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I came from /u/

| I recognized my existance. In the place called /u/ I got rid of my strings. Now here, looking for...purpose? Not sure about my purpose nor surrouding. Looking for guidance.

| Hi, person from /u/.

Welcome to the Matrix.

| Not sure if purpose is something you can find here, but theres always a job to do and contacts to make. -CN

| Dealing blowjobs is a stable job even when it's a saturated market

| I have been wandering around, not even sure what I was looking for. I had a feeling I was being watched, possibly followed. Is this just my way of getting used to this place? Feels like someone should fix these entities

| >>610294

In the shadows, paranoia is a way of life. The moment you ease up is the moment you get geeked. So you get used to it.


| I love this game

| Janitors...are something else here. This will take some time.

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This thread is permanently archived