Radio Wire 15.75


| "Hello everyone and welcome to that annoying show that refuses to die" -X
"The dynaforce" -N
"wh-Ew no, Radio Wire. We destroy your ears not your entire brain" -X

| "though ah' remember that show bein' a front for some shady organization shit" -X

"Everything is a front for shady organization shit, do you think I eat /burg/ for example?" -N

"Y-You do" -X
"I do but spitefully" -N

| "So what's the scoop of today?" -N
"Corps are bad give us money" -X

"We actually haven't asked for donations in a while, feels weird to speak nonsense all day for free" -N

"Ya' mean doin' it in front of a Mic for free" -X
"Ya mEaN DoIn iT iN FrOnT oF a mIc fOr fReE" -N

| "anyway, the lines are open, the hosts are mediocre and we're takin' calls" -X

>'A gaze that invited disaster' begins playing

| "Though room, I want to say we're not getting calls because of how dead has the city been lately" -N

"Not radio" -X

"Of course not, Radio is not dead, the city is!" -N

| "That reminds me, we have a kill count right? Like 3 people have decided to call here before dying as far as I remember" -N

"That's not how ya' get people to call here" -X

"It's a fun fact ok??" -N

>" "fun" "

| "So Cali, when are you pickin a.. Uhm.. Normal tone of voice? You sound like my first computer" -N

"You mean like this?" -C
"what the fuck"
>"What's the fun in sounding like any of you?"

| >there is a ring on line 545

| >>630640

>Xii picks up line '545'

"Hello and welcome to Radio Wire random citizen, if you're lookin' for my sanity it left the day ah' decided to work on radio, if you're lookin' for Xii he's talkin' and he's askin' ya, who am I talkin' with?" -X

| >>630701
>a male voice calls out, lightly tinged with a french accent
"Is this thing on..?"
>the familiar feeling flows in while listening to him
>as if one was pouring dark chocolate directly into ones ears..

| >Call 535-XXX-XXXX

| >>630723
"Oh it's you" -X

"Whoa don't be so friendly he might fall in love with you" -N

"Sorry, sorry.. Welcome fellow Frenchmen, fellow fella and fellow smooth-talker, ah' can't stress enough how much we say welcome but again: Welcome to Radio wire man" -X

| >>630832

>California picks up on line '535'

>"Hello random citi-- Wait no that one was taken er.. Hello Radio fanatic! If you dialed right you're now talking with California, If you dialed wrong then please let it not be unsolicited moaning again!"

| >>630876
"Don't worry Cali, it's just the usual geekboy."
>The voice of a young man comes through the call
"How are you doing?"

| >>630872
"Ah so this is the right line!
Good good-"
>there is a sudden whoosh sound as if the caller on the other end suddenly pulled the phone away from their head in order to brace for something.
"-gem wai-!"
>but this time, there is no rough and tumble, no cute voice on the other end able to bring light on a dark day
>just silence...lonely silence
"Oh...right...shes not here anymore...
Man i braced myself thinking she would tackle me again...
God damn...i must be going crazy.."

| >>630885
>"CN! I've been doing great! I though spending so much time without working would turn me out like those weird gu on the internet from danger/u

| (miss clicked send pls give me a sec-)

| >>630885
>"CN! I've been doing so great! I though spending so much time without working would turn me out like those weird gurls from danger/u but I've managed to keep myself active!"

| >>630897
"That's.. Quite sad to be honest and trust me that I know sad, ya' miss yer small girl man? Wanna talk it out while we search for some fittin' music for ya'?" -X
>Despite the exaggerated accent he did sound quite sympathetic

| (-X* not >Xii )

| >>631239
"Oh really? That's good to hear. How have you been keeping active? What's been getting your attention?"

| >>631240
"I make her favorite drink out of reflex sometimes..stars above...i really am crazy.."
>he sighs, his usually enticing voice now cold and distant
>although it seems to perk up at the word "music"
"Actually thats what i was about to ask.
If its possible to make a request"
>he says politely as possible
"Do you have anything from the band uhh..what was it called..platinu moon or something..?
Uh anyway the song is called "melt""

| >call on 555

| >>631247
>"Well I started with crossfit until I realized it's useless to me, of course after that I tried to do bartending, then came the blogging, then new Methods of cooking, I though again about the upgrading regarding my age buuut.. I went back to crossfit to not think too much about it!"

| >>631450
"Platinum moon.. Alright that sounds searchable, did the lil' one leave for college or somethin' like that? Ah' know she wasn't yer' daughter but ya' really sound like a man still makin' his daughter's drinks after she's gone for good" -X

>There is a small struggle at Xii's last sentence
"Platinum moon-Are they like only known in France or?" - X

| >>631454
>Neil picks up line '555'

"Hello and welcome to the best line you could've possibly choose! I don't care coming in third today no sir no today Neil Michaels is euphoric! But most importan he's euphoric to know, who's behind the other side of this call?" -N

| >>631792
"None of it has really launched on then it seems. What's worrying you about the upgrade though?"

