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Sooo I have a problem...

| I was sleeping in my room...and I heard a loud n-noise that sounded kinda like an explosion coming from my living room...and I got up to get out there and see who it was, and...

...there was a guy, standing in my living room, dressed in one of those old-timey looking suits straight out of the trideos, complete with a suitcase, nice black shoes and trilby hat.

He has since proceeded to tell me that he came from the 1920s...and has no clue how he ended up in my living room.


| Er...


Shit chummer i don't know, ask him if he wants tea or something.

| What nationality is he, if he's from 1920's

| These time travelers need to start time traveling with more reliable machines. -CN

| >>608271 When I asked him for tea, he said, and I quote this>>>exactly, "I don't mean to be a wet blanket, sport, but I actually need to get a wiggle on. Sorry for the shocker, don't take any wooden dimes!"

I don't think I understood a word of it, but he dashed out of my house like a maniac afterwards. Definitely looked like he had a panicked expression on his face.

>>608274 Didn't seem to have any accent, and he had a little old USA flag in his shirt pocket.

>>608300 I know!

| Damn, no one from the 20th had a time machine. It's just another one of those darn time tourists that went native!

When they rolled out that tech I was expecting to see all the paradoxes we'd created breaking general relativity with those things yet all we got is these cosplayers! Whole thing turned out to be a pile of drek...

...ah well

| >>608403 Time travel wasn't invented yet!

Is this another John Titor copycat?

| >>608403 I suppose it could be, I frankly have no clue where he came from. He looked and spoke very 1920's though, and definitely seemed to be serious about it in conversation. I frankly don't care as long as he's gone.

>>608404 That's what I was thinking about too, but then again, maybe time travel was invented in the 20's in some timeline other than ours, or maybe he got his hands on a time travelling device from the future or something? Is that how it works? My brain hurts.

| >>608300 >>cc5c04
SERN has achieved time travel in 2014. I'm an insider but my contact was terminated so I started my own Job. Let me tell you people, they know what's going on and John Titor is a rebel.

| It would be doing a disservice to the endless ingenuity of the human race to assume that any one person was the sole inventor of... "time travel."

So I'd say... yes, on every account.

| Well, thanks to good ol' boi Einstein, we know that it's possible (in teory tho) to travel forward in time, so... Why not?
Aaaand. I dunno, give him a crash course on what happened in our world until today?
- Volp

| Have you considered following him?


| 1920s?! Did he have a classic noire vibe?

| >>608515 He already left, and honestly I couldn't be bothered to do that to some random guy who just shows up in my living room anyway, its trespassing you know!

>>608522 Why in the world would I do that? Again, see above.

>>608523 What the frag is a "classic noire vibe"?

| >>608752
You know, that's just called "Being nice to other people."
Aaand you really think that he had control over WHERE we will show up?
- Volp

| >>608758
He is just lucky if he appeared in that room without being a jelloman.


| damn rip

| >>608404
I'd be surprised that anyone would care to imitate someone like me, also I have never heard about anyone travelling space and time unaided by even the most basic of machines

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