(settings) CW Multipurpose Building

| Downtown, Glitch City.
If one were to look for a really elegant, giant architecture miracle, CW Multi-purpose Building is not one of them. Big, yes, but in no way it is elegant. The white and pristine exterior, coupled with its rows of windows has earned it a reputation of being a "hospital block".

| >However it is nothing but a reputation. Inside, a glamourous world awaits them. The 20th floor of the building has been modified into a giant bar and disco floor... in addition to other countless entertainment. Having a giant bar is key, but that's not all. With the convenience of a map, one can find a floor to anything: hotel, shopping mall, casino... and grocery, or anything that fits within its 20-story tall and extremely T H I C C size.

| >In the veil of the night sky, the building's neon sign flashes a + sign, which can confuse innocent citizens. The staff is always nice enough to redirect them to the right place, or are they?

Of course, it's all on the inside. On the outside, CW Multipurpose Building is sleeping. The big sliding door sits immobile, and above it, a word.


| >Suddenly, the sliding door opens and a man walks out furiously. He screams into the air.

>Looks like an unfortunate victim. He walks angrily to his car, then he drives away. His anger lingers in the air for at most three seconds before everything is quiet again. It's absolutely impossible that someone can be trapped inside. Right?????

| >A nondescript Vindertech service van pulls up to a stop on a parking spot across the road from the building. Its rear doors open up, seemingly by themselves, and by themselves they close a dozen seconds later. No other activity occurs, the car remaining perfectly still, its engine silent.

| >a boy with brown hair, wearing a blue jacket and a interesting headset walks on scene
"...wait...i thought she was in a hospital.."
>he gazes up at the building confused
"..perhaps this is the wrong address?"

| >>635402
>The wind answers with its gentle breeze. No one is around. If this building were a bit *shorter* you can enjoy the moonlight. The sleeping building stays immobile.

>A sliding sound, then another sliding sound, and the big sliding door moves. In the dark, a drunken figure stammers out. He collapses right before the entrance.

| >>635411
>he walks inside, wary not to disturb the drunk man

| >Three men approach the building. Two are in jackets with hoods pulled up to guard against the night chill, hiding their faces from view. They stop at the door, one of the hooded individuals squinting at the "CLOSED" sign.
"Huuuuuh? This place is closed..."

| >>635412
>The sliding door gives way to you, and of course, judging by the sound, there are 2 of them. The second one is different from the first: dark and cold.

>As you step inside, light fills your eyes again. This area reminds you of an office's reception area. At the reception, it seems like there are 2 workers, both occupied with their work.


>The drunk man stays collapsed outside the entrance. How did he get out if it was closed?

| >>635415

"...Daisu. Ramuda." >The third member of the party, the one without a hood, glances at the drunk man.

"There's someone over there." >Without waiting for his companions, he walks over to the drunk man.
"...excuse me."

| >>635416 >>635413
>before he fully steps in he whistles them
"Yo over here"
>and nods his head left before fully heading inside

>he looks around for any idle receptionist or person to direct him

| >A group of five people approaches the building. They were wearing soft armor, backpack, and chest rigs over their fatigue. All of them were armed with rifles and pistols. On their heads are balaclavas and combat helmets

>The man at the front, who seems to be the leader, looks at the vindertech van.
"That's the one Cassius was talking about. Ziv, Krinkov, keep your eyes on that. The rest, come with me."

| >>635417

>Everyone's suspicious, but they're not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. They head over to Cassius, hands in their pockets.

| >>635417
>The receptionists all look occupied. If you keep waiting like this, no one is going to do anything.
>But the time you spend waiting is not wasted however. Don't worry.

>The receptionists didn't even notice anything. They stare blankly and keep typing at their computers. Are they really that hard-working? Or is the night fatigue getting to them?

>This may be a good time to get everyone together before proceeding.

| >>635421

>There's still receptionists here even though the building is closed... Suspicion increases, but not so much so that it deters Fling Posse from their mission. Dice looks around for a map, aiming to find the casino here.

| >>635420
"Wait..no...those dude dont go anywhere without wearing full armor..shit sorry..unless you are red and theres ballistic plate under there.."
"Oh yo red over here!"
>he calls out

| >>635422

>Indeed there is a map on the left wall, big enough for an entire group to view. The casino is... 7th floor. To go there, take the elevator right next to the map. The casino and arcade occupies the whole floor.

(didn't expect hypmic references in here i'm dead)

| >>635424

>Heh. Seven.
"Gentaro! Ramuda! Over here!!" >He calls out to his partners, who've also been looking around for maps. Once they're all together again, Fling Posse head for the nearest elevator so they can get to the 7th floor.

((i've been posting as a few hypmic characters already, i've got jakurai in the 2:22 thread for example))

| >>635423
>Two of the armed men break of from the group, their rifles at the ready, and set up watch over the Vindertech van. The rest make their way over to Cassius, past the drunk man on the floor.
"What's up."

| >>635425
>The 7th floor opens up with a jazzy music. And of course the sounds of people. Screams of victory and determination. Joy and sadness, all can be found here. Slot machines, roulette wheel, game table...etc is everywhere, but still feels like there's plenty of space to maneuver.

>A small bar is in the center, with bartenders hard at work to relieve the gamblers with a few drinks, or push them on. Bunny girls travel around the bar, serving drink...

| >>635426
>Upon a slightly closer look, there appears to be no one is either driver or passenger seats of the van. It remains immobile.

| >>635427
"Oh im literally just here to pick someone up.
But i swear something is off...
Nevermind that, sincet you and your people came ill treat ya to lunch after i get her.
Oh and if you excuse me one sec."
>he hands over a hand radio
"Just in case.
Alright im off"

>he looks around for any medical facility

| >>635429
>On the map, there is no sign of any mention of anything related to medical, or hospital for that matter. Bar, hotel, grocery, shops of all kind... even clubs, gyms and SUBSTITUTE CLASSROOM?

>But there is no mention of clinic, hospital, healing anywhere.

| >>635430
>his eyes glow bright blue as he activates his AR contacts and posts a message in the thread while looking for any guarded rooms

| >>635433
>Guarded? There is no guarded rooms anywhere on the map. The holo shows the blueprint of the building but there seems to be no suspicious rooms whatsoever.

>Your danger/u/ surf is interrupted by a masculine voice behind you.

"Welcome to CW. How may I help you? You have been standing around for a long time now."

>It seems like the receptionists have taken notice of things going on around them.

| >>635435
>he turns around to greet the person
"Oh im looking for somewhere to eat.
Kinda undecided on what though"

| >>635436
>The person is of course, a male. His suited uniform complement his big frame. One could mistake him for a bouncer, but his name tag: "Adam, Receptionist" says otherwise.

"Ah food, you say. If that is the case I would recommend you to the 5th floor. A lot of our affiliates have set up shop, and I am confident you will be able to satisfy your hunger there."

>He bows again. This time, is he a butler?

It's weird to see people come through this entrance. It's business-only.

| >>635439
>he blushes a bit out of embarrassment
"Gah!sorry! I was confused looking for the entrance and there was this drunk guy that stumbled outside so i thought this was it!"
>he explains in a slight panic
"Im sorry!"

| >>635440
>Adam lets out a laugh
"Don't worry, you have people mistaking our building as hospital after all! And the drunk guy? Damn not this again Robert."

"Oh, and by the way, the elevator is that way."

>He then heads back to his desk, and alerts the other receptionist, who proceeds to call the drunk guy's family to pick him up. Seems like that guy is really popular among the night workers.

>In a moment, the drunk man was picked up and gone from the settings.

| >>635443
"Oh thank you! Sorry again!"
>he gives a slight bow and heads to the elevators, selecting the 5th floor

| > A woman of a proper six feet stature stands close to the building. She fixes her brunette hair, tying it with a pin behind her ears, along with reintroducing the bases of her make-up. She dons a black business attire, complete with the skirt that obscures until her knees.

"Creepy hell."

> She spots the Vandertech fan, and immediately averts her gaze to a phone she pulls from the pocket of her suit.

| >>635444
>The elevator dings and opens. The 5th floor has food stalls. /burg/, pizzas, Old-Japanese food... armed with the ability to fill everyone's hunger.

>There does not seem to be a lot of people here. The ones that are eating the food are suited workers, probably working the night shift. But less numbers doesn't mean less atmosphere. Old-Japan City Pop can be heard from various speakers. If there weren't a roof on top of your head, you can mistake this for a food exhibit.

| >>635444
>The elevator dings and opens. The 5th floor has food stalls. /burg/, pizzas, Old-Japanese food... armed with the ability to fill everyone's hunger.

