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(Setting)​ The Flooded Cult Sect

| >As you arrived at Impulse's location, you see a series of abandonned​ apartment complex next to an equally abandonned factory. Who the fuck decided an apartment is destined to be next to a factory anyways? Nonetheless you hear a lot of shouting and gunfire for a supposedly abandonned location

>Impulse and Red is waiting among more armed men, presumably also Impulse's runners, at the front, on a dock of a frozen lake, planing for the raid on the sect.

| >>607520

> Pete stands by, just a ways behind them. He tagged along for a ride and chance to get to see some real GC style action, even if he wasn't really sure what to expect at all. He kept his M4 slung on his back and waited for an order.

| > Off in the distance, Dusty rides in atop her "Albatross," the custom motorcycle she built earlier. Its fusion engine echoed loudly, and if that didn't give it away, it's silver and pink paint job did. Shots from a machine-gun seem to follow it as well.

> It seems to handle well enough on the ice and she breathes easy. Radio signals on her HUD however, do worry her. She opens up her radio channels and listens in to any signals that might be floating in or out.

| >A distant blast is heard. Will he stick the landing this time? Almost. As per usual.
>Bunker makes a small crater in the street outside the factory. He pulls up a little display, but hears the gunfire and hides the display.
"This is the place."
>He reassuringly nods to himself. The air is crackling with loud piercing sounds, but this was finally a chance to do something besides small time jobs. Hesitantly, he looks around for anyone not firing off rounds.

| >>607521
>Impulse turns to you after a while
"Red is taking his guys to investigate the factory. You are coming with me and a few others to investigate the apartment complex. The rest is holding up perimeters around the area"

>>607522 >>607526
"Who do we have here?"
>Red says as Dusty ride in and the crater is created
"Coming for back up?"

| >>607527

> Dusty's HUD pings the signal and locks on to it. She really doesn't want others to clock her true colors just yet, so she turns on her voice modulator before responding.

"This is the bounty hunter Dusty. I heard word of something going on tonight here in the flooded. Don't shoot at me and I won't return fire. I'll unmask my signature for now"

> She turns on the IR sensors on her helmet and suit as a show of faith. They could have eyes on her already

| >>607527
"Figured I'd have some fun. The more the merrier y'know?"
>Bunker socks his palm, careful to not stab his hand. His armor is almost completely estranged from it's White Knight origins. A product he's finally proud of, and itching to push to the limit.
"So... What exactly is being shot at in there? Practice shots? I read something about ice from your post."
>He seems to be constantly fiddling with a little display on his forearm.
"Oh! Name's Bunker."
>He does a half salute.

| >>607527

> Pete takes his rifle off his back and shoulders it well, giving a nod of approval.

"You got it. CQB is something of a specialty of mine. I'll keep your 6 covered, sir. I won't do anything you don't tell me to do. Unless you say otherwise.

> Spoken like either a hardened solider or an officer cadet finally seeing action.

| >>607528
"Copy that, Dusty"
>Red answers

"Glad to have you here, Bunker"
>Red salute back
"Our men are presumably​ pinned​ down​ in​ one​ of​ the​ buildings"

"Very well"
>Impulse says, before turning to the other two
"You guys want to come with me, or are you going with someone else"

| >>607532

> Dusty pulls up as he finishes speaking. She kicks her bike off and walks up, keeping her helmet on. She heard everything she could, at least. A cyan-tinted rifle hung off her shoulder

"Stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours. I came looking for something. If i happen to help you, it wasn't my primary intention."

> Even through her voice modulator, there could be some animosity hear in her voice

| >>607537
"Alright. I'll keep that in mind, sir"
>Impulse say, checking his magazines
"You coming Bunker?"

>Meanwhile Red motion all of his group
"Krinkov, Ziv, Steyr, and Shaft, on me. We're going in"
>He turns to Impulse
"If we find anything, I'll tell you"
>He and the group disappear inside the factory ground

| >>607541

> Such weird names. Pete did his best to memorize who everyone was who. Maybe their rifles would help identify them? He sighs and places his combat helmet on finally. It's oddly plain, given his mismatched BDU. He switches the comms on to better talk to everyone.

"Hey impulse, I don't like this guy, but they can be good bait, at least."

