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(Setting/Halloween party) Casa Radio Wire

| >Deep into the downtown a half-painted half-abandoned house stands with neon lights flashing from inside, a big burnt banner hangs on front with the words "B-G NE-L --LLOW-EN PAR-Y" Barely readable stamped on it and the techno music from inside blasted loud enough to be distinguished from the common urban noise of everyday. The front door remains partly open with the message "Fuck off ye who brings children" roughly written on with spray paint

| >A headless lilim in a fancy dress is standing on the roof, seemingly having some trouble to adjust something while her head laid on the grass in front, watching.

| >As she finishes tinkering with the wirement the entire street goes dark

>The music stops

>But the house is glowing a Neon green now, and on the same tone the hung torm banner now reads "HAPPY HALLOWEEN"

>Glowing steps on the sidewalk work as guidance as they end on the door

| >a short indivudual with a sheet with a few holes cut out comes walking by
"Wonder if I'm early."

| "Careful!"
>the Head on the grass announces while her body tries to get off the roof

| >>604774
>the ghost jumps as she looks to the head
"Bwa- almost scared me as white as a sheet."

| "Sorry! I wanted to see the house lightning up with that lighting paint thing"
>California's body finally gets down and heads to her head (heh), careful not to trip on the dress or her self

| >>604781
"Heh, it does look good. Also hey Cali I'm a polly-guist."

| >>604785
"Nice one!"
>She gets herself assembled and looks back at Polly
"I knew you were coming with a pun costume!"

| >>604786
>she waves her arms a bit
"Of course! Plus it felt fitting, now I've been a ghost for two holidays."

| >>604789
"0oooh that's a streak now! I bet you can win that prize if people still remember that, or really dig classic costumes!"

| >>604793
"Heheh. My clip would be spinning of i could figure out how to put it on with this costume."

| >>604794
"Oh I always assumed you never took it off, maybe you could've dressed it as a little tiny ghost!"

| >>604795
"I usually don't it was a gift. I didn't think of that."

| >A figure comes wearing combat gear, stained with blood all over him
>On his head is what seems to be a jack o' lantern. Green ominous glows comes from the face of the pumpkin, lighting up anything like a spotlight, except instead of a normal circle the light is in the pattern of a jack o' lantern face. You can't see any thing inside of the headgear

| >>604796
"I think we should head inside, the decorations are ready and the spooky costumes are arriving now"
>She looks at the newcomer with curiosity

| >>604828
"Hello, is this the Neil's halloween party?"
>The Jack o' lantern asks in one of those echoing sinister voice

| >>604830
"Yessir, inside the old threatening house that glows like radioactive waste"
>She points at the house and her head loosens up a little

| >A strangely dressed figure, uh, "hops" into the dim light just outside the building- they're dressed in a thick coat like robe with their dark hair wrapped in braids underneath a peculiarly round hat. Their face, what little can be seen, is an ash white- most of it is obscured by a long paper talisman with strange markings on it, which hangs from the hat.

>They promptly collide with the wall to the side of the door frame- and then vanish entirely. Literally.

| >A man walks in light blue wizard robes, wearing an equally blue, wide brimmed wizard hat. He holds a a long wooden staff with a light gray orb on the top. The man green eyes obvious from a lack of a fake wizard beard that is expected in the ensemble.
"Geekboy is here!"

| >>604851
>a sheet ghost outstretches their arms at the wizard
"Well hello, there mister Boo Wizard."
>audible rimshot
"Thought I turned that down..."

| >>604855
"H-Hello there sports playing sheet ghost?"
>The wizard replies back unsure of which is addressing him

| >>604856
>their arms droop in front of them
"Sports playing?"
"I-it's Polly! I thought the ghost thing would tip you off."

| >>604857
"Oh! I suppose that is sort of obvious in retrospect..."
>He awkwardly chuckles
"Well nice to meet you Polly. Glad that I finally get to meet you in person."

