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[Setting] OK!!!

| >Hey, it's the cosplay café again, still in its same old place on the elevated Tachibana Avenue... But that's the only thing about that's stayed the same since last time.

>There's been a complete makeover, shunning the mishmash stickerbomb aesthetic of the café in favor of something more coherent; it now resembles a blend of a Western saloon and a Victorian café.

>The café is decently full, but there's still plenty of room; it seems most of the traffic right now is downstairs.

| >The Swedish ninja maid who originally manned the counter is gone, by the by, replaced by a Lilim girl in full Kanade Amou cosplay (complete with giant spear!). Everyone has their orders, so she's just idling, waiting for new customers.

| >outside comes a small blizzard, and for just a moment all the drinks get frozen solid as a pure white girl walks in
"Ahh...its warm now..."
>dusting off the snow, all the freeze dissapears as she walks inside, the drinks even become more warm then before they got frozen, or cold if they were meant to be cold

>she takes a seat at the counter
>...porcelain white skin and delicate snow white hair graces ones eyes..an ephemeral beauty...as if a princess from north

| >>625988

"Hello, hello!" >'Kanade' waves, leaning her spear against the wall. She doesn't seem to have noticed the side effects of the woman's appearance; or if she has, she's not bringing it up for reasons known only to her.
"May I take your order?"

| >>625991
"Something warm please.."
>she sounds quite chilly. Definitely an ailment hot coca would do wonders to quell

>getting a good look now that she is close, ones thoughts prior would be more then apt
>a snow white beauty as if a icy princess descended from the northern kingdoms, as frail as the newly formed snows sill falling from the sky

>she sits tightly, as to not bother anybody but its quite apparent she is used to company

| >>625998

>Awfully convenient then that hot chocolate is listed as one of OK!!!'s specialities, isn't it?

"Hot chocolate it is, then!" >'Kanade' grins, turning to the machines behind her so she can start preparing it. "You are going to love this, I promise."

>While the girl behind the counter prepares the newcomer's drink, one of the staff--a waitress, by the looks of her outfit--comes up to the counter and takes a seat. Seems she's off duty.

| >>626004
>she shivers and tightens her coat while waiting.
"...maybe just a bit..."
>a very small patch of ice forms on her seat, then fades away similar to last time
>what the heck is going onnnnnnnn

>still, its not doing any damage.

>quite the strange girl Definitely but also quite quaint. Although its hard to say given her lack of interactions

| >>626006

>'Kanade' isn't really in a position to notice the freezing, but the waitress is. She remains silent for a little while, then musters up the courage to speak.

"...what was that...?"

| >>626011
>the girl looks around curious for a moment before finally realizing that she was the target of inquiry, turning around to answer
"..yes..? What was what.."
>she tilts her head confused
>kinda cute in a kuu sorta way
>as you look you notice that even the irises of her eyes are dyed a silvery hue, a hypnotic portrait to lose oneself gazing upon endlessly in the winter snow

>also she seems excited for the hot coca, as one is on a snowy day

| >>626013

>The waitress, Yvette, pauses for a moment when her eyes meet the newcomer's. She blinks quickly, shaking her head, and gives her answer.

"Your chair... kind of... froze for a bit...?" >Her voice is soft, closer to a whisper than normal speech. Whether this is due to fright or just Yvette being shy is up for debate.

| >>626051
"Froze...?oh my how scary..."
>she cowers away, raising her pale white turtleneck to hide her pale white face behind...cute and all but WHY IS EVERYTHING SO WHITE WITH THIS GIRL!??

>the girls shyness also very apparent, it seems she is still more then willing to talk should there be any reciprocal parties

>small little snowflakes rain down upon her(and only her thankfully)..imparting her the visage of a shy snowy maiden..

| >>626094

"Right!" >'Kanade' has finished preparing the hot chocolate! She turns, offering it to the pure-white girl with a flourish.

"Hot chocolate, just as asked~~"

| >>626094

"Right!" >'Kanade' has finished preparing the hot chocolate! She turns, offering it to the pure-white girl with a flourish.

"Hot chocolate, just as asked~~"

| >>626142
"Thank you..."
>she takes an eagerly awaited sip of her hot drink, savoring the taste ever so
"Ahh...its warm.."
>the snow continues to fall, resting on her delicate hair or plunged into the drink, yet she does not seem to be bothered by it anymore.

