Any good decker?

| I know there's a jobs board but can anyone help with finding a cheater in a game? I swear they're cheating. There's NO WAY someone is winning a 72 global streak unborked.

I just need their address really. I'll pay you some good zenny and an extra if you don't tell anyone.

| >>634218
How much we talking? -CN

| >>634222
Didn't expect geekboy to show in my thread. I guess you can name your price, I won it big during last week's event.

| >>634299
Well... I suppose since it's just hacking into some game server this should be too bad. How about 5000? -CN

| >>634385
Deal. 7.5k if you can get more than just their address.

| >>634218
LMFAO are you Da¥ from Soc? Did losing to XNBC made you miss your meds? She won her 74 fight, took down Aelsylph as I'm typing this. You should watch just don't get your ass hurt over this shit lmao.

| >>634397
Alright. -CN

| A̢s pe̶r my̸ ̸P̧r̡im̸ary̵ ̸Di͟re͠c͘t̶ive͟s, aut͠ho͢r͠itie͘s h̀a͠ve been͢ ̕n̕ot͏i̴fied̢.͞

| >>634470
For what exactly? -CN

| >>634470
What the hell did I do wrong?! I'm not gonna knife someone just because. I'm going to report them to the mods thats all -OP

| >>634987
Didn't know reporting require an address but ok.

| >>634989
Ok smartass, it's NETWORK address. Didn't know people are this dense. -OP

| >>635016
Speaking of how do you want me to send you it? -CN

| >>635165
I don't think the board is as trustworthy as people say but yeah whatever, it's not my address. I'll open up the game port if you're going through, or do you have like any other way of getting to the server? -OP

| >>635179
Your port works. -CN

| >>635186
We won't be caught like this right? I have a 1k hours in this game, I don't want to see it gone. -OP

| >>635191
If you're worried I can try and find another way. -CN

| >>635192
I have the address of the server? Is that anything you can use? -OP

| >>635193
Sure. I'll need their screen name as well though unless you want me to hack into every player there. -CN

| >>635194
Wait you can do that?? So the show WASN'T lying?! Fuck man. Anyway >>634452 girl is right. It's xnbc. She has been going in a rampage and I fucking wonder why the mods haven't done a flying shit about her PK tendencies lately.

| >>635196
Um... sure. I would take that show with a grain of salt, some of that is exaggerated. Give me an hour and I'll tell you what I pull up. -CN

| >>635203
Right. Right. But man, can you really do the things like in the show? Hacking some hundred thousands user isn't something I imagine some guy doing.

The address for the GC region server BTW: acc9:e50d:5e33:87ab:3606:4ecd:c7e:619b

Asked my data miners and they said port /115 opens up USER_LOG, /3 opens ADM_PANEL, /14 opens ATRACE. I have not a clue for what they do. -OP

| >>635207
I mean I guess with enough time I could, not at once though. Thanks though, that will make my work faster. -CN

| >>635226
Tell me when you're up at it though. Does it matter if the mods are online in the game? Or would they have a different security to handle server breaches? -OP

| >>635314
I doubt the mods can do anything outside of moderating the game. -CN

| Only thing I would need to worry about is any ICE programs, but I'm not exactly expecting heavy firewalls in that respect.-CN

| >>635316
Just MAYBE. Really trying to be careful here.. what's the worst outcome here? Can you get killed by those ICEs like in the show? -OP

> When peeking into the server, there isn't many guards in place. Several grays and traces, but nothing that can outright disable and melt someone's brain from their deck.

| >>635375
For most hackers possibly if they had a cyberbrain or jack, but I just got a classic meat brain so it's not an actual danger. Either way that also depends on the security which there isnt anything that extreme here. -CN

>He goes to port 115 to access xnbc log.

| >>635627
Oh thank god. Stay safe, I've got your money.

> The logs are all... in plain text. No encryption was put in place, giving no sense of security at all.
> Texts slowly crawl as the data is being fetched.
> Last check in: One year ago, Apr. 21.
> Last action: USER.LEVEL_RAISE
> Last action parameter: 82
> Last message: "Looking for party!"
> Last save point: Primaria, Guild Hall
> A few more texts seems to show, at a slower pace, it seems.

| >>635659
So what exactly entails in getting a global streak? -CN

>He keeps scrolling for evidence on when the streaks happened

| >>635666
Just beat up as many players around your level in a global server. That'll get you a streak for PK, and if you keep winning the streak, your bounty raises.

