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| > A loud siren is heard blocks away. It rapidly breaks the simmering silence, if not for its fast disappearance. Since then, there hasn't much noise to come.

> The jazz in the room complements the dairy smell, and the fresh tinge of coffee in the air.

> Outside, the environment has fully accepted the snow that has fallen from the sky. Bleak as it may be, the night only turns to be colder from here on out.

| >Impulse and Red walk into cafe. They are both wearing softshell jackets and half masks, which is currently caked in snow. Nonetheless you can still see their plate carriers and headsets. As well as rifles slung on their bodies, and a backpack for each of them.

"Nothing like a warm cup of tea in this weather, eh?"
>Impulse said as he walks through the door.

"I prefer coffee, but anything will do when the outside is this cold."
>Red answers, following behind.

| >>626796
"Sometimes, boring is better."

>John shrugs the stare off, instead he takes a peek at her as she's distracted by cake and drink. Just who is she?

| >>626962

> Dusty frowns some more, before a cold chill runs up her spine and she lets out a small yelp. Something about the temperature seemed to affect the way she acted, it seems. Also, she just got a very weird feeling, as if something was going to happen.

"Well, I guess maybe you're right. Which is why today is just a boring day, right?"

| >>626559
"Hey, attracting that kind of attention could be called a talent, these >>fuckos probably wouldn't last too long in the same conditions.

>Molly gestures to her surroundings and at the people around her, before pointing to Lucetta.

"We all have our duties in here, that might just be a part of yours."

| (first >> should be >>>)

| >>626995

> A larger looking guy strolls in. His size and width alone make him seem threatening, which is dispelled by the cute gift bag he’s carrying. He carefully walks behind to Dusty, who’s not at all paying attention, and places the bag next to her. He then places a large hand on top of her head and chuckles a bit

“Didn’t I tell you that I’d get you a present every year, Dusty? Don’t think I’d miss this one. You’re still as easy to find as ever, you know?”

| >>627155
>Impulse has already settled on one of the seats by the time the newcomer walks in. Taking off his backpack and ordering:
"I will take a cup of black tea."

>Red throws a greeting at Dusty after he had noticed her.
"Hello there"
>He said casually as he settles down on another seat next to Impulse. Taking off his backpacks.
"Uh, I will take a cup of Americano"

| >>627014
"Strange suggestion."

> Lucetta couldn't put up more words. Her smile tells that she may have agreed on Molly's words, but knowing her, it could be a one in a million guess.

"But I'll take your cake. If it's a talent I've got, it's going in my résumé."

| >>627160
"On it!"

> Sora continues to tend the cafe, he leaves Dusty and his jacket with her, waving her as he leaves her be. After all, he most definitely notices the man residing next to her.

"Hey, Alice. Mind if I—"

> As he comes close to the counter, he sees Alice in the worst state possible: hunched over, head bent to the exhaustion of running a cafe for a full day.

"Yeah, okay. Take a rest, boss."

> He mutters as he enters the back of the counter.

| >>627176
> Hearing the word 'boss' Lucetta turns to see Sora, him entering the counter is something she couldn't care less about however.

"Did you… ah, no— it's Alice, ain't it?"

> She goes to scratch her head, watching Sora do his work like a soldier; a rigid, swift soldier moving about doing a checklist of things.

"Hard to tell which boss is which when you've got two, ha."

> She chuckles, then goes back to Molly.

| >>627160 >>627155

> Dusty immediately bolts up, getting her hair messed up. She turns around, bright red and fuming. As soon as she sees who it is, she balls up her fists and starts punching the man, who doesn’t even seem to mind.


> Her hits start hard as she yells at the man, but these give way to her hugging the man, who comforts her back. She can be heard sobbing.

“I missed you too, Danielle”

> He expected this.

| >>627181
"What was—?!"

> Sora, who is barely starting his work again, heard the commotion. He was late for sure, and Lucetta stopped him mid-track with her gaze.

"Let the patrons deal with their own problem, kiddo."

> She says to him. He couldn't swallow her words well, apparent from him still willing to launch into the scene


> He murmurs, not a word gathered.