> Well, that's not going to quell any latent hostilities. But the comment went ignored.

| >>607550
"This is not the time to be shooting potential allies"
>Impulse tell Pete
"Val, Echo, and Tokarev. You are coming with me, the rest stay and patrol the perimeters, warn us if the cult fuckers call for more reinforcements. Pete and Bunker, you coming, right?"

| >>607563

> Pete shuffles, slightly embarrassed by his own outburst. He coughs in an attempt to ease the awkwardness.

"I'm with you the whole way. Hopefully there won't be too many charlies on the way out. Y'know, because we'll take care of them on our way in."

> Smooth, Pete. That's totally a thing an Operator would way. He gives his M4 a check and extends the stock to shoulder it better.

"Ready when you two are."

| >>607805
"Sure, assuming there won't be any reinforcements"
>Impulse turns to one of the other men who are waiting outside
"Grach, you are in control of the front patrol team. Osiris, you are in control of the second patrol team. Report to us immediately​ if there are any approaching"
>His orders are reply with a combination of "Copy" and "Roger", combined in with a few groans, whether from people disappointed​ that they will miss the fight or they are not happy with their leaders

| (*replied)​

| >>607805 >>607818

> Dusty aggressively loads her 416 and pushes past the small cluster of men. Even with her short form, she had quite an impressive suit of leather-looking armor, fitted with everything she might need.

"If you fucking pansies have to hold hands to get inside, count me out. I'll move on without you. Touch my Albatross and I'll shred you before you have a chance to regret it."

> She points to her bike and makes her way inside the building before anyone else.

| >>607823
>You approaches the first building, which is a three story apartment
>As you approaches the door, you notice some strange symbol marked in red on it. You enter the first floor of the apartment through it. You can see you think some kind of security booth. It is empty, but you notices a gun lying inside. You also notices a lot of the ice cubes with people inside. The staircase is infront of you and corridor to your left and your right with a bunch of doors lining the walls.

| >Taking the look down the corridor, you can see some lockers, dressers, potted plants, and wardrobe blocking some space of the corridor, some of it broken down, others have duffle bags and other containers on top of them. Most of the doors of the rooms are either broken down or opened, except for one that have bloody marks on it at the end of the left hallway. Opposite of the security booth is the elevator, with the doors in a really bad shape, it is definitely out of order.

| >>607541
"Of course!"
>Bunker manages to slink in behind Dusty, and, looking around at the mess of a room.
"Oh my. Frozen people huh?"
>Bunker tenses his stance a bit. Realizing this may be more than a simple in and out thing.

| >>608111

> Dusty is taken aback at the sights inside. She keeps her gun up and points it at the bloody door. She shoulders the rifle and walks forward, turning on a seemingly dead flashlight on her 416.

"Looks like a wendigo ripped through here. These frozen people and the blood... I don't think we're going to like what's behind door number one."

> She looks around, checking any bags for something that could help identify what did this... and money and valuables to sell off.

| (I've mentioned this to Fox, but I say it here again. I will replace "ice cube with people inside" to just "bodies that look like they had been frozen", a bit of a minor change, sorry about that. Also, all these bodies belong to cultist, forgot to specify that)
>Impulse's group moves into the building after Bunker. They quickly separate to search the different spot on the first floor. They shoot each of the frozen bodies in the head.

| >>608114
>You found a variety of tinned food, military MREs, drink​s, medical items, scraps, and various electronic parts. Oh hey, there's a silver figurine of some kind here.

>One of Impulse's runner kicks down the door with the bloody mark.
>Inside of the marked room are a few dead augmented human inside of what looks like a ritual circle, unlike the other corpses, these are killed by a knife cut to the throat. Among them are also a few frozen cultists, electronics, and guns

| >>608118 >>608111

> Pete gets in a good look at the room and turns as white as the snow outside. He can barely believe the scene is even real and loosens his grip a bit on his gun.

"no way. There's no way what I think happened, happened"

> The kid isn't shaking and doesn't look outwardly shaken, but he's not feeling as confident as he once was. He looks over at Bunker and wonders how he's doing.

