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(AD) Radio Wire Returns

| What do you get when you underpay the gal responsible of writing down your shitty advertisements?

Nothing, that's what you get

Cheap bastards

Go watch TV or something who even listens to Radio anymore istg.

| Radio's still big in the US, or at least Florida. Most people just listen to it while driving, though. It's ability to entertain a driver without distracting them combined with the low adoption of self-driving cars is probably part of why it's endured. That and the fact that there aren't any strings attached, like subscriptions or accounts etc.
Then again, I thought this site was down for a few days cause my bookmark wasn't working, so maybe I'm not the expert on anything.
- SciFox

| >>616273 There don't seem to be a lot of stations here, though, which makes sense. In a place where most people are actively using technology and the internet in some way most of the day there isn't as much room for radio.

My possibly stupid rant aside, can anyone tell me what sort of stuff Radio Wire broadcasts? I don't think I've tuned into it before.
- SciFox

| >>616084
So Neil underpay his coworkers, noted

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