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strange invitation

| I got a weird message earlier, looks like an invite to something but I haven't heard anything about this event prior to this. Any thoughts? It's a throwaway account I have on a private messaging program

[To: graylok7
From: An0nymous
Subject: Y0u're inv1ted!

T0 the sh0w of a lifet1me! Head to the attached matr1x address this coming Saturday for some s1ck tunes and maddening beats from the newest faces 0n the market!


| Definitely sounds a little vague... -CN

| I mean it's kind of mysterious right? should I check this out?

| >>608768
I mean I wouldnt but maybe check it on a public PC or something. -CN

| Nah, you’re probably right. I’ll be avoiding this one for sure.

| Looks like I dodged a bullet here

>attached is a news article from this morning
Several people were discovered dead this past sunday, many using decks and matrix rigs. Some however were found using less integrated systems, such as vr and ar headsets. Gcpd are currently investigating this phenomenon

So? Bad vibes from that message, think this is related?

| >>609475
It would be a hell of a coincidence otherwise, even giving the timing. Only way to really know though is if they had received the emails. -CN

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This thread is permanently archived