>There does not seem to be a lot of people here. The ones that are eating the food are suited workers, probably working the night shift. But less numbers doesn't mean less atmosphere. Old-Japan City Pop can be heard from various speakers. If there weren't a roof on top of your head, you can mistake this for a food exhibit.

| (gah it posted twice)

| >>635449
>he heads over to purchase some burgers
>passersby would notice...feminine movements?

| >>635453
>Some passersby would notice the weird feminine movements, but they don't seem to care enough to look for more than 3 seconds-

>The owner of the /burg/ joint sadly says

"I'm sorry, but an earlier customer have bought out all the burgs... if you don't mind waiting for 30 minutes to for us to cook extra, I can take your order right now."

>Balances the angry burg out with a normal burg today! Only 100z today!

| >>635460
>he slowly blinks
>s l o w l y
>then nods
"Yes i can wait"

| >>635461
>Something about the man's blink shook the owner to the core. He quickly says
"Yes, we're be super quick for you! I'll even give you a discount!"

>He proceeds to turn back and screams at the workers to hurry up, then mutters loud enough so you can hear.

"That girl... she's a really weird one. Damn, but that face looks familiar..."

| >>635462
>just to mess with them further he pays 7500 nuyen
>waaaaaayyyyyy more then ordering the entire menu three times over most likey!
"Just 7 burgers please. Im ordering for a group"
>he says with a smile that could put an angered god at ease
>only then does one realize that his voice is...intoxicating to listen too
>as if melted chocolate being dripped directly into ones ears

| >>635465
>It seemed to have an effect, as now the entire burg joint is filled with energy and passion to deliver the best burg!

>Magically, in ~5-7 minutes, your order of 7 burgs is finished!

>The cashier enthusiastically take your 7500 nuyen... and change them back...

>The owner shakes your hands forcefully!

"Yeah, if you want to discuss something I'll happily discuss it with you! You're my favorite customer for tonight now! Of course together with that girl, haha!"

| >>635469
>confused he tilts his head, although its clear he appreciates the quick time
"Mm? What girl?"
>he seems curious and nothing more
>then again its hard to say when his voice is a memetic orgasm...

| >>635470
>Unfortunately, the owner experiences diminishing effect... and now can hear you clearly. too bad huh?

"Yeah, a few hours ago there was this girl. She literally bought out our entire burg supplies and ate them all. Man that was super crazy I tell you. But she doesn't look bloated or anything after eating all that..."

>He sighs

"If it was our active hours we would be collapsing in customer complains and overworking by now."

| >>635475
"Damn thats crazy to think about.
Did she give a name or head anywhere afterwards?"
>theres no special effects or anything, his normal voice is just that good lol

| >>635476
>Used to the man's voice, he now thinks clearly.
"Well I don't know anything specific about her, but I know that she came in and out through the business elevator."
>He points at the elevator that you came from.
"Oh right, she also says she doesn't remember anything. At least that's what my workers tell me."
>He shrugs.
"We learnt our lessons today. We will make sure that our supplies survives through such an... unexpected event."

| >>635479
"Interesting. Oh uh thank you for your time"
>he takes a seat somewhere at the food court

| >>635482
"No problem."

>You take a seat at the food court. You look out of place. Most of other people eating at the food court are older and are wearing suits. Occasionally you see groups of people stopping by to buy food from various stalls and leave.

>Of course the /burg/ joint gets to have customers screaming at them. Poor part-timers.

>A random podcast starts to play in the background... What an ideal place to relax. If only you came here worry-free.

| >>635427

>Dice makes a beeline for the casino, and Ramuda for the arcade. Gentaro briefly considers following one of the two, but decides against it; he senses that there might be something wrong, so instead he heads to the bar to try and gather information. Or maybe just vibe, either works.

| >>635449
> The woman outside has since entered the building, passing the receptionist and heading straight for the fifth floor. The ding earlier had surprised her somewhat, even more so with the food offered here.

> She scans the room, trying to find anyone peculiar enough to hire her here. Her gaze sharpens, honed to pinpoint a single target — but all it leaves her is a threatening expression for others to see.

| >>635484
>now to await his group..

"...clad lady..ah there she is"
>a boy wearing a blue jacket whistles her over and mouths out the words
>"you from the thread?"

| >>635574
> The woman takes note of the mouthed words, immediately understanding what said, save for the last word. She nods then waves her hand in a feigned happy face before walking over to him.

"Sorry. I came in late… Mr. Vanderbilt."

> She takes a seat next to him. The silence formed between the two was short before she realises her blunder.

"Ah… uhm, I—I did a background check on you. Real sorry I knew your name beforehand."

| >>635575
"Mmmm...? Entertain me then~
How much do you know..?~"
>he says with a grin
>his voice is utterly hypnotic, as if the most elegant of dark chocolates melted and dripped directly into ones ears
>oh my

| >>635576
"Juust enough."

> Her evasive answer doesn't provide enough of anything, in that stead, she gave a hand to shake and introduce herself with.

"Let me reintroduce myself. You may know me as R-3, but since our VIP here has the same codename, I'll… call me anything."

> In response to his voice, she gave a chipper and melodic voice of her own. It seems this voice is hard trained to make use of its vocal range, seeing how she easily controls its flow.

| >>635577
>he smiles as the deep amber plain of his eyes shift to a glowing neon blue sea
"Im afraid there is no skirting around the truth here mademoiselle~"
>and with the snap of a finger a light ringing can be heard before fading to silence
"Ahhh that should do it...now then we are both going to have a very bad time unless you fess up and-"
>he stops mid sentence
"...oh dear its already behind you..~"
>dare you turn your head...?

| >>635583
> R-3's eyes widen upon hearing Cassius' words, but they return to their original state, relaxed and comforted.


> She lowers her shoulders.

"Is there… something behind me?"

| >>635585
>he smiles again and rests his head on his hand, looking at R-3 as if she were a lover
>those eyes...you can literally feel them gazing upon the depths of your soul
"Am i really the one you should ask..?
Oh wait you did yout background check right? You should know *exactly* ehat it is no...?"
>y-you can hear it...
>d-dear god..
>you feel the feeling a thin set of fingers run behind your back...

| >>635593
"The fact that I knew made it far obvious."

> R-3's voice didn't waver, but cold sweats have started to form. She keeps a certain composure, persevering through what Cassius may throw at her.

"From the man who took some part in inventing Lilims, and is part of an army, I expect no less."

> She drew a smile of her own. The smooth pink of her lips are highlighted by the room's light.

| >>635594
>he just chuckles and looks behind R-3
"Lets see...we have about...20 min- oh dear its a fast one this time..
10 minutes until you should know what~
i suggest you hurry this up~"
>then, you can see...*it* just at the corner of your eye
>there...yet not...a horrible and yet indescribable horror but before you can turn to get a good look, its gone
>you can hear it getting closer..
"So what will it be miss R-3..~?
Oh hey~ that rhymed!"

| >>635595
"I'll respect you and the money you gave. I consider this a part of our pact -- out of my sheer pride as a contracted life."

> Her smile didn't crumble. Instead, it's her eyes that partook in defeating the fears ready to shamble her.

"Then, what do you need to know from me... about you?"

| >>635599
"No need "
>he chuckles
"Goodnight~ miss rivera~"
>you can see it from the front of you charging at you!
>it consumes you whole! And then everything is dark...empty...horrific seconds feel like years and years feel like..madness
>yet then you open your eyes again to find nothing has happened save for a concerned looking Cassius looking over you
"hey you Alright?"
>by his face one can tell he is genuinely concerned
>nothing like what he was earlier

| (Im sorry for that madness, i just never had a reason to use it until now.)

| >>635603
> Before the 'attack' ensued, R-3's eyes widened once more, as if she had anticipated something. Her intuition hits a point blank after her mind empties.

> It's this space again. That one empty, and vacant territory her mind had made.

"I'm fine."

> She opened her eyes again, not realizing when they had shut. Her smile hasn't yet been nicked over by the mental attack.

"I'm fine, thank you for your concerns."

| >>635605
"Thats a relief!"
>he offers a hand up
"Hmmm oh formal wear! Are you the person from the thread?"
>he gets something
"Here you go!"
>and hands over a burger, still warm too!
"I got one for what i assume to be all of us"
>he sits back down

>does he..truly not know what he just *did*? It seems like it

"Oh right introductions! Uh can i get your name?
je m'appelle Cassius, Cassius Robuchon Vanderbilt"

| >>635485
>The bartender, who turns out to be a really old man, greets Gentaro with a smile, sensing his uneasiness.