>the more she drinks the more the snow clears up! It seems hot coco was just the trick indeed!

| >>626149

"Hmmm." >'Kanade' takes note of this. It appears she did notice the initial freezing when the customer walked in, after all.

>Yvette holds her peace for a bit, then decides to just up and ask.
"What's your name, miss?"

| >>626149

"Hmmm." >'Kanade' takes note of this. It appears she did notice the initial freezing when the customer walked in, after all.

>Yvette holds her peace for a bit, then decides to just up and ask.
"What's your name, miss?"

| https://i.imgur.com/WfxiiQe.jpg
> A girl dressed in decidedly un-cyberpunk clothes pauses outside the entrance. She's looking at the ground and random objects with what appears to be a cell phone with a thermometer and a magnifying glass taped to it. Her clothes probably aren't enough for the snowy weather outside, but she isn't visibly affected by it.
> What a nerd.

| > She briefly continues down the sidewalk, but seems unsatisfied with what her instrument is telling her and turns around, once again ending up in front of the café. Putting her phone away for the moment, she looks across the street before turning toward the café. She looks a bit tired, and seems to be debating whether or not she should enter, but eventually shrugs and walks through the door.

| >>626390
>like a curious dog she tilts her head in a confused manner, contemplating weather she should answer the question or not

>take another sip of hot coca she answers quietly
>then shyly looks away and takes another sip

| > The new girl sits at the bar. She glances briefly at the shy girl sitting a few seats away, then looks away.
"Can I have some green tea, please? If you have it."

| >>626640

"Green tea, got it." >'Kanade' nods, turning to the machinery behind the counter.
"Anything else?"

"...I'm Yvette. Nice to meet you, Cilia." >The pink-haired waitress bows, or at least does something close to it.

| >>626912
>she nods and hides her face with yet another sip

>she shivers, in doing so a small gust of snow trickles down from above her somehow, only stopping when quenched with the heat of the drink
>noticeably she doesn't have a jacket or other source of warmth, that must explain here little predicament one should think

>poor thing, caught in the snow without a coat
>she utters to the countermaid

| >>626912 "Do you have any soup, or sandwiches? It doesn't matter what kind."
> After hearing the other two give their names she decides to give her own.
"I'm Ys."
> The sight of the snow falling from above the cold girl causes Ys to pause. This seems to have especially piqued her interest.
"Are you alright?"

| >>627281
>the pale white girl quivers away, nervous of the stranger before her
>it seems she is cautious of you

>mulling it around in her head she decides to try and respond, albeit quite shyly
>her voice sounds as delicate as her frame, which is to say it is akin to a soft freshly fallen snowflake in the cold winter night sky, beckoning one to gaze upon the pale moonlit maiden of the snowfall in wonder of what is to come

| >>627283 "If I had a coat, I'd give it to you... hold on a moment."
> She pulled out her phone and searched up local shops, looking for somewhere she could buy a coat, or at least a blanket. She turned back toward the lady at the bar.
"I'll be right back. Keep the tea coming."
> She set down payment for the tea and ran out the door.

| >>627292

"Got it." >'Kanade' nods, taking the money.
"We'll have some soup ready too, once you get back!" >With that, she heads to a door marked 'staff only', and vanishes behind that.

>This prompts Yvette to get off her seat, taking 'Kanade's place behind the counter in case anyone should make an order before she returns.

| >>627292
>yet she was too late! She said it just as ys left the door... leaving her face bright red, betraying the monochromatic white
>the weather just directly outside the cafe grows slightly colder for just a moment one again before returning to normal..

