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Happy lizard thread

| > Its a link, somehow you clicked on it by accident or it was emailed to you or you intentionally found it. Following where it leads shows a black page with a single trideo at its center an ancient gif format is utilized showing a looping clip of a bearded dragon, with a tiny cowboy hat. It grins at the viewer flicking its tail this way and that.
>Behind the lizard a silhouette is beating the life out of another shadowy figure. Dark splatters from the victim and the lizard grins..

| That's not creepy at all...

| Cute lizard

| [Additional information]
>There is a date and time at the lower left of the gif marked with the present day.

| >>608636
Present day?
Present time?

| >>608655
(I think he meant "Today" IC)‚Äč

| >>c18162 >>39d660
>[present day 1am]

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This thread is permanently archived