's thorax (d20+7=21(14, 7).

| >>636683
>(He loses +1 for every action he takes and starts getting -1 for every action he takes after his bonus hits 0 due to the permanent condition he has with his lungs)

| >>636682 >>636683
> The woman could barely catch up. Her fastest was their slow, and their speed impresses her eyes, which can never hope to catch sight of. Her senses fail, and she was forced to stand still -- trying to find any way that her instincts would apply over her actual skill.

| >>636683
>Of course, that technique is absurdly strong... if the center stays still. His stance is made to breakthrough strong, close-ranged, and incapacitating hits. No matter how fast, or deadly the snake is, it has to come up to strike.

>He twists his body, and he makes a straight, sharp cut directly at the assailant's right wrist, using the same accelerated force that his opponents puts out. If the enemy's force is an avalance, his sword serves as the snowboard... (13+10=23)

| >(Note: His fighting skill is designed to take down his opponents in the shortest time. Combined with his knowledge in martial arts, he has +10 counter bonus for the first 3 strikes, then only +4 after)

| >(so absolute attack faces absolute counter-attack. Fs in chat for JoKey, I guess)

| >>636686
"Do pull back sweetheart. I don't think there is anything we can do here.."
>briefly considering joining the fight himself, she decides against it. It would only be a hindrance

| >>636692
(Don't worry, no deaths for main characters, and if you take a look at above, my rolls tend to go south- not jinxing myself there)

| >>636694
(I don't run plot armor)

| >>636689
>Propelled forward by the force of his strike, the soldier has no physical ability to get away from the strike (d20+6=9 (3, 6), d20=9), and so he goes for the offensive. Leaving his arm extended for the cut, the short man extends his rotation outwards, maintaining most of the energy that would otherwise be lost. Torrent of blood springs from his forearm as the sword makes the cut...

| >...but it just leaves his opponent with their blade down. Short man revolves, his blood draping him a floating cape in the air, and with his left leg strong on the ground, rises his right knee in the air — and puts all his remaiming energy into the downward strike onto the enemy knee, aiming to shutter it (d20+5=20(15, 5).

| >>636696
(evasion roll 11)
>As he sees his opponent aims for his knees, the redhead hurriedly brings his sword to guard the impact... but the force was too strong to deflect the blow completely, and his knee crack, blood spurting out, puddling the floor.

>However, after that, he stopped blocking it, and let his knee fully absorb the hit. Sensing another opportunity as his blade is down, his arms swung up at full force, and the sizzling blade uppercuts the right leg. (14+10=24)

| >Fletcher and his team walk out of the room with the holoscreen surprisingly calm about the fight going on. Not my troop, not my problem, I guess.
"Hey, anyone want to check this out?"
>He calls to the other people in the room.

| >Red and his men just watch the fight happen.
>A guy from the Pyromaniac squad help his comrade out of the room and up the stairs to try and reach the medevac area.

| >>636693
"I'll hold ground! All of you dissipate!"

> For the first time, she forces a command. Something in this fight intrigued her. It's not a clash of ideals that pulled her in, it's the exhilarating battle coming that is running through in front of her.

| >>636705
>Up the stairs, it seems like the reinforcement that the securities have came. It's just a small team this time. Poorly armored and armed, they still rush down...

| >>636702
( https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/554265912543543298/690458449913446440/unknown.png )
>However the short man had forseen the blade coming beforehand. He let his own strike overtake his own balance, and forced himself to fall behind the youngster(20, 20). Acceleration from his fall providing him with additional energy, he span on the ground to mitigate the hit — using this spinning motion to propel his left hand and strike at the root of his foe's damaged leg (19).

| >>636709
>Upon seeing the incoming reinforcements, the man took cover and laid his unconcious friend down.
"This is Victor 3, we've got more contact incoming, requesting back up."

"Roger that, Victor 3."
>Fletcher answered the call.
"Victor and Foxtrot squad, on me, we've got contacts."
>The rest of both squads filtered out of the room and made their way out

| >>636711
(evasion roll 11)
>As the uppercut whiffed, he had no choice but to take it, and the force from the punch completely disabled his leg, and blows him a quite distance away.

>Regardless, he ignored the pain and continues to fight, as it's still his style. He takes out his shotgun for a moment, thinking something, but puts it away.

>His eyes burns brighter (figuratively), as he is planning to put everything on the line for the next attack... He mutters:


| >>636709
"Coming in from behind"
>the blue fox returns to the burning room
"I got them."
>and so standing in a room of the burning dead, the smell of death and ash brimming the air
>it appears now its the fox's turn to become...*the boss monster*
>he shouts a large scream
>it holds no real effect but scaring them

| >>636712
>The security force this time, is not organized like the defense line before, but chaos and fear runs through every single one of them.


>No order. They, together with their shields and rifles, runs in and shoots right ahead of them.


>Some of them breaks formation, if there were any in the first place, and tries to flee! The rest stares on with tears-

| >>636715
>now in that damn monster form again, she picks up a still burning body and throws it into their scattering formation! (11)

>then retreats into the smoke! (12)

| >>636713
>The short man meanwhile, who lost the last bits of kinetic energy he achieved in his first charge, stood up from a forward roll... throwing a knife in the process, halfway through the air by the time his foe wastes his breath (d20+2=10). He shakes from one side to another, the blood from his severed wrist slowed down to a trickle — perhaps, significantly tigher looking sleeve of his armor having something to do with it?

| >One second later he charges forward, as if to repeat his opening move!

| >>636715
>The rest of rhe squad that had arrived took cover and start spraying the security down(Nat 20, baby)

| >>636717
>Not expecting the knife, it hits him squarely in his arm, and it cut deeps...