"First time here kiddo? Next drink you order is on the house."

>The arcade and the casino lives up to its name. Groups of lively young and old people alike take place in the same exciting activities. Every game, every type of people can be found on this very floor. Even children.
>There are sights of children in the arcade. How bad can their parents' parenting be?

| >>635611
>There's a sound of footsteps behind you, if you turned around you would find three armed men from before walking up to you.
"Now, who's this lady overhere."

| >>635637
"Dunno i literally just met her.
Oh yeah and i got you burgers, catch"
>he tosses a bag with the rest of the burgers in it
"I think theres enough for you guys"

| >>635644
>They catches the bag of burger. Each of them just take one and stuff it in their respective backpack.

"I would be more concerned about the possibly abducted person, but I'm not rejecting free food."
>Red replied.

| >>635611
"Feel free to refer to me by any name necessary."

> The woman takes note of the surrounding, she recognises one or two from the men nearby. Assuming them as an ally, she shrugs off their presence for the moment with the burg.

"I prefer to have a name given by my contractor more than anything, especially if they've paid me in advance."

| >>635650
"You mean a nickname? Usually i have a base to work off of first..."
>he ponders
"Oh yeah did that girl pay you to coe or something?"

"Yeah take a seat, the place shows no guarded areas. But i got a working theory"
>he coughs
"Well, theory in progress anyway"

| >>635651
"That girl? The VIP? No... You're the one who paid me to be here. At least, I needed to be here if I'm avoiding my previous party."

> She didn't give off any particular explanation, simply that, before taking a munch at the burg.

| >>635654
>he blinks
"I uh...i genuinely just gave you some money because i wanted to help"
>he looks suprised
"Theres no need to help if you dont want to...miss...uhhhh"
>looks like he is still thinking of a name
"*anything* for a nickname"

| >>635658
"Help me, help you. I'm running away from some peeps, and I'm here to help you. It's not a bad deal isn't it?"

> She widens a smile, which is now burrowed under a burg. Her bites are small, even if her lips would've allowed more to chow down. There's still traces of fear from that voice, no matter how relaxed they may be.

"I don't have any intel for this place though, and most definitely not for the girl."

| >>635660
"Mmm in that case, do you mind if i just call you sweetheart...~?"
>he teases
"Actually wait no"
>he stands up and his eyes begin to glow blue
"By the contractor's authority!i nickname you sweet heart!"
>then sits back down laughing, satisfied with his little pretend to be a chuuni joke
"Oh im sorry im sorry haha!"

>after calming down a bit he inhales and gets serious
"I can't say I know much either but im beginning to piece it together"

| >>635669
"Sweetheart. That will be my…"

> 'Sweetheart' had to pause and gather the necessary steadiness to speak her new name for the contract.

"That will be my name. Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Vanderbilt."

> She reintroduces herself, now with a new name given to her.

| >>635671
"Yes nice to meet yo-">he stops at the sudden realization of what just happened
>is face can be summarized as so
"Y-your actually ok with me calling you that!?"
>this caught him Completely off guard

| >>635673
"I have had my contractors call me anything. Fetishistic words like darling, master, slut -- all the way to vile words I don't want to bring up over a good food."

> She finishes the burg in a relatively fast time. When did she have the pace to eat through it despite her tiny bites? It's a mystery even to her own self. Still, she continues.

"Sweetheart isn't new, but for your now, I'll let you have it on me today."

| >>635686
"Damm That sounds rough...
Shit uh...sorry i didn't really know"
>apologetic, he hangs his head low
"I had my fair share of shit bosses too..so i kinda know how it feels.."
>slapping himself in the cheeks he gets back on topic
"Errr uhh right..so what do we know so far? Anyway got anything or should i go first?"

| >>635689
"For starters, leave the persuasions and talking to me. You are too open to take someone out of this place, all seeing you've caught this floor's attention -- without once lying."

> 'Sweetheart' scans the place again, making her voice as low as possible, keeping a close check to her pitch to conceal some words.

"That's my plan. Everything else I leave to you. Use me what you will."

| >Suddenly, the lights go out on the 5th floor, shrouding everyone in darkness. Everyone gasps and the volume slowly increase... Is it the response to Merlin's attacks?...

>However after a few seconds, the lights go back on again, giving nobody a chance to panic. Everyone seems to go back to what they were doing, but some conversation still arose from that 3 seconds of blackout.

>Maybe it's time to get moving?

| >>635694 >>635693
>he utters right as the lights hit
>when the light returns he is wearing some sort of protective white kitsune mask
>he says, now through a voice modulator as he raises his jackets hood
"Right we're on alert then.
Split up minimum teams of two, look around for any talk about a little girl doing crazy things"
>he gets up and tosses "sweetheart" a hand radio
"Ping if you get something.
Looks like we are on a clock now"
>and heads off

| >>635699
> After catching the radio mid-air, 'Sweetheart' taps the button to let her voice enter.

"I'll go solo. Taking more will give attention. Sweetheart out."

> With a certain confidence, she splits off from the main group. Fixing her hair, she moves the pin to a higher position, tying more of her hair.

| >>635702 >>635699

>Time to get moving then!
>The ever-vibrant CW Building is the definition of a late-night shopping mall.

>Combing through all 20 floors of this building in search for a person would be equivalent to suicide: the flow of people entering and leaving is insane, untraceable.

>It would be best to find key figures that know which person came through which places. One such example would be the /burg/ guy- but you did that already.

| >There seems to be another logistic nightmare too: there are two separate entrances, and one for consumers, one for business. It is no doubt that business-side is less crowded, and have things under control... if the person you're looking for went through via the same elevator, that is.

>Of course, there is a holomap available on every floor, showing "all" of the building's layouts.

| >>635708
"Checking in. Sweeetheart at bay, I will proceed with the business route. Out."

> She taps the radio again, hoping it'll be the last time she would need to use it to avoid suspicion.

| >>635708 >>635713
"Rodger ill head over to any directories"
>he looks for a help desk, but not the one he saw at reception
"Claim your codenames now folks, who knows who is listening.
>there is a pause as one can hear him gagging in cringe
"Signing off"

| >>635713 >>635717
>Ah yes, the business route. Not really "route", but a section of floors that one can go to:

>1F: Reception
>2F: Storage
>3F: Customer Service
>4F: Management
>5F: Food & Drinks
>6F: General Inquiries

>What places can a missing person go to? Endless possibilities. It is highly unlikely that a sick girl can go visit any entertainment floor...

| >>635717

>Of course, on the 5th floor, there is a help desk.. of sort. A small "Customer Service" logo appears in the corner, one that nobody goes to.

>A person is dozing off at the cubicle... Lazy workers right? haha-

| >>635718
>the blue fox makes its way to general inquiries
(Gah..cheessyy naaammmeee)

| >>635718
> 'Sweetheart' taps the button to take herself to the storage floor. Inside the lift, she coughs and clears her throat, and scans the area for any visible cameras.

| >calling this a cheesy name... rude. Your progress is now delayed by 100 years.

>The elevator to General Inquiries open up, and you are greeted with 6 windows... reminds one of the bank for some really weird reason. 2 of them are occupied, leaving you with the choice between 4 identical windows.

>Wearing a mask here can help conceal your identity... but the staff would find that really suspicious.

| >>635722

>Of course, there is a camera sitting on a corner of the elevator... watching ever so closely.

| >>635726
> Knowing this, she presses a hand against her eyes, rubbing them. She releases a breath and two, waiting for the lift to reach its destination, crawling downwards.

| >>635724
"Hheeellllpppp someone stuck a mask on my face during the blackout"
>he meekly yet panickedly shuffles in
"It smells like other people facess and shiiiiiiiitttt"
>the voice modulator makes the fox sound like a cute girl, muffled by the mask
>one can hear semi hysterical sobbing
"I was just trying to find something to eaaatttt! Wahha"

| >>635727

>The 2F elevator opens up with a clean hallway, ending with a glass door. On the side, there are 4 doors that you can walk in... but the door on the end seems the most important.

>And of course, the red light of a keycard reader deters any intruders that can potential come in and stealing brooms and cleaning supplies... Can't blame them right? They just want to wash their hands and be clean!