| >>604858
"We technically met in person when you helped, reperson me. But yeah!"
>she waves her arms
"Oh I remembered something."
>she pulls out a wine bottle
"This is for you for that."

| >>604859
"A wine bottle?"
>CN takes it in his hands
"Well thank you! You didn't need to do all that. I was happy to help."

| >>604861
"Oh well then."
>she reaches for the wine bottle.
"I'm kidding, don't worry about it. I'm happy to give it to you."

| >>604862
"Well thank you again. Well how have things been? I hope your period of disappearing didnt affect your life too much then."

| >>604863
"Not too much thankfully. Luckily I'm either such a good comedian or my boss is so cheap that I kept my job."

| >>604864
"Well I'm glad you got to keep your job then! Maybe I'll get a chance to hear your routine soon."

| >>604865
"I look forward to it. Welp, I'mma head in."
>she starts exaggeratedly running forward with spooky music emitting from her

| >>604866
>CN states, following in behind her.

| > A strange humanoid looking robot thing lands in the courtyard with a hiss of pneumatics taking the impact. It stands up, clad in strange orange and white armor, scanning around. The White Knight-esque scans around with its singular green eye, shining ominously. A voice comes from it, sounding like a certain Lilim Courier

“ZeroGōki uchirage rareta. Sakusen kaishi! Hi everyone!”

> such a dramatic entrance only to say hello?

| >A small Oni arrives at the door, dressed up as a hopping vampire! She knocks very loudly on the door
"Candy hand em over if you have em!!"
>She exclaims!

| >>604890
>CN the wizard opens the door for the vampire
"Um... hello. Not sure where the candy is, youd have to ask the hosts."

| >>604891
"Woah, a wizard is the door opener here?"
>The tiny Oni girl cocks an eyebrow and lifts her arms up
"Well, where are they? If they don't hand the candies over i'll play a prank on this whole building"

| >>604892
"Um... I'm not really sure, I just got here myself."
>The wizard replies

| "Is that a fu--"
>A new songs pops in loudly as the group steps in, the lights covering the whole house now flash between green and blue before setting on a dim yellow

| > Two headlights pierce the dark, and a very old electric car parks on the side of the street. Two people step out and start walking toward the party house.
> The driver is a slightly built man wearing an old-timey suit, glasses, and a fake mustache. He also had green paint on his face and hands, and fake blood over his heart area.
> The other person was a lady of similar height. She wore a kimono, sandals, a fox-ear headband and a fake tail.

| >The half of the house where the entrance is placed at is as clean as possible, the furniture looks brand new and a table of snacks is placed near the door, being way too long for the amount of snacks its got neatly organized on the center

>The other half, however, is completely burnt down, everything from the roof to the walls and floor is covered in a black scorched texture, the DJ boot is set at the end of it with a fountain of green punch in front

| >Neil is on the DJ boot looking at the group coming from the door, pointing at them threateningly

"CN you huge nerd, stop bringing kids into my party!"

>He's dressed in a black tuxedo with a bullet wound made with makeup on his forehead and his eyes look as tired as the black is his suit

| (as black is his suit*)

| >>604904 "I don't understand the costume obsession. Yes, the original holiday involved dressing as monsters, but not as Theodore Roosevelt," said the lady. She had a serious face, and wasn't very into this whole thing.
"ZOMBIE Theodore Roosevelt," the man clarified. "And holidays change. It may have once been about keeping spirits at bay, but now it's about fun and socializing. And we both need more of that." He was very enthusiastic, and had put much more effort into his costume.

| >>604831
>The Jack O' Lantern head walks into the house and look around, green light from his face shining everywhere he looks

| >>604908 > He was also a bit nervous, however. Truth be told, he wasn't very good at 'fun' and 'socializing'.
> The two seemed young, despite how mature the lady acted. In fact they were only 18, barely skirting the 'no kids' rule. The boy knocked on the door, not sure who was supposed to greet them.
(OOC: Here's what the two look like, not in costume of course: https://i.imgur.com/6QV6Kyi.jpg)

| "Party's started!"
>California cheers as she hurries the visitors to come into the house just to get the party started