"If you mess with those, be damn sure it's your problem. Else, I reckon a thing or two about repercussion."

| >>627184

> Dusty hugged Pete tighter, who didn’t mind at all. He looked like a giant next to Dusty, towering over her. He raises a hand to get a waiters attention

“Hey, can I get a coffee and a cake for the girl? It’s her birthday today. Hence, her present”

> He motions to the very cheesy Valentine’s Day gift bag he got her. Dusty pulls away from the hug and immediately points a finger at Sora and shoots out a response

“You fucking better not bring anything. He’s lying”

| >>627186
"So, you doing it? Or do I have to? You've got two cups. I've got none. Alice's… god, can you get her to the back?"

> Lucetta halts her sentence to get Sora to put Alice to the staff room, unwary of her nodding off and being all tired. With that, all that's left is the short-figured cafe owner and her own ideals.

"You're going to get your cake in due time, ma'am!"

> Something about how Lucetta said the words made it one less honest than usual.

| >>627186
>Red nudges on Impulse's shoulder and points at the scene
"Huh, look at this Impulse, the tough girl has a sweetheart"

"That's cute"
>Impulse laughs

| >>627178 >>627186
>She looks quite satisfied with how Lucetta took her words.

"I'm glad you understand what i mean... Also, those two seem a bit out of it, but i'm sure they know what they're doing. Give them some time they will get the cake for her... wait a minute."

>Molly takes a better look at Dusty's table now that attention has been drawn to her.

"Hey! I remember you, your Dusty right? Happy birthday darling."

>She waves at her.

| >>627197

> Dusty knows they’re looking at her. She wants to yell back, but Pete lays his hand on her shoulder as a way to make her play nice. She speaks, though visibly embarrassed, in a low voice

“Thank you.”

> Pete laughs at her expense as she sits back down. He takes the chair opposite to her and gets comfortable also. Dusty coughs and introduces him, finally

“This is my– THE Pistol Pete. My former partner.”

> He gives a wave

| >>627202
"Pistol Pete? You sure are a lot different than that other "Pistol Pete" we met back in flooded."
>Red says as he walks over to where the shenanegans is going on.
"Also, didn't realize you were born on the Valentine's Day. Not trying to sound rude, but that's a little ironic, isn't it."
>Red, realizing he might have already spoken a tad bit too much, in an attempt to try to offend Dusty a little less by saying:
"Happy Birthday"
>If this works, he would really be surprised.

| > The snow outside is now accompanied by a short howling wind. The cafe's HVAC reacted by sending a gust of warm air, emanating from above.

> Before then, a new figure enters the cafe. Dressed in the cafe's own uniform, of lighter tone this time. The figure is feminine, taller than 5'4 but not by much. She presents herself with a medium-length blonde hair that she let loose.

> Sprinkled with snow, she steps inside with her hands wrapped around her. She shivers, but stayed quiet.

| > She notices the group, the conversation, and all that she can guess. Without batting more than a sight, she enters the counter, where she is welcomed by Lucetta.


> Lucetta asks, as she heaves a box of cake, cutting a slice. She makes note of the snow still on the shoulders of the girl, telling her to shrug them.

> The girl nods and puts on her nametag. Anyone of decent eyesight will notice the texts written, 'Hello, I'm [Phoebe]!' with the name printed bold.

| >>627232
>Impulse tries to strike up a conversation​ with the newly arrived employee.
"Terrible weather, isn't it?"

| >>627245
> The girl nods, and draws a small smile. She tends to the counter as she does, cleaning up bits unseen by Lucetta before, as well as moving some dirty utensils to the sink right by the far left end of the counter.

> Despite this, Impulse doesn't hear her utter a word.

| >>627246
"Uh, no offense... Phoebe, but you are not a talking sort, are you?"
>Impulse asks

| >>627255
> Phoebe was more surprised when she heard her name being called. She exaggerates her motion, shaking her head to answer the question while her hands wave to dispell the idea. Whatever she is saying, she is definitely rejecting something.

"Ain't that precious."

> Lucetta smiles at this, but consciously understands enough to step in and intervene.

"She can't do the speaking thing. Do your best to not bother her much, y'hear?"

> She says to Impulse.

| >>627160
"On it!"
>John begins a brew in the mug for Impulse, and prepares the espresso machine to make a shot.
"Where's the damn black tea?"
>He puts pressure on Lucetta.

| >>627259
"It's in the right. Can't you -fucking- see?"

