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(Setting/bar) Capsule Corner Bar

| > it’s a Halloween weekend and what was a bar for racers and gangs alike was humming with a very spooky glow. Hologram hellfire and skeletons dance along the walls and add to the charm of this time of year.

> a row of motorcycles are lined up against the front, each one heavily modified and done up to also look ready for Halloween. Dusty leaned against hers, a bottle in one hand and her helmet in another. Other racers are in similar positions, all talking amongst themselves

| > Frank, the mute bartender, is mixing up drinks while dressed as an old vaquero. He seems to be enjoying himself. Some people are in costume while others are there just out of habit.

> Fox sits at the bar, wearing an odd white and orange costume that seems to glow with an odd energy. What looks like a rounded White Knight helmet is sat in front of him. He also looks extremely happy in his cosplay of choice.

> With the fall breeze, the place is ready for whoever may arrive

| >A figure comes wearing full combat gear, He is carrying a rifle and a pistol, but that probably isn't the most unsettling part about him.
>On his head is what seems to be a jack o' lantern. Green ominous glows comes from the face of the pumpkin, lighting up anything like a spotlight, except instead of a normal circle the light is in the pattern of a jack o' lantern face. You can't see any thing inside of the headgear
"Hello there, mister"
>The figure greets

| >>604319

> Frank gives a nod and readies his shaker. Fox gives an odd look and recoils a bit from fear. What an odd Lilim

“Oh, hi! T-t-thats a cool helmet! Are you supposed to be some kind of youkai?”

| >>604322
>The figure take a helmet off, surprise, surprise, it's a human. It's Impulse underneath the pumpkin.
(Wait, do Impulse know Fox? I forgot)
"Thanks, I'll take a gut punch, do you have that here?"

| >>604327

“Oh, impulse! Where did you find that thing? It looks super cool!”

> The Lilim eyes over the helmet before looking back at his own. Meanwhile, Frank slides a gut punch their way, tipping his sombrero to show respect.

> Dusty meanwhile, continues outside. She seems to have gotten in an argument over the names that motorcycles should have. One can make out what she’s yelling about if they listen hard enough

| >>604334
"I made it, 3A Class of Armor too, figured rolling around in a blood-strained baseball cap and skull balaclava isn't good enough of a costume"
>Impulse takes the drink
>He says to Frank

| >>604335

“I recently learned what that means so I know how good that is! Wait, baseball cap and skull face... were you trying to be The Batter? I think the pumpkin head suits you”

| >>604337
"No? I usually just wear a operator baseball cap and a black balaclava so every halloween I just put bloodstain on it and make the balaclava a skull mask for extra spookiness"

| >>604338

“Oh, the Batter! He’s um... sorta like... etto... I guess it’s hard to explain. The helmet is fancy at least! Can you put on other images too? Or is it just the pumpkin?”

> He looks curious about how it works. He also takes a sip out of a blue fairy he had hiding underneath the helmet of his.

| >>604339
"I can make other helmets with similar function if you want, but they are kinda hard to make, and normal ballistic helmets are still more comfortable"

| >>604340

“I don’t know what I could use a ballistic helmet for but I’ll keep it in mind! Maybe my roommate Dusty might want one. She already has been building a tank in our garage so she might want a new helmet too.”

> He taps his lips with his am finger as he thinks out loud. He then snaps his fingers and puts his helmet on. A click can be heard as it locks in. Its singular eye glows red with life

“At least this helmet looks cool!”

| >>604341
"It indeed does"
>Impulse take down the lower part of his balaclava to drink from the glass

| >>604343

“There’s a big disadvantage to this helmet though... I can’t open my mouth. With some helmets that attach to our heads and external ports, us DFCS can still use them our in place of our regular mouths. This one has the jaws bolted shut.”

> He points to a certain part of the helmets jaw. It doesn’t look like it’s bolted, but it also isn’t moving at all

“Also depth perception is an issue. I’m not used to only a single visual input”

| "Wait, if you can't open your mouth then how are you talking?"

| >>604345

"Oh, right! I guess I didn't explain that. The helmet connects to my external port and overrides my standard voice emulators so I don't have to move my mouth. It doesn't really feel any different to me. There's also a speaker which allows my voice to even project"

> He taps to where his mouth would normally be, and sure enough, there's a slit for a speaker of sorts.

| >>604346
>Impulse finishes his drink
"Can I have another gut punch please?"

| >>604389

> Frank slides over a new drink for the two of them. Looks like Fox is still drinking softer things... Frank then walks up to the Lilim and begins to do hand signals at him. Fox seems to understand these and nods

"Okay. Ano... I'll let Dusty know then. But she won't be happy."