>...hmmm surrounding temperatures fluctuating based upon her own body temperature?...mmm no that cant be it..perhaps her perception of body temperature..?
>tch..its too early to draw lines

| >>627295

"...what's wrong?" >Yvette raises a brow, grateful for the opportunity to do something instead of standing around behind the counter; she's not as good at idling as 'Kanade' was, and kind of awkwardly stands behind the counter when shes not doing anything.

| >>627297
"Ah...nothing...mmm..i just feel bad now..."
>she sweeps her hair to the side whilst awkwardly half looking away
"I..hope they aren't doing anything unnecessary for me.."
>she looks down in slight guilt..her face a rose tinted hue contrasting with the pale radiant white that consumes her, painting the facade of a true snow angel...just maybe..to some, enrapturing their every being
>one can see the empty longing in her face underneath the feverish allure

| >>627299

>Bereft of any meaningful insight to provide, Yvette opts to simply go for something within arm's reach.
"...do you want another hot chocolate?"

| >>627302
"Ohh..uh..yes please.."
>cilia nods yes, her face still bright red as she offers her empty cup
>pfftt it made for a rather cute scene
"Thank you..."

>given the shift of two words instead of 1 per ... it seems she is slowly warming up to the yvette!

| >>627306

"Got it. This one's on the house, by the by." >Yvette turns around, setting about making a hot chocolate. She's significantly faster at this than 'Kanade', and it's not very long before she turns back round to pass the hot chocolate to Cilia.
"Here you go."

| >>627314
>the unexpected kindness causes her to blush from ear to ear!
>clearly not expecting such things to happen she panics
"..errr...uhh emmm..."
>she barely stutters while figiting around in her seat
>then drops a credstick and runs out the front door!

>should you scan the stick one would find it contains exactly 1000 nuyen (or 100,000 zenny given the atrocious inflation)

>holy crap

| >>627315

"WHAT-" >The cry comes not from Yvette, but from one of the customers. That said, though, it *does* summarize her feelings about the situation rather nicely...

| >>627316
>Yvette rushes out from behind the counter, stopping only to grab the olive-green coat the aforementioned customer offers her before running out the door after Cilia.

| > Ys was currently at a shop just down the street, looking at coats and hats, unaware that the lady of ice was making an escape. She'd certainly notice if she went running by outside, though.

| >>627334 >>627375
>by the time one gets outside she is already halfway across the block running at full sprint!
>if that didn't make it hard enough it looks like she is skilled in acrobatics! Dodging and vaulting over the stands and sliding underneath passers by

>double holy shit

>it seems someone will have to intercept her in order to catch up!

| >>627416

"What, aren'tcha gonna chase her?" >A voice sounds from behind Yvette. It's the blue-haired man who offered her his coat.

"...no. But thanks anyway, Dice." >With a resigned sigh, she hands Dice back his coat and returns to the café.

>Dice stays outside for a bit, watching Cilia go, and then he returns to the café himself.

| >>627458
>as the dust settles and all return to their original positions a new patrons enters the cafe a few minutes later
>a boy with blood red hair

>he peeks his head through the door uttering a polite
"Excuse me"
>before making his way inside and sitting down
"Umm..im looking for someone. You would not have happened to see a girl would you? About so high, and paler then the word?"
>he says as he observes his surroundings
"Oh!uh and a black coffee please"

| >>627469

"Y'mean like the one that just ran off?" >Dice is now sitting in Cilia's old spot, turning a dollar sign-shaped object in his hand.

"Oh, and this guy's gonna have a black coffee, ICYMI." >He relays the boy's order to Yvette, who gets to work on it immediately.

| >>627472
>he slumps back on his seat
"Eh she'll be fine...">he exhales, somewhat tired from happenings beforehand
caps gonna kill me though.."

>the redhead chuckles, and stretches his arms before leaning forward on the counter, resting his face on his hand
"So whats your name gorgeous?"

>although he doesn't really strike one as an ass, quite frankly his attempts at flirtation was frankly, god awful
>just the air about him ruins what usually is a normal compliment

| >>627482

>Dice flinches. That was awful.

"...I don't swing that way, sorry." >Yvette doesn't even look up, instead finishing the order and sliding the coffee mug to him. Dice flinches again, this time at the bluntness of the reply, muttering 'ouch' under his breath.

| >>627416
> Ys sees the girl making her getaway through the display windows of the shop.
"What the..."
> She pays for the coat and hat she was looking at and runs out and after the ice maiden. Ys is actually pretty fast, but she isn't the acrobat that her target is. At least not while awkwardly carrying a coat.
"Slow down a minute! What's wrong? Did they do something to you?!"

| >>627489
"Haha! Welp worth a shot!"
>he plays it off laughing

>the sound of a motorcycle breaking can be heard outside, shortly there after another girl Walks in while undoing the straps of her motorcycle helmet
>She is wearing a skin tight purple and black motorcycle jumpsuit god damn..~,

>making her way to the redhead the helmet finally comes off revealing long deep purple hair tied in a pony tail

>she simply gives the "was he trying to flirt?" Look

| >>627536
>reaching out your hand you catch her just in the nick of time!
>her face is bright red! As she sees the jacket in your possession she grows even more red!

