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Who still uses Commlinks anyway?

| I mean, lets be fair, decks are way more efficient than hauling around some glorified smart phone looking bullshit lol. If you wanna go and say its lighter like why don't you just get techie implants and do technomancy or something??

>But I'm poor!

Sounds like a you problem chummer, how about you get some muns doin a real run so you can graduate from your toys HAR HAR HAR

| I mean, you pretty much can't take a deck with you if you have to go somewhere, unless I have a very big misunderstanding of what you're talking about. So sometimes the situation calls for a different device.
- SciFox

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Chummers got to start somewhere. I know before I got a deck I started with classic computer hacks. -CN

| Like anything else, commlinks have their pros and cons.

Part of the reason a lot of deckers stick with full decks isn't just because they're cheaper, but because they're battle ready-

Like, have you ever seen some joker bludgeon someone to death with one? Haha... uh... not that I would... have any first hand experience with that or nothin-

anyway commlinks are too easy to lose and drek. and yes its happened.


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I don't know about you, but with how much dough put in my deck, I'd probably take a bullet for *it* at this point. -CN

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This thread is permanently archived