> Lucetta points to her right, opposite to John, and slightly downwards to give a precise location. She whispers the word 'fucking', perhaps as a way to make herself less vulgar than she usually is.

| >>627258
"Oh... that make sense now, my apologies"
>Impulse goes back to observing the Dusty situation from afar

| >>627260
"I did just start today."
>John sneers at Lucetta, as he looks to where she pointed, checking if it really is there, knowing her, its' probably not...

| >>627262
> There is nothing there. Empty. Only a few jars and the leftover fragrant of tea.

| >>627263
"Well well well, That a non-surprise."
>John looks back at Lucetta, pointing to the emptiness.

| >>627264

> Lucetta instantly sees past John's gaze. All in her head, drawn until her body can speak it themselves, "I fucked up" is the only thought that crosses her.

"What did YOU use to make the tea before then?!"

> She retaliates back, not willing to accept her loss.

| >>627266
"I made it with those leaves. They where about to expire."
>He points to the special pot of tea leaves.

| >>627267

> Lucetta whispered, though her voice settles for more muffled anger. Her short stature only made the explosion look more temperamental, if not for the gestures she did wherein she is willing to grasp John if it wasn't for the customers.

| >>627268
"Eh, you can get more. It's your fault for not stocking properly."
>John keeps working, as he grabs the pot of darjeeling, about to add some leaves to make tea for the customers.

| >>627210

> Dusty nervously fidgets more, sinking her head slightly and grabbing her gift bag to hold over herself like protection.

“...thank you.”

> She ducks under and tries to pretend she’s not there as Pete takes over the talking.

“There was someone else using my name? Odd. If I still were in game of hunting, I’d probably tag and release them. But I’m a bit too old for that now.”

| >>627274
> With a hard, long sigh, Lucetta let her treasury be defiled again. She dismissively waved to John, signalling him to use whatever.

"They aren't exactly cheap, y'know. I don't even know why I have them here."

| > Seeing John works, and seeing herself idle, Phoebe taps John on the shoulder. She extends her arms, trying to tell him something while pointing at the pot and the cup, then nodding afterwards.

> She earnestly looks at John for this, seemingly hoping that he'd recognise what she is saying.

| >>627339
"Yeah, that guy was a rookie, well-trained, of course, but doesn't look like he has seen real combat before."
>Red says

>Impulse adds
"Terrible fashion​ sense, too. I didn't know someone can look like a clown in a camoflaged fatigue before"

| >>627377 >>627376

"Yeah, yeah, a waste either way if you don't drink it."

>He shrugs, before being spooked by Phoebe, he reaches for his back, as he turns around to see her.

"Tea or Coffee?"

>He slowly retracts his arm from his back, and begins to bring another mug out.

| >>627382
> Phoebe moves her hand about, before settling with forming a 'C' with it. She then points to the customers available, tilting her head afterwards.

> Lucetta, still frozen by her property being used for business, didn't shift her head at all from voyeuristically staring at the customers.

"I don't even like collecting tea, what am I on about…"

> She mindlessly says, with the most forlorn declaration she can muster.

| >>627384
"Coffee, soy and sweetener?"

>John says, as he presses a shot of espresso, and begins to pack the grounds for another shot of espresso.

| >>627387
> Phoebe makes a rapid exclaim, "No!" is what her hands have said. She points again to the customers, then to the coffee. "I", she motions, then another with "help". She repeats this exactly two times to make sure John catches her.

| >>627389
"Oh, right, you want to help make and serve the coffee?"

>John's ASL is rusty, but just about holds up.

| >>627390
> Phoebe nods merrily. She seems joyous seeing John is able to interpret some of her words. With her height, she needed to look up to meet John's eyes, but it's not stopping her from making an earnest eye contact with him.

> However, this eye contact is soon broken as she looks back at the cup and the pot. Back and forth, between John and those two items. "I", "help?" she repeats.

| >>627339
>Noticing Dusty's embarrassment she settles with an enthusiastic double thumbs up from afar.

>Molly turns to the counter area towards John and Phoebe, and raises a hand.

"I would like a cake if you all don't mind, any cake, just make it to go if you can!"

| >>627483
> Lucetta rises from her post, alive once more, she takes bearing to realise the order that she postponed for reasons unknown.

"My cue."

> She says. Once she actuates her work mind, she swiftly throws about her sloth-like behaviour. She steps into trays that she didn't know would contain the ingredients, but she did — and she guessed all of them correct.

> Pulling a handicraft, she finishes a cake. A chocolate, layered with white vanilla.

"Latte next."