>she embarrassedly stutters out, making a very cute face because of it

>the area seems a lot less cold all of a sudden yet the snow falls even more..!

>perhaps one should calm her down some how?

| >>627545

>Dice nods his affirmation, pocketing the dollar-sign he was fiddling with. Yvette, on the other hand, is in the middle of a gay panic attack... Not that it stops her doing her job. She turns to the purple-haired woman, giving her a quick bow.

"...hello, how may I help you?"

| >>627555
>she gives the look of "sorry, hes a dumb ass"
>she sits down next the red head and sighs in relief
"Yeah actually, a cappuccino please"
>she leans back most likely tired for the same reason as the boy

"Not a word nico">the boy

"Lucas my dude, ive known you for 7 years and yous still haven't found a girlfriend">she laughs

"Shut up!">he blushes

"Pffft virgin dork"
>she leans into to the counter maid's ear
"Sorry .. hes hopeless

| >>627557

>Yvette blushes, shaking her head.
"I-It's not a problem. Anyway, one cappuccino--"

"Actually," >Dice starts,
"Couldja hit me up with a cappuccino too? I'm startin' to get parched."

"...make that two cappuccinos then." >The counter maid nods, turning around to get started on Nico and Dice's orders.

| >>627549
"Why were you running? What happened? Oh, I got you these."
> She holds out the warm-looking jacket and hat she bought, and smiles. It comes surprisingly easy to her serious face.
"We can go back to the cafe and sit if you want. They have warm soup. Unless something happened there that made you run..."

| >>627562
>she smiles
"Ahehe merci~ i needed something hot.
This jump suit isnt exactly well suited for the cold"
>as she giggles one might not be able to help themselves as their eyes shift downward...god..????????????????????

>the redhead is likewise quite chilly and gives thanks for the coffee
"Man i needed that.."

"Not worried about cil?"

"Nah she'll turn up"

"Heh she always does.."
>all and all they seem to be making a nice atmosphere of the place

| >>627564
(Huh it looks like /u/ cannot handle italics well)

| >>627563
>you only really make her embarrassment worse
>she frantically looks around for some sort of distraction or something to no avail!

>at the offer of the jacket she hits overheat! And passes out into your arms!

>Congratulations, you have a very pretty very unconscious girl

>that doesn't look suspicious at all

| >>627568
> Ys isn't really sure what to say, but quickly decides carrying her back to the café is a much better idea than leaving her here in the snow.
"This is not ideal."
> She begins carrying the poor girl back up the street. It isn't too far, but she isn't exactly weightless.

| >>627564

>Yvette is determined to keep up a professional facade, and actually does a pretty good job of keeping the struggle to do so under wraps. Dice seems to notice this, though, and brings out that dollar-sign again. Now it's clear what it is: A microphone!

>Whatever he was planning to do with it, though, it gets shot down; Yvette simply shakes her head, raising a hand in thanks. She returns her attention to Nico and Lucas.

"So, what brings you two here tonight?"

| >>627574
>she is actually quite light! You should be able to get her there quite easily!
>the real problem here is that she is absolutely frigid! Touching her feels similar to squeezing a very cold block of ice with your bare hands!

>..yet underneath the cold you can feel a comfortable warmth radiating from her

>man it would be very akward to explain if someone saw you

| >>627584
>while waiting nico stands up and stretches her body
>the popping of her joints call your attention to her...oh my..
>that skintight jumpsuit does little to pull attention away from her midriff and hips...

>n-no! Get you head out of the clouds! ???????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????? ????????????????????????~
>g-gah! No! C-Concentrate!But she smells like raspberries and lavender


| >>627588
(Oh yeah it kills u to use italics.
actually no this works, im not going to elaborate what the question marks are
So let your imagination run wild~)

| >>627587
> Ys carries her back into the café and glances around for somewhere comfortable to put her.
"I saw her running off and when I tried to talk to her she fainted."
>she says matter-of-factly.

| >>627588

>Three things happen.

