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(Setting/Bar) The Hazy Moonlighter

| >The Hazy Moonlighter is once again open for business! As you walk in, the smell of the season is in the air. The smell of cinnamon and nutmeg combined with the festive lighting gives the bar a merrier feel.
>A teal haired lilim woman is working behind the counter, slinging drinks and cooking the foodstuffs that are written on the menu.
>A second or two after you enter, she looks over to you and smiles. She then bows and says
“Welcome to the Hazy Moonlighter”

| >>612558

> Dusty walks in, slightly slumped over. She’s definitely shivering as she does. Her racing jacket might look sleek, but it doesn’t look warm. Her helmet is also still on snugly. She takes a seat at the bar.

“ ‘Ey.... Can uh get uh big beer? ‘T’s cold ah ‘uck ‘nd ah can’ ‘eel muh face”

> her voice is pretty muffled from the helmet. She doesn’t seem to notice this

| >>612560
"Sure thing."
>Liz begins getting the drink mixed. She pauses and passes a small pouch to Dusty over the counter
"Here, use this. It's a hand warmer."
>She resumes making the drink and passes it over the counter

| >>612561

> Dusty immediately snatches it up and begins to unzip her jacket. She slides the hand warmer under her worn henley shirt and places it close to her chest. What sounds like a sigh of relief comes out of her helmet. She arches her back intensely even. It seems as if she has forgotten where she is.


| >>612563
"Glad I could be of some help."
>Liz says while washing a bowl
"What is it that you do that has you out in this weather anyway?"

| >Slowly a thick, lingering scent of flowers begins to fill up the room, emanating from somewhere behind the door to the bar's backroom. Barely a few minutes later changes begin to affect the main hall as well — invisible up until now, tiny vines that had sprouted all around the walls, the corners and underneath the tables, have tiny buds covering them open up and blossom. Versicolored fluorescent glow paints the inside of the bar, as if in addition to the christmas lighting.

| >>612586
>Liz takes notice of this and looks at Dusty
"So apparently the building is just a mega christmas tree now. Any idea why?"

| >Impulse enters the bar, he's wearing his softshell jacket and half mask. A new rifle slung over his shoulder ​and a pistol in his holster. He greets the security people and walks over to Liz.
"Hello there, anything new for the season?"

| >>612561

> with being warmed up, Dusty takes her helmet off and slams it on the bar top. Her hair is a mess and she looks more worn than usual.

“Umm... I’m still /technically/ unemployed. I’ve been living off of what I’ve saved up from former bounties. Fox sometimes gives me cash for deliveries I help with. I need a job again. Ugh. It’s always a drag.”

| >>612656
>She gives Impulse a wave as he enters
"Hey Impulse. How are you?"
>She's behind the counter getting stuff made for other patrons while at the same time making a bit of a mess
"Anything new? For the next few days we have some drinks that have some ingredients added for the season. Along with some classics."
>She pours something into a glass and slides it forward
"Spiked eggnog is so far the most requested thing."

| >>612659
>Liz taps her fingers on the counter in thought
"You know, Dusty. You could work around here if you'd like. It's not too stressful and it's good money."
>She points to a door behind her with her thumb.
"If you're interested, there's spare uniforms and aprons in the back."

| >>612695
"Quite well, how about you?"
>Impulse catches the glass, examining the content inside
"Spiked Eggnog? Alright."
>He drinks it up

| >>612702
"I would say I'm doing alright. Haven't had family in a long while, so I'm looking forward to being here for the holiday season."
>She pours herself a glass of the egg nog and takes a drink
"The Moonlighter may be the only bar open on Mega Christmas. But what do I know, I'm still new here."

| >a cold breeze escapes into the lounge as the door chimes ring to signal a few new visitors

"Damn that old man...makin us work on holiday"
>in walks the first
> https://bit.ly/2saKjy8
>he takes a seat by the bar and slumps down

"Well be glad we can take a break while we can lucas!"
>then comes the next
> https://bit.ly/2SnNuxj
>the odd scent of raspberry follows her as she takes a seat
"Yo hurry up back there! We dont know what to get!"
>she calls to someone outside

| >>612710
"Welcome to the Moonlighter."
>Liz says with a wave
"Can I get you anything? We're having a half-off special until the end of the year."

| >>612706
"Not sure either, maybe some cafe, but haven't seen any other bar open yet"
>He finishes the eggnog as he looks around
"Nice decoration, I see you are going with a megachristmas tree theme"

| >>612713
"Ill have anything you want me to beautiful"
>the redheaded boy says with a wink
>However despite his attempt, something about it was just horrible and Completely disappointing.
>quite frankly hes a horrible flirt

"Hey! Hurry up! Lucas is trying to flirt again!"
>the girl calls out

>promptly the chimes ring one more time
"Calm down nico, im not going anywhere.."
>the last walks in
> https://bit.ly/35PEpkz
>he looks at liz with a wary smile
"Hey there"
>warm as ever...

| >>612714
"Who knows really. I'm sorta expecting this place to be really busy then. But we'll see."
>She takes another drink and finishes her egg nog
"Yeah, they're the only decorations I could find. Most places were sold out of almost everything since it's so close to the 25th. I'll have to get some things after the holidays are up for next year, what with the sales and all."

| >>612716
(I was refering to the vine, but ok)
"I see"
>Impulse put his glass on the table
"I will have another eggnog"

>Impulse looks at the man

| >>612717
(Oh right. I'll address it now.)
"And as for the vines? Who the hell knows. this place is odd."
>She pours another egg nog and passes it forward

>Liz chuckles at the flirting
>She pours something into a glass and passes it forward
"It's egg nog. If you want the hard stuff, I'll have to see some ID first"

>She looks up to the door that the girl is shouting at and sees him
>She immediately jumps the counter and wraps him in a huge hug

| >>61271
"Huh? Weird"
>Impulse replies and take the drink
"So you didn't put that there?"

| >>612718
>you catch him like a snake on the hunt! Earnings what seems to be a well needed laugh
"Heheh, I kept you waiting huh..?"
>he whispers into liz's ear while reciprocating the hug

>his two companions just laugh
"So thats liz"
>the girl giggles

>they look around for someone to keep themselves busy with to give the other two some space

"...my eggnog.."
>lucas stares at the counter in defeat

| >Suddenly, two really tall men(about 6'5 or 6'6) enters the bar, one is clad in a full suit of plate armor with a longsword by his side, his face is hidden under a visored sallet helmet and the bevor from his plate armor. The other is clad in dark green hooded cloak, with a layer of mail under the cloak, as well as a mask hiding his face. This one is carrying a longbow, a quiver of arrows, and another longsword sheathed by his side

| >>612719
>Liz shrugs
"Yeah I have no idea where it came from."

"Cass I thought you were gone."
>She looks up at him with some tears in her eyes
"What are you doing back here?"

| >Following them is Red, who sigh as he greets one of the security people.
>He walks over to Liz
"Can we have some ale for each of those guys and a ragnarok for me, please? Thanks"

| "Huh, I rather like the smell of this place, reminds me of the Forest of Norsew in the spring"
>The cloaked man says

"Yes, I agree, Arnir, and this tavern's ale is great"
>The armored man replies
"Oh, there's the old tavern owner"

| >>612728
"A long story">he leans in and kisses Lizs forehead
"We were supposed to pass through but out orders were already completed by another squad.
So im off duty again until the next assignment.
that wont happen any time soon thankfully.
So i guess im stuck in GC again"
>he chuckles
"Do you need help back there?"

"Hey there"
>the other two move in towards impulse
"You two up for a chat?"
>the girl asks, looking for a distraction

| >>612697

“Well, I don’t think I’m that desperate yet. Thanks for the offer, i guess”

> Dusty drums her fingers on her helmet rhythmically looking at all the people now in the bar. That impulse guy... he sounded familiar somehow?