> She murmurs.

| > Seeing this speed, Phoebe flinches. She would have helped Lucetta, if she would leave an opening at all. But like this, the pace that Lucetta goes, it is impossible for the girl to catch up.

"Vee, you stay there. With John, yes."

> Lucetta gave Phoebe a thought, she looks at the staff, petrying her from moving an inch. It's the stare of "Let me be useful" to those that can discern the situation.

| >>627457
"Alright, can you do the tea and americano? Here's the shot for the americano."
>He hands Phoebe the shot, as he begins to prepare the latte.


"No being mean to the Mute girl, Lucy."

| >>627559
"Ain't it cute you're defending her when I'm literally telling her to help you?"

> Lucetta shrugs John off as she makes sure Phoebe receives all the correct necessities. Upon confirming this, she goes back to handling the coffee, stopping John in the process.

"Look. I work like this: I've got an order. If you're flubbing at nothing, you help. Else, handle your own. Gotcha? Capiche?"

| > In the midst of this, Phoebe is working with what she is given. Carefully and slowly going through each steps she may have memorised, despite her stiff and rigid — perhaps nervous — movements, she manages to accomplish the americano by herself.

| >>627566
>In a more hushed tone, John grinds his axe with Lucetta.
"Yeah you've scared the kid shit-less. Nice one Lucy."

>He returns with the Latte, ready to be served, he shoots a proud smile to Phoebe, seeing her work.
"Lucy, mind serving the drinks?"

| >>627378 >>627483

“Huh. At least he didn’t steal my clothing style too. Then I’d really have a reason to give him a talking to.”

> He gives a small chuckle and turns back to Dusty, who’s really not keen on opening her present. The bag is so pink and covered in cherubs and roses. Whatever’s in it is dense, at least. She comes back out and glares at Pete for giving her such a bag.

“You’re an asshole for this Peter.”

“You know me, Danielle.”

“Stop it!!”

| >>627569
> Seeing the work done, Lucetta inhaled a long breath. It's a breath that injects back the pride she has lost by making the orders. She walks towards John, then grabbed the plate of cake she surely didn't forget.

"At least be a good waiter and actually remember the orders."

> Taking a single serving tray, she prompts both Phoebe and John to store their work there. On the tray, sits a lonesome cake now.

"Alright. All aboard the USS Tardy."

| >>627569
> Phoebe clearly can't settle for one emotion after seeing John beam his smile at her. She settles fro what she thinks is a nice compromise; a held back smile, and a head tilted down, holding embarrassment — it's not the type of praise she expects to see, after all.

> Of course, with this, she didn't forget the other order John had given her. The praise hasn't seeped in. A single cup of tea was there and then prepared with excellent speed.

| >>627616
"You haven't seen him yourself. M4 with two laser device, his camo are an absolute disaster"
>Impulse continues

"Cute gift"
>Red said teasingly

| >>627643

> Dusty blushes some more and pulls a switchblade from her dress, using it to threaten Red while Pete sips Dusty's drink.

"I'd show you a cute gift it weren't for the fact my par— former partner was here right now."

> Pete doesn't seem interested in the drink and instead grabs Dusty's bag, setting it on the table, before responding.

"Maybe I'll have to look him up then. Just to make sure he doesn't ruin my reputation elsewhere"

| >>627498
>Noticing her order is on the works she peeks over the counter like a dog staring at their owners plate.

>Molly even pulls out her phone and takes a photo of it, it's the second time she does this, and you might wonder if it's the "Middle aged mom" kind of picture addiction or the "/u/ addicted teenager" kind.

| >>627739
> Noticing the camera, Phoebe poses. With her cheery smile, picking up the tea she had prepared earlier. Failing to notice the order was a cake, nonetheless.

> Lucetta, on the other hand, couldn't care less. Yet, being aware of what Phoebe is doing, puts up the slightest smile she can muster. Maybe that's a good pose, but with how she is, any is a good pose for her personally.

| >>627739
>John tries to avoid the camera by becoming suddenly busy with the coffee machine, facing away from the camera.

| >>627801
"Oi. Where's the latte?"

> Lucetta smirks at John avoiding the camera, but more importantly makes alert of the order at hand.

"We're late by time o'clock."

| >>627815
>John points to it, already on her tray.
"You're the one who's late, now get to it."

| >>627816
"I am emotionally failing trying to… you know what, I'll git. Screw you."

> Lucetta didn't waste a single other word. She hastily goes to each customers ordering their meals.

