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SoC's 5.12a patch

| God I hate this. I hate this so very much. Fuck it.

- Can't do Evasion anymore because even in MAX AGILITY (yes, MAX), you only get 62.5% Evasion chance (vs 80% in prev patch)
- Gunner builds are dead. Hawkeye as a skill is useless. Still can't fucking crit anything because attack time is STILL HIGH, even after buffs

Magic is the only one winning here. Base MP regen is up to 0.075MP/s per 1 INT. Was 0.025MP before.

| >still playing SoC

when will you nerds realize daddy gayme publisher Electrical Snowstorm doesn't care about you?

| Huh. Maybe I should log onto my old account again soon. Been quite a while since I last no-scoped some bitches.

| Sounds pretty bad... -Dolly Dagger

| >>609984
>implying us players even care about them
We know we're being assraped daily (just see the goddamn loot rolls). I just didn't know this ass can tear a bigger hole every day

| >>610006
MAN you're not going to like what they have been doing with the Gunner skill tree, just saying


| >chaos.m4x

> A trideo shows a regular gameplay of SoC from an overhead perspective. Several players are fighting a monster of titanic stature, with a scaly, prehistoric appearance - firing beams of light into the players.

> The beams that were obvious miss still registered as a hit, as shown from the players receiving heavy burn damages and being knocked back into the far distance.


The new event boss literally wiped an entire guild of top-rankers with its bullshit no-evade AOE. And fucking guess why that is? (hint hint: the tanks die because Burn is now 50% chance)

No one has been able to kill this damned boss because ES is a fucking shitshow that couldn't code a game properly.

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Damn. I should probably just leave it be then. That looks like shit.

| >>610066
First of all: Moonlit sucks. I saw their gameplay, they had no tank that can resist Burn (which, by the way, is now a Magic debuff if received from a Magical attack) - and their party had no long-range support.

Padozilla is meant to be fought with one defense break support, a magic/runic tank, a gunner (with mixed magic-physical attack), and several aggro. Literally no melee needed.

Source: fought against it and won. Padozilla drops a tiny cutesy anime girl charm.

| And answering your butthurts:

- Evasion was OP. You'd have rogues spamming Flashstep left and right. Nobody likes a dancing 250% Evasion character in a PvP.

- Hawkeye is meant as a charge-support. If your gunner can use autocannon, you'd charge Hawkeye and roll around until you can fire. It has 125% crit chance, what are you complaining?

- It's split to Physical Resist and Magic Resist now. Your tank is probably a Phys. Resist type before.

| Wanna know the reason why the MP regen isn't in its old cap? Because now hybrid-magic builds are valid.

Runic knights, magic archers, and enchanters are all good again. You can spam Magic Weapon and Armor of the Ethereal since you don't have the awful regen anymore.

Did you really read the changelog?

| >>610091
Magic classes are for pussies.

| >>610132
Fucking TRUTH right there. ES forcing magic parties on a boss is just bad taste. What, now I have to grind the damn game again to fetch a magic swordsman build? Fuck no.

| >>610138

mad cuz bad etc

| GOd when are they going to release SOC CLASSIC already?

well, i play on RP servers mostly so it doesn't really effect me... -Tr4pped

| >>610229
Feels like it's going to flop. I'm just going to stay retail and wait until the next big expansion.

| >>610138
SoC has had numerous forced party bosses. Z'hun requires you to literally have a good party that can quickly evoke attacks at later phases.

| >>610238
TF are you on about? Z'hun doesn't force party, you just need good tanks and a good teamwork

Yeah you need Temporal Stop or Rampage to get the 100% dmg buff later but you can STILL fight Z'hun without those, it just takes WAAY longer.

| >>610244
>literally reiterating my point
Nice try.

Literally no one can fight Z'hun in Hard unless you have at least one member that can make use of that 100% damage debuff (debuff! not buff) Z'hun does on itself during Incarnate Blast.

And guess what? Only support mages (shamans, etc) can use Temporal Stop. And only berserkers can use Rampage. Gunners can use Focus Sphere or those stupid sponges, but they can't do good constant damage.

| >takes way longer
You mean one entire hour? Z'hun's heal and regen can heal 25% and if you can't finish when its doing Incarnate Blast, your party is dead or that headgear is running outta battery, girl.

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