>Yes that's the reason

>She's not afraid of the cryptic lilim or the person that disappeared earlier, no sir

| "Alright everyone"
>Neil drank up from an energy drink he had at hand, he looked so out of it

"First of all props to the ol' dude dressing as a different president, god bless America and you my man"
>He bumped his chest and threw a peace sign at the group of >>604910

"Keep the door open, mind the glowing pumpkin ( >>604909 ) cause boy that's gonna look weird later if you happen to be consuming hardcore tonight!"

| >>604906
"Hey I didnt bring any kids here! You seem me with kids Neil?"
>CN shrugs

| "Now if you would kindly socialize with each other just so I can pay no attention I--"
>He held his mouth, then gulped before continuing
"My mand Wade is also here if you mind"

>Neil pointed to the separation of the two sides where a round bar station had been set, the burnt side had a menu filled with strong drinks while the normal side had one focused on soft, sugary drinks. In the middle an unkempt man with sunglasses and hair down to his knees stood awkwardly

| >>604915
"Wasn't that one with you? the.. The hell is she? The little vampire, she came with you I saw her!"

| >>604914 > The boy dressed as Roosevelt returned the peace sign. Though he had been excited about the party, his awkwardness became evident as he just sort of stood around for a few seconds, much to the girl dressed as a kitsune's annoyance. She kicked him in the leg.
"Don't just stand there, you idiot."
> When Neil's speech was over the boy walked up to him.
"Hi. My name's Miro and this is my friend Ys. You're the host, right?"

| >>604918
"Host, self proclaimed celebrity, hottest man in town, your man Neil!"
>He coughs a little, then resumes
"Hello Miro And Ys, you sound and look way younger when nearby"

| >>604917
"I just let her in. I dont even know if shes even a kid Neil. That's being a bit presumptuous."

| >Wade's improvised bar:
>Price list:


-Captain's choice
-Gut Punch
-Liver Hacker


-Love potion
-Sugar rush
-Saint Wade

| >>604921
TIPS: 0z

| >>604920
"That's... Alright you got me there, guess the internet subconsciously made me associate small girls with you my man"
>He unnecessarily shouted from the DJ boot

| >>604923
"Okay I'm getting a drinking for that one!"
>He says as he walks over to the table to order a Love Potion

| >>604921
>The pumpkin walks over to the bar and tell Wade in an echoing sinister voicd
"I will have..."
>The voice trailed off as he looks at the menu
"A captain's choice"

| >>604919 "I guess that's a complement. I'm old enough to be here, I swear.
I just wanted to thank you for holding this party and letting us come." He was still a bit awkward.
> Ys nodded.
"Me as well. He's still fairly new and the city, and I only just a arrived a few days ago."

| >>604923
>The little vampire (Oni) in question closes her eyes and puffs her chest with an air of superiority plastered on her face.
"Long gone are the days where I would get angry at being called a kid! For I have already attained the composure expected of an adult lady such as myself!"
>She laughs with a booming voice, her silky blonde hair bobbing along as she does... Somehow her voice is familiar

| >>604926
>Wade clicks at CN before quickly grabbing the bottles on that side of the station, seemingly feeling them up a little before starting up with the mix in grace and serving in a matter of six seconds

>LOVE POTION: Sweet, sugary, very sugary, pink.

>He tapped the tip jar just as fast as he served before turning to the other side of the station

| >>604934
What is your name then Miss?"
>CN asks as he puts 1000 zenny into the tip jar

| >>604927
>Wade turns to the pumpkin and finger guns at him coming up with his routine similar to the other side, this time taking him twelve seconds to come with the big drink and slamming it on the counter in front of him as part of the presentation

>CAPTAIN'S CHOICE: Strong, Spicy, big, brown with white foam

"Enjoy, your tips make me a bit less slim"

| >>604937
>She looks surprised for a second and points at herself
"Huh? Me? You don't recognize the best officer this town has seen in about thirty years?"
>She seems agast, pulling both her hands back and touching her horns
"You don't recognize those lovely horns at all??"

