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(ooc) Getting Started on /cyb/!

| How does one get started on cyb?
Simple enough, chummer!
You write up a thread nice and comfy~
>and then you i͎̬̪̟͙̝͐̅̓n̫̜̤ͪ̿̓͊̏ͯ́f҉̟e͎̟̳̞͈͇̽ͦ͐͌͜c͍̲̺̰̖̬t̎ͤͯͧ͏̜̤͍ ̙ͭ͘t̫̗̥ͬ́͘h͉̺͈͔̲͘e̢ ̗͙ͭͣu̫̦̰̟͖̤̣s̪̝͇̝̰̎ͥ̄̾̆̄́ê̼͕̠ͭ̊͑ͭr̨̩̞̳̘̬̺̞̂͊ͬs̱̜̜ͅ ̮͌̿ͣ̊̇̕w̠̖͓͊̈͋͒̎̂͘ị̟̅t̰̉ͧ͆̏͒ͬͪh̋҉̭͕͉͉ ̫͊̿a̟̥̜͆͗͛̆͑ͯ̎n̰͊͒́͆ͩ̍ͥ ̬͇̟ͅī͎̳͍̬͐̈ͮ͐͋͝ṇ̝͈͔̜̗̋̃̃́͘v͓̻̲̭͡a̤͓̣̗ͩ͒ͣ̿̿̔̿s̵̱̼͂̋ͭͫ̔̎̏ív̧̜̦̘͇͕́̒ę̮͈̱̙̹̘ͯ͊͆ ̜̦͇̱͎̗͖ͬ͌̔̓͊̅͟ṋ͎̘̬̱͒͊ͫa̞̞͍̪ͯͥ̈ͯͨ̓͗͟n͖̺͇̋̓ͅőͤ̽͆͞v͎͇̦̻̓ͫ͌ͦ͐ͬ͠ḭ̺̹͉̣ͫͭͤ͠r̛̹̘̥̆̉ͫ͒u̳̺̪̰̺̤͍s̠̟̪̪̰͉̿͑͑̊̿.̝̳̺̥ͮ͡


| Just kidding. In this thread I'm going to discuss a few points that should make your time in /cyb/ a little bit easier to understand, and then open the thread for questions. ^^


| First off, let's start with the basics. /cyb/ is set in the dystopic, cyberpunkish hell of Glitch City, the main setting of the game VA-11, Hall-a, which most of you should be familiar with. If you aren't familiar with it- check it out on Steam! I'm sure it'll go on sale sometime this Mega-Christmas. ^^
The background lore describing where Glitch City exactly takes place was left vague on purpose, ranging everywhere from Argentina on Earth, to a different planet entirely.


| To that end, you can play the outside world of Glitch City anyway you wish to, as long as it remains within the realm of cyberpunk. Maybe you're a >time traveler
from the year 2017 who was somehow catapulted into the future, to the year 207X. Maybe you're from a completely different planet entirely, and the year is really 27XX. Both are plausible within the established vagueness of the setting, so feel free to be creative!


| That said, >you don't need to be a special snowflake if you don't want to.
One of the greatest draws of the original game is that >you're an otherwise mundane NPC serving other mostly mundane NPC's
while learning about their lives and their struggles living in an aforementioned dystopic hell. Sure, you got an editor in chief, a police officer, hybrids/mutants, talking animals, androids, and even a certain lilim idol, but this doesn't diminish their appeal in the slightest.


| On top of that, it's actually very cyberpunk to be mundane in an otherwise increasingly hellish world. Cyberpunk's founding ethos is less about the chrome, high end technology, 80's future fashion and neon glow, although that certainly is the most >visible
part. What make's cyberpunk-cyberpunk is, at its core, a socio-economic one: High-tech, Low life. Haves, and have nots. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and technology serves to further oppress the common person,


| not improve their lives. Good writing and great characterization in cyberpunk literature and media stems from seeing how normal people deal with abnormally dismal situations, or rather, how they >don't
manage to.


| All that being said, Glitch City/VA-11, Hall-a isn't 1984 nor A Brave New World, so now that I've stressed the dystopic part of cyberpunk, let's talk about the opposite; where technology can be modified to serve the common people.


