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Somnus Shut Down?

| In an interesting turn of events after a long media silence following the death of former CEO Anthony Gregson, Acting CEO Joshua Gregson called a press release to announce the closure of Somnus Pharmaceuticals.
"The decision by the board was unanimous, the corporation has run its course and is no longer necessary in todays world. All formulas for somnus products are going to be auctioned off, and all facilities dismantled."

Gregson did not stick around to answer questions.

| Huh... that is surprising. Wonder how those formulas will be auctioned. -CN

| I’m concerned about the angle here, not often a corp arbitrarily decides to shut down unprompted. And where’s the rest of the bord? None of them have shown up since Gregson Sr. Got assassinated.

| Me and Pete once ran a job for a proxy of there's. There's not a chance that this isn't crooked.

- Dusty

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Think something is up? -CN

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Almost certainly, if the son inherited half of his father's ego

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What are you gonna do? -CN

| I'm thinking of looking into this auction, if they end up doing a physical thing Gregson would end up with lots of powerful corporate types all in one place, and that's concerning to me. if it is a physical auction, I need to get in there. Think you'd be able to forge some credentials for me?

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Please, who do you think I am? -CN

| of course, an upstanding law abiding citizen such as yourself would never do such a thing. I'll keep in touch.

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