> She finally notices Cass is back. Which Dusty doesn’t take to well. She goes from lightly tapping to slamming a fist down on the table. She doesn’t noticed herself doing this, either.

| >>612733
"I'm really glad you're back."
>She says with a bright smile while wiping the tears out of her eyes
"And of course you can help out!. Your stuff is still in the back and everything."

| >>612733
>Impulse completely ignores you, instead he calls over Arnir, the cloaked man.
"Arnir, have you seen something like that before?"
>He says, pointing at the flowering vines

"Not really, Impulse"
>Arnir replies

"Hey there, mi'lady"
>The armored man approaches you, take off his helmet and take your hand to kiss it
>The face under the helmet is that off a fairly attractive man, he has blue eyes and blond hair

| >>612738
"Of course. Although i didn't leave anything aside from the pla-...>oh no"
>he stares into space in abject horror for a moment before shaking it off
"Lets get started"
>he keeps his jacket on, lacking his old uniform
"Man ill need to get a new apartment...hope my old one is still available...
Gonna be weird without gem...huh.."
>he reminisces
"So how have you been?"
>for some reason...one cant help but see him as a puppy at certain moments..
>..cutely out of Character

| >>612739
>rhe girl looks at the night for just a spit second and makes a connection

>knight = larper
>larper = play along
>play along = fun
"My my"
>she covers her mouth with her free hand to giggle, mimicking a noble
"Greetings sir knight, i am baroness Nicole Nicolaides of the frankish low countries.
Pleased to make your acquaint"
>she does a curtsy

| >>612743
"Then who's stuff was that in the back? I didn't move any of it around."
>She shrugs
"You um."
>She looks away for a second. Her face is a little redder than usual
"You can stay with me if you want to. I haven't really been doing anything other than what I usually do so there's plenty of space."

| >>612744
>The Knight seems not to recognise the name
"Frankish Low Countries? I'm afraid I have not heard of that name before, are you from the land of Patisch by any chance?​ I've heard that it's under constant attack by the Khanians, you must be a very brave lady, baroness"

>Arnir shouted from across the room

"Well, I'm afraid I will have to cut this meeting short, my lady"
>The knight smiles at you, before leaving you alone by yourself again

| >>612752
"Mmm? Although i would love too, wasn't that place a bit too small?
Perhaps it could be the other way around and you can move in with me?"
>he chuckles for a moment before realizing just what exactly he just said
>then blushes and looks away

"Then fair thee well sir knight"
>she waves goodbye, skillfully holding back her laughter
"Perhaps we shall meet again, then we may exchange our tales"

| >>612754
>You are completely and utterly ignored after that

| >>612754
"I um. You only saw about an eighth of the house. I was afraid you'd judge me."
>She looks away blushing more.
"I did a lot of... Not great things to be able to get it."

| >>612757
"Hes ignoring us right?"
>nico asks

"...looks like it"
>Lucas responds
>they exchange glances then just break into laughter

"Pppffffffftttt hahahha!
Oh man larpers!"

"You said it!"
>then they share...some kinda entertained talk in a foreign language

"A drink please bartender haha!"
>one managed to get out

"Come now it cant be too bad.
But seriously i dont think I can stay there.
Kinda...use a lot of space...
Like...a *lot*"

| >>612762

> Dusty heard most of their exchange. She scoffs, maybe louder than is considered subtle or even polite. Ugh. More romance bullshit, she thought. She shoots them a cold glare.

“If you two lovebirds are done verbally fucking each other in here, can you maybe take it outside. I’m trying not to spoil my giant beer.”

> she gestures more or less at the beer, covering its top even as if the words of love will literally spoil it. Someone’s definitely not jealous.

| >>612763
"And I have a ton of plants that I cannot possibly move. I suppose we can just settle for visits to each other's homes."
>She pulls a light blue bottle from under the counter and pours a glass
"Here Cass. Try this."
>She hands him the glass

| >>612764 >>612767
>upon hearing dusty's complaints he backs away from liz in a blush that reaches all the way to his ears
"Uuhhh aaaaahhh ermmm...t-terribly sorry ma'am, my apologies!"
>he looks rather embarrassed

"H-hey liz, whats the drink list!?"
>he asks, trying to regain his professionalism
"I t-think we kept some people waiting.."

>his plight further serving to amuse his ignored companions

| >>612775
"I've kept it the same but with a house special added. Right now there are some variants of the usual stuff but with a more festive flavor. Oh and egg nog. We have that."
>She hands him a list of the drinks
"I tired to keep it mostly btc"

| >>612767
"Erm... Liz, about those ale and ragnarok? Whenever you are done being personal with the Baguette​ boy overthere?"
>Red reminds her

| >>612846
>Liz snaps out of it and shakes her head quickly
"Oh shit, I'm so sorry."
>She begins making them and spills one. She then takes a breath
>She finishes up making them and passes them forward
"I'm so sorry for the wait."
>liz then begins to clean up the mess she made behind the counter

| >>612852
"Don't worry, I understand."
>Red says as he takes the drink and give the ale to the "larpers"
"I think I'm kind of lonely too, sometimes. Maybe I should find a girlfriend soon"

>The other two takes the jug of ale. Arnir pull down his mask and hood, his face is really similar to the knight's face.
>They cheers and starts drinking from the jug

| >>612776 >>612846
>cassie simply keeps an embarrassed silence, sliding his companions some of le sacred Christmas eggnog before hiding his face in his hands

>the purple haired girl pipes up
"You're the liz cassie keeps talking about"
>she smiles, rather curious
"How exactly did you get our good captain so...feeble?">she asks, trailing into another giggle at the end, downing so eggnog to calm down

| >>612853
>Liz finishes cleaning up the mess
"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find one. Hell you could ask Dusty out for drinks. And by that I mean I can get you something."

"He's talked about me before? Hopefully all good things."
>She laughs and shrugs
"Honestly I have no idea how I have that effect on him. When he and I met, I came in here and we just clicked immediately. It went from there."

| >>612907
"Wait, Dusty? Sounds​ familar..."
>Red replies
"Is she a bounty hunter?"

| >>612913
"Dusty? That's her over there."
>She points to Dusty discretely
"She said she has some money left over from some bounties, so I assume she was one yeah."

| >>612916 >>612913

> Dusty, hearing her name, looks over. She’s not sure what they’re talking about since she’s really not paying much attention. She’s still drinking her beer, setting her glass down before giving some kind of response

“What? Oh??? Yeah, I’m Dusty. 14 year bounty hunting veteran and natural successor to the legendary Pistol Pete, that old bastard. Who’s asking about me??”

> She scratches her chest where the hand warmer was. Still hot, it seems

| >>612921
"Oh, nobody was asking about you. I just made a suggestion to Red here about asking you out for drinks."
>Liz shrugs

| >>612921
"You are the one that helped us with the cult in flooded a whole ago right?"
>Red asks, taking a swig from his glass

| >>612907
"Pffftt man straight out of movie haha!"
>she laughs some more

"We would appreciate it if you keep him that way then haha!maybe he will go easier on the training."
>the redheaded boy adds

"Oh he would say nothing but pleasant things, oh but i should say, looks like he might just die of embarrassment."
>looking back at cassie, yup hes all red

| "Oh and before i forget"
>she reaches into her pocket and hands over an ID
>Nicole Nicolaides
>age 2X
"call me nico">she says with a wink

>the boy follows suit, gulping down the last of his eggnog
"Here you *mph*>interrupted by a burp
>Lucas Valerian
>age 2X
"Nother nog please!"

"Easy there tiger you'll get sick"

"Come on, its Christmas!"