> First, the closest, she pulls a stop to hand Molly her cake. A simple, yet endearing chocolate cake, sporting a simplistic vanilla to decorate it.

| >>627643
> Then, the two armed men. Her stop took longer, as she had to wait for the time to talk, not wanting to interrupt.

"We… don't have black tea. He made you a Darjeeling instead. Tell me if it's not to your taste once I'm back at the counter!"

> The final yet closer halt was on the two couple. She takes a single cup of latte, before immediately putting a hand on her face.

"I… forgot the cake."

> She groggily says, trying to point back to the counter.

| >>627820
>John brings up the rear, putting the cake on the table.

"Sorry for the wait."

>It's not that the cake was late, but John wanted to under cut Lucetta.

| >>627820
"Yes, that's fine with me, ma'am"
>Impulse replies, taking the cup of tea
"Yeah, nobody wants their reputation ruined by a rookie"
>Red agrees

| >>627820

> Dusty quickly tosses her knife into the gift bag, realizing that she probably should have it in a cafe. She gives a weak smile to try and play cute, which could work out for once.

"Oh! Don't worry actually! Pete is going senile I think. It's not my birthday anyway!"


> Pete laughs some more and stretches a bit, showing off the glint of steel hidden in his jacket. He gives a deep sigh.

"I almost let this girl ruin it, so I know it. But that's a long story"

| >>627826
> Lucetta gave John a wink and a smile, paired together but doesn't produce a "Thank you". Instead, she brushes next to him and whispers — albeit struggling due to the height difference.

"Gotta act cute!"

> Turning back to the couple, she puts on an even warmer smile, mimicking that of Alice's.

"I should've made it special if I knew it's your birthday! Sorry, I even made you wait and everything."

| >>627896

> Dusty buries her head slightly, deciding to unpackage her gift to try and stop thinking about how embarrassed she feels.

"Thanks, it's fine. Really."

> Pete looks on as she unpacks her gift. Inside seems to be a very well made synthetic leather jacket. Dusty is struck with awe as she looks at it. Pete himself seems to be brimming with pride

"Just what you wanted, if I'm not mistaken? I'm not that old, Dani; I still remember plenty"

| > All while the occurrence stays as is, the backroom of the cafe opens. A coughing Sora peeks out, trying to make sure everything is fine for him. He spots Phoebe, who had now finished her duty of moving plates and utensils about, as well as tucking unused ingredients.

"Eh, Vee. Didn't expect you to be here late."

> Whom eyes were set on, Phoebe casts a dismissive look. She bore no sight on Sora.

"What?! Look, sorry I called you late. Sorry. Okay?"

> She slowly nods.

| > Sora's face would have looked frostbitten if not for his darker complexion. Yet, his nose still glows a surplus of red, and his hands cusped together while he regains his body heat.


> His voice rattles. He produces two coughs, all he suppressed with his hand.

"Anyway. What's boss doing?"

> Before Phoebe could answer him, she makes a few motions with her hands while her expression paints worry.

"Is that a… yeah? I think. I think I'm fine. I'm okay. Just got the cold."

| > After confirming Sora's state, through tapping his cheeks and his forehead — Phoebe shook her head.

"Listen. I'm okay! Look. Still okay even though my shift ended three hours ago."

> He chuckles, then set attention towards Lucetta.

>>627896 >>627903
"Who told her to be a server?"

> His sentence didn't register until Phoebe makes note of it. She taps his shoulder, then points to the state of the staff zone.

"Oh… right. This sucks, man. We've got nobody and it's freezing."

| >>627998
"I did, since one of the staff went to sleep, and the other one has a cold."
>John says from the bar, finishing his cup of coffee.

| >>628000
"Boss… err—… I had to walk Alice back to our house. I can handle until this shift's closing but that's all."

> Sora finds John and his coffee, somewhat surprised by quick response. With his voice turning hoarser by the minute, he struggles to keep a consistent pitch.

"I'm worried about Vee and I don't expect you and boss to stick around. Well, it's not that you two have a shift schedule already."

| >>628003
"Hey, I'm just here for fun. Well, that and I get to annoy Lucetta."

>John smirks, as he puts the finished coffee mug in to the sink.

| >>627903
"It's NOT fine! I don't accept half-baked service."

> Lucetta's insistence on the matter couldn't be budged. After making a long hum, she claps her hands once, perhaps to take attention or to keep her memory in check. A smile she drew tells what to come.

