(Setting/Bar) The Hazy Moonlighter Part 2

| >As always, no shortage of strange happenings and interesting people came and went tonight
>It's a clear night, the air outside is soberingly clear in sheer contrast to the lively interior of the bar!

>more then a few souls are in a drunken haze soon to leave, but the night is still young and plenty more are welcome to visit!

| >>615716
"i figured as much. You're a good looking guy and she's also pretty good looking"
>They continue to knock on the counter
"How did you two meet?"

| >>615799
>at this point it just devolves into embarrassment wracked mumbling, his face so red you could fry bacon on it if he wasn't hiding it away by burying it in his palms

>you have created 「embarrassed puppy」!

| >nico laughs at his plight
"Ppfffttt! Look at him! Hes as red as a strawberry!haha!"
>wiping away a tear she relieves him of his folly
"Gee how about you just focus on drinks for now big guy? Haha!
Ohh-">she takes a breath to calm down
"Sorry about him, hes bad with compliments"

| >>616040
>they lean forward onto the counter
"It's okay that he's bad with compliments. I just wish he'd get over it and get me my second drink already."
>Slumping a bit more
"How do you know Captain Embarrassment over here?"

| >>616042
>nico just giggles and silently points to the brandtini thats already there

| > Dusty laughs nervously and tries to give a flirty sort of smile that would get her out of trouble if she weren't who she is to Red. She then waves at Fox as if to link her distraction to him

"You're a big strong man. I'm sure you'll be fine! Maybe you're just too well rounded to get distracted

> Meanwhile, Fox gets comfy and keeps talking to Sidney

"Cass is weird. But he's nice and he pays me more than enough for my work! Are you a courier too?"

| >>616045
"Oh. Shit."
>They sit back up straight and starts sipping on the brandtini
"I really am more burnt out than I thought."

"He seems alright, and yeah. I'm a courier. Generally for off the books deals though."

| >>616142
"Just don't break someone's neck next time​ you got distracted"
>Red didn't notice Dusty's smile

>Impulse walks over to Red with Arnir, who is carrying blacked out Anbor on his back.
"We are going to go back to workshop, just follow us whenever you are done"


>Impulse and the medieval duo leaves


| https://i.imgur.com/xzHRerk.jpg
> The relative quiet of the street outside was shattered by the roar of a V8, as a white Plymouth Superbird with the name 'Fly Rod' on the side screamed down the straightaway at well over 100 mph.
> Before passing the bar, the driver applied the brakes, and the massive car screeched to a halt in front of the Moonlighter, leaving a long pair of tire marks behind it.
> Miro, cleaning a glass, looked up at the car outside, and his eyes widened.

| >>616439 "Dear God no." he said, surprisingly calmly. Whoever this maverick was, Miro presumably knew him.

| >>616440
>Liz comes back into the Moonlighter carrying a few crates
"I sourced some high quality oranges for use here."
>She puts them on the counter and sees Miro's eyes widen
"Hey uh, you good?"

>Sidney sees Liz come back in with the crates and then looks over to Cass to see his reaction

| >>616543 >>616440
>poor cassie is much to embarrassed to really react, his face still hot enough to fry some bacon
>mmmmmm bacon

| >>616543 "Uh, yeah, I'm fine... I just didn't expect to see my grandpa - "
> At this time the car's driver entered the bar. He was taller and of a more balanced build than Miro. He was clearly an old man, but still had at least some youthful energy, or perhaps just eccentricity. He wore an faded but clean suit and a short, flat-brimmed hat.
"Miro, my boy! Nice to see you've found some gainful employment."
> He sat at the bar.
"A sunshine cloud, will you? Give me a taste of home."

| >>616607 "We have much work to do, you know. Enterprise never rests."
He looked at Liz.
"And this, I assume, is your employer?"

| >>616562
"Hey Cass. Why do you look so flustered?"
>She takes the oranges to the back to put them in a fridge
>She then returns to behind the counter
"That I am. Hes been a real help around here."

>Sidney finishes their brandtini
"Hey robo lady, what's your favorite drink?"