| Let's take decking, for instance. In the real world, we have a constant fear of losing our autonomy- of having corporations do everything for us, and being unable to do anything for ourselves. But as Harlequin from the Shadowrun series once said, "We don't swallow their drek sandwich and politely ask for another. It's why we run the shadows. That's where real life is, kiddo."


| And, despite being a fictional character, he has a very real point that applies even to us normies who aren't actually heavily augmented mercenaries. We modify and abuse systems from tools of oppression to tools of repression. We quit our social media, or obfuscate ne'er do wells with false information or the information we want them to see. We create currencies that can't be easily traced, private networks, or do business with alternative companies that we trust just a little


| more than the other guy. We boycott, we protest, we educate, we search sources of other news and we compare them to see who's being the most honest that day of the week. This is not quite Orwell or Huxley- while not always present, important to the genre of cyberpunk is that it is >possible
to resist, and people >do
whether out of necessity, or simply to >stick it
to the man.


| Cyberpunk isn't about the flash of high tech or the nihilistic demise of many in the face of the impossible. It's about how all these things are true and yet untrue, and we, the npc that's supposed to only show up for one line and then get killed off in a scripted cutscene, >don't.
How you choose to get by, is up to you.


| Now then, with the setting stuff out of the way, let's talk about the more technical aspects of /cyb/.


| By design, /cyb/ has very few hard rules, next to no censorship, no formal writing system to be recognized, and very few hard limits on what can happen. That said, there are still a few things to keep in mind:


| Above everything else, you're still writing on a mostly anonymous text board full of other g/u/rls who also browse this board on their free time, or if they want something, or if they want someone, or what have you. So, feel free to talk as you normally would in that sense!
What's there to talk about? Had a bad time at work because your employer is racist against augmented? Does your lilim girlfriend need repairs but you can't afford to get her seen at a cyberdoc because


| you can't afford it?
Did you see that Kira Miki concert last month? How was it?
Perhaps you're like one poor anon who posted here over a year ago who made the bravely stupid decision to >do cybersurgery on her own eyes, except that she removed both of her eyes and now could no longer see.
How she managed to type that on /cyb/ is beyond any of us.


| Maybe you have things for sale? Or maybe you have a problem and are looking for help? Perhaps you're a decker who's trying to break a cypher or three that consists of a set of encrypted hashes that may or may not lead to a key that unlocks a core dump that you found somewhere while derping in the Shadowlands BBS. The possibilities are damn near endless.


| If you feel that it's time to go from herping with other people on the board proper, perhaps its time for you to meet them in person. That's when the (Setting) threads come in, and the "rules," if you could call them that, change ever so slightly...
By default, we like to use >red text for actions,
while White Text is for dialogue. This mostly makes things easier to read and understand, though ultimately if you write a post well enough, and everyone can understand what's happening,


| That will usually suffice. Often, the creator of the thread is themself a GM and will mostly speak in >red text
To describe settings or to explain what is happening to the player or other characters. During these scenarios, there's much in the way of advice that I can give other than a few common courtesy tidbits:
1) Don't kill other people's characters unless they give permission, through either negligence or actually telling you it's ok (usually in OOC mode, like this)


| 2) Don't control other player's characters- pretty self explanatory, really, and
3) Accept that the story isn't always going to turn out how you expected.
The difference between roleplaying and other forms of fiction is that its difficult to railroad plot without going full ham. Overtime, players will find a way to agree on how situation will resolve itself for, hopefully, the most enjoyment and best writing. This is something that you'll learn on your own- for the time being,


| Just go with it. ^^


| Next up, (meta) and (ooc) are both identifiers that a thread, like this one, isn't in character. That means that I've pulled back the veil and I'm speaking to you as a moderator for a board based off of a board in a video game that itself was based on popular anonymous imageboards in real life. So it's basically real life reflecting art which reflects real life. If you need help, have questions, or just need to clarify something, feel free to make one of these.