>they seem like the lively sort

| >>612923 >>612927

> She blinks a bit, and takes another swig of beer. Dusty doesn’t seems to be distracted? Even she’s not sure

“Oh. Okay then. Sure I guess.”

> Wait... cult thing. Oh, right! The Ice monster thing!

“Wait you mean that ice monster thing?? Yep. That was me all right. Want my autograph or something? What was your name again? Sorry, you all sort of uh... looked similar to me. Except for that fashion disaster guy. Fuck him.”

| >>612928
"I plan on sticking around for a while, so i expect for him to be like that more often now that he's back. We'll see though."
"Alright you are all set."
>She pours some more egg nog and this time, spikes it with some rum
"Here you are."
>She slides them forward

"i mean, hey. You seem like you're lonely or something so it can't hurt."

| >Liz pours herself another drink and takes a sip.
"So what's all this about a cult? I don't get out much and it kinda sounds dangerous."

| "Hey Cass, since you're here, will you be my guinea pig for a second?."
>She pulls a green bottle from her bag
"I've been trying to come up with a new drink for a few weeks now and I think I'm close to getting it right. Will you try some for me?"

| >>612945 >>613088
>lucas mouths out a long winded "thaaannnkkkk youuuuu"
>it seems that you saved him somehow...

"..ok..">cass barely mumbles from his recluse
>lightly slapping his cheeks to snap himself out he pours the strange drink in a glass
"Down the hatch"
>and takes a long sip

>a small...almost feminine hiccups escapes him soon after
What is it?"
>with a curious look, he pours himself another sip

| >>613089
>It tastes of cherries with a slight bit of mint
"It's a prototype of another house special I can serve here. I'm trying to make one for each day of the week"
>She pours herself a glass and takes a drink
"The taste is almost how I want it but not quite. It's been a lot harder for me to get ahold of the ingredients that make it taste minty."

| >>613090
>he takes another swig
>...looks like he might not be able to take that much alcohol tonight
"Ahehe..">...is it you ir did that laugh sound oddly...girly?
"Cherry liqueur..
...wait...how much alcohol is in this?"

>the sligh girl like bumps in his behavior might attract some attention if one is not careful

| >>613091
"Not a ton, but it's actual alcohol. not karmotrine."
>She polishes the rest off
"I think it'd take a significant amount to get you drunk."

| >>613093
"...might be">he hiccups
"Kinda bad, that i too much to drink recently then..">he sounded like a cute french girl for that bit afterthe hiccup...ok that settles it something is Definitely wrong

>upon hearing this his companions share a worried glance

>not that it matters to him, as he all to eagerly takes another swig
"Anything else needs tasting..?
This one wasn't that bad..pretty good actually..
What do you call it?
Wait no let me guess...sex on a meteor?"

| >>613096
"I have no idea what I'll call it. I haven't even named the first one yet."
>She looks down into her glass and back up to Cass
"Hey, uh, Cass? Are you alright?"

| "Quite a few here, today..."

>Entering through the doors, a tall, slender man walks in the door in dark jeans and a red leather jacket. He finds a seat at a table and takes a good look around the room.

| >>613097
"Mmmm? Why yes, perfectly fine. I feel like cherries!...ahehe cherry liqueur.."
>yup that was Definitely a cute French girl voice and accent

>no sooner afterwards he immediately keels over, slumping on the counter

>upon this, lucas grows a vile grin
"Ohhh no its happening again.."
>yet he seems all to eager to see exactly *what* it is

[Spoiler]"Dammit mimi..."[/spoiler]
>nico Mumbles something under a suppressive eggnog sip

| >>613098
"Welcome to the Moonlighter. Can I get you anything?"

>Liz immediately jumps over the counter and grabs hold of him
"Cas, are you okay?"

| >>613101
"....no no the red curtain not the blue..."
>he seems fine

"Oh dont mind him, we might have to go easy on the drinks for a little while, some medicine and stuff makes it run through us like lightning."
>nico giggles
"Get drunk, then wake up hungover in the span of thirty minutes."

>lucas just have a evil, yet expectant grin on his face

"Lucas..you are a shithead">she sighs

"I know"

>seems like they are withholding some information
>doesn't seem to important However.

| >>613101

"Strongest drink ya' got, please."

> He doesn't look up to the server, completely oblivious whilst scrolling his phone.

| >>613102
"I see."
>Liz takes Cass' glass and puts it on the counter
"I'm sorry Cass, I didn't know."
>She sits him down in a stool at the bar and sighs

"I can do that. But first I'm gonna have to see some ID."

| >>613104
>and so it begins

>a oddly calming ringing fills the air before fading to silence
>one simply blinks...and all of a sudden...Cassius isnt there...?!?
>in his place, a beautiful girl with long elbows length brown hair wearing a French maid outfit, in the same stature liz put him in no less

>...im sorry what

"Pppfffttt there it is! Hahahaha!"
>lucas just laughs

"Not again"
>at a loss on what to do. Nico just downs the last of her eggnog
"Gimme what cass had please..."

| >Liz looks back to where she sit Cassius and her eyes get wide.
>She rushes over to him and looks up to his companions
"What do you mean by 'there it is'? Has this happened before?"
>Liz looks over to Nico
"I have no idea why you would want any considering it did this."

| >>613104

"Yeah, yeah..."

> The man puts his phone down to reach into an inside pocket. Drawn out is a holo-card and upon laying eyes, it flashes an id:

> Kazuki Nakamura, 25; JP.

> The rest is read in moon runes and translated to english on the backside!

| >>613106
"Around three weeks ago we drank.
When we woke up, he was like that."
>she says with a sigh, stealing a sip of lucas's drink

"Wha hey!">he protests, only for nico to stick her tongue at him

"Been trying to figure why ever since..."

"Best we know is that it only happens when he gets drunk on >something girly"
>lucas continues

"So either you got a French maid for like an hour or a red cassie haha!"
>seems to be amusing for at least one of them so isn't too bad....right?

| >>613108
"I see. Either way, it doesn't matter to me. i like Cass regardless."
>She shrugs
"If you want to try some out, by all means. but you know the risks."
>Liz pours a glass and slides it forward to Nico

"Everything seems to be in order then."
>She goes back behind the counter and prepares a Gut Punch with a ton of karmotrine
>She hands him the drink.
"Here you are. One Gut Punch. Oh, and I like your jacket. That shade of red is nice."

| >>613112

"Oh? Thanks. Yeah, Marble Red, they called it."

> Kazuki smiles, looking up to Liz.

"Say, anyone interesting, here?"

| >>613116
>She leans forward and puts her head in her hand
"It depends on what you view as interesting. We've had robots with multiple personalities, all sorts of military types, and even a sentient plant person thing."
>She laughs
"Hell, I just turned my boyfriend into a girl by mistake."

| >>612938
>Red lets out a hearty laugh
"Well, you surprised​ me. I didn't know the cold-hearted bounty hunter was a girl!?"
>He then shouted over to Impulse
"Oi, Pulse! Remember Dusty? The bounty hunter?"

"The one that said. 'If I helped, it'​s not intentional?'"

"Yeah, that was a girl"
>Red told Impulse
>He then turn back to Dusty
"You are one hell of a girl, I'​m Redford Bell, nice to meet ya"
>Red offer his hand for a handshake

| >>613118

"Huh... What about it, interesting company comes and goes, don't they? What about cultists?"

| >>613140
"I can't say that we've had any cultists come in. Unless I missed them completely. Do they have anything that makes them stand out?"

| >>613140
"The Savior, they are called. They have quite a bone to pick with me. Few weeks back they summoned a fucking ice monster in flooded. I have to say, seeing cultist murdered by their own summon they go through much effort to do is quite, comical"
>Impulse sips his eggnog
"Care to introduce yourself?"

