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Has anyone heard of this word?

| So I work at this like packing company with a few other yahoos in the kinda abandoned side of the city, gets really eerie at night. But anyway we were packing boxes with tape guns and my gun had this strange little thing on it, it was a piece of like normal white printer paper taped on the handle with like scotch tape and it sported the word 'Erratas' written really finely in sharpie. I showed it to my co workers who all were clueless except for one. His name is like Flinn

| Or something like that, his face turned as white as a finely aged cheese and told me and the other workers to shut up about it and never look into it. Oddly this guy is probably my favorite co worker of mine, always smiling and actually kind of cute but when I saw him turn down like that I actually kinda freaked me out. So even though I know it's stupid I still looked it up like every other 32 year old man who browses the internet when not working.

| And to my surprise nothing, no pages and searching on internet archives come up with results that are 60 some years old and of course websites don't work with my kind of computer. Anyway does anyone know anything about this word Erratas? I know I'm probably in deep shit now that I brought it up on the internet and even deeper shit if Flinn uses this site (If you are sorry and do you also want to go out to dinner?)

| Oo spooky... You forgot spookyween was a while ago, right?
-Red 9

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Yes, I'm well aware but this happened like on the 8th.

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Either your coworker is playing tricks on you or some weird shit's going on, considering we are in GC there's 50/50 chances
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