| Lastly, the next kind of thread you're probably going to see will be predominantly in >red text
But will have a name referring to some kind of camera, or a video file, or an audio file, or a chat program, or what have you. As their names imply, these are meant to represent a media file being uploaded in its own thread to the board, which is then viewable and can be commented on. There are no special rules here, though obviously you can't really change what's going on in a pre-shot


| Video- unless the media is some kind of *Terminal*.
Usually "terminals" and their OP's will only respond if you enter messages like a "command," to which the OP will respond in kind. They're effectively roleplaying as the computer, after all. Once again, there aren't any special rules for these kind of threads- you just have to follow along. ^^


| There are a few other topics I'd like to cover later, such as "mary sueing/god modding" and "revisionist history," but aside from "don't do either," those will probably warrant a thread all their own.


| Now then... any questions?
>sorry for the text wall. ;;


| Oh, and, one more thing that I forgot to mention...
Unless otherwise specified, it's generally assumed that (Setting) threads are >OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.
That means that at any time, someone could stumble upon a bar, invade a park, or hail down the taxi cab that you're riding in. The only time this is not true is when a location is specifically supposed to be -private- or otherwise -unlikely to be found by any random bystander without a good reason.-

| This is the most amazing thread here. Reading all of this legitimately makes me inspired to want to get even more involved here.


| How do you know what's a setting thread and what isn't? I'm still trying to get the hang of this app.

| >>62582

It will say (Setting) in the name of the thread. :)


| this is really cool....

| At first, I was so confused as to what this was/the rules. But now I know what's going on and how, so thank you for this thread.


| >>65139

No problem! Feel free to ask for help if necessary. :)

| Alright, I got two questions (Well, 1.5, since the one is kinda obvious but I just want to confirm):
1. How do you do that ">>#######" thing?
2. Are "serial-killer" characters alright as long as they don't try to go "god-mode"?

| ^^ Same person from that one
One more thing I just realized:
What's the deal with the changing "ID"? What's the point if it just keeps changing? (IK it isn't exactly about |cyb|, but I thought it was still worth asking)

| >>67213
ID changes from Thread to Thread. Also if you switch from each Wi-Fi to Data connection.


| >>67183
1) Click on the "post number" that's just above your comment, to the left of your colored ID!
2) You wouldn't be the first, nor last, serial killer in Glitch City. ;P (Go ahead).
Also, as anon said, the ID changes from thread to thread- it's mostly so you can tell who the same anon is in the same thread, but maintains their anonymity in the board as a whole. Also, it's based on your IP, so it will change if you use a dynamic IP or switch IP's often.

| >>67232
Okay, thanks. And now that you point out the IP thing, it makes sense why it changed for me (I was the 66880 post, which was why I asked)

| What about if you often use a vpn? I only travel between two places but I'm under the impression they change each time (I use betternet on android) -New anon

| >>67265
VPN would change the IP, yes.

| So the "-(Insert Name)" in some threads, I'm assuming is name of the user/character?

| >>73764
yeah. you can write a short bio in the meta thread for yours. -IN1

| >>73773 Alrighty then. Thanks!

| >>73796
Typically the
Stuff is used for non-labeled online threads versus the (Setting) Threads

| May I ask how to do red text?

| >207x
>not knowing how to do red text

| >>81268 >>81264 Easy there. You do red test by placing the">" sign in front of what you write.

| > like this

| Oh OK. Thanks a lot!

| >>81264
are you the one who got trolled for asking how to do red text?

| Not much of a troll actually. Since I don't know what he talking about so I'm not even upset lol.>>81454

| >>81460 you don't know what he is talking?

| What is the (meta) thread for? Introducing characters?

| >>88247
Characters page, basically. You put your character(s) there, and set out things that may be important for the character (such as traits, et cetera).

| And someone else can play as the character if they want to?

| >>88293
... No. They can't. Your character is rightfully yours. It's like a username, if I put it simply.

| Oh.. so it's just so that people know my character is there...?
Also is the theme "there's no boys on the internet, only g/u/rls" still exists?


| >>90002
Yes. Well, you don't *need* to play a gurl, but its fun to continue the meme.

| Aww shoot, ah shoulda been a g/u/rl.

| Might be a dumb question, but do we have a Discord group?

| >>104706
Do, but I think it's invite only.

| >>104710

Ah, man. Figured that'd be the case. Thanks for the answer!