> More hand signs and Frank walks off, seemingly to help others out.

"Well... Let's drink some more then!"

| >>604424
>Impulse drinks the new glass of gut punch
"What was that about?"
>He asks after the drink

| >>604475

> Fox takes a sip and yanks the helmet off with a pop. He stretches his mouth and neck a bit before answering

“That’s so much better! Anyway, he was telling me that I need to let Dusty know that she needs to not just leave explosives around the garage again. They worry Frank for some reason he hasn’t told either her or I about. He already gave the reactive plates a pass so Dusty should be polite about it.”

> He gives a shrug, seemingly unbothered by the request

| >>604561
"What was she buying reactive plates from me for anyways?"
>Impulse ask as he take out a magazine and start filling it up with bullets, one by one

| >Another Motorcycle pulls up. More of a sports bike to be fair. Nonetheless the rider does some fancy turns by sticking their heel into the ground and they park their bike among the others.
>The rider is Angus, if the flaahy red bike and matching helmet wasn't a tell, then her appearancealways was. She takes off her helmet and seems to know most of the racers hanging around.
>She walks by Dusty and recognizes her.
"Oh! Hi Dusty, I'm Angus! Fox's almost mom!"
>She seems excited.

| >>604647

> Fox looks a little nervous with the loading of the magazine, but he takes another sip and steels himself.

"I... actually am not sure. She was building something though. Maybe it's a tank? The plates are definitely too heavy for me to lift, so it has to be for something serious."

> Fox pulls out his tablet and shows a somewhat dark photo of what might either be a mini-tank or motorcycle. It's hard to really tell

| >>604682

> Dusty is snapped out of her anger of her recent argument and thinks for a second. Angus... angus... angus...

"Angus! Right! Yeah, hey! Nice bike! I'm digging the red..."

> Her voice somewhat trails off as she examines the bike as intensely as possible without breaking some unspoken rider/bike boundary

"Come to get a drink and ogle at the bikes and men too? Or just one or the other?"

> She gives a shit-eating grin, as if she's serious about the combo option

| >>604683
>Impulse finishes the drink
"That's one hell of a bike if that's what she's trying to build"

| >>604684
"I'm gay as fuck, Dusty. If anything I came here to ogle women. Bikes are nice too though. Wherever the racers go I tend to follow."
>She shrugs and smiles. Pondering whether to stay outside or go inside and get a drink.
"If you're here, does that mean Fox is too?"

| >>604713

"All I know is that she mentioned wanting to take a tour with me through the Flooded District, even after I told her the time I got shot at there. And my fall to escape safely"

> Fox shudders, still terrified of that day and having to leap from a 40 story window

"She's outside, I think, if you want to go say hi or ask her. She might say more to you"

| >>604730

"Oh... That's um... cool too. Ogle at the Kingfisher then if you want. Yeah... It's the name of my bike."

> She blushes slightly. What could she be thinking? She pats the seat of her heavily modified Cafe Racer bike, painted a cool sand with surf blue highlights.

"Fox? I think Kitty is inside. He was EXTREMELY excited to try on his weird mecha costume. That helmet he has with it gives me the creeps."

| >>604787
"Fox is always excited about small things. Such a wholesome kid. Cheers me up to be around him!"
>Angus smiles warmly, thinking about the Lilim. Chance encounter and now she basically has a son.
"So what makes this one so fancy? How fast can it go? Can you kill someone while riding it? Is it loud? Can I do tricks on it?"
>Angus quickly moves from angle to angle between each question, inspecting the bike thoroughly, without touching it... too much.

| >>604798

"Glad to know you're also a woman of culture! So!! The Kingfisher is a custom-build, tuned by me. 850cc and a top-speed of 350km/h under normal circumstances. Handles like a dream at any speed. I've... probably killed some people while on this girl, but that's a story after drinks. She's fairly loud too. She can take jumps well, but she's a little too front-heavy for anything else. Saddlebags are nice, too"

> Dusty beams the whole time, like a mother talking up her son.

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