"We'll need to sweep and clear, right? Routine procedure?"

| >>608120
"Echo, grab that pistol. Tokarev, you watch stairs. Val, what can you see in the room"
>Impulse begin issuing various orders to his men
"Pete, can you help Tokarev watch the stairs"

"Sacrificial circle. Some corpses, frozen cultist, they are sacrificing more augmented folks, local thugs maybe? Few cultist made weapons and some electronics. I'm checking the bodies"
>Val shouted back, followed by a few shots, presumably​ used to check the dead bodies

| >Echo walks inside the security booth and pick up the pistol. He takes out the magazine and the chambered bullet before putting the unloaded gun back, putting the magazine inside his pocket. Tokarev guard the stairs with his rifle up. Val unloads the guns he found inside the marked room

| >>608240

> Dusty empties a duffel bag and places the silver trinket inside. She didn't bring her own bag, but this worked. She gets a look inside the sacrifice room and turns around, instead deciding to make her way upstairs, pushing past Tokarev and Pete, who had taken defensive positions near the stairs.

"I'll have my radio on. Ping if you need me. Shoot at me, and I'm taking your ears off as repayment."

>Weird threat, but okay. She stomps her way up to the 2nd floor

| >>608242
>As you make your way up the stairs, you starts hearing weird chants from the third floor. The second floor of the building holds much of the same scenery as before, minus the security booth. Down the corridor to your right seems to be a wider area, or a turn to somewhere. Most of the doors are shut on this floor. There are some furnitures; couches, potted plants, etc. Lile the floor below, there are some containers on them

| (Yes there are more corpses, if you are wondering)​

| >The group do another sweep of the first floor, taking all the weapons and loot they found with them. They then split up.
"Tokarev and Pete, on me, we are pushing up. Echo and Val, I remember seeing the fire exit stairs, go flank with that"

| >>608361

“Roger that. Taking position now.”

> Pete tenses up in a more military stance and ascends with the group, keeping a careful eye anywhere something could pop out. He definitely felt colder, but he knew it was just his nerves telling him to be alert

“I’ve never seen things like this. Is this something normal for this district?”

> The young merc asks the group the question, hoping for a clear or simple answer

| >>608468
"This is normal, for the whole city, welcome to GC"
>Tokarev says, his stance composed. You notice a heavy russian accent from him. As he sees the upstairs he looks around.
"Tokarev, watch the stairs again. Pete, we are breach the door"
>Impulse approach the first closed door to the right.
"I'll take point, you breach it"
>He says as he stands in front of the door with his weapon at the ready

| >Bunker squats down to inspect the frozen bodies and presumed sacrifices. His helm light clicks on as he inspects.
"Cult shit creeps me the fuck out."
>He stands back up and turns in Pete's general direction.
"As stated already, welcome to Glitch."
>Bunker nods to the group then heads up the stairs after Dusty. Didn't want someone wandering off in this creepy dingy joint all alone.
"Comin up behind you"
>He says an unnecessary warning, his loud stomps would be warning enough.

| >The fire exit door, which turns out to be the thing that the wide area on the right leads to, got kicked open. Echo and Val enters with their weapons raised

>The weird chant on the third floor is now gone. A few moments later how​ever, it is replaced by loud stompings and screaming. Cultists rush down the stairs, looks like they are trying to​ escape something. Tokarev​ fire at them and take cover. More cultists rush down the stairs.
"They are here"

| >>608521

> Pete hears the commotion, yet cannot break himself from the task at hand. That's the thing that was taught at the academy, anyway. He quickly kicks the door down and moves back flush against the door to let Pulse do his own thing. But the urge for action is still strong.


> He's shouting. Despite them having commlinks to negate the need for shouting. He's also getting ready to shoot, regardless of what he's told.

| >>608541 >>608534

> Dusty doesn't react to anyone near her. Her senses were set to attack anything shooting her, giving her some tunnel vision. All it takes is for the commotion to start and she immediately moves behind the closest thing to get cover, all while peppering anything in the legs and lower torso. Can't risk accidentally killing too soon, according to her own training.

"Party's here. Keep one for me."

