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So Neo New Jersey Got Nuked Again

| I'm not sure which is more redundant. The name of the place or nuking it twice in a row. I guess someone really has it in for waterlogged radioactive creators.

Did anyone else see the reporting on this?

| They what?! When is this? My daughter's in Neo New Jersey. I hope she's safe.

| Not again. I still remember the stories of what it was like after the second time. Looks like I’ll have to postpone my trip back

- Unit 00

| Who did it this time?

| *angry Italian noises*

| So what are they gonna rename itself next? Noveau Neo New Jersey?

| The real question is what the hell is in neo NJ that requires nuking, let alone twice??


| >>605871 As an American, I can assure you that you'd rather not know.
- SciFox

| This is what happens when you let Lilim take over Neo New Jersey!

| >>605883

Hey, we barely had any rights in New Jersey III to begin with. I couldn’t even get to see *Kira*Miki when she performed because it was illegal then!

- Unit 00

| two weren't enough

| >>605762
Girls aren't real

Also this is the first time I have ever heard about this. A missile defence system which is DIY-able should be created. I might do this myself. I asked a few hacker friends to get the schematics from the army and CERN but no luck for now

| Neo New Jersey Mk.2 "Hopefully less nukable this time"

Has a nice ring.

| Wait! Bruh. Is this the second or third time?! I think it's kinda fucked that I'm even asking.

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This thread is permanently archived