"Ah, consider the cake and the drink free, a gift from me… and the other staffs behind me. Happy birthday!"

| >>628006
"Really now? I guess boss had a good time with you."

> Sora isn't facing John while saying this. Instead, he is focused on amping up Phoebe. His hand makes a motion that he seems to know by memory: "Good luck", "Today"!

> Only then, does he realise how strange of a phrasing he made. That, a concept Phoebe failed to grasp in the conversation.

"I-I didn't mean to say it like that! I didn't imply anything!"

| >>627892
"Yeah, wouldn't want to ruin her birthday now, right?"
>Red chuckles


| >>628008
"Ah, so she's a bit of a..."
>John hopes that Sora catches on to the joke that he is making, while watching Sora make asinine gestures.

| >>629587
"Which 'she'?!"

> Sora fumbles trying to not get Phoebe to latch into the conversation he started. He repeatedly tries to say 'No' with his hand, which Phoebe replies in a repeated nod too.

| >>629716
"The boss 'she'"
>John grins trying to sign language 'don't worry about it', but ending up signing 'don't ????? it'

| >>629736
"That.. that would make sense."

> Sora didn't completely catch the gesture, turning towards John while Phoebe is already in full sight of him. She seems to understand the words John are making — if only it meant what he meant. She responded with a 'What?' and a widened eye.

"Don't play the pronoun game like that man. It's dangerous."

> Sora's sigh wasn't mostly unfounded, it's strange. Despite there being two 'she', and both may not care what John's slop of tongue said.

| >>629754
"Oh whatever, you're too young to understand..."

>John finally get the sign language right, 'don't worry about it', giving her a confident smile, while talking to Sora.

| >>629776

> Sora says, as if proud of that fact. He is well aware of John's age, a gaze alone is enough for him to tell, but he makes his own age to be a standing point.

"Old enough to know why my neighbour's bed creaks at night."

> Phoebe hovers with no voice in the conversation. Despite this, she says, "I'm", "Old" then does an upward motion after the last word.

| >>629793
"Ah, so young, so innocent."

>John smugly smiles, resisting the urge to pat the kiddo's head out of smugness.

>John shankes his head in disagreement, pointing to himself, then doing a similar upwards motion.

| >>629820
> Phoebe gestures to her entire hand after the word 'Old', putting a smile and chuckling.

"Wait, were you and Vee—"

> Sora turns back and forth between John and Phoebe. He returns with a face of disbelief.

"It's one thing to talk behind my back, it's another to do it with signs!"

| >>629821
"It's called having a parallel conversation, Mr. mememe."
>John asks Phoebe in gestures what the gesture meant, still looking at Sora.

| >>629830
> Phoebe spells each letter of the word, 'O-L-D-E-S-T' then points to John. She still chuckles, not knowing whether it mocks him.

"Vee, stop it!"

> Sora, unknown what to make of the conversation decides to disperse it whole for him. He walks over near the coffee machine, sliding a knob to make it eject out a dark, pure coffee. Taking a clean cup, he pours the content, though as he does—

"So a-anyway, what's up with today?"

> He says.

| >>630331
"Oh you know, the usual, making coffee, your boss is a M, serving cakes."

>John intertwines what he was hinting at earlier.

| >>630334
"Yeah, w-what?"

> Sora definitely caught concern over what John said. His eyes could be seen trying to escape the topic, or saying 'Could it be?!' repeatedly, or both.


> He says again, now with a fake cough as he haphazardly burns his tongue with his first sip.

"Ray'll come soon, right?"

> Sora checks in with Phoebe, which replied with a silent 'No'.

"Not his shift?"

> That received a nod from her.

"Wait, really?!"

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fuck you all

| (Oh, right, forgot to bump the thread, thanks for reminding)​


| >>628081

> Duty gives Pete a look after stowing her jacket back in the bag. She scans his face and realizes that something is way off. Her face sinks and becomes forlorn.

"Why are you here. What's going on?"

> Pete gives her a look back. She doesn't need any words to understand what he means. She gets up and finishes as much of the cake as she can before sliding the rest to Red.

"Keep it. This is for earlier. Can we get a bill or something?"

| >>631227
"Bill? What bill?"

> Lucetta gives a grin, then winks at the two — which she has now assumed to be a couple of sorts, at least from how she is treating them both.

"Keep the money for the… sweet times, you both."

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