| video useless gore

| I know this isn't exactly just cyb but I trust this thread. How does a thread get closed? Does somebody minutes threads and shut down inappropriate/dead threads, or does a thread auto-close when nobody adds a comment after some given time?

| Monitor*** (didn't mean "minutes")

| >>107773
Mods have the ability to close threads, then if there isn't a comment in 24 hours the thread is closed.

| Automatically*

| >>107776 Alright, thanks!

| Ok so I have few questions, have in mind I'm new in this app and reading is somewhat hard to me for now:
1.How to upload something
2.offtop should be write how?

| Terrible question but what does OP mean?

| >>120886
Original Poster. Person who started the thread.
1. What are you trying to upload? If they are images or videos I don't believe you can, although you can copy-paste link-URL's.
2. If you're starting an OOC thread, put (OOC) in the title like so:
(OOC) Title of thread
Just like how this thread is titled.
However, if you're trying to write in OOC while in an OOC thread, just type in parenthesis, like so:
(OOC: Hey guys OOC here.)


| I have been absent for awhile, where did Dramatis Personae thread go? I was stupid enough to not to keep notes localy.

| it got locked. mods are rewritting it

| Old thread: https://dangeru.us/cyb/thread/28725


| Stickied but locked for now so it doesn't get lost in the archives.

| When will it open again? I joined not too long ago, so I didn't get to put my character in there.

| >>132544
No idea at this time, I suppose whenever Stormy finishes the next thread.

| So, if one wants to join now, would they just not put their character sheet anywhere? Or...

| >>138440
For now, I think that's what you need to do. At least until Stormy reopens the characters thread, that is.

| >>138440
You need to understand, that you don't *need* your character sheet to be out there to join any ongoing story line. It is simply convenient way to keep track of characters you and others have.
Also, COUGHCOUGHif more people contributed to the wiki, we'd have less need for the thread like this in generalCOUGHCOUGH.

| Honestly I think the wiki should be expanded already. It would be an easier way to keep track of charecters


| If /cyb/ gets large enough, I'll look into getting an actual wiki +hosting for /cyb/... or perhaps for danger/u/ itself.

| Putos todos y #HailGrasa >:v

| >>>2311

| Sorry for the stupid/noob question but

>what does (ooc) mean?

| >>161758
Out of context/character.

| Tanks

| >>60856

>Argentina on Earth

is this in reference to me thinking gc was in argentina? -archarin

| >>164009
It totally was. ;3 -Stormy

| >>164333

lmao, just wanted to verify -archarin

| Can anyone explain the districts to me pls, i only know that glitz is a shopping district.

| There isn't a map, and it's all vague as hell, but go to the wiki and it'll give you a little idea

| >>166343
K thanks

| I've thought about trying to work with people to come up with a solid map but that's kinda a lot of work lmao

| >>166332
Glitz is actually a casino and red light district- it's like Las Vegas except taken to an extreme... like everything else in Glitch City.

| >>166369
So where would normal (for glich city) commerce be held

| >>166378
Downtown, mostly. That's where the majority of the businesses and such are.

But for the most part, commercial areas are all over the city.

| >>166385
Kay guess ill work off that tanks

| >>166396
You're welcome!

| Credit stick?wuz dat

| >>166547
Actualy im curious too
Whats a credit stick and while im at it what is the minimum wage you get for a job?

| A credstick is something from shadowrun, that is basically a digital wallet with money stored in it.

| >>167350
Minimum wage is up to you, but I imagine it would be terrible.

| what minimum wage? D you think corps would allow something as worker friendly as that?

| >>167361 >>167365
Oh no i mean like how much do people usually get paid?
(like a waiter or store clerk for example)

| >>167361 >>167365
Oh no i mean like how much do people usually get paid?
(like a waiter or store clerk for example)

| >>167378 >>167377

For the most part we use real world estimates, but some people add inflation or make the payments lower than usual, to reflect the dystopic future that Glitch City is set in.

For example, in the US waiters are typically paid like $2-3 USD per hour, but are supposed to make up the rest in tips.

A clerk would probably make like 7-8 USD minimum, if they were new.