>Remember to wash your hands thoroughly!

| >>635728

>Unfortunately for you, you chose the window that has the most serious, no-nonsense helper ever. She glances at you briefly and sigh.

"This is the kind of people I get when I'm trying to do my jobs better than the clowns around me..."

>She smiles at you, her hair covers her eyes but you can see an ominous aura behind it.

>The nearby >>>[STAFF-ONLY] door opens. A burly man in security guard outfit walks out and approaches you.

"He's gonna help you take it off."

| >>635733
"Thank youuuuuu! There was nobody at the help desk i didn't know what to doo!"
>she sobs seemingly genuinely appreciative

| >>635730
> Trusting her perception again, she sees around for any cameras, this time also posing with a confused look around. She passes a single glance at each rooms she can waltzes into, but doesn't take a step inside.

| >>635734
>The burly guard leans down and pats you.

"Which floor did you come from? There should be at least one person at a help desk on every floor."

>He squeezes the mask, perhaps to loosen it then attempts to yank it off with full force.

>There is one single camera on the hallway, as long as you are standing in it, you are in view.

>All 4 rooms on the sides are filled with nothing but various cleaning supplies, however, one room has a janitor.

| >>635740
"I was on the fifth floor getting burgers after some cosplay event at little aki *sob* then there was a black out *sob* and then this mask is on my face and some guy ran away laughing"
>she says between sobs

>with a good hard tug the mask comes off with a satisfying pop!
>revealing a cute girl!

"Uwaahhh im freeeee! Thank youuu!( ;ω;)"

| >>635740
> She approaches the room with the janitor, face full bleeding exhaustion from the moment she convinces herself in the lift. Before she gets to a conversation, she checks whether the janitor has any name tag to identify themselves with.

| >>635741
"I see. Well it's all good now. No problem"
>The security guard nods approvingly, moreso at the popping than the face of the girl. He then heads back behind the
>[STAFF-ONLY] door.

>That doesn't leave you with relief, however, as the black-haired customer service girl berates you.

"There, it's done. Hmph. Now if you don't have anything else, scram."

>You detect a small hint of jealous in the tone of her voice.

| >>635743
"Was that al-...uhhh..."
>she looks up a bit to ponder
"Oh right! Uh did any small girl come past here and ask for medical care or something?"
>then she hears the slight jealousy
"Uwah!u-uh im sorry!"
>then quickly bows her head
"Im sorry for angering you!
Uhhh and im sorry for not knowing why i angered you!"
>she says between now slowly forming tears
>one would Probably feel like a monster if they thought ill of her after that display

| >>635742

>No visible name tags can be found on the janitor's uniform. His all-gray uniform doesn't have anything that sets him apart from other janitors, except his energetic frame and big G-Fuel energy oozing from him.

>Before you get into a conversation however, he sees you and flashes a smile!

"Good work! You look really tired today! Get some rest!"

| >>635744

>The girl behind the window starts to panic a little. Despite her rough exterior, after all, she's working in this department to help people.

"I'm sorry! I had a rough day, please forgive me!"

>She sighs.

"A little girl that asks for medical help? Can you describe her? Yeah there were a lot of girls that get lost, or fell and got bruises that came here."

| >>635746
>her face lights up into a smile that can move mountains and pierce a thousand hearts
"N-no its me i was panicked!
Uh i know you've had a hard day, and that this job is kinda rough!
But i know you can get through it!
Oh uh here!"
>she reaches into her blue coat and gives the girl a pure white rose
"I was handing these at the convention hall earlier, i hope it brightens your day up! Even if its just a little!"
>a-angel..shes an angel!

| "Err uh oh! And the girl was short and she ate all of the burgers at the burger bar and thought this place was a hospital!
Err..i hope that helps...sorry i cant be more specific"

| >>635748
>The customerservice gurl lets out a heartwarming smile!

"Thanks! I feel better already! But as per company standard..."

>She denies the rose... but rest assured, as her mood is brighter than ever!

"That description, mm, are you sure they need medical help? I heard that from my friends about that a few hours ago. She never appeared on this floor, perhaps she might have left?"

"If she left, maybe check in the first floor? If she came through the business door that is."

| >>635753
>she smiles back
"Ab that's good to hear!"
>she then bows a one last thank you
"Thank you again for all your help!
I gotta go!"
>and heads to the first floor the rose tied into her hair instead as to not put it to waste

| >>635754
>1F, Reception.
>It looks the same as it was when you come in. Elegant white light fills your eyes, and you spot Adam and the girl receptionist sitting at their usual spot. They takes note of you and continues on to do their thing.

>Chilly air fills the room, and you can feel the drop in temperature when you step out of the elevator.

| >>635756
>she approaches the reception counter while cutely looking around
"Uhhhh excuse me!"
>she meekly says

| >>635758
>Since Adam was closer to the elevator, he's the one greeting you.
"Hello, how may I help..."

>He narrows his eyes for a moment. His eyes seems to focus on your clothes. But then he resumes his friendly greeting.
"*ahem* How may I help you today, ma'am?"

| >>635759
"Hiii its me again!
Remember remember!i was that other guy that you told where to get food!
Betcha didn't know i wasnt a guy huh!"
>she looks quite proud ,as if a cosplayer taking pride in a convincing cross play
>she gives a smile that can rewrite the stars, the twin crystal seas of her eyes utterly radiant in conjunction to the light of the reception area
>pure and utter cuteness overload

| >>635760
"Hey, snap out of it! Jeez..."
>The receptionist girl snaps her fingers in front of Adam's face.
"Stop your daydreaming, we're on a job."

"R-right, my bad Chris, the fatigue is getting to me."

"I told you to stop playing games."

>The receptionist named Chris turns towards you.

"*ahem* Do you have any issues?"

>Chris is immune to your cuteness overload... her blank eyes says it all.

| >>635764
"Oh yeah uh did you see a girl ask for medical attention?
Ahhh! sorry for always saying uh and yeah!"
>she blushes a bright red seemingly embarrased of all her cute noises
"Eeeeee! Er uh anyway shes small and she ate all of the burgers and she thought this place was a hospital!"

| >>635766
>Both of their faces darken for a millisecond as they hear the description. Chris quickly glanced at Adam, and he seems to type something quickly. It happens so instantaneously that one normally wouldn't even notice this going on.

"I'm sorry, there are no persons that fits your description, Ma'am. Please look elsewhere."

>She puts on a gracious smile, but her eyes betray her smile: they are no longer the blank vacant eyes, but one of focus.

| >>635768
"Aw booo i thought it was going to be good! Aw well no story this time"
>she sulks
"Ok byyyeee"
>then disappointedly walks away and heads to the womens bathroom and sits in a toilet, checking for any cameras or listeners as inconspicuously as possible as she walks in

| >>635771
>The restroom is a rare sight. It doesn't seems to have any cameras nor mic installed. It seems to be a safe place for now. However, as they saw you went in, you won't know what they are planning to do.

>Outside you can hear the a bunch of heavy footsteps and the clacking of iron, some conversational pieces and radio chatter, then everything went back to silence.

| >>5e7649 >>0b10ed
>she buzzes in the radio before anything and as quietly as possible
"Got a situation and a lead
First floor, women's bathroom, i hear a guards."
>then loudly complains
"Oh those burgers arent sitting well!"
>and makes a set if loud disgusting bathroom noises

| >>635743
>Unattended, the [STAFF-ONLY] door slightly opens on its own, barely enough to let a person through, and stays like that for a couple dozen seconds, after which closes silently again. Perhaps, a curious wind entered through it?

| >>635786
>Oh, a person-shaped wind? How curious indeed~
>The guard standing guard near the door blinks slowly, confused.

"I swear the door was opening and closing by itself... Weird. I think I need more coffee."


>1F, Business Reception.

>The lights in the restroom dim, then go out, surrounding you in darkness. It seems like another blackout. It is unknown how many floors are affected. What is clear is that there are more footsteps hastily moving around...

| (>>635793 is the guard standing inside?)

| >>635796
(Outside. He is focused on the people coming to the floor, but forgets to pay attention to the STAFF-ONLY door next to him.)

>If one were to look for a really elegant, giant architecture miracle, CW Multi-purpose Building is not one of them. Big, yes, but in no way it is elegant.

>The lights of the first floor has completely went out. The neon >>>[CLOSED] sign goes dark, and the sliding door stays immobile.