>First, Yvette collapses, red in the face.
>Second, Dice jumps to his feet, bringing his microphone to his mouth. A beat begins to fill the bar.
>Third, 'Kanade' charges out of the door she'd vanished into earlier, branding her giant spear in the hand not carrying a bowl of miso. "DAISU!" She shouts, proceeding to tell Dice off in rapid Japanese. The beat dies down.

| >>627607
>almost immediately nico hops behind the counter to check if yvette is Alright
"Whoa are you ok?!"
>putting her forehead against Yvettes to check temperature and then holding her hand to check pulse
>the smell of raspberries and lavender would be intoxicatingly close, enough to drive one mad with its hypnotic allure

>upon seeing this all unfold lucas just leans back, takes a swig of coffee and enjoys the show, giving a silent "kek"

| >>627594
>things are a bit too confusing at the moment for anyone to notice
>the staff are either unconscious or getting scolded by the other staff and there is a redhead just kinda watching it all burn

>what exactly happened here?

>just as keikaku is what happened~ Nwehehe

| >>627612
> Ys sets the ice lady down gently on a booth seat and leaves the jacket and hat on the table next to her.
"I never would have expected her to be so adversely affected by her own cold,"
>she says to herself before turning toward... whatever was going on. The redheaded boy seems the most mentally and physically stable at the moment, so she approaches him.
"What exactly happened here in the last five minutes?"

| >>627629
> Before he can answer her phone dings. She frowns and looks at it, before quickly typing something and putting it away. She redirects her attention to the boy.

| >>627632

>'Kanade' has calmed down, and passes the soup to Ys. Dice, in the meantime, takes the opportunity to explain the situation as best he can.

"Right, well, Casanova over here-" He gestures to Lucas "-came in askin' about her-" Now he gestures to Cilia "-and then he tried to hit on Yvette with the worst fuckin' attempt at flirting I've ever heard, and that's when Purple came in-" >>>Now he gestures to Nico...

| >>627636

"...and, well, I think the poor girl's smitten." >This doesn't come from Dice, but from 'Kanade'.

"She'll be fine, by the by." >Now the Lilim turns to Nico, appraising the situation. "Even if she won't, I think we've got ill-DOC downstairs, so I can just have someone run down and fetch him."

| >>627636
"Hm. Things sure started moving fast, didn't they."
> She eats a spoonful of the soup, and drinks some of her tea, which hopefully is ready after all this. Delicious.
"I'm sorry if I caused this, even indirectly."
> She gestures at Cilia.
"I was just trying to help her."

| >>627666
>cilia is still very much unconscious, lying comfortably in the place you set her down
>although being indoors seems to have helped with her temperature somewhat as well and with the jacket she is nice and warm!

>maybe it would be wise to try and wake her up? Certainly nothing bad will happen! Hopefully!

>but should you..? she looks so cute and comfy like that

| >>627637
>nico nods
"Sooo...uhh do i just leave her on the foor like this?"
>she shakes her head
"Actually no dont answer that, i got this"
>and picks Yvette up in a princess carry and brings her too a booth

>when there she sets her down and sets Yvette's head on her lap, letting her rest comfortably

>at this lucas chuckles a bit and mouths out to kanade
>"sorry, shes one of those big sister types" with a laugh

| >>627699

"It's all good," >'Kanade' laughs.
"Girl probably needs someone like that in her life anyway."


"Nah, things were actually moving kinda slowly." >Dice waves the hand with the microphone.
"That said, it ain't your fault, so don't apologize."

| >>627703
>nico just lets her rest, awaiting her reawakening while enjoying her coffee

>lucas on the otherhand just takes a swig, waiting for the snow to pass or at the very least lessen

>it seems neither of them noticed cilia somehow.

| >>627708

"..." >Yvette stirs, slowly coming awake. Her eyes open ever so slowly, and she lets out a little noise of fright; waking up after losing consciousness is never fun... At least Nico's perfume is kind of dulling the effect and the waitress isn't having a full-on panic attack.