Typically, "nuyen" currency is the same as the USD, but slightly more inflated.

| The "zenny" however is a 10 to 1 ratio.
So 30 nuyen is roughly 300 zenny.

| I hope that helps you develop your own system. ^w^

| >>167513
Thanks got it now.

| I keep seeing some people say 'roll d20'is it required to use DnD dice when RPing?

| >>170581
Nope! That's usually a system to keep things fair. It's not enforced by the rules, so usually players or GMs are the one to use them.

For the players, this makes their character less OP (heh), as bad rolls mean they'd have to portray their character failing at whatever task they were rolling for.

| >>170586
Ohhhh ok thank you.

| >>170586
Ohhhh ok thank you.

| >>170586
More specifically, we use it to add flavor to situations, often with hilarious consequences.

| Planning on joining this Rp community with a character from a way older community. Might be interesting since it was cyberpunk themed authoritarian state and he was one of the regular police officers doing his job when shit hit the fan. >Action you fella later

| >>178862
Sounds a lot like what OS used to be before she left the force, we'll get along mighty well and seeing new people is always nice, cheers!

| >>178862

| Uhh since the last guy >>178862
Did it. I guess that means i need to introduce myself as well?
I want to role-play here as well.
I guess my characters name is foundation.
I want to create lighthearted post,ive seen the post put here and they are to serious (no offense)
So i thought it would be fun to create post that preserve normalcy.
-the guy who will RP foundation.

| >>188750


| If you're new to Cyberpunk and would like to learn more, this article/manifesto from Neon Dystopia does a good job of expounding on what i've already explained: https://www.neondystopia.com/what-is-cyberpunk/

| Happy reading, chummers! -Stormy

| Uh so is the official year designation 2XXX or 20XX. I think messed up my last thread a bit

| >>195837
Should be 20XX, g/u/rl

| >>195837
Whichever you prefer. Depending on who you ask, some don't even use the Julian calendar at all. :P

| >>195921
Oops, my bad lol

| So I'm thinking about doing a little pet project, basically a "news aggregator" for GC.
This would more or less work like a blog. Create an article, you get a link that you then post here.
And also create pixely newspaper template for graphical fluff.
Pros: Articles can be edited & updated, linked to follow up reports etc.
I would make it have a chronical publication list on the site.

| There would be two flags, public/private and takedown.
private can be linked but won't show up on the publication list. Takedown replaces the article link wih a fake takedown note like "This site has been suspended by the GCPD cybercrime devision" or hacked by ... and so on, the original article would remain accessible. Those options can be flipped at will.
Maybe also scheduled postings.
So feedback, is there interest or dislike for this idea?

| >>196201
Interested as all hell, that sounds cool my dude

| >>196269
Well I'll consult with a friend that works web design first, because maybe there's already a good prefab for this. In any case don't expect anything before the year 20XX.

| Sounds interesting! -Stormy

| >>196718
Hope to see updates! Thank you for letting us know about this desire of yours, g/u/rl.

| Uhh strange question but
Are pet dogs allowed?
Got confused after reading the shiba terrorist thing on the wiki paired with the only pets ive heard of is a facehugger and a hedgehog.

| Yeah they are

| How do i build myself a name?
Like how do i get pepole to trust me and stuff

-Bob Glory

| >>201838
You do useful shit. Meet people in bars and other places, help them out in setting threads and on the board. As long as your character doesn't act like a dick, you can get people to trust you rather easy. And even if you act like a dick, getting shit done usually makes other characters overlook your attitude.

| >>201838
Get into contact with some people, get known all around by using the board often and then try and join an ARG or a regular old setting thread
Thats what I did

| This board was a pleasant surprise to find! I'm thinking of playing with a Lilim character or two. I'm having trouble building them (heh), though...

| >>203261
If you need any help, I'd be happy to oblige! (More people to shatter the minds of in my ARG MWHAHAHAHA)
I run a few characters and I've been Dming for a while!

| >>203261
What's the problem? I can lend a hand or two here!

| >>203264

Oh, hello! I wasn't expecting a response so fast, haha. It's mostly an issue of making Lilims that still fit GC's established lore. Maybe I need to recheck my information... Or wait till it's not 2am to make decisions.

In any case, a question (very new to danger/u/, sorry). How do you make the red text?