>In contrast, the other side is lively, full of people...

| >>635800
>The [STAFF-ONLY] door suddenly swings open, and the guard feels a sharp sting on his throat, shortly before some sort of cloth covers his mouth. All his muscles tense and relax within seconds and the world starts to fade, as he is pulled inside the door. It all happens in mere moments.

| >>635745
> She lowers her posture and sigh, neatening her clothing more as she was greeted.

"Thanks... Always being the cheery one, eh?"

> Ignoring the fact that the man easily broke through a bright act early in the conversation, she has more reason to be wary with her words and actions.

| >>635802
>it happens in mere moments, yes, but as long as it happens, it can be caught... in mere moments. For example, a child who is staring at the guard while his mother is talking with the customer service.

"Mom! The big guard man flew inside the door!!"

>He says excitedly, grabbing everyone's attention. Chatter arose and soon...

>6F: General Inquiries went into a panic.

>On the other side opposite of the door... 4 guards runs out and attempts to calm the customers.

| >>635809

"Come on Melina... stop being a joykill. Better work and be happy than grumble and complain right?"

>He seems to have mistaken you for someone else...

"Anyways I'm just finishing up here, I think Erina left some food on the cubicle for you."

>He continues to swipe the floor. Thank Lilim the room was dark enough that he couldn't see very well.

| >>635811
>Meanwhile inside the room the guard is thrown on the ground and rapidly stripped of his possessions, clothing, devices and any identification documents he might have on him. From a third person's point of view, it would seem as multiple pairs of invisible hands are at work here.
>Suddenly a zipper opens in the thin air, revealing a rift in space, showing cramped insides of a backpack, into which all of guards possessions enter.

| >Following the execution of >>635818 and>>635819
>, a series of beeps is heard within the room. Just as his consciousness is about to completely submerge into darkness, the guards hears a muffled distorted voice, as if it coming through a speaker instead of a mouth:
"Sir, we have it."
>Responce to it never reaches the guard's mind, as he finally loses consciousness

| >The [STAFF-ONLY] door swings open once again, this time for some 5 seconds, and then remains still.

| >>635621

>Gentaro nods, taking a seat at the counter.
"...I'll take sake, if you have any." >His order placed, he turns around and does what he does best- Observe people. No making up stories this time, though; he's trying to figure out if there's anything unusual in the way people are acting.

| >>635824
>The old bartender nodded.
"Japanese, huh. Been a while since anybody ordered some good ol' rice wine. At least in Glitch City."
>Within moments, he slides a glass of sake over at great speed. Surprisingly, it doesn't tip over or spill, in fact, the glass is filled to the brim, but not a dropped have been spilled.
"Take it easy, young one."

| >>635824

>A variety of people can be found, both at the casino and arcade section, and of course, the bar. Drunken people... excited teenagers... couples that are having fun.

>Occasionally, some guy enthusiastically stands up over the black jack table and announces his victory, while calling the bunny girls over and-.

>That doesn't mean things are not exciting over at the arcade tho. A girl is staring at a game, trying to get the perfect timing. Screams are heard in "Jenga HD...

| >When a loud beep interrupted everyone in the building.


>After that, the joyful music continues on 7F...

>Situations are quite different on the floor below them.

>It takes about a whole team of 10 guards to calm down the people over the sudden power outage, in addition to the guard accident. The knocked out guard is retrieved-

| >however the "mysterious wind" go noticed.

>Soon, the customers on the 6th floor leaves via the emergency fire exit, and access to 6F via the elevator is locked.

>Followed by the workers and then the guards. In 15 minutes 6F is empty. The security team goes to other floors to boost security, to ensure quick execution in case more power outages happen and to investigate the cause behind the power outages.

| >>635814
"Say my thanks to her later, will you? I'll go ahead and check the other floors. Are you fine on your own?"

> Speaking in place of Melina, one person whom this personality belongs to, she tries her best to think of any work-related topics — any, even off-work ones.

| >>635834
"Will do."
>He thinks for a second

"Wow, you work on other floors too? Now that's impressive. Didn't know that. Oh by the way, before you do your business or whatever, pick up Erina's food. You know how she hates it when no one eats them."

>He then lets out a laugh, and the sound of mopping is heard.

"Of course I'm fine. I have this room left, then I'm heading home. Don't want to experience an outage here haha."

| >>635842
"I do remember that one time... Yeah, I should really get on her food first."

> She pauses, thinking of the outage — that happened earlier, there is no indication that is an external attack but her silence would really tell she considers otherwise.

"Speaking of, where even is Erina? I was in the upper floors, things are hectic up there."

| >>635843
"Erina... didn't she leave with you? That was like 2 hours ago-ish, you forgot?"

>More sweeping sounds.

"You're really talkative today, huh? Feeling like wanting a promotion or something?"

>And of course, more mopping sounds follows. Wait, did that janitor speak something strange? A promotion?

"You guessed it, I feel like something is really off today. That's why I'm rushing the cleaning right now... And there!"

>It seems like he has finished mopping...

| >In a locked stall in the male toilet on the 3rd floor a zipper opens a rift in mid-air, and a set of items that look like the possessions of a guard from earlier are being laid out on the toilet cover. Invisible hands start going through them, trying to identify what exactly they got, now, that they have a bit of time.

| >>635848
"Oh? I meant the question as in whether she came by here again. I told her to meet me in the upper floors, and I thought she went down here!"

> She makes a feigned laughter, with one of her hand muffling said laughter, and the other in her suit's pocket.

"And no... It's better if I don't get a raise-"

> Her eyes try to scan the room when the janitor finishes, cameras have a distinct noise and appearance in their IR mode, knowing this she seizes the opportunity.

| >>635851
"Looking for something?"

>Your scan was interrupted by the janitor, for some reason, standing behind you. Something metallic is pushing on your back.

"I'll give you 3 seconds to identify yourself, Melina. Or I'll have to clean up the mess too."

>His wallet with money, ID with clearance level??, A loaded Glock, Some photograph, a bunch of candies, a sticky note that says "237515"... spills out.
>And of course, his name tag: Cantaford Money.

>No dignity!

| >>635855
(May I ask how tall the janitor is? Sweetheart is around six feet. I'll need it before I do something stupid.)

"Take a hint, Sherlock."

> She replies, disguises off -- not that she was wearing any. Her breaths are timed, in a rhythm that better controls her voice in this situation.

"Surely you would have guessed by now."

| >>635826
"I'll be fine." >Gentaro takes the sake with a nod of thanks, turning back to the crowd.

>The message prompts him to raise a brow. He has half a heart to go down and see what's going on down there, but he decides it can wait until he's finished the sake.

| >>635859
(definitely shorter than her. 5'3-ish? Go wild~ sweetheart can definitely overwhelm him in CQC- however he is armed?)

He lets out a disappointed sigh.
"Jeez, what a joy-kill. Take a hint, Sherlock 2. Do I really look like a janitor to you?"

>He stops pushing the "gun" against your back, and throws it in front of you. It's a piece of paper.

"Melania doesn't exist. Nor does Erina. Nice to see another in business. However, making assumptions are dangerous."

| >>635855
>ID card, note, photo and his name tag disappear in the space rift, and the zipper closes, leaving just thin air.
>"Alright, everyone check you gear." — comes barely audible distorted whisper from nowhere in particular.
>"We are going for the breakthrough any minute. If there are two or more entry points, Bravo takes the easiest to access, and Alpha with me goes for the shortest to target."

| >>635870
"Says the one making assumptions--"

> Sweetheart throws a tongue, mocking the man. There isn't a composure lost, nor was there ever any. Lying is simply a matter of fact -- or not.

"You left at least two contradictions in your story, not to mention that no one would mop in this pitch-black room. A janitor would have an identifying card, especially in this highly guarded area."

> She states.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Melina -- not Melania."

| >>635860
>Good idea.
>Some people are getting distracted over the announcement, some are getting shaken up due to the amount of security guards and quickly left. The air is suffocating.

>There are less noise now, which doesn't fit with the still-grand interior of the arcade. Of course some people still remain, and their energy is still on-top, but it just doesn't feel the same.

>The once-noisy bar becomes somber. The old bartender is still tending his glass.

"Bad things, huh."

| >>635875
>The "janitor" laughs even harder now
"Here I thought your mountainous figure is gonna end me right here!"

>He winks playfully
"It seems like we both have something to work for. But trust me, I really *am* a janitor. Just not your typical one."

>His tone of voice becomes serious

"Seems like you're here for something. Let me tell you, it's too late. This whole building is now a stage for something greater. You can still check, but I recommend regrouping."

| >>635717
"I will hold over here, in case someone need back up."
>Red pauses for a second, before talking once more.
"This is Watcher, signing off."

