Did everyone have a great Turkeysgiving?

| Cause I sure did, Dynamoforce Season 2 being delayed be damned!

The synth turkey tasted a whole lot better than usual although I wish we had some cranberry sauce to go with it. Tried to replace the sauce with diluted karmotrine annd it was just not the saaaaaaaaaaaaame.

-Barb's Straight Hand

| Thanksgiving was fine. Me and my friend had a really late dinner because I got caught up in kind of early Black Friday nonsense and couldn't get out of the store. They had all the electronics moved to the dairy section for some reason, which would make for a good cursed image even with context.
In the end though, it's impossible for a holiday to be bad when pie's involved.
- SciFox

| And for the last time, if you're reading this grandpa, you CANNOT microwave a turkey, no matter how far technology has come.
- SciFox

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