| >>627714
"Hey there? Had a nice sleep?"
>she looks down and giggles, not doing anything to move her away
>its..uhh...its a nice view to say the least

| >>627697
> Probably not, at least not for the time being, Ys decides. Though there would have to be some plan for when she did wake up.
>>627703 "Believe it or not, I was actually looking for her today. There were multiple isolate reports online of a lady bringing cold with her wherever she went, and I decided to investigate. I never thought that *she'd* be the one trying to get warm."

| >>627775

"Huh, so that's the one that white-collar guy was complaining about..." >Dice nods, throwing a glance in the direction of the door leading downstairs. A smile crosses his face. He lays his microphone down on the counter and leans back, placing both hands behind his head.

"Finally, I've won a bet!"

| >>627715

>Awawa... Yvette's cheeks turn as pink as her hair. She lets out a little squeak, that quickly turns into a string of apologies loud enough that Dice throws an irritated glare in her direction.

>That said, though, she doesn't actually move from her spot.

| >>627775
>you decide to leave her to her peaceful sleep, thus there she rests contented and calm
>although asleep, a small grin creeps into her face as she is in the midst of a pleasant dream, surely a guardian angel above would thank you for leaving her undisturbed...~

| >>627787
"There there..~"
>she softly speaks
"Its Alright...its Alright"
>she brushes yvettes hair with her fingers in an attempt to calm her down
"You did nothing wrong...everything is Alright..."
>humming a pleasant tune all the while, unbothered by her not moving away taking another sip of coffee, being careful as to not spill any on her.
>that she does with her gentle hands

>Meanwhile Lucas is still keking
>should someone get is attention maybe?

| >>627790

"I-If you say so." >Yvette stops apologizing, and visibly calms down. In fact, she even starts... Purring? There's nothing on her to indicate she's a Cat Boomer, though...

>Dice, in the meantime, glances at Cilia, and is reminded of something.
"Yo, guy." >He pokes Lucas, then gestures to Cilia.
"Ain't that the girl you were tryin' to find?"

| >>627987
>she giggles,looking down with somber and contented deep blue sapphire eyes while continuing to groom Yvette, a nice little grin on her face
>it seems shes to be quite enjoying the peaceful little situation

>lucas looks over from the alert
"Oh yeah. Thanks"
>he sighs, then gets up and stretches before heading over to nico and sitting across, bringing his drink along
"Guess we wait. Unless anybody thinks i should wake her up"

| >>627991 > Ys looks at Lucas.
"So you were trying to find her? Do you know anything about the cold she seems to cause around her? I've been investigating."

| >>628079
>Lucas cracks a wry smile
"Sorry pretty lady, but thats a secret, never to speak~"
>he raises his hand, and a blood red semi liquid tentacle emerges
>he brings it close and makes a shhhhhh motion before using to take a sip of his coffee in place of his hand, playing it all off like its nothing to be worried about

>the scarlett appendages then retract back into his coat sleeve

>...what the..hell..?

| >>628205
> ...
> *blink*
> Her face is serious as always but there's no way she's not weirded out.
"Okay. I guess I'm on my own then."
> She turns back toward Cilia.
"This clearly isn't good for her."
>she says, apparently to herself.
> She returns to the counter and works on finishing her soup and tea.

| >>628239

"You bet." >Dice drums his fingers on the table, staring off into space...


>Yvette sighs, looking up at Nico.
"I... Don't think I've given you my name, have I? I'm Yvette."

| >>628239
>cilia is still fast asleep, nothing seems to be to wrong with her.
>a quick examination reveals she is quite warm! Warm enough to feel comfortable napping in this cold weather

>nico giggles
"Nicole Nicolaides. Nice to meet you Yvette"
>and pats her on the head, a contented smile on her face



| >>628490

"Nice meeting you too, Nicole...!" >Yvette's voice is a little higher than normal, and she smiles—a genuine smile, this time, not the customer service one she was putting on earlier!

"Again, I'm... really sorry about collapsing like that earlier, hah."

| >>630498
"Or should i call you nico nico nee?"
>Lucas calls out, a big shit eating grin on his face

>to this nico's face is scarred by an irritated grimace, but she looks down and continues to spoil Yvette and in doing so she calms down
>she seems to smile when she looks down unto Yvette's face


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