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heard you went on a little trip

| the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime huh

id give you my condolences but

instead ill tell you to say "hi" to your grandmother for me

because i dont think you two will be kept apart that much longer

will you welcome our reunion just the same?

| great. my hallucinations are following me to the Matrix now.

look, i'm sorry about the house. and the car. and also your bank account. can we please let bygones be bygones?


| >>626214
sorry fella

you might be confusing me with another figment of your imagination but i wish you all the best

i bet you still wonder sometimes if im just some >>>fault in your memory too

but it wasnt my voice you heard in your head that night

it was dr. walker's wasnt it?

isnt that funny?

| This oughta be good...

>microwaves popcorn.


| Hey drek head. I don't know what your beef is but I suggest you back the frag off.

| >>626234
a friend of yours?

or just a wall to hide behind that isnt 6 feet tall and metal from the waist down

not all that careful picking what gives you shelter are you

or who

| A friend. One that's all metal.

| awwwww FRAG!

Is that a DYNAMOFUCK I see !? Thought you lot all got GEEKED!


| Good grief. -45 Rabbit

| Good grief. -45 Rabbit

| To see the name of a good friend be mentionned--? Surely you could explain yourself? Or maybe not? There are many walkers yes? but just one Walker-- if that makes it?

| >>626240
an individual after my own heart

a good friend?

of whose

what kind of friend voices their doubts about their friends memory where the general public can see them?

interesting isnt it?

| Are mind games your go to thing or is this just something you wanted to try before you put a bullet in someone's head?

| >>24de75
where did you get the idea that id rely on a weapon for this

too dirty

too much left behind

snapping someones right and left lobes apart within their own skull?


self contained

could you call that a mind game?

| >>626314
I'm not a medical expert but how exactly is that possible without opening up the head, like that sounds plenty messy

| >>626316
she experienced it first-hand

and she lived to remember

why not ask her?

| >>626323
Life? I've been asking her questions a long time, she never picks up the phone.

| Yo who's the derp larping as MOMBOT?


| >>626331
probably some QuidTrid shill? didnt they buy Dynamofucks or somethin'?

| >>626309
Are you sane? I am not questioning a friend? I'm questioning you-- the lowlife behind the screen? You have some guts do you not?--

Guts are usually my area of expertise you see?

| I assure you, I'm Nym. Also, we're not all dead.

| >>626362
Nice one, bet you glow in the dark as well

| Why would I need to glow in the dark...?

| >>626357
a misinterpretation on your part

i was questioning your choice in friends

and hers

| >>626366
No offense bro but you're not making a case for friendship yourself by calling someone dim.

| >>626357

did you perhaps bond with this good friend of yours

over your shared knowledge of guts

| >>626368
Yes, wonderful experiences? Big car, it went VROOM--?

| did you know that cinnamon soyapuffs have real artificial cinnamon in every bite? -MelMel

| Hi I am Yo- Yo- YYoshi and you're on [BAD WORD]! -Yomi

| Okay HAI! So, My name is FOXXY and, um, its been AWHILE since I commented on cyb so I decided because, um, of boredom, I'd start commenting again!


| >>626369
was the car really so big

i had thought him maybe the modest type

| >>626373
Big, Red, fast VROOM? The female with him almost puked on herself? was my driving that bad? all I could feel was the speed--?

| >>626353

Ah'll dynamo YOUR fuck!


| >>626375

that does sound like his car

and his female

| i seem to have gathered quite the audience

i havent seen this many strangers in one place

since the night i stole your vision

| >>626380

| >>626380
I dont know who you're talking to but is this some weird new flirting technique?

| >>626378 >>626380
im NOT """"his"""" fucking female and you can FUCK RIGHT THE FUCK OFF you HUGE FUCKING BASTARD

| >>626400

its her i am talking to

the one who just posted

| >>626407
It's always her man, who is her? Is it someone famous? Is it Kira miki? Its Kira miki isn't it?

| What's even going on in this thread?
- SciFox

| I am a kira miki! -NotaDoggo

| >>626413

Ooooh another fox! -FOXXY

| >>626417 I'm not a fox. I just think they're neat.
But seriously, what's going on here?
- SciFox

| Am fox

| >>626426
what would you call this indeed

colloquially perhaps you could refer to it

as a call out post

| >>626433 I mean, it clearly started out as one, but now I'm not sure what's going on.
Egh, whatever it is it probably isn't my business.
- SciFox

| >>626433
This is like, the most passive aggressive callout post ive seen.

| >>626442
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