"Well, I doubt any cultist are here, they probably would have tried to kill me by now."

| >>613144

"Depends. The bad ones are pretty obvious-"

> Kaz stops to glance at Impulse, his interest changing.

"Hm? Kazuki, Kazuki Nakamura. And you?" >>613148

| >>613150
"Impulse, Nova Impulse"
>Impulse replied, before putting the eggnog on the counter and raise his hand to try to give you a handshake

| >>613151

> And a firm one is givrn back, Once recieved, Kazuki takes a good sip of his Gut punch and returns the conversation.

"Impulse... An ice monster, huh? The, er 'Savior', sound like a good fortune of folk. And as you said, comical."

| >>613148
"Well you wouldn't really have to worry about it here even if. You'd have plenty of backup here if something were to go down."

| >>613112
>she takes a sip

"I say it was one of the guys in RND"

"Nah it has to be mimi nyourai"

"Fair point...maybe it was rose?"
>the both laugh

>slowly, Cassius...or maybe cassia now? Rouses from her? Slumber

>lucas pipes up first
"Hey...there...do you remember anything"

>cassie looks around
>witnessing her maid dress and her position behind the counter and shakes her head no
>"..do i work here? Maybe im a maid" (s)he thinks

| "Areee you looking for your boss?"

>cass shakes her head yes

"Its her"
>he points at liz
"Good luck miss liz">he chuckles

>cass does at curtsey at liz, not speaking a word, but wow that was elegant

>perhaps you must ask him to speak?"

| >>613138

> Dusty glances at his hand and just shakes it, trying to overpower him by crushing his hand with her grip. With a small frame like hers, it was more wishful thinking but still

“yeah yeah. I use mods to change up my voice when working. Most men other than Pete didn’t thinking I was as good as I was without sounding like a man or bot. Wanna buy my next drink?”

> She holds out her empty mug, as if asking for a refill

| >>613191
"You know what? Sure. You drink's on me"
>Red turns to Liz
"One beer for Dusty, that one's on me"

| >>613188
"Uh. Hi Cass. Do you know who I am?"

>Liz nods
"Coming right up"
>She prepares the beer and passes it forward.
"Here you are."

| >>613152
>Impulse sips from his glass again
"Yeah, frozen solid, at least the thing was taken care of"

| >>613200 >>613197

> Dusty pushes the old glass down and catches the new one deftly. She probably could have just not shoved the old one off but...

"Oh hey, Cassie-boy. Got a mess for you now to take care of."

> She couldn't hold in her malicious grin at forcing him to do work. This changes as soon as she eyes up Red once more.

"Thanks Reddy. You weren't too bad there. It was somewhat of a first for me to be alongside guys like you."

| >>613200
>she looks to lucas, then to liz and tilter her head pondering
>her voice is as gentle as a spring breeze in a field of irises
>stars above...

>she begins to clean without any complaint or question
>quite the dutiful maid!

| >>613206
"Guys like me?"
>Red asks

| >>613222
"Uh. You don't have to call me mistress or anything. That just makes it sound weird."
>She looks embarrassed
"Er, what do you know about me?"

| >>613258
>she tilts her head while focusing on cleaning
>just a blank and expectant stare

| >>613266
"I assume you don't. Just call me Liz, yeah?"
>She looks lost in thought for a minute and snaps out of it
"Cass, come over here for a second."

| >>613267
>the maid finishes the cleaning mess dusty causef and scurries over
>a blank expectant look on her face
>seems shes only capable of following orders

| >>613269
"Okay we'll see if this works."
>Liz grabs hold and gives Cass a big kiss on the lips

| >>613274
>when your lips part there is...!

>nothing changed
>just a curious stare

"Aww looks like true loves kiss wont break the curse."
>nico gives sigh that turns into a giggle
"Hes fine. Dont worry about him!
Just gotta wait"

"Why wait?"

"I dunno..its what we did last time."
>she shrugs

| >Liz steps back and shrugs
"I tried. If I knew what ingredient triggered it, I would reverse it"

| >>613277
"Its not the drink missy"
>lucas slumps over gesturing for something light
"Its that he drank it."

"Yep, tastes pretty normal"
>nico pipes up

>rhe intrepid maid still seeks purpose, staring with blank eye

| >>613280
"I see... How long did it take to reverse last time?"
>Liz looks over to Cass
"Do you still remember how to make drinks and stuff?"

| >>613281
"Dont remember. We tested a few times, different every time.
Although he never remembers anything afterwards"
>lucas says
"Its not natural.."

>the maid nods a yes and primes a mixer

| >>613286
"Has it always been a thing, or is it a recent development?"
>Liz looks over to Cass
"Are you able to talk to me?"

| >>613287
"Recent, very recent..wait didn't we already tell you all this?"
>lucas asks?

"Huh he wasn't wrong though, this cherry liqueur isnt half bad"
>nicos three fourths down the glass at this point

"je suis ... pour parler à la maîtresse liz ...?"
>cute and fancy...but not helpful in the slightest
>although he *did* talk

| >>613288
"You did. I was just wanting to double-check."
>She taps her fingers on the counter
"It's really odd."
>She looks back over to Cass.
>Liz's eyes shift from the normal light blue to an orange color
"Le français est-il la seule langue que vous parlez? Sais-tu qui tu es?"

| >>613289
"Oh no they're both French"
>lucas gazes in fear

>prompting nico to tease him
"quel est le problème avec ce trou du cul?"


>the maid tilts her head
"mon nom...? je pense que c'est cassia ...
plairait-elle à ma maîtresse liz de parler d'autre chose?"

| >>613201

"Indeed, wouldn't want one stomping around Glitch."

> Kazuki taps the counter and chuckles.

"Not that there would be many that would actually let it, y'know."

"So, did you do it alone, or were there others?"

| >>613290
>Liz looks back over to Lucas and her eyes return to the usual light blue
"Nah. I'm not French. I learned it a while back because an ex of mine spoke French exclusively despite knowing English."
>She sighs
"That's all I got out of that relationship, honestly."
>Her eyes turn orange again ans she turns back to Cass
"Hmm. J'essaie juste de comprendre comment cela vous est arrivé. Pouvez-vous me parler de vous?"

| >>613292
"That will not stop me from being scared"

"Knock it off"

>the maid looks slightly...confused? Well its a start
"... mon nom est cassia ... et je suis ta bonne ... maîtresse liz"

| >>613293
"Cass, tu ne peux pas faire une pause si tu veux. Il y a des collations et des bois-"
>A loud pop can be heard and Liz falls to the floor, knocking some bottles down along the way

| >>613294
"Oh cher..."
>the maid picks liz up and takes her to a booth, then lies her down
"dormez bien..."
>after, she cleans up the spilt bottles and mans the bar

>quite the dutiful little maid

| >>613223

> She gives a quizzical look as she sips her beer, as if she thought she was being incredibly clear

"Oh, y'know. Private military types. I've spent more time shooting at them than actively helping them. I even kept my pursuit bike ready to autofire if y'all started shooting at me. Glad that didn't happen, i guess."

