[Stream] Interconnectedness. Terminal:TWlkbmlnaHQgR3Jhdml0cm9uIEE=

| >A small amount of data, numbering in the few Megabytes is slowly streamed to the matrix through what appears to be a proxy server.
>The stream shows a simple screen, with old school amber text slowly flickering on and off.


| >CN

| >CN has been selected as a username.
>Welcome to ATECHNOLOGY's rift
>[What is your story?]
>[Input command]

| I never really know what to expect with these.
>What is your story?

| My parents died and I raised myself still single.

| Ideas?

| >>634660
>What is your story
>Please input a fitting back story, single words and tags are accepted
[Input value]

| >>635013
>I'm a technologically apt milk farmer.
...No one question this, I asked my friends for suggestions. -CN

| >>635200

Must be losing their touch. -Janeiro

| >>635237
Well there suggestion was different... this was a compromise of sorts. -CN

| >>635239

Different... how? -Janeiro

| >>635291
Let's just say the suggestion is more appropriately spoken on /d/ and leave it at that. -CN

| >>635200
>CONFIRMED, welcome
>Loading data (1.5b/s)
>Creating RIFT.RLT (1.3b/s)
>Pinging data center (COOLING TOWER 01)
>Timed out (-200ms)
>Changing data center to [Glitch City]
>Pinging data center (DART TERMINAL/CT02)
>PING! (86ms)
>Connexion established with DART TERMINAL/ COOLING TOWER 02
>Running program: DEPTHS.EXE
>Loading Save file for [GUEST]

| >...
>Please create a new account:
[Account Name]

| PoI̡ s͡t҉aţus ̡inc̨r̴e̶as̶éd t͝ò:̨ ̧Y͏e̕l̨l̡òw͞. ͢M̢o̸ni̧t̶orin͘g͢ ̀th͜ȩ ͟connec͏t҉i̧on.̢

| >>635302

That's more like it. -Janeiro

| >>635335
Why did you expect anything else. -CN

| >>635624
>Account name set as CN
> [You are a milk farmer]
> [No one knows what happened to you]
> [But you were here when you woke up]
> [In your pockets are a few coins, a paper towel, a tranquilizing dart, and lotion!]
>Welcome to the Depths
>You stand above what can only be described as a deep, dark precipice, to the north is a bridge.
[Enter command]

| >>635630
>Examine precipice

| >>635636
>[Examine precipice]
>A gigantic opening in the earth, it's appearance almost reminds you of a scar.
>It's depth is unfathomable, and hot air slowly rises and brushes past you as you look down within
>[The abyss stares back]
[Enter Command]

| >>635638
>Go north

| >>635624

It's been a while, things could've changed. Glad they didn't. -Janeiro

| >>635948
I dont think this kind of thing will ever change Jan. -CN

| >>636128

Good point. -Janeiro

| >>635648
>[Go north]
>You decide to cross the bridge, leading you to the other side of the ravine.
>You now stand on a somewhat grassy platform.
>A solitary tree sways in the night breeze
>A staircase that descends is to the East
>A staircase that ascends is to the West
[Enter command]

| >>636266
>Examine tree

| >[Examine Tree]
>It's a small tree, a cross mark is engraved within it's bark
[Enter command]

| >>636290
>Move east

| >[Move east]
>You move downwards, descending the eastern flight of stair
>You find yourself on a small stone platform
>Rails overlook the surrounding area, which is no more than a view of the surrounding mountains and the clouds below.
>A large ornate gate stands to your East
>An ascending staircase is to the West (return)
[Enter command]

| >>636950
>move east

| >>636971
>You stand in front of a large and very ornate gate. it seems to be made of some kind of metal. it is cool to the touch
>A large dent is present on the lowest part of the Gate.
[Enter command]

| >>638082
>Inspect dent

| >>638101
>The dent seems to be around 80cm in height and 50cm in length.
>You could probably squeeze through, although you have no idea what lies beyond it due to the lack of light within.
[Enter command]

| >>638850
>Move west

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