>His eyes burn up with anger. He prepares his life on the line with the last attack... and is greeted with a knife?

>He stood up, ignoring everything before. It doesn't matter now.

(https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/591134695857717249/690465821025239050/unknown.png)(ignore the modifier)

>He takes out his shotgun, and unloads the whole drum magazine squarely on the martial artist. (20)

| >After draining the entire magazine, he tosses the shotgun away, and readies his sword, this time, the sword burns bright red. It seems he expects the old-timer to survive the hail of bullet...

| >>636719 >>636716

>The super nat20 bullet barrage, and the monster illusion seems to have broke the guard's morale instantly. Some of them fall down, and some of them collapses under the weight of the burnt corpses of their fellow guards.

>The rest attempts to flee... Cries and curses can be heard all the way back here... (15)

| >>636723
>Pyromaniac squad escorted the knocked out guy up the stairs while the Striker squad went back to the scene where Alpha and the was-hooded-but-not-anymore figure was fighting.

| >>636721 >>636722
>...said charge never happens. The short soldier smirks, as the youngster pulls out his shotgun, and drops onto the floor — yet, not by his own will, but as the shotgun shots hit him head on, penetrating wherever his gear has no armor (d20+1=14(13, 1), d20=3). He coughs blood onto the floor as he collapses, but through the heavy, wet wheezing an order can be heard:

| >The order the two remaining Alpha team members, left unnoticed throughout the fight, were desperately waiting for — and have been more than ready for it. Two prone soldiers, one assault rifle and one bipoded lsw, open up on the blue eyes at full auto, caring not for the ammo expenditure ( https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/554265912543543298/690469899478237184/unknown.png ).

| >>636723
>with that out of the way she returns to the bunkbed room
>then just watches alpha team do their work

| >>636726
>After the hail of bullets, the redhead- or blueeyes man falls down, still clutching his sword. Of course, as any other battle he's in, it's ended with less than 3 cuts.

"Goddamn karma... always bites back huh... sorry, but you're on your own now."

>Blood spills out all over. And soon, the man made no more sounds.

>The left door is now unguarded, and open.

| >>636728
"Rest well."
>he approaches the corpse and shoots the brain out for good measure
>then kneels down and utters a prayer out of respect for a competent fighter

>afterwards it rejoins sweetheart
"So..keycard door or guarded door?"

| >>636729
"I would say guarded door."
>Red said.
"If what the dead guy said is true, she should be behind that door."

| >>636728 >>636725
>The two Alpha team members rush up to their leader immediately, one dragging the leader's huge backpack while the other spends a second to pick up the severed wrist. They open the backpack and begin patching the short man into a state in which he would be safe to move around, no longer seem to be caring for their original objective.

| >>636729
> She bites her lip. Something didn't go to her plan, and now she has to make a new plan. This too, always happen.

"The keycard requires a key combination."

> She states, pointing to the door.

"It will be wise for one of us to cover each doors, and not surrender to the thought that he may be guarding our VIP."

| >>636730 >>636732
"Nothing ventured nothing gained then"
>he hands the girl the rifle and ammo
"Just in case. Its better then nothing."

>then inspects the sword and shotgun the guard was using

| >>636733
>The shotgun lays there on the floor, the empty drum mag stuck to it. It's now as good as a glorified baseball bat.

>The sword has a good handle and blade to it. Whoever forged it must holds a lot of knowledge, as the balance of sharpness and weight is almost perfect. On the handle of the sword, there's a button. Upon pressing it, the sword lights up. Seems like the temperature, and the cooling is perfectly managed.

| >>636733
> She takes the rifle, before looking around. The key will be hard to find, but if she tries enough--

"I will be circling around to search for the key combination!"

> And she does as told, with a loadout that would have resembled the start of the war better.

| >>636742
"Yo anyone got some spare shells?"
>the sword is taken and sheathed
>something he can actually use with effect!
>then scans the body for shells and or something that can help progress, like a password or keycard

| >>636744
>There are three rooms: The room ahead leads to the giant holoscreen, the room on the right that needs a key combination and a guard ID, and the room on the left... which the man was guarding.

>Your body search yields nothing. It seems like he left all of his valuable and identifying information somewhere...?

| >>636746
> She goes back to the burning room, seeing if the reinforcements that had arrived earlier were to possess the identification she needs. With the rifle, her gait is slower, walking at a pace less than optimal.

> While walking, she gulps to alleviate her dry throat, which has been running drier by the moment.

| >>636750
>A slip of paper is found on the guard's hand; a line of code. Even in death, the corpse still holds on to anything tightly.
>Perhaps you can use this together with the guard ID earlier?

>Something on the back of your mind tells you to hurry. Time is quickly running out, and after that, something will change drastically...

(can't believe we might need a 3rd thread soon.)

| >>636752
> Her intuition kicks into full throttle (15). Her heart beats faster. Is this what they call exhaustion? Or is it panic? Paranoia? She clutches her chest, which tightens as she takes a breath.

> Not wanting to worsen the situation, she swipes the paper, reading it while she walks back to Cassius and the group.

> Her vision starts to cloud.

| >On the street outside a barely audible humming can be heard.

| >the fox gives the rush order
"Shit we are taking too long lets hurry this up!"
>and enters the guarded room
"Two of you escort sweetheart.
Nobody without a partner this time alright?!"

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