"Good copy."
>They made their way downstairs. While doing so, Red talked into the comms for his squad.
"Foxtrot 4 and 5, you can check the van, how copy, over."

>Outside, Ziv and Krinkov heard the command.
"Good copy, moving in to check, over."
>They reached the door of the van and Ziv opened the door, weapons ready.

| >>635877
"You think I don't know that? Please."

> She didn't make any sudden move, but her shoulders have relaxed slightly.

"Besides, I'm only here for Erina's food. And Erina herself."

> She replies with the same tone as the janitor, copying one of the same, to create an atmosphere that equalises each other.

| >>635878
>The van in question is... empty. In fact, it's not just "empty", its completely barebones on the inside. Every single element not required for it to move has been stripped off, and all the surfaces are covered in tarpaulin. No sign of anyone or anything else inside.

| >>635879
>The janitor gasps loudly
"Wow, the Melina I know... so hard working... ughh... now has been in the grasp of the devilish Erina! ERINA! You will pay for this!"

"Well if you want Erina's food so badly, you can go ahead. A few seconds ago, all of the securities system of this building has been disabled. That include keypad... cameras... etc. Everything. I have no idea who did that, but this is an opportunity for you to get her food, right?"

| >>635871
>A barely audible ping sounds in the stall.
>"Bravo, Alpha, moving out. Alpha takes F1, Bravo takes E3W. Fire at will. Set your timers for 1700, after that we are on our own."
>Stall flings open and 6 pair of metallic footsteps rush out from the toilet, three of them in the direction of third elevator on the West, and other three towards the reception on the first floor.

| >>635880
"Foxtrot​ 1, this is Foxtrot 5, the van is empty, I repeat, the van is empty."
>Ziv told Red over the comms.

>>4b3e7c >>d23ae4
"Copy, Foxtrot 5. Standby for further instructions, over."
>Red replied, before he take out his radio.
"Watcher to all callsigns, the Vindertech van is empty, possible tangos inside the compound. I repeat, possible tangos inside the compound."

| (Is the access to the first floor restricted?)​

| >>635885
>3F - Customer Service
>What used to be Karen's favorite place to see her favorite manager, is now reminiscent to an abandoned hospital ward. Security guards patrol the area periodically for any intruders. Each of them carries a standard-issue assault rifle, but most importantly, detectors. Intel from 6F shows that the intruders have access to some kind of cloaking technology.

>One of the guard seems to have heard Bravo's footsteps...
"S2! Unknown footprint! Code Blue!"

| >>635892
(the access to the first floor is restricted by elevator and front-door access. to get in there you will need to be already in there, or use the fire escape route outside of the building.)

| >>635892
(or even something creative too! you can even break your way in too if that's what you like- it's not *that* restrictive XD)

| >>635893
>A single bark of a rifle blasts throughout the air, muzzle flashing for split second in mid-air (d20+3=19(16, 3)), shot aimed at the screaming guard's head, as Bravo trio's footsteps keep rushing through the determined route. A flashbang materializes itself in another spot a couple feet away from the muzzle flash and blasts in mid-air.

| >>635898
>The screams stops abruptly, and that's when the cold white interior of 3F turns into a beet red. Sirens start to scream, as all available personnel rush to protect the elevator, determined to end the intruders here.

>The hallway to E3W is linear. At the end of it is the elevator, and S3 team.
"The enemy is here! The moment they step foot into this hallway, they're toast! Charge your shields and get ready for flash! Barrel, got the EMP?"

"Yes sir."

(1F soon)

| >>635900
>From the other end of the hallway, opposite to S3 team, comes a distinct sound of something metallic being put into a metallic tube.

| >>635898
>Red's group heard the gunshot.
"Watcher to all callsign, was that gunshot yours?"

| >The S3 team all came from family of poor, have to work their way up... A sad cutscene plays showing the S3 team together...
>Better than your average security, they are able to detect the faintest sound.

>The 2 men in front braces, their riot shields glow blue in preparation. Electric currents floats around, creating a layer of shield. (14+3 overload)

>One man in the back takes aim. An EMP grenade is launched. (12)

| >>635905
>EMP lands right in the middle of the corridor, instantly blowing nano-camo off the figures, one laying prone with a bypoded light assault weapon about to squeeze the trigger, another on his knee by the opposite wall, ready to fire as well... And a third one in the middle of the hallway, holding AT-4 tube on his shoulder, aimed at the security team.

| >Faint click, all too audible amidst the sad cutscene, reaches the elevator. It is followed by a loud blast, and airburst High Explosive anti-personnel self propelled rocket plows its way through the air, raging ball of molten explosive liquid instantly consuming everything in its path (d20+10=19 (9, 10)).
>It is instantly followed by automatic fire from the bipoded law (d20+5=18(3, 5)) and the assault rifle (d20+3=13(10, 3)).

| >>635906
>The explosive can be heard and its smoke blew out one of the windows nearby. A small section of the building is also gone, allowing those standing outside to see what's going on...

>The 2 men in front survived. However, the bullet barrage is too much, and they both collap- no. One heroically covers the other and dies. The remaining S3 calls for reinforcement.

>The remaining security guards in the floor have caught up to Bravo. They immediately fire. (12)

| >>635907
(for the LAW, is it 8, or 18?)

| >The pair at the van heard the explosion​ on the third floor.
"Foxtrot 4 to Foxtrot 1, you heard that explosion?"
>Krinkov asked.

"Yes, we are moving in to investigate the situation."
>Red answered.
"You can stand by to assist if anything else happen."

"Watcher to all callsign, moving in to investigate situation on the third floor, over."
>Red and two others run down the fire exit stair to the third floor and breached the fire exit door.

| ( >>635913 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/554265912543543298/689683259940274502/unknown.png 18)

| >>635884
"Oh? I don't suppose you know Erina's food tastes best after work? I didn't come back here for nothing, you see."

> Melina — Sweetheart — didn't bail out of the conversation, she focuses to the surrounding around her. This dark room, the hallway outside — everything she saw past, then the sounds and rattling she sensed through the floor.

"As the world's worst co-worker, I don't presume you know what trouble is brewing outside, right?"

| >>635914
>The 3rd floor fire exit door is unguarded... However you keep feeling a chill, not from the firefight, but from another threat...

>Perhaps... there is another certain Alpha team heading your way?

(got it. i was confused on d20+5=18(3,5). Don't worry I assumed the worst, which is 18.)

| >>635918
(Could they see any tangos with bare eyes?)​

| >>635912
>Being shot in the back, the invader in the middle has little to do and quckly rolls down onto the ground with a loud yelp, as his full-body armor gets penetrated around his left arm, left leg and in the left side of the back (d20=7). He rapidly draws his handgun and returns fire frantically (d20-1= 11(12, -1)), as the law explodes in the second burst into the bodies (d20+5=19(14, 5)), while his other friend at the wallturns around and makes reaction burst(d20+2=16(14,2)).

| ( >>635919 Alpha is still cloacked)

| >>635919
(only the security squad and bravo. alpha is still cloaked)

| (Alright)​
>Red and his crew made their way inside. He felt the presence of the cloaked team.
"Smokes out, thermals on."
>Red told his crew.

>Together, they each threw out a smoke grenade, creating a smoke screen between the security guards and Bravo team. All of them then activate the thermal setting son their custom magnifiers of their rifles, allowing them to see through the smokes and cloaking.

| ( before this becomes very confusing, can we get a detailed description of who is where? >>635922 Bravo team should be in the end of the corridor leading towards the Elevetor 3W rn.)

| >>635917
>The room seems to be a typical space for office workers. Cubicles line up in a neat way, however the explosions and shock from the above floor has scattered everything about.

>In one corner, a screen suddenly turns on.

"There it is. Erina's food. If you don't get it quick, it's going to get spoiled."

>The janitor shakes his head

"Probably a bunch of bad chefs making a mess out of the kitchen again. Man, my job is getting harder and harder."

| (Hello Goodmorning!
I just woke up what did i miss and where should i reply?)

| (Also, for clarification, I meant the smoke screen was between bravo team+security team and Red's crew.)​

| >>635930
(Morning! Just read around and be immersed or something-

so here's quick low-effort recap


1F and 6F shut down, fighting happened in 3F.