> She continues her firing, only pausing as needed to calmly reload

| >>608544
>He takes a look inside the room, which is just a generic old apartment room with sparse furnishings, you can make out a bathroom on a near the door of the room and some duffles.
"Clear. Weapons free"
>Impulse talks through the squad radio.
"Tokarev, try to create cross fire with Echo and Val"
>He shoots down one of the cultist and take cover behind some of the furnitures.

| >>608549
>You ended up behind a door near Tokarev's cover, which is a metal cupboard.
"There's plenty to go around"
>Tokarev says as he reload his PP-19 Vityaz


| >>608561

> Pete grips his rifle and merely takes potshots when the opportunity arises. He was hoping for targets to get marked, but they weren't. He takes cover and continues to shoot only as he can. He doesn't want to get in anybody's line of fire.

| >>608565

> Dusty scoffs, but her mic doesn't pick it up. These military guys were all the same, she thought. She loads her rifle as if there wasn't people actively shooting at them, poking out to continue firing at any lower halves that were dumb enough to not be in cover. Who knows if one of them would make it with all the bullets flying.

"Just keep it calm and I'm sure I can snag one alive."

> Those words were tempting fate, Dusty

| >Bunker isn't quite sure how to respond to this situation. He does what he usually does when a bunch of people start shooting at him.
>Bunker bends his legs a little and some steam comes out of the suit. He charges forwards and grabs a cultist by the head. He tightens his grip enough to keep them from escaping as he runs back to cover. Somewhat near where Tokarev and Dusty are.
"Heard you wanted one of these?"
>He says over the radio and tips his head up at Dusty.

| >>608814

> Dusty quits firing and stows her carbine. It’s not often she gets impressed by others, but this dude and Pete would get along, she figured.

“Yeah. Maybe there’s money to be had taking one of them back. Or information on more money. A hunter can’t change their spots, you know?”

> She draws a pistol which looks incredibly battle-scared in contrast to her painted 416.

“Just knock him out. I’ll tie him up for later. Or interrogate now. I’m still deciding.”

| >>608804
>A few bullets flew all around you, luckily none has hit you, yet

>One round flew right past your head, just missing your ears. The cultists are now pushing down. One runs out of cover to try to get to you, before getting cut down by a burst to his legs, he falls down screaming

>A few cultist on the stairs spray their rifles at you. One even try to charge up and shank you with a knife

| >Whatever happen upstairs has stopped, there's only a few cultists left.

>Over the radio, a voice talk. It's Grach, the head of the group patroling the location
"Buckle up boys, we got some guests, and they aren't here for tea."
>A few gunshots over the radio
"Scavs and thugs, did you found some of their friends in there by any chance?"

| >>608834
>Bunker slams his Piston arm into the cultist's head in an attempt to knock them out. He looks up to see the cultist coming at him with a knife. He almost laughs at them.
>He stands up and pulls his piston arm back a bit, then rushes forward to blast his piston into the cultist's head. All while trying to avoid bullets. Best case scenario he uses the cultist as a meat shield.
>Either way he fires back at the other cultists with his other arm.

| >>608837
>The knife cultist got knocked out and fall to the floor, you shot and kill some of the cultists on the stair, two of the cultists rush back upstairs. All the cultists on this floor are killed, knocked out, or wounded enough to be out of the fight. Bloodstain all over the scene. Cultists screaming and shouting swear words on the ground.

"Grach and Osiris, hold the thugs off as long as possible"
>You hear Impulse talking over the radio


| >>608834

> Pete feels emboldened by everyone working so well, especially by Dusty taking it like water off a duck's back. He decides to take a risk and rushes forward, firing when he can to also capture a cultist to get information for himself. Dusty wouldn't share information, he thought. She wasn't on our side.

| >>608969
>The other cultists are not in the fight except the one that rushes upstairs, so you followed him. The third floor, which looks like the second floor with another marked room on the right. As you approaches the corridor, your arm got shot by one of the cultists, who were trying to ambush you. A fresh jolt of pain runs through you and you take your hand back behind cover. You look at it and found a bullet wound on your left arm, blood​ gushing from it

| >>608970

> Pete feels his stomach sink and he drops slightly, trying to get his senses back in order. He sets his rifle down and pulls out a clotting pad and gets to work on putting it on.

"I've been hit! Administering aid now!"

> Gods, he's so obviously green. Who makes themselves audibly a sitting duck?

| >>608977
>Impulse and Echo runs up the stairs after Pete. They each throw a stun grenade down each side of the hallway, after a the flash goes off Echo peeks out and shot one cultist in the kneecap, the man fell down screaming while Impulse rush the others, disarm him and put a knife to his throat
"Don't move"


| (That guy Bunker punched is dead now btw, he had a hole on his forehead, just putting this here)​

| >>608834

> Dusty sprints forward and grabs the screaming cultist. Despite their smaller frame, there was zero struggle. They get dragged and partially thrown into an empty room, where Dusty further disarms the man by shooting his arms. She flips up her visor and turns off all comms so only the both of them could hear.

