Some new freak killer on the loose?

| >A trideo begins to play, which shows a traffic camera overlooking a residential traffic light at night, with urban apartment buildings lining the block. There were no cars, and one figure walked on the sidewalk north towards the top of the screen from the south. Crossing the street on the far side, the figure was hard to really make out from a distance, especially because it was from a back view. What could be seen, however, was that it was wearing a long black cloak and a hood.

| >The figure stopped and turned at the entrance to one of the apartment buildings, before grabbing a key card and opening the door. The figure's hands were gloved, not revealing much else, but a very, very faint blue glow came from what appeared to be its forehead. As the figure entered the building, the trideo fast forwarded, and after a few seconds (minutes) returned to normal speed. Suddenly, as it did so, a man broke through an upper-floor window and fell down to the street!

| >The man, seemingly not dressed, fell hard onto the concrete below from what had to be at least 10+ stories up, as the arms held out to brace himself broke and bent under the weight of the fall, his face bouncing off the ground in a queasy fashion as he half-bounced once before rolling in a semicircular fashion for a moment, flopping to a stop at the end at the edge of where the street met the sidewalk. Shortly after, the figure in the cloak could be seen running out of the side...

| >Just as the figure ran off of the screen to the right from the north, leaving through a side door in the building on the south side, giving you a side view of the figure as it exited the building. As they dashed off into the night, the hood of the figure flew off, and revealed what looked like a figure with two metallic horns protruding upwards. Its skin seemed to be entirely metallic, possibly an android of some kind, and when it turned to look behind, its face was revealed.

| >The figure appeared to have a glowing neon blue cybernetic eye in the middle of its forehead, as well as a right eye that glowed that same neon blue glow. Its left eye did not appear to be glowing and was therefore dark. It was too dark to really see much else, however. The figure turned back around and ran off into the night after seeing it was not being followed or pursued, eventually running off screen.

| That qualifies for freak alright, jesus and here I was, already worried about the robot killers and the fishes with grenade launchers


| What a pathetic murderer. I thought mechanic people were supposed to be smart and know where cameras and stuff are. This is an easy catch, no?

| I dont think just cause they're a lilim doesnt make them a master hacker. -CN

| Huh, weird.

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