> She gives another noncommittal shrug. Clearly she had other worries about that whole event than getting geeked by a cultist

| >A small party enters the bar: One Lilim lass bedecked in white and neon green, one young woman with blonde-tipped scarlet hair, and one grizzled-looking private eye type who puts out his cigarette as soon as he steps into the bar.
>Though the three of them aren't connected in any way (at least, any outwardly visible way), the three manage to sit next to each other at the counter, each of them waiting for one of the other two to place their order.

| >An audible whirr starts and Liz sits up slowly
"Ugh... I really need to get that fixed.."
>She gets up slowly form the booth and makes her way back behind the counter
"Uh, hey folks. Welcome to the, uhhh, Hazy Moonlighter. Can I get you anything?"
>The whirring continues while the lights in Liz's eyes flicker

| >>613356
"I'll have--" >All three visitors start at the same time, and stop at the same time. A brief, albeit awkward, silence ensues, then the private eye speaks up.
"I'll take whiskey, if you have that. On the rocks."
"...me too." >The Lilim adds, her voice just barely audible.
"And I'll take the sweetest thing you have!" >The third visitor finishes, crossing her arms. Her violet eyes seem to flash as she does this...

| >>613357
"I'll need to see some ID before i can serve you guys anything with karmotrine."
>Liz braces herself on the counter

| >>613359
>Entirely independent of each other, all three visitors manage to present their IDs at the same time.
>The private eye is Sam Gideon, 38 years old.
>The redhead is an android. Her ID only provides a serial number in place of her name, but it does show that she's 23. Interestingly, if one were to look up the serial number, they would find it belongs to an observer unit.
>The Lilim's ID simply gives her name as 'Jesko'. She's 26.

| >>613360
"Alright. Everything seems fine."
>She begins getting the drinks mixed up
"You guys obviously aren't together, so what brings you all to this neck of the woods."
>She finishes up and passes forward the 3 drinks. Her eyes are flickering less but it's apparent that she isn't fully functional yet.
"Two whiskeys and a Sugar Rush"

| >>613361

"Looking for someone." >Sam takes a sip of his whiskey.
"Did anyone calling herself a 'Gang Mediator' come by here?"

"Oh, just stopping by. It's been a while since the last time I was here..." >The redhead holds onto her Sugar Rush, gazing into it.

>Jesko is silent for a full five seconds before she gives her answer:
"I'm just stopping by too..."

| >>613362
"I s-see see."
>Her head jerks to the side and the whirring stops
"I can't say that anyone has come in with that title, no."

>She looks to the redhead
"You've been here before? Have we met?"

>Now Jesko
"Is it your first time here?"

| >>613291
"I have my own "staffs", and some other helpers"
>Impulse replied

| >>613296
"Well, yeah, that would have been unfortunate, wouldn't it"
>Red chuckles

| >>613365

"Shiiiiiit." >Sam sighs, taking another sip of his whiskey.
"I've been looking for her all evening. If anyone by the name 'Asuka Kazama' stops by, tell her to meet me at Neko Park." >He moves as if to leave, then decides against it.

"I've been here before, I don't know if we've met." >The redhead brings a hand to her chin.
"Last time I was here this place had, like, a farewell party or something going on?"

>Jesko simply nods, a tiny smile forming on her face.

| >>613376

"Sounding a little like the gift giver, himself."

> Kazuki jokes, gazing back down to his glass.

"I suppose one's not always enough. It never hurts to bring frie-"

> He hesitates.

"-To bring back up."

| >with that, the maid collapses onto the floor, then...fades away into nothingness??!?

| >>613406
>Impulse laughs
"Well, if the megasanta himself helped me, I can assure you none of my people would need to do anything"

| >>613404
"I can do that. Do you know if she'll we wearing anything in specific so I can spot her when she comes in?"

>To the redhead
"Ah yes. That party was thrown because everyone thought the Moonlighter was going to shut down."
>Liz begins making another drink
"I bought it before it got sold off or shut down."
>She finishes the drink and downs it. >She looks to Jesko
"Well, welcome to the Moonlighter. I hope you enjoy it enough here to want to drop by again."

| >>613415
>Liz takes note of that and asks Lucas and Nico
"Does that normally happen?"

| >>613425
"Uhhh...i thin..">*splat!*
>nico falls unconscious, having drank too much

"..hahah! I..i...i winn..!
eat tha-"
>lucas following suit

>looks like you just lost your hint givers...damn...bad timing

| >>613418


> Kazuki laughs with him, taking a drink of his once more.

"I wish I could say the same... Really do."

| >>613502
"Well then"
>Impulse says after he stopped laughing
"How about I buy you a drink?"

| >>613431
>Liz taps her fingers on the counter and shakes her head
"Who knew some military types were so weak when it came to alcohol..."

| (The user controlling Miro back again. Still going to have him working here if no one objects.)
> A young man in somewhat old-fashioned clothes nearly tripped coming through the door. He was late, and looked like he had been running quite a distance.
> If his space behind the bar is still empty, he quickly clocks in and goes behind it, ready to mix drinks and change lives.

| >>613566
(No objections here)
>Liz looks up to see Miro entering
"Oh hey Miro, you missed all the shenanigans."

| >>613613
> He started cleaning a few glasses that had been left out.
"Yeah, sorry about that... my car's battery died so I had to walk. What sort of shenanigans were they?"

| >>613639
"Well to start we have a plant growing around the place. Then my boyfriend came back from wherever he went, then he was turned into a girl. Then I had a systems overload and was out for a minute, and now said boyfriend's entire party is out cold."
>Liz helps with cleaning the glasses
"I'm honestly wondering what the hell is going to come up next."

| >>613506

"Not half bad a thought, I say. I'd appreciate it honestly."

>Kazuki leans against the counter and looks straight on to Impulse.

"So what brings you here, to the moonlighter?"

| >>613675
"Liz, can we have another drink for Kazuki here, this one's on me"
>Impulse told Liz

>He then turn to answer Kazuki's question
"I just drop by for a drink, seeing some friends here and there, what about you?"

| >>613680
"Sure thing. Would you like one as well?"
>She pops open some fresh bottles and gets the drink mixed up and then passes it forward
"Here ya go."

| >>613642 "Yikes. I mean, with the stuff that happens in this city it's hard to call anything weird, but that's all pretty weird."
> The bit about the plant reminded him of an old movie he once saw, but he couldn't quite remember the details.
"I hope he isn't too scarred from that, well, change. I'd be pretty surprised if I woke up like that."

| >cassie reappeared...exactly where liz put him before the strange event
>groggily as one should be given what happened, he ooens his eyes
"...what did i miss...?"
>his eyes glow blue as he looks around
"...i remember cherry liqueur..."
>eventually falling on his companions
"...heh...we usually last longer"

| >>613744
"Yeah I've quit trying to figure out the quirks of this city. It's too much of a hassle."
>She pours herself and Miro a drink and slides his to him
"And from what i was seeing, I don't think he'll remember a thing, but let's see."

>She looks over to Cass and her eyes begin to glow orange again
"Bienvenue au pays du Cass vivant. Avez-vous apprécié votre sieste?"

| >>613754
"... je suis désolé ... qui êtes-vous ...?
avons-nous rencontré quelque part ...?"
>oh no

| >>613757
>Liz taps her fingers on her chin
"Sais-tu qui tu es?"

| >>613763
"Cassius robuchon Vanderbilt
un soldat pour les Nations Unies M T F"
>he extends his hand as if greeting a new person for a shake

| >Liz shakes his hand
"Elizabeth Singer. Mais nous nous connaissons déjà."
>She removes her hand from his, leaving behind a business card
"C'est bizarre que tu ne te souviennes pas de moi, mais je me souviens de toi."

| >>613778
>he keeps up the "yeah yeah standard pleasantries" up for only a few moments longer until the facade finally cracks
>and he is reduced to giggles and laughter
"Okok ill stop ill stop haha!"
>leaning so far back, he would have fallen if not for the booth
"Takes a lot more then alcohol to give me amnesia liz! Haha!"