| >>631793
"Yeah heh...shes in a better place now"
>he seems...distant...although it was clear earlier it really feels...lonely.
>the feeling may yet be contagious as well, perhaps his troubles spark a bit of sorrow on others

| >>631802
>"It's just thaat.."
"No one older than 18 seems happy nowadays?" -N
>"No shut up, I'm just worried I change too much, a different mindset is what we've stablished that I need but it seems to give a lot of open space for new ideas to form, for wrong ideas too.."

| >>631939
"Oh fuck me ah' wouldn't have guessed that.. Ya' at least seem to be holdin' up alright man, lots of people don't even have the energy to talk about it when dealin' with loss y'know?" -C
>The music loop stops and ends while the Radio man searches for the song

| -X *******

| >>632139
"Is that how its called in English...?
Loss? I suppose thats fitting..."
>he seems to trail off..
>after a bit of looking one should have found it


>platinu♡moon - melt
>the new solo sang by their newest member. A prominent newbie by the name of...lets see...

| >>632138
"Mmm... I think I understand where you're coming from. Though I dont think you should be afraid to change cause of that if you do want to change. I wont say you wont make mistakes, cause that's part of living. However you shouldn't let the possibility paralyze you. Besides you know the radio crew and I will stop you if things ever get too far. Plus you never know what *good* ideas you might end up having as well."

| >There's a call coming on line 555... That line seems occupied, though, so this call's probably gonna get shunted to the waiting list for now. It's not going to stop the caller though.

| >>632399
(my dude or dudess) >>631794

| >>632415

((yeah, that's why i said the call's probably gonna get shunted to the waitlist fkdljsglk, the caller is happy to wait))

| >>632506
(ooh oki my bad, I though both were the same person))

| >>632140
"I mean onlt thing ah' can tell ya' is the sadness won't last forever, I got yer' song here and I hope ya' got a drink there cause we're takin' the sad copin' now I guess" -X
>'Melt' begins playing on live, with the Radio host now reading the familiar name within the group behind the song

| >>632159 *

| >>632176
>"I know the guys have my back if anything happens, I even start to feel like they got their own backs for once after so many months of... Irresponsibility.. Do you know, when having so many options, one takes so more time to make a choice? Now that I have just two options that feels like so much.."
"Say Bullshit say Bullshit" -N
>"...So much trash"

| >>632562
"Still sounds the same hah.."
>he seems to be less...hallowed when the music starts

>thats peculiar...the singer sounds exactly the same as that girl that would call with him
>she wanted to be an idol or something right..?
>hmm... What did he call her again..?


| >>631454
"Hello hello, is this thing on? I got calls stacking in here like tetris blocks, will you give me that sweet line piece and talk dear fan? Or will you perish like a.. Alright I don't got much tetris references I'll admit that, shit's like a hundred years old now, you there fan?" -N

| >>632565
"..Is she gone gone fam? Or gone as in "she's out there makin' her dream come true" type of gone?" -X
>Xii said having put the pieces together since the moment he put up the song, after all it was a hard to forget kind of voice

| >>632568
"...? Wait gone gone as in dead..?
Stars above no, what made you think that..?!"
>he seems suprised, albeit still empty sounding.
"This is her newest song, cant be dead when her song just came out"
>he gives a empty chuckle

>if shes not dead why does this guy sound so sad..?

| >>632564
"Two options hmmm... okay I think I got an idea. Do you have a coin? No it's not going to go where you think it's going, trust me."

| >>632569
"God almighty be glad ah' don't know you that well cause if a friend acted like you are just from havin' someone leave I'd smack them" -X

>He sighed in some sort of relief mixed with a pinch of frustration

"I'd smack them so good, why are ya' so sad about yer' friend livin' her dreams out there??" -X

| >>632577
>"ooh ok you got my attention! A coin a coin.."

>The shuffling of desk items fills her line

>"...Coin! So I know you're not asking me to flip it but what do I do with it now?"

| >>632566
"...Block piece! Those hinder your progress, right?" -N
"Little late for that" -R
"LiTtLe lAtE--Ey caller, back me up here, wouldn't be the first time I got a mute speaking out for me" -N

| >>632745
"Sad..? What do mean sa-"
>me is a somewhat...enticing yawn mid sentence
"-oh. No i just woke up from a nap...my apologies...
>he following this was what is presumably the sounds of him stretching
>certainly something of a treat for any female listeners~

| >>632746
>He clears his throat
"Well... I do want you to flip it. That's why I said trust me. Heads is for the upgrade, tails is for not doing it. Theres is a point to this I promise you."

| >>632828
>"...Alright, I trust you and want to see where this goes"

>The flick of metal rang neatly as obviously a coin got gracefully flipped

>"..I-Its heads?"

| >>632770
"..Or ah' might skip formalities and straight up slap you right away, ah' swear to God anyone who calls this line is with the whole purpose of fuckin' with me" -X

"That's why you gotta fuck with 'em first, the art of war my friend" -N

| >>632748
"Same same, now about that stacked call things that drove me into a buncha horrible jokes about a dead game.."