Cassius(?) is still in 1F
Sweetheart is on 2F
Fling Flosse is on 7F


| (That's what I think it is? let me know if there's a mistake. haven't done this in a really long time it's getting real rusty.)

| (oh so the security remnants hit from the right, not from the back....)

| (anyway Alpha aren't stopping. However their route looks through F1, they are sticking with it.)

| >>635932
(Pfffttt question mark lol.
also thanks, a little picture is rather high effort though!)

| >>635793
>hallucination and murder time!
>she re dons the fox mask and quickly uses her acrobatic skill to ledge herself in the walls corner where thr three surfaces meet
>then activates her「strange headset」and begins emitting infrasounds (little sound frequencies that cant ve heard normally and have effects on the mind)
>that would case those outside to vividly hallucinate their worst nightmare monsters as eachother and make them more aggressive to each other

| >>635929 >>d23ae4
"Time to clean up then. I'll have the extra shifts. Sweetheart out."

> She removes her hand from her pocket, taking nothing. There is a short creaking of a radio after she did so, however.

> She was, all this time, transmitting their chatter through her radio.

"You're doing God's work with those mopping, I hear."

| >>635920
>The security remnant quickly scatters due to heavy fire from the Bravo Team.

>Upon seeing the smokescreen, they splits in two and starts shooting at Red's team! (19-10)

>The remaining guards keep firing on Bravo Team... however their firepower are divided, it is not as effective anymore...(10-10)

>After a while, you hear a scream, then another, then nothing... Weird, there seems to be less people in 1F than expected...?

| >>635941
(Is that 19 or 10)

| (Also, they can see through the smokes?)

| >>635876

"Hmm..." >Gentaro closes his eyes, thinking. At this moment, Ramuda decides to leave the arcade and join his teammate.

>Well, except for the bit with the explosion. Does the noise reach Fling Posse?

| >>635941
>she drops down to take a little peek, lacking any actual guns she can only proceed as cautiously as possible
(Oh uh tell me if i need to roll or something, or that i cant do it if its too OP. I dont wanna ruin the fun for you or anyone else)

| >>635941 (correction, LAW is a futuristic version of L86(L86A5), which is an LSW actually)
>LSW gunner returns suppressive fire towards the security guard remnants, as the members of the Bravo team are switching their helmets into thermal vision mode.
>Trooper by the wall grabs his wounded comrade and quickly pulls up north, so that the casualty is covered from the fire from the east.

| >>635942
Also not at all, they just shoots randomly in your direction and hope it works, considering the corridor is straightforward, there are not many places to flank. Hence the -10)

| >>635944
>The old bartender apologizes to Gentaro, the bar only has him and Gentaro left. All others are scared by the explosions sound below.

"Look like karma has caught up to this company. Young man, I am sorry that you have to experience this. If you need me to do anything, just ask."

| >>635945
(it's up to you tbh. I'm fine with either, because if you decide to be op I can be too, so it's all fine with me.)

>1F is completely dark, except the red lights on the floor to guide the way... There seems to be nothing in the lobby... except 2 screens are on. The receptionists are still sitting on the same spot, ignoring the chaos unfolding in this building.

| >>635941
>The shots ricochetted and some of them hit one of Red's crew in the hand, blood gushes from the wound and the man cried out. He took cover and starts trying to bandage up his arm(D20:17).
>Red and the other person open fire with their rifles through the smoke at the heat signal they saw in the sight(D20+3:12(9+3)).

| >>635951

"...Karma?" >Gentaro turns back to the old man, raising a brow. Ramuda has arrived at the bar, and takes a seat next to Gentaro. Now only Dice is missing.

| >>635940
"That isnt me"
(Ohhh i would dm like that too haha!
Hmmm i guess ill try not to be too op and also roll to balance things out)

>she checks around for the guards and then slowly and intimidatingly walks to the receptionists emitting a infra sound that makes her seem like a cosmic horror
>a cloud of blue gas trails behind her...it looks akin to that of a foxes tail
>this dosen't really do anything at the moment but it looks cool!

| >>635957
(Sweetheart was transmitting the janitor's words, and she ended the transmission after saying 'Out'. She didn't say the 'cleaning' part to the radio.)

| >>635953
>Groans can be heard in the smoke, and the heat signal collapses. It seems like they decide to prioritize team Bravo over Red's crew, and proceeded to pursue them, leaving the crew safe for the time being.

>The security forms a defensive shield wall and fires at the Bravo team. Their number advantage is gone, but they still keep firing(12-10)

| >>635958
(Ah. Sorry i am a dum dum)

| >>635958
"I see you're really working forwards to that promotion after all! Say hi to the cat for me yeah?"
>The janitor does a peaceout sign, opens the window, and leaps out.

"Long story. Oh, is that your friend?"
>He gestures at Ramuda.
"Would you want a glass of sake too? Don't worry, it's on the house this time."

(maybe I got to keep doing recaps. i can keep up with this but i'm not sure if you guys are gonna get confused or something)

| >>635959
>As the two other soldier are busy a) being patched up and b) patching up, and his drum mag rapidly approaches exhaustion, the lsw gunner takes out and roll a frag grenade into the smoke, and then side-rolls himself north into the cover of the wall.

| >>635957
>Adam stares at the kitsune girl in horror...
"Adam, snap out of it"
"Oh sorry Chris, was probably night fatigue getting to me again."
"You said that 12 times today."
>Chris stands up and greets you with a smile
"How may I help you today, ma'am? This may not be the best time, but we will do our best to serve you."

"Also that's a really bad way to light things up, I believe."
>She gestures at your tail-magic-fuckery.

| >>635959
>The wounded man successfully patched his arm. He injected hikself with a dose of morphine to relief the pain.

"Osiris, you can continue?"
>Red asked

>Osiris replied, picking up his rifle. He shot at another of the security team.(D20:8-No additional +3 because injured hand.)

>Red and the other guy took shots at one of the security guys.(D20+3:18(15+3))

| >>635965
>Unfortunately, as the security remnant are unable to equip to deal with smokes nor sudden frag grenade...

>The grenade blew up combined with the fire from Red's team from the side, the heat signature of the last security guard disappears into the night...

>However, that is not the last ordeal the Bravo Team and Red's team has to go through. The elevator lets out an long *DING*, and the door slides open.

[TITAN-2, reinforcement has arrived.]

| >>635969
>she intensifies the the frequency and subsequently the hallucinations
>and then attempts to chris's arm (11) and jump shifing their full weight onto it in a attempt to break it (11)

| >>635960
(To recap, now everyone in the radio should know that securities have been disabled.)

> With the dismissal of the conversation, Sweetheart takes a look at the screen, which has only now lit up. Her instincts would've told her otherwise, but time is of the essence -- the building won't hold anymore.

| >>635974
>The wounded bravo trooper is the first to react, as he picks up and throws his own flashbang towards the elevator, muffled "NORTHNORTHNORTH" from beneath his helmet audible even through all the gunfire.
>The lsw gunner, who didn't manage to switch his mag yet dragged his pistol out and dumped its mag into the elevator entrance (d20+1=9(8,1)).
>Last Bravo member, who was busy patching the injured, grabs himself and the casualty and throws both back into the eastern hall.

| >>635977
>Due to Chris's small frame, all she can do is struggle and scream in pain. Adam, seeing this, gathers all of his courage (10) and attempts to use his body to push you down and away from Chris (12-1)

| >>635974 >>635980
>Red's crew saw the last of the thermal spots near them fall. He then hear the notification of a new set of reinforcement.

"You've got to be kidding me."

>They pushed up and through the smoke and took cover.

| >Meanwhile, Krinkov and Ziv saw the blue smoke from inside the first floor.
"Foxtrot 1, this is Foxtrot 4 and 5, moving in to investigate​ situation on the first floor, over."
>They ran up and tried to breach the door.

| >>635986
>Seeing more... armed people push right into them, both the wounded Bravo trooper and the trooper patching him put their hands up, while the LSW trooper was too busy dumping his pistol into the elevator.

| >>635979
>The only thing on the screen is just a repeating video:
>The video shows a full squad of heavily-armed and armored surrounding a small girl in the reception. She has her hands up, but one of them bashes her with his gun, urging her to go forward. The reception desk splits in two, and and underneath it, a secret staircase can be found... At the end of the video, a word keeps flashing:


>This video is not edible, damnit. ERINAAAA

| >>635985
>he responds to that with a headbutt! (Also 12 for me)
>this would Probably be terrifying as she currently is fox cuthulu and painful as the mask is metal
>over all these people must be having a very nice day

| >>635990
"Hold your fire."
>Red, seeing the wounded troopers raising up their hands, commanded the rest of his crew.
>He ran up with his rifle ready.
"Now are you with the security?"

| >>635990 >>635986

>From the elevator, some heavy footsteps struggles to get outside, and after that, a winding sound can be heard. It's just one person...