| >>604932
"By all means thank you guys for coming here, the more the merrier as I keep hearing, if you guys are new let me give you a big tip
>He cleared his throat
"I'm the coolest guy in town and anyone who states otherwise is most likely a moron, also, parties like this don't happen too often so enjoy it bois!"

| TIPS: 1000z

| >>604939
"I'm afraid im not familiar no. Im CN by the way."

| >>604943
"Guh... The way you're so matter of fact about it!"
>She slumps a bit
"Its Chanka, Talia Chanka, you know the GCPD Major..."
>She says with a sigh

| >>604941 "Good to know," Miro said.
> Ys was eyeing the bar.
"Come on, Miro, let him do his DJing. Are you sure you don't know ANYONE here? You have to meet plenty of people at that bar job."
> She led him in the general direction of the bar.

| >The tender kept rubbing each bottle whenever he wasn't serving, feeling them thoroughly

| >>604921

> Fox isn't sure what to do. He looks around and is having fun, but decides he needs something to loosen up. He takes off his helmet with an audible pop and walks to the bar.

"Anno... hi! I'm used to soft drinks but I want something stronger. What do you recommend for me?"

> He keeps looking around, trying to see if he even can recognise anybody.

"I wish Dusty were here..."

| >>604945
"Oh, well nice to meet you Chanka. Now that I think about I think I've seen your name mentioned online. Something about your fanclub. I've never really paid it much mind however."
>CN states, sipping from his Love Potion.

| >>604966
"A what now? But to think I had never even met the decker lolicon... Wait wasn't that for the best?!"
>Chanka wraps her arms around her body as if to protect herself
"You can't add me to your Harem!! I'll arrest you!"
>She says, shaking in her tiny boots

| > Ys walks up to the bar.
"Neon 2? What's that like?"

"Uh, Ys, you're not old en - "

"In America yes, but not here."
> Miro sighed and left her to herself. He deftly mixed himself a sunshine cloud while the bartender was occupied with other customers. Probably not allowed, but in any case he did leave a tip of 500, which was quite generous given his shakey income.

| >>604938
>The pumpkin guy put 2k zenny into the tip jar and take the drink
"Well, alright"
>He take off his Jack O' Lantern headgear to reveal the familar balaclava-clad face of Impulse
"Let's get you a little plump"
>His voive is no longer the sinister one from the pumpkin

| >>604965
>The tender turns towards Fox but looking at his direction rather than directly at him
"If you're not clanked Neon v2 is the thing for you given I can tone it down a little without messing with the flavor"

>He takes a shaker as he prepares to take another order

"If not, a Captain's choice with extra spice will make it feel less strong while still being enough to knock you out after three"

| >>604974

"Neon v2"
>Wade turns to them still being perky of the whole counter
"It's blue, it's sour, it makes your tongue feel spiked for minutes after you finish, and anyone you kiss is most likely get as drunk from that effect"

>He drop-slams his hand in the counter with a finger pointing at Miro without looking at him
"Don't touch my bottles"

| >>604977
>Wade extends his hand at him while still looking at a different costumer, offering a hand-shake; it took him a second to react and look at him while doing so
"May your tip light my life"

| TIPS: 3500z

| >>604967
"I'm not sure what rumors you've heard about me but they're greatly exaggerated... I'm not gonna do anything."
>CN sighs towards the small major
"Don't worry please..."

| >>605012 "I'll take one then."

> Miro obviously got startled by the bartender's reaction. Though honestly, what did he THINK was going to happen?

> Ys sighed.
"Sorry about him. He's an idiot sometimes, and doesn't know any better."

"Sorry sir. Won't happen again, I promise."
> He did still leave the tip, more as an apology now, before walking off to find someone to talk to.

| >>605014
>Impulse shakes Wade's hand before tipping his glass up a little
>He take off his balaclava and take a sip from the glass

| >>605011

> Fox stares back, having effectively no idea of what the bartender said. He pretends to think about it and just speaks the first thing that comes to mind.

