Has sexuality become a melting pot in Glitch?

| This crossed my mind the other day: There's so many different things to be turned on by nowadays that I'm not even really sure what my kinks actually are. Has anybody else experienced this? Like, we have people with cat ears, multiple different kinds of sentient AI, people with crazy advanced cybernetics, and literally talking, smart animals, all of which I need not remind you STILL fall under the ancient Rule 34.

This brought me to an interesting question:

| Is there too many people to be turned on by in Glitch City? Are people being over sexualized simply because the population has become so varied and numerous that everything has become virtually acceptable as sexual in nature nowadays? Furthermore, is there a correlation between the unending thirst of sites like this one and the amount of different material out there that could possibly be added to your "spank bank"?

Basically, what the fuck is up...with fucking, in Glitch City?

| Nooooo im pretty sure you just have a dirty mind chummer because i can safely say i myself nor anyone i have met can relate to this.

Tldr, pervert

| I mean I dont think it's really that big of a deal, human, lilim, etc. They got sentience, so they can do what they want. -CN

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So you're telling me that you haven't noticed an increase in fetishization recently? I saw on the news the other day that the VR porn industry was making absolute BANK from that cataclysmic snowstorm that kept everybody inside. I kinda wish I could see a breakdown of what porn everybody looks up in this town, you know? I'm just genuinely curious what people are turned on by who live in a place where you can basically fuck almost literally anything nowadays.

| Yeah i am genuinely sure you just have a dirty mind.
or too much free time, or maybe both.

| Hang on here IA I think this g/u/rl might be onto something. After all, when freaky shit is normal the sex business has to go bigger right? it may be a slow crawl but it's possible.

| Mmmm is it though..?
No really im not trying to be a smart ass.
I can Definitely say i dont look at one of those talking dogs and thing to myself that i wanna screw it.
Nor can i say that about my girlfriend and or any of my friends most likely.

Besides im pretty sure it was like that since 2018 ish.

Thus i have come to the conclusion that op is just dirty minded

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I mean porn parodies everything that's not really new. Just cause theres "new" fetishes is just a result of that, and technology I guess. I mean 100 years ago there wasnt fetishes for certain outfits or something cause they werent popularized yet. -CN

| Whatever you do, watch out for augmented people. Too many men don’t EVER having heating modules and it’s uncanny as hell. I don’t know who likes having cold, carbon fibre hands all over them

- Dusty

| >Not enjoying the natural cold feeling of a new model lilim out on the streets

I didn't knew /u/ was filled with such kind of casuals. -Big Neil

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Hey, the lilim I've been with had nice, warm hands. THEY know how to treat a lady.

- Dusty

| Idk about y'all, but I think the point OP was trying to make here is that say, for example, that Lilims didn't exist; you'd never know that you're turned on by them, and therefore you could never have been turned on by them before and developed that fetish. Therefore, with the raw amount of variety in the population of Glitch City, the thesis being put forward is that there's just more different >>>kinds of people to be turned on by. I'd say that sounds pretty logical tbh. *shrugs*

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Claiming you like Lilims but with warm hands is like claiming you're vegan but eat soymeat only

REAL Lilims are as cold as the night and smell like a new car.
-Big Neil

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Some models don't allow heating elements to be incorporated, due to various reasons, and then you become too old to be able to switch them for a newer ones.
Speaking from experience.

| What's a sexuality? can I eat it?

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I've never been with a lilim. I'm only talking about the organic jerks who don't put heating elements in their hands. It's not that fucking hard to make a hand warmer slot

- Dusty

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Well thank you for your input, but I am no lilim. So, as aforementioned "organic jerk" I'm gonna say that again. UKoBIaNMC FBM programme was how I got my hands replaced all the way back when I just enlisted, and there is simply no space in the model for heating elements due to all the medical equipment crammed into its frame.

| So it is pretty damn hard to put one in, if at all possible. We were issued electrically heated gloves in winter to lower risk of frostbites around the connector, but that's it. Can't speak for all, but I know that *some* guys switched their models after service. I never had the chance, and getting a new model now is not an option anymore, I'm simply too old.

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Oh please keep telling us how your partners must change for you while you don't put any effort at all. -Big Neil

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Hand warmers aren't food, why would you need them?


| I personally think OP has good points. Once I moved here I started discovering things about my preferences I never would have imagined.

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Is this the part where you provide examples? -CN

| I've got one question. Just one.


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That's a little personal no, naughty hacker boy? I'll give you a few though.

One thing is the cat stuff. Everyone with their animal looks and stuff are pretty damn nice. Never really seen that type of stuff outside of fiction, but once I got here I haven't stopped thinking about them. There's something about all the mechanic body parts and stuff too that gets me hot. While it shames me to admit, some of the smaller lilim have something about them too.

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That's quite a few sexual awakenings. -CN

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Oh there are more, but that's all you get.

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I think im fine as is anyways. -CN

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I doubt that you horny little hacker.

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Hey I have some self control on this board. -CN

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I'm sorry, but I can feel your lust through your messages.

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How does that even work... -CN

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