>In an exoskeleton.

>Fireworks. The wall facing the elevator was completely demolished by some kind of... weapon. None of the bullets hit anyone, however.(20+24682186412894)

>Judging by the windup speed, it has a really long reload time...
>Bullets that the LSW trooper dumped... doesn't seem to be effective.

| >>635962

"Nope! Sake's too strong for me!" >Ramuda sounds way too chipper considering everything that's going on.
"Gimme something sweet!"

| >Once he's placed his order, he leans in close to Gentaro, his voice dropping to 'serious' mode.
"...something's really off about this place, isn't it?"

>Gentaro nods.
"...you'd be right, but I can't quite place my finger on it. Why were there so many people here if the building was supposed to be closed...?"

| >>635994
(Does that number means we are fucked if he shot?)​

| >>635991
> She takes her phone and records the entirety of the video, keeping her hand steady to reduce the moire of the screen. How useful is this video again? She isn't sure. Nothing is sure, but all she can predict is the complete destruction of the upper floors -- on with the rattling and all that.

> Once done, she beams it over to a certain board, hoping it would be read somewhere.

| >>635993
>The uninjured Bravo pauses briefly, then slowly shakes his head left to right.
>"Bloody hell" mutters the lsw gunner meanwhile, and tries to roll himself into the eastern hallway as well, seeing as he still had to reload his main gun.

| >The security is not probably good, I think...

>Adam, however, have a bigger frame, and having a high tolerance to pain and fear (15) successfully got Chris out of your grasp. He then tries to carries Chris and runs away from you! (12)

| >>635997
(Unfortunately, that bonus only applies if it shoots a wall. If it shoots a person, it has to debuff itself to normal. But it's still deadly.)


>The 1F door easily cracked open. After all, it's just an extra layer of iron, which can be breached easily. The squad bear witness to the fight between the fox girl and the two receptionists.

| (>>636001 is Alpha still not on 1F?)

| >>635999
>Red paused, before turning to his crew and wave over his hand to call them over. The pair lowered their weapons and ran over.

"Of course it's a fucking exo-skelly."
>Osiris sighed when he saw the man. He toss a flashbang at the man at the elevator while the other open fire with their rifles.(D20+3:14(11+3))

| >>636002

>By magic of the DM... The Alpha Team, still cloaked... arrives at the same destination as Krinkov and Ziv. They take no casualties, as all other securities are focused on the 3rd floor, and securing the entertainment blocks.

(i'm sorry qq)

| >>636000
>the beast screams something straight from ones nightmares!
>the scream carried an infrasound that would make one terrified and mess with their sense of direction

>then breaks into a full sprint with the intent to strangle adam (20)

| >>636001
>The pair stood there with there weapons raised.
"Care to explain what happened here?"
>Ziv shouted.

| >>636004
>Completely ignoring everyone and everything else, Alpha team keeps pushing on the route Merlin provided... assuming they know where the entry point actually is.

| >>636006
> While Cassius is in his part of the illusion, his radio creaks.

"Can anyone approach the receptionist desk? We have our VIP loaded beneath. I'll head there but ETA is looking worse. Sweetheart out."

> She walks her way out of the room, only realising now that the room by the end of the hallway is open. With a simple kick, she decides to pry what's inside.

| >>636006
>Adam, completely terrified of the monster, passed out. Same with Chris. Poor receptionists... they just trying to do their job.

>According to Merlin's data... the entry should be right at the reception desk... But the reception desk is in the way.



>The flashbang works, as the exo's reload cycle gets interrupted, and as long as it's not firing, it's all good. It tries to cover itself tho. (12-4)

| >>636007
"G̶͕̲̮̺̔̿e̵̤̩͙̳̗̖͒̒̉̆͒̄̀t̸̲͓͆̒ ̶̧͎͓͙̭̭͗̃̚t̴̙̠̪͈͓̻̠́͆̕h̷̭̦͓̜̪̓̌́̿̈̄ẹ̴̬̬̑̑͐̄̔͘͠m̷͓̪̜̦͂̔̀̀͒̍͠"
>the fox says mid fucking demon sprint

| >>636010
>Being far enough from the desk, a distinct metallic clang comes from Alpha's location.

| >>636009
>Inside the previously-keypadded room, there is nothing but silence. The lights flickers on and off, on and off. This room is also identical to the dark room before... except, all the computers are on.
>How does it feel to be working extra shift, Melina?

>Oh god, not this again! I have no guards assigned to 1F!! You can't be blowing up plot devices!! Hey!!!!

| >>636012 >>636010
>What follows is a loud blast reverbating throughout the first floor, as an Anti-Structure Tandem AT-4 round flungs throughout the reception area and pummels into the floor just in front of the desk.

| >>636011
>Ziv wanted to ask who the fuck that fox is but decided against it and pulled out his pistol to shoot the running receptionist(D20+3:4(1+3))

| >>636010
>he drags them both back to reception, when there he then attempts break adams leg

| >>636015
>for just a moment the illusion fades and you see its Cassius
>he brings his finger to his mouth
>then reignits the illusion and back to the madness we go
"Check the bathroom, there might be guards, the target might be under the reception"

| >>636014
>The grounds blows up and reveals a secret staircase... however, as the explosion is severe, chunks of floor fell down, and blocks the staircase.

>>636015 >>636016
>Poor Adam... you merciless monsters... HES NOT EVEN RUNNING ANYMORE!
>Adam has been shot, his legs are broken, and Chris is falling asleep peacefully...

>The whole area under the reception has been blown up! No need to say "might!"

>Dust fills the room, and it creates a smoke-like illusion.

| >>636021
>he breaks Chris's leg too just to be sure
>then ties them to the ground and beats them awake
>looks like they pissed ththe fox monster off

| >>636018
"What the fuck?"
>Krinkov's ears ring from the explosion, he coughed and coughed and coughed.
>Ziv then just complies after he finishes coughing dust from the explosion in>>636021
>The pair walks over to check the bathroom

| >>636021
>Alpha rapidly approaches the staircase, not wasting a single second. They were equipped to break through bunker doors, and mere rubble wasn't enough to stop them. Not even caring about the fact that the dust is demasking them, they got to clearing the entrance — having 4 shaped c4 charges to clear pieces of rubble they wouldn't be able to move.

| >>636013
> She checks on all the computer, feeling a smirk coming from somewhere in this world. If there's still a VIP somewhere, it's most definitely in an area that has been under constant barrage right now -- whatever those barrages may be, though if she had to guess it's nothing less than a detonated missile.

| >>636024
>Adam doesn't seem wake up... but Chris does.
"You're going to regret this..."
>They can't really do anything.

>The rubble is now cleared... however the sound is big enough to warrant the attention of every other parties in the room.

>The bathroom is dark and completely empty. No guards can be found anywhere. Legends say that if you say Stormy 3 times in the mirror, she will come and bless your post with a custom color.

| >>636028
"I̵̺̖͆s̵͇͂ ̴̹̫̃t̴̮͔̔̾͑͜h̸͔̿è̵̠ͅr̶̻̾e̷̜̳̜͑̈́̊ ̶̨̯͆a̴̩̩̯͂ ̶̺͓̫̽̓t̶͐͆̄ͅṟ̴̀̒͗ǎ̸̩̄̕p̷̤̮͑͝"
>referring to the area under reception
>his voice distorted into a hellish gargle and a peircing scream
>he would Probably use infrasound to help but the damn headset is recharging

| >>636028
>Alpha wastes no time, pushing onwards through the staircase.

>Meanwhile on the third floor Bravo lsw gunner finally gets a second to reload, and starts dumping a second drum mag into the exosuit guard, from the now-relative safety of the hallway corner(d20+2=17(15, 2)).

| >>636027
>Most of the computers have nothing but work emails, order, etc... fitting the name of the floor.
>Some of the computers, however have access to admin, and you can choose to enable some of the core settings of security... if Merlin didn't get access to them.

>Chris spits on the ground. Her eyes are blank.
"Yeah keep overusing those and you're gonna sound like a bad 20th century thriller. The only trap here is you, disgusting shapeshifter."

| (Is alpha uncloaked yet?)​

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