Basically this girl has been killing endgame players left and right without cooldown. -OP

> The records give vague estimate, but xnbc has only shown inactivity. No log shows she has logged into the account for long.

| >>635670
Well the log last shows she havent been on in a year so... just after hitting level 82. -CN

>He decides to shift gears and opens the admin panel next.

| >>635678
Uh...weird. Anything else you can pull up? Last I went to PVP her, she's damn well above 120, and the cap is 125 for GC. There's no way she is doing all this as a midtier. -OP

> The admin panel shows a terminal prompt, printing out the message of the day:
> MOTD: Patch Set 19.04c is on Beta! Please test diligently -Chron1

> Afterwards, an empty user input field is open. There isn't a spectacle of help here.

| >>635681
When did you last fight them? -CN


| >>635692
Three days back? Four or three. Definitely not some year ago. -OP

> Busybox, v1.28x. Cross-compiled for WEBCONSOLE1904c.
> List of available commands: alter, echo, chmod, chown, cowsay, no, switch-user, shift, trace, prettify, xorbit, yes
> List of available user commands: comment, blist, event, say, tend, tracelog, wlist

| >>635696
Gotcha -CN


| >>635700
I'm in the game now. People last saw her today. Something strange there? -OP

> An endless stream of logs are being constantly updated, all shows a timestamp for whenever someone made a purchase, does an event-breaking activity, or find paths alternate to the intended routes. The screen moves too fast to take any proper notice.

| >>635703
Know where they are right now? -CN

>!trace xnbc

| >>635738
They said she's roaming around some dungeon. I'll scout, tell me any updates you have while you're at it. -OP

> The command prints out a jumbled list of actions the player has done, it's here that the data is newer, showing kills as recent as five seconds ago — if only it was more readable, however.

| >>635955
Theres definitely some weird discrepancies here. -CN

>He moves on to the ATRACE port

| >>636126
Here's for an update. She's at least beaten my entire guild in a 1v5. What THE FUCK?!! I'm dead, man.

> The ATRACE port logs all the user's location. Real life location. If the game wasn't invoking an act of privacy breach, now is the time to call for it.

> As with the admin panel, an empty box is set up without a means to identify what user input is to be expected. One thing is for sure: this port seems better guarded, as it shows the current user's IP.

| >>636131
Hmm... well I'm no expert on this game so I wouldnt be able to tell you how they're cheating, especially since this might not even be the original player with the discrepancy in the logs. -CN

>!ATRACE xnbc

| >>636140
wdym? Are you saying it's not her playing the account?

> The console outputs CN's IP directly above the commands output, noting that the user's action has been logged.

> User with IP not known. Have you logged in with `switch-user`?
> Refer to Manual 11.1, errata 19.04c for more information.

| ALSO WOW. I logged out and heard sirens outside. The fuck?!

Is >>634470 guy for real? What the hell man!!

| >>636141
I dont know but its possible, only reason why the last past log was a year ago. -CN

>CN pays it no mind, no hacker worth their salt hacks with their actual IP. He tries looking up the said manual online as he keeps working.

| >>636143
Man this racks my brain. You got any way for me to pay you? I'll just get you the money. It seems obvious someone snitched on me. Fuck. -OP

> The only reference to the manual is through the error logs posted by many others trying to run a custom server of the game. All of the logs date back from a year ago, with no sign of the manual in downloadable form.

> Detected anomaly in connection address. Your inputs have been logged to the timber file.

| >>636144
Dont worry about it, just worry about getting out of there. I'm having difficulty getting the IP anyways unless I plan on brute forcing it. -CN

| >>636147
Big thanks, you. I'll have to explain a lot now to my landlord. -OP

> Suddenly, the prompt screen prints out a single echoed line,
> "Can you identify yourself?" [Y/n]
> It expects an input, overriding the command input from earlier.

| >>636148
Right, I'd probably stay offline for a bit as well to be on the safe side. -CN

>He doesnt answer he simply exits the port to make his way out.


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