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Auctioning off some storage units in Midnight

| What it says on the tin, I got four storage units that got taken in by my firm, we need to make money off of em to pay back the old owner's debt.

If you have any questions ask em now and I'll try my best to answer.

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Is the owners stuff in it still? -CN

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Well yeah, why would I sell empty storage? Id rent it instead if it WAS empty

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Do you know what's in it then? Or at least what the guy did in his day to day. -CN

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Look chummer, I know his name and what he owed, not another thing, I aint interested about whats inside or who owned it: our corp just wants some of its money back.

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You said we can ask questions. Not sure what were you expecting. Anyways how much for one of the storages? -CN

| What does your firm do?

| If any of them hold any old tech junk i would love to buy them

| If any of them hold any old tech junk i would love to buy them

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We liquidate stuff that uses to belong to dead people who still owe money, atleast that's the gist of it.
I was talking about business questions, like the one you just asked right there, how easy was that? Its 5k Zenny a pop

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I will take one

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I'll take the other three. -CN

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Pick a number pal
I'll get the paperwork ready for both y'all and send the adress over PMs in the next few hours.

Pleasure doing business with you

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