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Don't trust Venture Corp!

| I signed up for their cybernetics enhancement program and let me tell you, the price isn't worth it. The enhancements works but what they don't even tell you in the fine print is that apparently it's only functional on dead flesh.

Yes, you read that right. Dead flesh. My body is... dead. It can't process food anymore. It can't keep water down. I can't even make love!
The only thing I can consume is this proprietary drink blend they've forced me to subscribe to in order to survive.

| The only side effects they let you know about beforehand are some light nausea and an aversion to sunlight. They even told me not needing to eat was a feature! They never mentioned it being fuxing impossible.

With that meal replacement blend of theirs I'm basically bound by a chain of servitude to them until the end of times. I can only pray it comes soon.

If you ever get one of their invites in your spam box I only have this advice. Don't open it.

| Jeez... sorry to hear that gurl. -CN

| I can see if I can put you into a Lilim's body..? Then you can at least eat, drink, and make love... and uh... Live properly?

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Thanks. And heed my warning. Nothing good comes from dealing with them.

How does that even work? Do you scan my brain waves or something or are we talking about a full on transplant?
If I understand things correctly my brain still needs that proprietary blend for me to function. I have to give it to them though, that crimson looking stuff's really delicious.


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I can do some brain surgery. But yeah it'd be uploading your consciousness and all that fun stuff. I've got my own little cloud I upload people to then transplant them into Lilim shells. Can rewire your brain a lot easier with a Lilim's brain to make you not need that weird red garbage.

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I'll give it some thought. You use your own cloud you said? How is your privacy policy? I'm breaking some serious NDA by just telling you all those. It absolutely can't be traced back to me or I'm dea... in major trouble. Those executives I spoke to were the most frightening people I've ever met.

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It gets uploaded, then I transplant a mind and wipe the cloud. Only one mind at a time on that thing. And for a short time too. Keeps it nice and secure.

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Sounds good actually. You've given me a stray of hope. I get to keep my cybernetics too, right?

I have this arm and my cyberlegs, my protective skin implants and that AWE-thing that was in those commercials a few years ago.
You know, those things they implant into your skull that supposedly makes you more charismatic. I never seem to get the hang of it but I'm not ready to give up on it just yet.

| I did manage to get the daunt function to work though. Tried it on this cute delivery boy who delivers my meal replacement. Lol he almost forgot his bike when he left lmao.
It was probably for the best. He didn't seem too into me anyway.

| Hope the Lilim transplant thing works out. Not really my area of expertise.
I don't suppose anyone here knows anyone who could hack into their systems and get the formula for that cocktail? It would only be right to make sure they can never profit off that again...
- SciFox

| And wait a minute... dead flesh, crimson... if Halloween hadn't come and gone already I'd be thinking vampires...
- SciFox

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