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So what's everyone dressing up as for Halloween?

| I want to actually attend the Radio Wire party for once, so I chose something that CANNOT fail...


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Is it something CN related? -CN

| I'm wearing my usual outfit with some "additions"

| I'm getting some modifications to my spare body so it'll look like Mecha Unit! The Orange and white color scheme is going to look soooooo good

- Unit 00

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| A depressed young adult smoker.

Oh shit my costume looks great.

| I'm going in as the hottest host and Radio celebrity

-Big Neil

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Looking forward to it? -CN

| I'm going for the "ugly bastard" look

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"Ugly bastard" look? Is that you, John? I thought you were supposed to wear >>>costumes on Halloween! wwwwww


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Alright, looks like we have a comedian on hand.

I'll have you know I do tidy up after a job.


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"Tidy up"? You planning on going as a French maid or some shit, omae?? Kinda cliche, imo. Though, if >>>you're gonna the one wearing the skirt, it'll be the>>>first time that getup has ever looked>>>truly scary.


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This thread is permanently archived