I'm thinking of making a small OOC character building/discussion thread to hash out ideas later, if that's ok.

| >>203269
Thats fine, dont worry
As for the redtext just use the >
>Like this
Its really simple

| >boof!
Good to hear. I'll see what I can do later. I look forward to playing with you all!

| >>203279
Aye aye chummer
Its a pleasure to help.
>To be fair 2AM is prime thinking time for me, probably because of insomnia...

| >>203280

| >>203280

| >>203280
It's how AM and Paul came to existence.

| >>203269
Lilims are pretty versatile from what I know. They're right next to augmented when it comes to creative liberty. And there isn't much 'established lore' per se — you can fit a laser in a lilim and that's still considered lore-friendly.

tl;dr: Be free!

| >>203339
That explains a lot

| >>203346
Lasers are like ketchup, they go with anything. Lilims with lasers, mechas with lasers, gunship with lasers, cops with lasers, mad scientists with lasers, doggies with lasers, heck I'd put lasers on lasers. Anyway I hope nobody minds that I kinda play an idiot.

| >>204088
Lasers that fire lasers?

| -AM
(And yes it is 2AM here.)

| >>204101
(weak its 5am where im at!
..... I have problems;-;)

| Somwhow app wont let me post, have i been put in a shitlist?

| I've had it happen a few times. attempt ^^^

| ^^^

| 5 AM, 2 AM, merely numbers! A real gentleman* is awake 24 hours, 7 days a week, 28 to 31 days a month and 365 days a year!
>*definition of gentlemen may vary, We at CRI.inc are not responsible for damage or death of a person trying to attain peak gentlemen
-Parralax "Top Hat not Included" Instar

| Strange question.
But is fried chicken allowed?

| >>208194
Fried chicken is delicious.

| Fried chicken? Approved!!

| Genuine question.
Whats the stance on using IRL science as a base but adding cyberpunk stuff so it can be done in RP?
Like N3s teleport thingy
He says stuff about 'particle displacement'
There is some real science in that
Or on that new thread >tomatoes
Where they talk about hydroponics.
Where its actual proven science.

| >>227242

What's wrong with that? Most of /cyb/ is based on actual or theoretical science. Even FTL travel.

Although I place limits on an as needed basis. -Stormy

| >>229351
Tbh, I'm honest i'm surprised you let my shit slide. Granted sometimes I feel like I shouldn't particularly use the Collars which is why Markus hasn't shown up much lately, but yeah. I'm still thankful the idea is allowed, despite how it definitely bends some things.
-Gold Knuckles.

| >>229381 I -was- pretty tempted to stop you, actually. :P But you clearly had a very developed system and it seemed like a waste to kill it completely. But it's very unlikely anyone would believe that magic exists in this society and it's not something I want to encourage others to use moving forward.

Just consider that you basically got grandfathered in, and as long as more mutant trees don't show up, it's all good. -Stormy

| >>229411
Haha, I'm not surprised. And yeah, it's pretty well fleshed out but I don't think I've got full details listed anywhere directly on /cyb/ sans what has been said in direct correlation to CN. I was originally using this as a way to figure out filler plots for the Collars.
And yes the Midnight District got out of hand, and I'm still annoyed that went the way it did. All Black Collars will be controlled by me from here on so they can be regulated. ^^;;
-Gold Knuckles.

| >>229460

Good to hear. :) -Stormy

| >>c07f73 hail ciencia:v

| >>196197

Any news to your project?

| Um, how does one go about learning frequently used slang and phrases that i have no idea what they mean-

| >>267240
And the like?
Play shadow run

| Oh-
Thank you

| >>7bb631

What about all the acronyms and abbreviations and such?

| Acronyms for what?

| >>267252
What do you mean?
Most acronyms do come from shadowrun or made up lore

For exemple:
BTC means better than life chips, some augmented drug shit

If you got any particular cases, I'd be glad to help

| *BTL, cabt believe I made that mistake

| Oh, ok, well, im just worried its gonna be simple stuff that I should already know, but like, what is an ARG? Also, what is that whole "g/u/to" thing?

| >>0db802
An ARG is an Alternative Reality Game. IIRC.

| *g/u/rl

And, is IIRC something? I'm sorry, im just confused

| If i remember correctly is IIRC

| Ooh..thanks

| Args are basically campaigns

| Got it

| >>267245 >>267240 >>267252

Look up "shadowrun slang," there are plenty of databases with examples and definitions. :P

| >>19d015

Thank you very much

| >>267288 No problem!

| Also g/u/rl is just what we call users of the site, even outside of /cyb/.

| >>d1c575


| Is 250 the limit for the number of posts a thread can have? Because one hit 250, and my replies no longer showed up.

| >>268778
Once you hit 250 post you cant make any new ones.
So we just create a second thread and continue from there.