“Umm... I guess I’ll have the first one, please.”

> he tucks his helmet under his arm and looks on, curious as to how the drink will be made

| >sheet ghost sits at the bar
"Can I get a burning cherry and a churning berry, heh, just kidding. Sugar rush is good."

| >>605021
"Are you sure about that..."
>Chanka seems uncertain, but she suddenly seems to have an idea, a smile dawns on her face
"Give me candy and I'll think about it! it's the perfect plan!"

| >>605063
"Um... I dont have any on me but... I'm sure theres some here."
>CN looks around for some candy in the party.
"Maybe a drink first meanwhile?"

| >>605056 > Ys was next to her, in a kitsune costume.
"Hello there. Who are you?"

> Meanwhile, Miro was standing around somewhere, looking (or at least feeling) awkward and nervous. The real Theodore Roosevelt would not be proud.

| >>605066
>The oni pouts but still nods
"Well, I guess it's fine, since I like drinks and all..."
>She walks to the bar with a confident strut, her eyes keen on finding any candy while she has a drink to kick off the evening

| >>605074
>CN tips another 1000 zenny for Chanka's drink.
"Well glad it was a decent compromise then!"

| >>605027
"Don't sweat it, instead, don't do it again"

>He told the boy before he parted and quickly began working on the Neon v2, citing the safety code while mixing
"Under no circumstances is the bartender responsible for any nanomachine rejection this drink may cause you after being warned about their use on augmented people"

>He served it on a thin tall glass right in front of Ys
>NEON V 2.0: Sour, Risky, Taboo. Glowing blue

| >>605045
>The bartender mumbles before starting working on it

>A closer look would reveal him pouring on a mixer an almost equal quantity of Bronson Extract © and Powdered Delta © at the same time before sealing it and shaking up

>Next, he opens the mixer and adds a generous amount of Karmotrine ©, and two ice cubes

>Finally, he takes a thin vial that looks just like a blue glowstick, and quietly drops one tear into the mixer which he seals right after to shake again

| >>605045
>He sets a tall glass in front of fox and pours the drink with only the first lid off just so the ice doesn't go too. Right after, he swears

"Aw fuck me you wanted it soft didn't you?"

>NEON V 2.0: Sour, Strong (oops), Risky. Glowing blue

| >>605056
"Sugar Rush for the Sweet Pun, on it"

>The bartender turns to her direction and as quick as always starts working on her drink
"Tips are encouraged and--"
>He takes a pause on the making to put his hand inside the tip jar
"--And raining tonight it seems"

>Right back at the drink he finishes and serves as fast as he could, some of it spilling on the counter as result

>SUGAR RUSH: Sweet, Light and Fruity. Pink

| TIPS: 4500z

| >The DJ loudly announces to the guests
"Didn't I said I know this city? All of you goddamn alcoholics sitting by the bar GOD I LOVE GC!"

"Let's see some dance! let's see some L O V E !"
>'All systems, go!' drops loudly from the speakers
"My second favorite L word I'll tell you that, last year one of you dogs brought a girl upstairs I remember!"

| >Chanka flags the tender
"I'll have the hardest thing that wont fry my nanites... I got a lot of them"
>She says with a childish smile, her head bobbing hapilly as her eyes fill with stars, she has a way to raise the bar for greatness apparently

| >>605090
>polly puts $150 tip then drinks the sugar rush
"Sorry wasn't sure what to expect."

| >A small girl enters the party's venue, dressed in a goth loli outfit abd holding a very fat black cat wearing a red bow tie in front of her large chest
>Her expression is deadpan and cold

| >>605088

> Fox /did/ but he feels too embarassed to really speak up about it. What's the harm in it too? Doesn't stop his cheeks from going a darker grey, however

"Oh! Ii desunee. Don't worry about it. I think I'm going to like it anyways. Thanks!"