>Liz looks to him and replies
"I'm a fan of a nice sugar rush or some absinthe"

>Sidney slams their fist on the counter
"Then give me one of those"

| >>616770
"Coming right up. you might want to lay off the booze though. You seem a bit tipsy."
>She mixes up a sugar rush and passes it forward to them

| >>616770 "Glad to hear that. He always says he likes to feel useful. Doesn't realize how much help he is, I think."
> Miro was mixing him a sunshine cloud, the same way he had done earlier with more authentic ingredients.
"After I'm done with that, I heard someone absinthe? I'll definitely have some of that if you don't mind."
> Miro finished his drink and the man took a sip of it.

| >>616770
>ahh it seems he gassed out
>Completely zoned out from said embarrassment and literally overheated
>seems like someone needs to find a way to snap him out of it?

| >>616815 "Now, Miro, about the Flooded business..."> he said slightly quieter
"Yes, I'll get the ad up, just maybe don't talk about it here please?"
> Now what could this be about? Whatever it was, Miro didn't seem particularly enthusiastic about it.

| >>616815
"He's a good kid. I've enjoyed having him around"
>Liz points to a spot under the counter near Miro
"Absinthe is down there."

>Liz waves her hand in front of Cass' face
"Hello sleepy head. It's time to wake up."

>Sidney slams back the sugar rush
"Hey barlady, this *hiccup* didn't have any booze in it"

"I'm well aware. You've had enough tonight."
>Liz shrugs

| >>616968
>it seems to have spooked him awake
"Oh hi your back"

| >>616970
"Welcome back to the land of the living."
>Liz comes out from behind the counter and walks over to Sidney who seems to have passed out at the counter
>She puts her hand on their shoulder
"Hey, kid you alright?"

| >>616971
>and he stars zoning out again
>heh the dum dum

| >Sidney raises their head up from where it was
>They stand up suddenly and pull a small gun from their pocket and point it at Liz

>The second she sees the gun, her eyes glow red and she leaps to where Sidney is
>The gun goes off, the bullet hitting Cass' vase
>She grabs their arm and twists and a loud cracking can be heard
>Sidney howls in pain while Liz unloads the gun and puts it on the counter

| >>616979
"Now that was a real fucking stupid thing for you to do now wasn't it?"
>Liz says while pocketing all the bullets
"Now your arm is broken and you have to buy Cass a new vase."
>She shakes her head
"I'm not sure what to do with you at this point. I know you're drunk and belligerent but all the same you're now injured. Cass, will you call for someone to come and fix this kid's am?"

| >The broken arm seems to have sobered Sidney up
"Goddamnit. I should have known better drinking a bunch after work."
>They groan in pain
"Robo lady can I do something to pay you back for that vase or whatever? I'm a pretty good courier. I'm just a lousy drunk."

>Liz sighs
"I'll think of something. But for now just sit tight and we'll get someone to take care of your arm."
>She shakes her head again
"Why did you have a gun in the first place?"

"I have a dangerous job so i have to"

| >>616979 >>616980 >>616981
>One of the armed guards in the back rushed over to check on Liz and the guy
"Can you explain what's all this mess about, kid?"
>He has a rifle aimed and ready if you try anything bad.
(Keep in mind that the guards are still here)​

| >the sudden gunshot causes cillia to panic
>said panic means somehow...cil and her friends are immediately encased in a layer of protective ice?!?

>what the hell
>one would assume cassie is awake under there
>cold and confuzzled

| >>616984
"Everything is fine. I took care of it."
>Liz shows him the pistol Sidney had and then she outs it in her pocket
"The only thing I'm concerned about right now is how this kid is going to repay Cass for the vase"

| >>617012
>The guard put his rifle back on safe before slowly lowering it.
"If you say so. Have him watch the glasses?"

| > Fox and Dusty both watch everything that happens from where they are, exchanging worried and odd glances at one another. Both seemed to have forgotten everything that even happened around them. Dusty more or less shoves her way over to her roommate and whispers something in his ear before quietly just walking off, leaving Fox by himself. He looks around and is completely lost.

"Anno... can I please have a Bad touch? If everything is okay?"

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