There was no need for you to apologize in that OOC.
It happens all the time.

| Tbh there *really* has to be some kind of notification that the thread reached post limit. Right now it just looks like a bug until you realise to check post count. It is very annoying.

| I actually always wondered why the post limit was there in the first place. There's probably a good reason lol

| >>269038

Spam inhibition. -Stormy

| I'm gonna need to start a dive bar #3 at this rate lol. Maybe I should cook up more settings.

| >>269741
Please, do not. -Stormy

| Oh. Okay. :(

| Hey sir (madame?) stormy.
While your here.

I know that its isolated to GC but what about a flashback sequence?
Like one set outside GC.
But its just a flashback that last like 2-4 post.
Would that be OK?

| Stormy does not approve of my setting. #Feelsbadman

| >>269762

No, that wouldn't make any sense. The point of setting threads is to be interacted with- if its something personal like that you can think of a different way to turn it into a thread, or, if it isn't something that anyone but your own character is supposed to know about, don't do it at all. -Stormy

| >>269776
Ok gotcha.

| >>269773 I of course can't speak for Stormy, but I don't think that its as much that they directly disprove of *your* setting as much as quite a few of us have been feeling the sentiment really that there are way too many setting threads in general and not chatboard threads. I think the message is that we don't need to flood this place with setting threads. They're alright, but sometimes they're too much and they get away from the original point of the board: an anon chatboard.

| Think about what makes this place unique: it is an anonymous chatboard. I'm not going to act like I've been here since the beginning but I know for a fact thay /cyb/ wasn't always here. This place has grown and changed a lot, but we can't forget the roots of it g/u/rls. This place is an anon chatboard, not just any other RP forum, and we should embrace those differences.

Tl;dr your settings are good so far, but its possible to have too much of a good thing. Don't make too many.

| >>269851
^ Exactly. -Stormy

| >>269861 Yey :D
-Pirat3, also known as Fuschia Fedora, Dr. Joe Marley, Seiko and "The Horsemen" in SoC.

| Also something to consider is that, even if you need something to take place or for your character to do something alone or with others, that still doesn't mean you *need* a setting thread. You can just have the events occur "off screen" or in the background, in that sense.

| There is also a variety of different sources on the net, that can be reworked to serve your purpose. Articles, videos, films, games, radio — you have plenty a tool to make something happen and be known aside from setting threads.

| Fuckin' ell

| I am new to this app, and dont mean to sound dumb, but in the launcher is there a way to change what the transmissions say?

| What di you mean transmissions?

| Two things that I'm not sure where else to put them. What is the setting's tolerance for aliens? Like... Alien puffballs? (Checking to see if I can plug a stock character in.) Also, can someone suggest some types of augments? Attempting a character adaptation, drawing a blank.

| >>288821
It would be pretty weird, but we've got pantygurls, and most didn't blink an eye. But you've also got to mind a big factor.
Has there been First contact?
Where/are they hostile?
How would people react if they saw them?
I hope this helped.

| As long as you don't start a full scale alien invasion, it should be more or less fine?

| But if you do at least be careful about how you do it.

| Fair enough. Billy is just one strange puffball traveling around and wanting to learn more about the world, but I think I can alter his backstory a bit so that it's less "alien" and more "science experiment."

| >>288821
There's literally a g/u/rl parading around the city with a facehugger on top of her head, and barely anyone gives a damn.

| ~]omd-r16nw.g955usqs3cre2


| Is a thread dedicated to character introduction necessary?

| >>308236
No, but it helps other players to distinguish and remember one's character and also allows them to get a general idea about the character as well... As per definition of "introduction".
Tho making a whole another thread to introduce your character, depending on their backstory and overall situation on /cyb/ might be less effective, than just jumping into already existing setting/discussion thread.