>*sigh* this guy...
>mischievous as always...
>bracing himself for a slap

| >>613779
>The slap never comes
>Instead Liz tilts her head and gives Cass a skeptical look
"You aren't the only one with a few tricks up your sleeve."
>She extends her right arm and opens her hand. The crystal in the center glows and begins to emit a hologram showing footage of the last few hours.
>She fast forwards it until it begins to play when Cass turned into the maid girl

| >>613782
>he cautiously opens his eyes, to discover that he in fact did not get backhanded
"...your not going to hit me in any way..?
Hmm usually when i mess around like that i get slapped or something..."
>he shakes his head with a chuckle
>then witness the maid madness
Yeah i still have no idea why that happens..
I apologize if it caused any trouble"
>he sighs

| >>613783
"Cass, if I hit you it could possibly seriously hurt you. So no. I'm not."
>She returns to her spot behind the counter
"It didn't cause problems. it was just odd."

| >>613784
"Well arent you just a sweetheart~"
>he chuckles and hops behind the counter, starting the stove up in preparation for any food orders
"Yeah i honestly feel quite embarrassed...we uhh...we're yet to get to the bottom of it.."
>he says looking for a pan
"Alrighty i think the food menu is open again.
At least while im here maybe"

| >>613789
"Yep. The food menu hasnt changed at all."
>She adjusts her tie
"Man did I miss you"

| >>613790
"Ehhh? Was it the cooking or my sweet company?"
>he chuckles
"Its the cooking isnt it?"

>Meanwhile the other two are still out of it
>wonder what it would be like if they were not on medication...?

| >>613791
"Nah. I missed your hair. It's very stylish."
>She gives him a wry smile and leave sthe counter and hugs him
"I really am glad you're back."

| >>613754 > Miro takes a sip of the drink, remembering too late to check if it had alcohol in it. Ah well, it wasn't like Liz would give him something crazy strong when he was just starting his shift.
> Witnessing the hologram, he made a mental note not to drink whatever the 'maid' had had, and got ready to mix a drink, if anyone asked for it. He wanted to be useful in some way.

| >>613834
>Liz looks over to Miro, who looks lost in thought
"Don't worry it's just eggnog. No alcohol or anything in it."
>She drums her fingers on the counter
"So how've you been? I haven't opened the place in a bit so I haven't seen you around."

| >>613846 "I've been alright. The most I've had to deal with is my grandpa... you don't know him, but he's been planning to expand his 'business' here. Of course, his business is mostly just him coming up with crazy money-making schemes which end with me having to run damage control. I'm not really sure what he's going to get up to here but it'll probably give me a headache."
> He drank more of his eggnog.
"But I shouldn't be bothering you with that. It's not like he'll do anything

| >>613906 out of a spy movie.
Other than that I've been helping out at a place near my apartment that works on old cars. Nothing that would effect me being able to work here, I've just always wanted to learn how to do that kind of work. It's also good to just talk to people there.. it helps me work on my social skills."

| >>613906
"He sounds like a real character."
>She adjusts her sleeves so you can't see the scorch marks
"And honestly, I'm not to worried about it. If there are some days where you can't make it, that's perfectly fine."
"Oh and if you want some like, old car manuals that show where the different parts go where and what they do, I have some back at my place if you want me to bring them in. I'm not doing anything with them and was going to throw them out."

| >>613919 "That would be great. I think it'll be useful to learn this stuff. There aren't that many places in the city that work on classic cars. And back home half the people still drive junkers from the gasoline age, so if I ever go back to Florida I could make some money.
Say, do you want me to make you another drink or anything? I need to earn my keep somehow."

| >>613797
>he gets an almost bedside glare as he receives the hug faithfully
"I missed you too liz"
>his embrace is quite comfortable, the puffy softness of his jacket pairing with that little warmth one only gets form a genuine hug

| >>613921
"Well then they're all yours."
>She gives him a smile
"Sure you can make me a drink. Make me your favorite one."

>She releases him form the hug
"So I have to ask before i get too attached again. Will you be leaving again soon?. I just want to be prepared is all."

| >>613932
>although he hides it well, it seemed he wanted that hug to last a bit longer
>huh he really is like a puppy sometimes...kinda cute..

>he leans back
"Hmmm im mostly here to stay..better then being stuck at base in france or the Netherlands..
Although i might be called to action sometimes those only ever last for 2 weeks at the longest."
>he ponders any reason for extended leaves
"Yup, seems ill be here"

| >>613935
"I dunno Cass. Next time you leave, I may have to go with you"
>The look on her face indicates that she's very serious

| >>613932 "Okay then."
> He starts mixing a drink - not using whatever machine they probably have, actually mixing it. He works quickly but not frantically, and seems to have learned a lot in his short time working here.
> The end result looks like a sunshine cloud, but tastes slightly different. Somewhere between hot chocolate and chocolate almond milk and something else. Whatever it is, it tastes good. Soft and reassuring.

| >>613948 "A sunshine cloud, but with real chocolate and such instead of the standard ingredients most places have."

| >>613680

"Decised I'd stop by and drink. Nothing's been going on at home, so..."

> Kazuki quickly downs his firat drink, before continuing to the next.

"Thank you..."

| >>613948
"Interesting. it certainly looks and smells good."
>She takes a sip
"This is pretty good."

| >>613743
"Sure, I will have one as well"
>Impulse replies

"So, it's been a slow night, eh?"

| >>613941
"Ehhhh? And what would you do of you did?"
>he says while preparing some things behind the counter
>a black orb...some powder...some oil like liquid

| >>613979
"I thought so."
>She slides forward a drink that had already been prepared
"Call it a hunch."

"I would go with you. I just told you>"
>She says this with a smirk and then gestures at what he's preparing
"So, uh. What're you making?"

| >>613986
"Yes but why?"
>he seems genuinely curious if one puts aside stuff he is doing
"Also hold this please"
>when done with all the ingredients he hands the black orb over to liz
>...its counting down
>.....and vibrating....

| >>613979

"Slow? yeah, that's one way to put it..."

> Kazuki stares into his glass, his expression becoming bland.

"I've managed to get absolutely >>nothing useful done, I feel... Lazy, but there's nothing at the complex."

| >>613986
"Thanks, psychic girl"
>Impulse take the drink and finished the old one

"Alright, what do you do for a living?"
>Impulse asked

| >>613987
"Because being alone sucks."
>Liz looks down at the black orb in her hand
"So what's this thing for?"


| >>614021
"Mmm? And lets say we run away to Marseille together~ what then?"
>he chuckles
"Oh thats just an ice cream maker.
For some reason they chose jet black as the design...cant even see the damn top"
>he says while taking out some things
>...desert glass...spoon
"Cant find the stand for it...and i dont want it rolling of since its an orb..."
>he continues, while rummaging underneath the counter

| >>614002

"I buy and sell vehicles, weapons, and parts. Lots and lots of parts."

| >>614025
"Then that's what we're doing. We'd be going to Marseille."
>She shrugs
"We could probably make a stand if we can't find it. Just get a piece of wood or something and drill a large hole into it."

| >>614034
>he laughs, perhaps the thought is nice to him somehow
"Yes, but once we get there, what then?"
>he finally find it
"Ah here we are, thank you"
>and takes back the ice cream maker, Setting it up accordingly
>within moments the ice cream is ready and he puts it in the desert glass with a set of other things, making a parfait
"Hey gem your parfait is rea-"
>However of Course..dear gem isnt here
"...right heheh...my how embarrassing..."

| >>614035
When we get there we'd figure it out I guess."
>She shrugs
" What's Gem up to these days?"

| >>613377

> Dusty chugs down the last of her beer in one go as a show of her own strength. She seems to be fine after this. She sets her mug back down and gives a low burp.

"I guess you're right. Had enough guys shoot at me to more than make up for it. Plus none other than you seem to be paying me any mind so I guess it's even still."