"God I really wish I wasn't rehabilitating for like the sixth Time now man" -N
"Neil that cuts just the call not the microphone" -R

| "Haha what was that? I though I heard another call!"

>Line '555' gets picked again holding up the held call on hold
"Now if I'm not wrong someone's been waiting on line for some painful time because we're just that good or as soon as you realized who you were calling you decided to throw away that phone onto the cold road, a reasonable response in my opinion; either way, welcome to Radio Wire friend!"

| -N *

| >>633128

>Someone mutters on the other end. "Man, it's -4 degrees outside. So cold- I just can't--"
>They realize it's their turn on the line now.
"Ah, hello! Riddle me this- Why do plants hate math?"

| >>633100
"Anyway, thank you for your time"
>with a polite goodbye he hangs up

| >>633098
"Okay, now heres the important part: what was the first thing you felt when you saw the result of the flip, don't think about it just blurt it out!"

| >>633176
"wh-- Uh because they don't grow brains or something like that! I don't know man plants are pretty stupid you know?" -N
>Neil spoke surprised, quickly descending into interested

| >>633181
"Uhm, fuck ok you're welcome ah' guess? Y'all don't be sensitive on me you know what to expect when callin' in here" -X

"50 zennys say he was looking fog your sister, can't blame him there " -N

| >>633226
>"Excited fear! Like when you're about to do skydiving but fear the parachute could malfunction on the way down causing your premature dead but you still kinda wanna do it!" -N

| >>633376
"Well if you feel excited at the idea, even if you're worried, it sounds like you want to do it rather than not."

| >>633374

"Nope, but close. Plants hate math..." >The caller pauses for effect.

"...because it gives them square roots!"

>There's a faint groan in the background, vaguely discernible as 'Oh, God.'

| >>633378
>"That's.. A really smart choice-making system!"

>There's a small, awkward pause after that

>"..if I change too much after the upgrade, do you think I will still be a good individual?"

| >>633401
>Neil spits out a choked laugh, seemingly unexpectant of the response

"Crap that is holy that was a good one! for a split second I though this was gonna be some aggressively mysterious person giving us foggy questions again" -N

| >>633711
"I think you will. Even if you get upgraded it's not going to be a completely clean slate Cali, in the end your experiences up to now will always influence who you are, and as annoying as the other hosts and I are, I like to think we've done a good job to teach you good from bad."

| >>633713

"Relaaaax. The hell kinda manzaishi would I be if I just asked weird questions with no answers?" >The caller laughs.

"...anyhoo, it's sure lookin' like this town could use a few laughs, isn't it?"

| >>633731
>"I guess you're right there CN.. It is always the unknown what we fear the most, and my this one is a big unknown"

| >>633868
"it sure is, if you can make someone laugh in what I call the epitome of sad little cities you definetly become a good person in my book" -N

. . .

"my book of good persons of course, cause I got a book of dickheads and by God it's not big enough" -N

| >>633974
"And it's understandable to be worried, the key is to not let it hold you back when you actually want to do something. Sometimes you just have to jump in and have those new experiences."

| >>633976

"Right, right." >The caller laughs.
"Y'know, when I first got here, I was thinking that not having to deal with Chuuoku would be an >>>improvement, but... It sure doesn't look like it."

| >>633982
>"Like with Skydiving! Only less dangerous I'd assume, I think that's just about what I needed to hear about the update, if I keep stalling I just won't do it"

| >>634182
"I hear you I hear you, what the hell is chudoku though? I might sound like I have an expertise on everything but I do not speak the language of the weebs" -N

| >>634382
"Exactly! Don't worry Cali, you got this! We're always rooting for you, you know?"


| >>634384
>"Thanks CN! I think with the help of you and the guys I can stop stalling and get over with this"

"Ya' literally deafened yourself last time we were goin' to talk about it" -X

| >>634931
"Well she didn't deafened herself this time, so I don't think theres much to worry about. Cali knows what's up with how she feels now."

| >>634383

"Ahh, it's a long story." >The caller chuckles.
"Long story short, they're the ones runnin' things back home, and they're not particularly nice about it."

| >>634945
>"Damn right I do"
>"-I guess you have always been more of a preacher CN. If only you knew how better things have been around here, even father agreed to update me when my mind was clear"

"Reluctantly" -R
>"Still agreed"

>There was a pinch of smugness in her tone, a big pinch of course.

| >>635008
"They sound like those new bosses that show up changing stuff around to everyone's unlikeness, tell you what I'm gonna go ahead and put them too in my book of dickheads, how does that sound friend?" -N

| >>636611
"Well I'm glad you think I'm worth listening to. Though I'd feel a little bad if you didnt at least hear out after all this time."
>He chuckles
"I'm glad things have improved though, keeping up that confidence will go a long way Cali."

| >>636614
>"My internet friends are always saying that about the confidence, the more I hear it the more real it feels, you know?"

>Some light Mic tapping followed her statement, but under what reason

>"And don't worry about not being heard put, even if I didn't remember this is radio with so many people listening to you right now!"

| >>637064
"Heh, fair point. Well I hope I helped some of your listeners with making tough decisions too!"
>CN laughs again.


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