Tl;dr don't want — do not.

| Ok, i got some papers n stuff done for an arg, now i just need two questions answered if its alright.

Whats the stance on using ability score modifiers from DnD in rolls

And whats the stance on a PC with mind control.
(not like dominate other PCs mind control but like, cause a random throw away grunt to shoot his fellow cannon fodder)

Sorry for all the questions...

| I'd say you'd have to know the other person's character well to give them ability modifiers for rolls, which would mean them telling secrets OOC, which could accidentally lead to meta-gaming (I've made the mistake once.)

The mind controls stuff you have to be REALLY careful with, as controlling other people's actions or characters is a no-no, no matter if its a grunt or protag.

but that's just, like, my opinion dude.


| >>315249
Alright thanks.

| Im not sure where this question belongs but, what is a janitor login?, in the settings there is an option called janitor login and im interested...

| That's for the moderators log in.

| Quick question. How does time work in this world? Are time used ambiguously and depend on the setting, or is it universal across everything?

| >>325090
No clue
But personally, think its the former

| >>325090
Frankly? One hell of a mess, it really depends on the setting, and you can sometimes see one char in two places at the same 'time'

| Time is convoluted in Lordran, I meam Glitch citu

| >>325090
Things always move foward, but cause some moments are longer then other. Generally the casual threads like bars are very anachronistic and shouldn't when they took place.

Also Marie's Daily Diary isn't entirely daily because i'm suffering.


| >>325108
But yeah, generally speaking (setting) threads exist in a time bubble where things slow down and take as long as they need to.

Usually, however, messageboard threads move in "realtime." But the system is not strictly controlled.

For example, in the setting threads/quest threads that CN is participating, time has slowed to a crawl until those scenarios have ended, but as far as the messageboard is concerned, he's currently on his way to a Police Department.

| >>325090
Last I knew it was still OK to mention stuff you did in a previous thread, even if that thread was still going.

| There is also that thing, that you, as OP, are capable of specifying exactly when the thread is going on. It could take place as "THREADNAME, THREADDATE THREAD TIME" - "Fisherman Jones's, 12th June 15:00".
Or it could be specified in-universe. As in, if you arrange a meeting at Fisherman Jones's at 12th of June, 15:00, then when the meeting thread starts, it is assumed that it is happening on 12th of June, 15:00

| But in reality, time doesn't *have* to be consistent even within the single thread. I had multiple of my characters travel back and forth in time, back in the past on one occasion, and five month into the future from this point on the other.
In the latter case, where my character travelled into the future, I assumed that, since this is happening five month from now on, then all the events and knowledge of those my character has, he will only obtain five month of real time into the

| future, somewhere in december, and until then I am going to act as if nothing happened - as it really has not happened *yet*. As long as you're capable of writing around problems like that, things in your threads can take place whenever you really want them to.

| OK so how do I go about making my character I read and know u don't need one but I would like one so I can try to get into buying the steam game

| >>d0173c

| >>366805
/cyb/ world, although loosely related to the VA-11 world, is not one in the same. This board is meant for roleplays set in the same setting as VA-11, but it is not for the game itself.

| Is there a way to make threads private conversations or are they all open

| >>366810
Nothing of sorts. They are always open, if you want private conversations, this isn't the place for that.

| I like the new colors!

| >>369795


| >>369799

| Cghfgh

| Are the threads tagged with things like [Bar] or [Radio]? Is it like a specific setting or am I missing something?

| >>388441
Some of them are. Threads like 'Stream' and 'Radio' are tagged to separate them from board threads and also from regular setting since you usually don't 'go' to a radio channel or a terminal stream, but it plays out mostly like a setting thread.

| >>388643

Closer to a messageboard for a Radio, but Bars are basically player towns.

| Hello there!

Who else is a panty lover?


| >>407500
Fellow man of culture i see
I myself like panties on small girls with huge dicks

| >>64364e I salute you, dear comrade


| One small update to Megatower One.

>Thanks for playing!


| huehue I'm stealing the last post muahahahaha ;3

Happy Halloween /cyb/izens! I love you all <3<3<3


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