> She taps her fist against the bar, as if to get another drink. She looks slightly bored now and hoping more booze means more fun

| >>614032
"Huh, I do sell weapons, maybe I might be able to make deal with you"
>Impulse says, as he starts sipping the new glass of drink

>Red looks at the "fist tap"
"Another drink?"

| >>614101
>Liz prepares another drink and slides it forward
>She seems lost in thought.

| >>614097
"Oh dear if so i might have to introduce you to my family if thats the case..."
>he seems lost in thought, between the thought of introducing liz and gems where abouts
"I dont know how is gem...we talk but shes been keeping her whereabouts a secret.."
>he sighs
>>bcedb6 >>4925fc >>d3a4b5
"Excuse me would anyone like this parfait?"

| >>614138 >>614112

“Another drink AT LEAST. it’s been a hell of a week and now I need to get Kitty a late present too. I need to get my mind off of those responsibilities.”

> she quickly grabs the new mug and drinks some more.

| >>614146
"I'm sure me meeting your family would go well."
>She shrugs
"It's went well for my partners in the past, i don't see why it would change now."

"Nothing like a glass of liquid irresponsibility"

| >>614146
"I'm sure me meeting your family would go well."
>She shrugs
"It's went well for my partners in the past, i don't see why it would change now."

"Nothing like a glass of liquid irresponsibility"

| >>614212
"Yes thats precisely why.
I used to live in a small town you see...if i bought a girl home i dare say it would turn into a 3 day long celebration..."
>he gives a reminiscent sigh at the thought
"Small towns being what they are and all"
>he chuckles
"Oh especially the butcher..oh and old misses clementine...
Those two taught me how to cook.
Dear stars they would be ecstatic haha!"

>seems like he misses home?
>that or its just the hangover talking

>he offers the parfait

| >>614213
"Oh, I see. That would make for an awkward scenario."
>She takes the parfait and takes a bit
"This is nice."

| >>614209
"Well, those responsibilities aren't going away if you just black out after drinking too much"
>Red points out

| >>614249 >>614212

"I'm only half-serious. I have more booze back in the house that I intend to drink. Plus, I still have to bike back to Motor District anyway."

> She sighs and throws a cred stick on the bartop

"At least I have a reason to be responsible, even if it's because of an annoying as shit lilim."

| >>614112

"Sounds like a plan. I don't mind a little buisness."

> Kazuki doesn't pay attention to his intake, beginning to down his second drink.

| >>614228
>he chuckles

>the ice cream is quite thick in texture, yet not at all heavy as it melts in your mouth to a fluffy heaven of mouthfeel
>its flavor is quite peculiar, likely a product of Cassius's abundant sums of free time spent to perfect it
>its quite milky and tastes of vanilla yet with just the perfect after tones of strawberry
>paired with choice selections of fruits and generous amounts of whipped cream and one can easily see why its gems favorite

| >>614315
"This makes me want to cook some things for you at some point."
>She takes another bite
"Maybe after we're done here we can go to my place and we can have dinner?"

| >>614254
"Well, just don't drink too much"
>Red finishes his drink

"Well, here's my workshop location if you want to drop by to discuss it later"
>Impulse​ hands over a card

| >>614365
> Kazuki takes it, giving a half study of the card before pocketing it on the inside of his jacket.

"Thanks, I'll be visiting soon."

> Kazuki takes a peek at his phone before downing the rest of his drink.

"Ah... I appreciate the drink, think I'm gonna take off, now.."

| >>614361
"Mmmm? Alright you have my interest~
I would love to."
>he boops liz's nose
"On the condition that i cook for you next time"

| >>614403
"Sounds perfect"
>She boops his nose back
"I'm going to make you my famous lasagna"

| >>614365

“Yeah yeah, killer.”

> She doesn’t mean it in an insulting way, but one of some odd companionship.

“How long have you been in the game anyway? Your group looked like machine going through motions you’ve practiced a million times”

| >Liz makes herself another drink and takes a swig
>She then looks over to Dusty
"Hey Dusty. I'm still relatively new around here. What do you do for fun here in GC?"

| >>614456
"Few years, I think?"
>Red goes into a thoughtful stance

| >>614502

“Hmm. I guess I got you beat then.”


> Dusty takes a sip of beer and licks the foam off her lips before answering.

“For fun? I mostly just pick trouble with the other bikers around the Motor District. They’re pretty good fun when they want to race. Or i window shop around uptown”

| >>614410
"Well i can't wait"
>he gives a sincere smile
>that is when it dawns on you
>you might just he dating a puppy


>slowly the other two rouse from their slumber
"...mmmppphhh...hey cil...wake me up would you...?..
>nico is the first to wake, surveying her surroundings
>lucas following short soon after, also asking whoever this cil is to wake them up

>after a moment they finally realize no such person is near

"...Cassius...where is cillia?"
>nico asks, in slight confusion

"You mean she didn't come in with you?"

"What? I thought she came in with you?
You know how quiet she is"

"Yeah, thats why i thought she was with you"
>the two bicker

>Lucas then does the sensible thing and just asks the resident tender
"Hey..liz? I can call you that right?
Ok uhh did we come in with a girl? White hair? White skin? Pretty much an albino?"

| >>614796
"What places uptown are there that are good for shopping? I just usually have a delivery service bring me things. Speaking of which, I have something that should be delivered in the next few hours or so."

>She gives a smile and a wink

"I don't believe so. I thought it was just you three."
>She shrugs
"And yeah you can call me Liz. Everyone else does."

| >>614815
"Oh shit"
>they all collectively say in sync
"We did come in separate flights.."
>she ponders
"I should call her"
>lucas steps out to make a call

"Do you think shes ok?"
>cass just sighs and shrugs
"Its cil, she should be fine"

>after a moment he gets a devilish smile and leans in close to liz's ear
"So can i call you darling?"
>ah yes...once again, voice like the sweetest chocolate temptations served on a silver plater
>god damn

| >>614824
>Liz gives him a boy smile and whispers back into his ear
"Taking a huge risk for someone who just came back, aren't we?."

| >>614394
"Have a good one"
>Impulse say as Kazuki leave

"How many years have you been doing bounty hunting?"

| >>614815

“I usually stick near Caldwell street. Very high price tags but gods if the clothes don’t make me feel better about myself.”

> She perks up a bit, as if bolstered by her thoughts of the nice clothes she does have. She then turns back to Red, gripping her beer tight.

“Anyway.... I think 12 or 13 years at this point. Don’t want to think I’m retired just yet, but I don’t know. Life on the road isn’t so ideal anymore”

| >>614888
>She idly spins a glass on the counter
"Would you be interested in showing me around there. We could go shopping. It'd be my treat."

| >>614888
"Well, I have been in NDSec for like, 9 or 10 years too, so if you count that. I still got the patch and everything"
>Red's hand disappear into his back, before reappear with a patch. On it are letters that read "NDSEC" with three shining stars and a rising sun in the background.

| (*into his backpack)​

| >>614896

“sure! It’s not like I have much else planned out this week other than finding Fox his present, I guess.”

> She sips her beer some more. How can a small frame handle so much beer?