> He takes a sip and doesn't immediately dislike it. But the aftertaste is really something else. He slips 500 zen into the tip jar and decides to walk around, his helmet now placed atop his head but not on it.

| >>605096
"Liver hacker it is, If you can't take it whole you can share it with a friend"
>He turned to her and nodded once before getting started

>It took him about a minute to remember where the bottles were placed and even smelled over the mixer at one point to make sure he got it right but once it was done the drink looked as neat as always

>LIVER HACKER: Throat-Burning, Acid, Fresh. Yellow
"The ice is easy mode"

| >>605097
"Expect quality and good times"
>Wade feels the tip jar again once he was out of orders

| TIP: 5150z

| "You know what I see people? Me neither! shit gets so blurry every five minutes!"
>The DJ laughs before blasting 'Megalovania' on the speakers

"Wait, wait no--"

>'Go! Go! Streaming-Chan!' interrupts to play on loop instead

"Now I know I heard my name and I know I heard it under some sheets"
>Neil rubbed his eyes before turning his glance to >>605097
"Of course it's a ghost under a ghost, with a voice I'd rather hear over some sheets!"

| >>605099
>The small girl approches the bar and sets her enormous cat on it
"Do you mind if Rin sits here? They prefer counters to chairs..."
>She gives the smug feline plenty of pets

| >>605103
"I don't like ice, makes my tongue tingle..."
>The small Hopping Vampire (Oni) grabs the glass with both her hands and shows a fearless grin! She downs the whole thing in a single instant!

| >>605085 "Thank you," Ys said, giving a 300 tip.
She started drinking it, probably a bit too fast for someone who presumably didn't have much experience with alcohol.

| >>605109
>The tender looks at her direction with a little confusion before reaching his hand forward until it reached her cat

>He paused for a moment before checking below the counter, he was *this* close of taking a water spray, but instead got a big round serving plate and passed it to the girl
"Please, use this instead"

| >The cat sits in the plate and meows
"Lucky you, Rin. Your own seat."
>The young lady pets her cat, who purrs like a motor
"Excuse me, tender, would you know where I could find Cali? I came here to see her."

| >>605114
"Y-You can really handle your liquor Chanka..."

| >>605114
>The tender didn't notice her but the drink tends to feel like a long burn all the way down to the stomach, of course it varies according to the resistance of the drinker

| >>605115
"At your service, serving all night and serving with a smile"
>despite the catch phrase, there was no smile on this man's dull face

| >>605117
"Cali, Cali.. Yes, boss' friend, I heard her outside when I came earlier but I have no clue now"

>California peeked in from next to the girl, actually holding her head forwards with both hands
"I heard my name, I heard it thrice!"

| >>605106
>she waves under the sheet creating a flapping noise from the air
"I have no idea what that means!"
>she yells a bit over the music and makes her way over to Neill

| >>605125
"I knew you'd come girl!!"
>He gets off the DJ boot to greet her, almost stumbling over
"Well I didn't knew cause I'm not physical you know? But I kept eye for seeing that walking talent coming trough!"

| >>605122
>The girl pets Cali's head almost instinctively, before giggling
"Hello Cali, I came. Rin came as well."
>The cat, Rin, meows happily.

| >>605130
>the ghost rubs the back of her..sheet
"heheh, you're always such a flirt Neill. But yeah, I'm happy I can make it."
>she mumbles a bit under her breath sheet crumpling a bit as she puts her head downward
"No clowns either, that's good."
>sheet straightens back up
"I hope everything's been going well. I gave CN that, 'wine' bottle. Trick or treat indeed."

| >>605119
"Ehehe, those horns aren't just for show Mister Geekwizard!"
>Chanka exudes a smug aura as she lets out a small laugh

| >>605191
"Wait... are those real?"
>CN inquires

| >>605193
>Chanka nods curiously
"Yeah I've had them since my trigger, aren't they cool and great looking!"
>She touches the horns in question with the back of her hand, giving one of them a pull to prove she wasn't lying

| >>605197
"Trigger? I'm only more lost now."
>He reaches out and touches the other horn.