"Start talking about loot or what's going on, or you'll start to wish I was a bad shot."

> She punctuates this stomping on the man's head and keeping him in place

| >>609155
>The cultist screams even more as you shot out his arm, blood spilling everywhere. He is probably scared as fuck. His face is hidden beneath a white mask. But his eyes (and the screaming) shows​ that the man is truly terrified. Sure enough he started spilling out a lot of stuff.
>That's when he passed out from bloodloss


| >Impulse put the knife cloaser to the cultist's throat as the cultist recover from the stun grenade
"Listen here, mate. Why don't you tell me what's happening, and I won't need to clean my knife later"

"We were trying to contain it, but it couldn't be contained"

"Contain what?"

"The ice devil"

"So that explains the frozen cultist​s"

>Meanwhile, Echo ties up the wounded cultist and start bandaging his leg, the cultist screaming in pain and cursing

| "Where is it now"
>Impulse asked further

"Don't know, it disappeared, it was slaughtering us few moments ago, except you killed more of us than the devils, heretics"

>Then, through the radio, Grach reported:
"There are a lot more than we though, chief. I'm retreating to you, prepare for more guests. Osiris already retreated to Red's position"

| >>609348

> Dusty clicks her comms back to life and covers her face once more.

"Cultists are trying some sort of ritual thing. I think we're going to find more trouble in the higher floors. Moving to the third floor to try and get a better angle."

> Dusty exits the room and calmly reloads her guns, making sure that they're still clean and functional

| >>609420
>Impulse ties up the cultist then go around breaching some of the doors with Echo.
"Copy that, Dusty. From what we've gathered, the cultists were trying to contain some kind of creature, presumably the one they mentioned in their announcement on /u/. We are trying to clear the third floor"
>Impulse kicks down one of the unmarked door, Echo checks inside

>Impulse issues more order again
"Tokarev and Val, start clearing other rooms. Pete, your wounds alright?"


| >>609487

> Pete is finishing up his arm. A nice new red spot surrounded by bandages was visible for all to see. He shakes some of the pain off and rearms himself

"I'm okay. I'll probably need a better doctor to look at it later. What are your orders, sir?"

> He looks a little paler than before. Probably from the pain and blood loss. Only he knew it was because he figured there would be a medic there ready to patch him up

| >>609700
>Impulse nods dismissively
"I will take my men to assist Grach's team, you can the others can assist Osiris's and Red's team at factory. He seems to have lost connection, report to me when you find him"
>He takes up his arms and walks away with his group


| >>609747

"Y-you got it sir! I'll head off immediately. Will report back with anything I find."

> He quickly switches to all comms and announces what he's doing once more.

"Attention all, I am moving out. Do not fire on me as I leave."

> He quickly makes his way from the building to the factory as instructed. He wasn't sure why he had to leave, but had his trust in Impulse

| >>609912
>You enter the factory through the back entrance. You silently open the metal door, but it creaks loudly, so much for being stealthy. You enters and find yourself in a small backroom, nothing much of interest except for a military-looking crate in one of the corners, with another metal door near it
>You hear some talking, but you can't make it out at the moment


| (Angus, you still with us?)​





| >>609487

> Dusty exits the building and makes her way back to her motorcycle. It opens up as soon as she gets close, probably some NFC reaction. She takes the time to grab fresh magazines.

“if you lot are going to clear the third floor, I might as well find where the next fight is. You guys have leads?”

> Their response is short and to the point. They lift up their helmet and light up a cigarette, which can be picked up by the mic. Nicotine helps steady hands, right?

| >>610795
"No idea, but you can go check on Red's group"
>Impulse annswers over the radio

| >>610796

“Ugh fine. Patch me their info and I’ll ride over to them and provide support if I feel like it. If a big old monster is going to attack, I really rather shoot that. Gotta get combat data on this mounted-3.”

> The voice is less modulated now, in between drags. It carried a rough edge still, but definitely a lot more feminine than before

“So, don’t keep me waiting. I’ll be warming up until then.”