“I guess you have me beat then. I’ve actually heard of Ndsec, but only in passing. I dunno what you actually do nor was I ever really interested”

| >>614971
"Well, if you are interested​ now I can tell you"

| >>614971
"Sounds like a plan. Where would you want to meet up?"

| >>614843
>he gives a playful smile and a slight chuckle
"Well if i don't take a risk i might not ever get the chance~
>ahh yes, the ever present scents of blueberries and cinnamon come hither as he gazes at her with almost pleading eyes

| >The door swings open and a boy (girl?) walks in with a large box
>They set it down on the counter
"I have a delivery for a..."
>They take a look down at a tablet they have strapped to their arm
"A Cassius Vanderbilt?"

| >>615193
>gah! Right in the middle of a moment!
>he blushes when he realizes that he was doing that all in public
"Gah!err uhh...Oui? ce serait moi"
>he says with a slight blush

| >>615197
"Look, man. I don't speak Spanish or whatever that is. I just deliver shit."
>The deliverygirl (boy?) takes off their hat to wipe off their forehead
>You get a glimpse of their disheveled hair and cat ears the hat was hiding
"I was paid a lot of money to make sure you got this today. I don't want to know what it is. Just sign here."
>The kid holds our their arm with the tablet for Cass to sign

| >>615201
"A lot of money..?
Strange...i was never told i was to receive something..."
>he signs anyways
"Thank you"
>he places it on the counter
"Do you get any names?"

| >>615202
"Well whoever sent it really wanted it in your hands."
>The kid begins tapping on the tablet and speaks to Cass without looking
"Only name I've heard in this entire transaction was yours."
>A faint whirring sound comes from the tablet and it spits out a small slip of paper
"You keep this. It's kinda like a receipt."
>They hand the slip to Cass

| >>615203
>he takes the slip
"Oh well, no sense in standing around"
>with that he opens the box

| >>615204
"Yeah no problem."
>They walk out the door and waves behind them

"Did you order something?"
>Liz says to Cass while looking at the box.
"Maybe it's from Gem?"

>Upon opening it you find that inside is a very ornate vase. It's covered with what looks like gold leaf with gemstones and diamonds imbedded into the sides
>Its completely empty

| >>615207
>he waves goodbye
"Uhhh wow this looks expensive...stars above...
Yeah gem couldn't send me something like this..."
>he puts it back in the box and hides it away in the backroom
"Better not be stolen...feels like im being used as a scapegoat.."
>he gets a shiver

| >>615208
"Who knows. I doubt it though."
>She shrugs
"I have something I need to take care of before we go get dinner tonight. Please take care of closing for me tonight. I'll make it up to you."
>Liz gathers her things and speeds out the door

>About 10 minutes later the deliveryboy (girl?) walks back in the door
"This is a bar right? Are you guys still serving drinks right now?"

| >>615209
"Sure thing"
>he waves goodbye, a little curious

"Yep, closing isnt any time soon.
What can i get you?"
>the traditional bow id given to welcome the patron
"Of Course i will need some form of identification if you want the hard stuff"
>he gets the mixing equipment ready in anticipation for the order

| >>615211
"A brandtini would be nice."
>They sit down at the counter and put their ID in front of them
"I get carded everywhere I go. I don't expect it to be any different here."

| >>615212
"Seems legit.
Coming right up"
>he gets started on a brandtini
> 6 shots of adelhyde, 3 spoons of powdered delta and a shot of karmotrine

>in no time at all, a brandtini is placed in front of the intrepid courier
"Please enjoy"

| >>615213
>The ID reads
>Sidney J Clarke
>22 Years old
>It still gives no answers to whether he/she is male or female.
>They take their hat off and out it on the counter and take a sip
"It's Cassius isn't it?"

| >>615214
"No its Henry!"
>he responds

"I thought it was james?"
>nico pipes

>peeking back through the doorway
"You telling me it isnt jamal?"
>Lucas interrupts all the way outside
>looks like whoever he is calling didn't pick up yet

"You mean its not dave?"
>One of the drunk patrons asks

>cassie just laughs and nods yes as a way of saying
>"yes, my name is indeed Cassius"

| >>615215
"Hey, look. I'm sorry if it seemed like I was being a jerk earlier. I've been under a lot of stress to pay the bills and shit lately."
>They shake their head and look up at Cass
"Courier work is a giant pain and too much effort and all you get out of it is terrible pay."

| >>614988

"I mean, I guess you could tell me if you re-"

> Dusty cuts herself off sharply as she sees Fox entering with a large package of sorts. She grips Red's arm with enough strength that it almost seems like she's trying to break his arm

> Fox walks in and scans around, waving enthusiastically to Dusty and Cass. He then walks over to Cass, package in tow.

"Hi! I have a weird dog-sized package for you? Why do you always have me fetch you the oddest things?"

| >>615237
>Red grunts a little in pain. He facial expression remains calm, however.
"What's that for?"
>Red ask as he calmly tries to get out of Dusty's grip

| >>615216
"Its fine, thats the point of a bar isnt it?
To unload and vent out the days frustrations"
>he smiles
"Although please Forgive me if i am not the best conversationalist"

"Fox?hello there.
Strange...this is the second unknown package i have received today.

Uhh place it on the counter?"
>he helps him set it and signs the waver
"Oh while you are here, feel like having a chat with sidney over here?"
>he offers
"Ill even pay for you twos first few drinks"

| >>615304
"I don't have anything to really vent about. The day has been shit is all. It's common for me to have days like this."
>They shrug
"Could always be worse."
>A sip of brandtini down the hatch
"So do you own the place?"

| >>615318
"Mmm no. Did you see the other lady that was next to me?
Its currently owned by her."
>he sighs
"Oh stars i never got my answer...perhaps i should ask again later..."
>pondering the thought he shakes his head and gets back to business
"So hows the drink?"

| >>615322
"The robot chick with green hair? There's no way. You're pullin'my leg. You own the joint for sure."
>More brandtini goes down
"The drink is nice. I haven't had one in ages. But what's this about an answer? Did you ask me something?"

| >>615329
"I have no reason to lie.
Its genuinely owned by her
I just got here a few hours ago"
>he starts cleaning the glasses under the counter
"Oh no, not you i was just thinking of something"
>is it you...? Or are his cheeks red

| >>615331
"Weird. You seem awful familiar with the place for someone who just got here a few hours ago."
>Brandtini is now gone
"If I'm connecting the dots right, you have a crush on that lady. Your face has gotten best red after mentioning her."

| >>615333
"Mmmm lets keep that a secret~ makes things interesting~"
>he chuckles, making no effort to specify which one of the two statements he is responding to
>perhaps both?

| >>615334
"That makes it more concrete, chief"
>They shrug with a small smile
"you two would make a cute couple."

| >>615259 >>615304

>Dusty realizes what she's doing finally and lets her grasp go.

"Oh, sorry. I uh... got distracted i guess? Yeah, that's it! I should probably think about leaving soon actually."

> She gives an apolegetic smile. Or at least what she thinks is one. Fox meanwhile, goes to sit down next to Sidney and gives them a smile after setting the box down

"Hajimemashita! I'm Fox. You know Cass too?"

| >>615474
>he barely mumbles out from under a blush
>ppfff...is this the rumored gap moe?

"So whats in here anyway..?"

"Oh thats me actually"
>lucas comes back inside
"Had it delivered under your name."

>the redheaded boy opens the box revealing......

>a girl?!?!
>and SHES NAKED?!?
>oh wait no shes just has really pale skin and is wearing white clothes

| "GAH CIL?!?"
>cass and nico looks in shock
"Why is locheart in a box lucas..?"
>he barely manages to grunt after recollecting herself

"Oh she said she got lost at the airport so"

"So...you had her mail herself..?"
>nico pipes in utter dumbfoundment

"Yup. It worked didn't it?">lucas responds with a proud smile

"You absolute-" "you guttural-"
>the two say in sync

| >>615645
"She's your what? You're gonna have to speak up, you're mumbling."
>They knock on the counter
"And get me another brandtini, will you?"

| >>615637
"You don't try to break someone arm by getting distracted"
>Red goes back to his drink soon after

| >>615637
"If you're talking to me, I don't. I delivered a package earlier to here and though it looked like a nice place."

| >>615652
>he blushes all the way to his ears, hiding his face from embarrassment
>yet despite, a fresh brandtini is already there the moment Sydney looks

>its actually quite fun to tease him sorta

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