| >>605198
"Hmm, its like some kinda thing that happens to people like bang! Its complicated?"
>She seems not very knowledgeable about her own situation, looking even more confused.
>Her horn feels cool and solid to the touch, yep thats a real horn

| >>605199
"This is the first I've heard of it but... seems cool. Was three horns the only 'bang'?"

| >>605200
"I got really strong!"
>Chanka flexes her arms, and shows a wide grin
"I also have growth issues I think? Whatever that means!"
>She gives a throaty laugh

| >>605201
"Remind me not to arm wrestle you then!"
>CN chuckles
"Did like a doc see you about this stuff then?"

| >>605204
"I was taken care of by doctors back in America! apparently I'm good now."
>She says confidently, crossing her arms

| >>605205
"Well you better be considering you're a major in the GCPD apparently! Don't want to be a criminal you're chasing."

| >>605206
"Hmnmn, finally someone who understands how great I am! don't make light of me or I will chase you!"
>Chanka puffs her nonexistent chest forward and stands on her tip-toes as she gives a smug smile

| >>605212
"Don't worry I won't! Your prowess and skill is very much apparent to this wizard!"

| >>605134
"I can see and hear that!"
>Cali put her head back on and sat next to her, patting Rin now almost immediately
"You look exactly like I imagined after seeing you on the Matrix, and Rin is the cutest furball!!"

| >>605137
"Ooooh the one I almost take? gotta love halloween with pranks, it's like christmas with that toxic snow malls like to make"
>Neil stretched his legs a little
"That boot is anything but comfortable, almost as bad as playing music for an empty dance floor.. So how you been doll? Is comedy still a sound business? Last time I heard mute comedy was a thing too but I figured you can rock that too"

| TIPS: 5450z

| >The door slams loudly, and a very wild and drunk scotsman appears.
>He's wearing no shirt, only a green and yellow tartan kilt and a blue and white face painting, and on the scabbard on his back back has what looks like a real claymore.
>He's holding two scotch bottles in each hand, and is yelling louder than usual.
"Excuse me if Ah'm late, had sum stuff tae deal wit'. Sae, which one ay ye funts wants tae help me tear thes fuckin' place down, eh?"

| >>605226
"Meow!" "Isn't that great Rin? She likes you."
>The cat rolls on it's back for more pets
"You're very pretty today, Cali." "Meow?"
>Iris sends a glance to Rin
"You too, Rin."

| >>605227
>she waves a hand up and down causing the sheet to flap
"Ah, silent comedy is more for movies, doesn't work as well on stage unless you're in an ensemble. However, business has been going well. Invested in some upgrades that might also lend me to more routines."

| >>605219
>Chanka entire being now radiated a smug aura

| >>605352
"Um... anyways I suppose I'll leave you to flag down the candy. The obnoxious MC is the one to probably ask."
>CN states as he makes his way over to Cali >>605226
"Hey Cali, how have you been?"

| >Anabelle gracefully pushes the door open and enters slowly, already sipping from a red plastic cup she brought with her.
>She stops and checks her surroundings, almost as if looking for someone. She turns to the closes participant and asks
"Did you see a big guy wearing a skirt a couple of moments ago? I think we was Welch or Irish or something. He had an interesting aura about him."

| >>605375
"You mean the Scottush guy?"
>Impulse looks at the newcomer

| (Scottish*)​

| >>605388
"Yeah, he might have been Scottish I suppose. All those countries... Is he here? Or did he already pass out in some corner somewhere"
>Anabelle takes a long sip from her plastic cup and fixates here eyes on Impulse
"Hello Sailor. What are you into? I mean, like, what do you do for a living?"

| >>605394
"He's over there"
>Impulse points toward the Scottish holding two scottch bottles
"Oh, not much, fighting people, hiring people to fight, selling weapons"

| >>605236
"Thank you! The dress was hard to find cheap but it was worth to come as Marie Antoinette"
>She began scratching Rin's belly
"You two too came looking stunning"