> Her bike hums to life and the transmissions ends

| >>610798
"The building's right next to the apartment, you don't need a bile to travel that far"
>Echo answers for Impulse, subtle hint of sarcasm

| (*bike)​


| >>610851

> Dusty scoffs as she readjusts her helmet. Maybe a burst of machine gun fire would fix their attitude. Whatever, she figured. She still moves her bike closer to what could be considered the front entrance and parks her bike once more, but not before firing a quick burst through the doors as a warning shot.

>Probably the worst way to announce an entrance. Hopefully nobody not shooting at her got hit. But she wouldn’t be too hurt if they did.

| >>611026
>Your shots ricochet around a little before getting stopped in some wooden boxes and planks
>You enter through a big entrance of what looks like a warehouse integrated​ into the factory. The inside is pretty spacious. Various shelves, some with military looking crates on them, others with cardboard boxes and wooden crates. There are also barrels and planks lying around. On the far side of the ground, you can see a door, presumably​ pne that leads to the factory ground

| >You look around, but nobody seems to be in here right now, but there are plenty of spots for ambushers.

| >>611081





| >>611081
> Pete hears the bullets ricocheting and immediately shoulders his rifle and ducking behind cover. Nothing. He sighs and moves forward some more, hoping nobody saw or heard him.

> He gets on his comms once he finds somewhere that he feels is safe and pauses to check his gear and call the team.

"Okay, I'm in the warehouse. Heard some fire but was unable to tell the source. Holding position as rear guard."

> He needed to quit making it obvious this is new to him.

| >>611767
>Your comms for the whole team is somehow disrupted inside, however trying with the local comms work
"We hear that too, Pete, is it?"
>You hear Red answering through the comms
"Report your position, over"

| >>611767
>You moved into the next room and hide in the corner behind a crate in one of the corners, there are two other doors beside the one you walks through, and a stairway leading down. You can hear some people getting closer to you. One of them is talking through the comms, you recognise it as one of Red's men. "We heard some shuffling noises overhere, investigating, over"




| >>611082

> Dusty doublechecks her Gear. It’s all in place for now. The last scuffle didn’t leave any marks on her, thankfully. She walks up and establishes herself on a little corner. She eyes the boxes opens Them up, hoping to find some more loot to hopefully sell off.

“Hey guys, there’s some hardware over here. If you military boys are done playing around, come over and dig around. You might find something”

| >>612559
>You found a bunch of RGD-7 frag grenades, about 5 of them, in one of the wooden boxes. You then opens one of the military crate, and find a G3A3 Rifle, along with a few loaded magazines for it.

| >>612559
>Red's voice comes over the comms
"Copy that, Dusty. We are about to finish clearing the main factory ground, found a few frozen cultist and... What the hell is that?"
>Red goes silent for a little bit, before talking again
"To all units, we found an unidentified creature made of ice, requesting assistance at main factory floor. Do not engage until further instruction, over."



| >>612612

> Pete snaps at attention and steels himself. No tie to be worried any more; there was an actual threat to be focused on. He made his way to the rally point of the main floor. He worked his way and found his way to the rest of the group.

"An ice monster? Do we know if our small arms can hurt it? What are we looking at intel-wise?"

| >>612857
>You arrived at the scene and found the group with their rifles fixed on a four-legged creature resembling a wolf, no bigger than a chair, its skin are made with solid ice. It is standing in the middle of a bunch of frozen bodies, most of them in cultist uniform, alot of them are holding battle rifles and GPMGs
"No intel, we've not attacked it, neither have it attacked us. It doesn't seem to be hostile at the moment"

| >>612612
>Bunker had been half mindedly following the flow of everything so far. But finally. The word "creature" came over comms.
>He had been sort of tending to his suit, making sure it was all working on the first floor of the building Dusty was in.
He sprung up and got to the scene in the factory asap. Staring down the creature from the same distance as everyone else. This was plain scary. Glitch was really messed up.
"All I need is an order."
>He mutters somewhat confidently.

| (I will wait for Dusty to arrive and then we can start the fight)​

| >>612610 >>612880

> Dusty packs up her new toys in her duffel bag in a way that would probably make a PMC nervous. She makes her way to the factory floor to find the group huddle.

"An ice monster? Well, what the hell are you lot waiting for?"

