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Anyone else have this problem?

| When you start thinking too much before going to sleep and you can't sleep because you are thinking too much so you end up having an existential crisis and crying yourself to sleep

Oh well, anti-depression pills will help everything I suppose

| >>616404 Almost every night, sometimes.
- SciFox

| >>616404
I don't even need to think before bed, it happens every time I hit the light switch.

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You guys are getting sleep?

| >>616534 Most nights. There are nights I don't, but at least half the time that's my own fault for staying up too late online.
- SciFox

| >>616404
I experience it a lot. But I've been working on it and it's not bothering me as much this year. I swear I went through my "mid-life crisis" from 25-29.

| >>616626 I think that started a few years ago for me and is still ongoing and I'm only 18.
- SciFox

| As someone with insomnia, I just work until I pass out, so yes. -CN

| I just don't sleep.

| I usually stop by my local BTC bar and get something strong, like a Fringe Weaver or a Gut Punch with an assload of KT. That'll do the trick for me.

If anything you can always look into those VR sleep induction programs on the net. Although I get the feeling those aren't really good for your mental health though because of all the advertising crammed in...

| At this rate I've kind of degenerated into aa bit of a vampire over the last couple years I sleep during the day and I'm awake at night. I don't even remember when I started doing it lol feels like I've been this way all my life.

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I sure hope you have an overnight job or one of those work from home situations. I hope it's the latter because these streets have become mean at night in some places... most places...

| >>616404

I'd be careful with those pills. Who knows what's causing this Nanomachine Rejection shit that's been spreading...

LNR sounds like a horrible way to go...

| >>616754
Hey, atleast I would be happy-ish while I'm alive...

Exactly, and not only at night... People took pot shots at me all the time. One of these days I will just stand there for them to shoot.

| Glitch city almost killed me, all the way up to the day I exited it for good, so no wonder I can't sleep if I remember my time there.

Now at least, I don't fear for my life at night. So there's some improvement. Also I met the right people, and now I'm glad I can have a safe haven of mine with the people I care about.

Doesn't mean I can prevent the sleep issues, though.

| Make sure you avoid PrimoGen branded anti depressants. Supposedly they're laced with dreamweaver(tm) hallucinogens.

...or chug them down. Whattami, your mother?


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