>She turns slightly as CN joins the talk
"Hey CN! I've been much better and felt much freer than usual!"

| (forgot the >>605364 there, oops)

| >>605295
"Ooh something like spaghetti-o arm-o's two point-o?"
>He sort of finger guns from his own word play
"I still got the tickets you gave me, I'm looking forwards to see dem upgrades working in stage doll, and still I'm glad of the free samples I've seen with you"

| >"R A D I O W I R E H A L L O W
E N"

>'Good for health, bad for education' begins playing now

| >>605448
"That's great to hear!"
>CN gives Cali a quick shoulder hug as he approaches
"Does that mean the 3 stooges have been a bit nicer then?"

| >>605453
>She returned the hug looking at the drinks menu with curiosity
"More or less, they wait for me to be out to start fighting so I count that as a little improvement at least!"

| >>605485
"I... suppose. Now when you mean 'out' do you mean out of the room or out on the town?"

| >>605411
>The scotsman notices Impulse pointing at him, and gives him a questioning glance.
"Dae Ah ken ye, mate? Need anythin'?"
>He asks, getting closer to the two.

| >>605488
"Oh I mean out of the station, so the fights are much less now. I've Also got myself into cooking! Strangers online suggested an activity would make me feel happier and cooking seems to be doing the trick, specially the chopping things up part!"

| >>605560
"Oh? Have you gotten good at cooking anything in particular?"

| >Chanka nods to CN and heads towards the MC, covering both her ears
"That's too loud..."

| >>605573
"Garlic bread"
>She taps the counter trying to get the bartender's attention
"I liked how something so easy to make could make people so happy, so I expertised on it!"

| >>605576
"That's good! Though... do you have to chop things up when making bread?"
>CN asks inquisitively.

| "The garlic of course! you chop it, you mix it, you blend it, you can even crush it!"
>she taps more rapidly on the counter before Wade puts his hand over Cali's, who now looked at him nervously
"A-a love potion without karmotrine please"

| >>605578
"Oh right... that makes sense! Well I'm glad things are finally improving, if at least a little. Hopefully this is a good sign things are going in the right direction with them."
>He grins

| >>605448
>Rin purrs as you scratch their belly
>Iris blushes
"T-thank you..."

| >>605580
>She smiled back at him taking her drink once it was done
"I know things can look rough at times, but I promise I will be good"

>And turns back to Iris scratching Rin some more >>605582
"You're welcome! Again I'm as glad to talk with you here as I am talking trough the phone"

| >>605584
"Please Cali, you already are good."
>He states, putting 1000 zenny tip in the jar for her.
"Not that you have to worry about that. Unless you start doing something more illegal than what I do or something."

| >>605590
"Something like contributing to a pirate Radio? Or the re-wirement we did to the street lights?"

>She sips from her drink with a giggle

"Just kidding around, I know minor offenses are nothing in here, and your business are so more scandalous"

| >>605723
"Well to be fair most of the really scandalous business of mine is fake."
>He chuckles
"Though I sometimes worry if this whole pedophile label is going to stick with me until the end of time."

| >>605808
"Well, I learned from Neil that labels don't matter unless you care about them. Last I heard you have a fiancé right? And so many friends!"

>she thinks for a minute before perking up with another addition
"T-Though people don't get violent with you from that label, right? I forgot the gravity of being called a pedophile for a moment.."

| >>605816
"Well that is true, I wouldn't be the same without Engy and the others. Mmm... thankfully no one has really been violent about that in person, mainly cause the layperson can't recognize me unless I tell them who I am. Sometimes the misconception makes it difficult to work since people assume the wrong thing about me but the majority has just been friendly ribbing."

| >>605939
"I can see that being such bad advertisement given the way you work and make contacts, at least you know how to work past the misconception and prejudice made against your person!"
>she took a happy swig from her drink
"How did that even started anyway?"

| >>606051
"I... forget. I think it was somewhere between saving kids from a brothel or buying one from a illegal trade market... maybe that explains a few things in retrospect."
>He says, staring into the drink still left in his cup

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