> She pulls back the bolt of her rifle and takes aim. Her finger isn't on the trigger, but hovering just above. She might be impulsive, but she wanted a real reason as to why an attack hasn't started yet

| >>612857 >>612880 >>613009
>You are in the middle of the factory production ground. All around you are machinery and crates. The ice wolf is standing among the frozen bodies, the roof there is broken and light shines through the hole. Illuminating the area around it
>More men arrives to your side from the doors that Pete came from.
"What took you so long? We took so much effort to rescue you, you know?"
>Red asked the newly arrived group

"Sorry, got caught up with some cultists"

| >The wolf let out a deafening howl, four more creatures rises up from the ground. Two look like a big ice golem with various transperent plates of ice covers it body, especially​ in the middle of it, which seems to hold some kind of big electronic devices. The other two are humanoid creatures, one of their hands are shaped to look like a spoon. They each use their other hand to somehow solidize air to make an ice ball.

>Red shouted in a commanding voice

>The wolf suddenly run to another corner of the place, then howl again in a quieter voice. Another humanoid creature rises next to it.
>One of the humanoid creatures throw their ice at the newly arrived group they dodge it and take cover. The returning fire shatter the creature, it disappear into thin air.

| >>612857
>The other humanoid creature throw its iceball at Pete.

>One of the golems let out a deep scream and charge at Bunker

>The other golem runs at Dusty

| >>613027
>Bunker slams his fist into his palm, hyping himself up, the suit seems to react positively too! Finally, his chance to really push the suit to it's limit.
>Bunker keeps himself ready for the monster to dive at his legs or head. He has his piston drawn fully back. The whistle of steam from the pilebunker is more than audible. He charges at the monster, suprisingly quick for the bulk of the armor he's in.

| >>613078
>The golem collides with you, he threw a punch and missed. He tries to grapple you.

| >>613027

> Dusty begins to fire her 416 while moving with the golem in an attempt to be able to avoid its attack. Despite a bag on her back, she moves fluidly, seemingly unfazed by the extra weight and even using it to aid her in her movement.

| >>613027

> Pete weaves around to try and get the higher ground on the thing that launched an ice ball at him. He can feel the air hyper chill as he ducks under it. That thing definitely had to be avoided. He did his best to pepper it with fire as he ran to try and make sure it’s attention stayed on him solely

| >>613202
>The bullets from your assault rifle hit the target with no significant effect, some of them got stuck in the layer of hard ice, while others even seem to deflect off the ice surface harmlessly.

>It was about to toss another ice ball at you when one of your shots hit it in the leg, it stumble down and the ice ball flew right pass you, the ball hit one of the crates and freezes the surface it hit into ice.
>You are now on one of the crate stacks






| >>613137
>Bunker grapples the creature before it can do it to him. Numbers on his suit were dropping... of course a golem of ice would be frigid. His suit started heating up in response. He takes the pile bunker and aims it at the creature's head, steam screams out of the apparatus. Sparks fly out of Bunker's arm as the spike blasts out at insane speeds.

| >>613837
>The spike rams through​ the creature's head, leaving a large hole in the middle. It screams, breaks out of the grapple, and stumbles back. It seem concussed, but not dead, somehow. Try another spot?


| >>613213

> Dusty finishes off whatever rounds are in her magazine and dives away, hoping to buy more time. If these small rounds wouldn't cut it, then maybe that G3 would do something. She collapses her rifle and slings it into the small of her back once more. She whips out the G3 and shoulders it to the best of her ability. She cycles the bolt before getting too comfy and takes aim once more, doing her best to go for its legs

| >>614102
>The golem lunges past you as you dive out of the way. It turns toward you as you shoulder your new rifle.
>You peppers the legs of the golem with your new rifle, the shots deal more damage, and after a few rounds, manage to punch through the right leg of the golem. It stumbles and fall. It screams loudly as it tries to get up


| >>613213

> Pete notices the stumble from his new perch and does his best to pepper that same leg more as if it will come of with repeated firing. Despite his past actions, at least he seems to understand how to fire on target without making too much of a fuss.

| >>614257
>The bullets from your M4, as before, does little to the golem apart from some minor annoyance

>Meanwhile another one of Red's group shot and kill another thrower.
>The wolf howls again before it rushes to another corner of the ground, this time another thrower solidifies out of thin air and prepare an ice ball




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