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[setting] Pumpkin Patch

| >not too far in to the flooded there's a large hole with vines that creep out and in to the water table around the patch of dirt.
>as the hole is approached there isn't a clear visible indication of where, or if it ends...

| >Red approaches the scene, his rifle, a HK416A5 with a KX3 Flash Hider, a HHS-1 Sight, a Magpul AFG grip, and a LS321G LAM, in his hand and his pistol, a MK23 with a suppressor and a LAM, holstered by his side. He is wearing a one hole balaclava, a baseball hat, and a ComTac 3 Headset on his head, as well as a Tactec 5.11 plate carrier over a Multicam Faitgue.
>He sigh as he sees the hole
"I better get paid for this"
>He said as he shines the flashlight from his rifle down the hole

| >>603552
>you can see the shadows of twisting vines as they go down the sinkhole. Further and further they go down and down. Once stared at the abyss for a long enough time you think you can make out at the very least it has a bottom.
>then listening carefully you can hear the small trickle of water runoff dripping and hitting the bottom from one of the vine's outcroppings
>you hear the growl of flooded creatures off in the distance.

| >>603571
>A tall man in a blue trenchcoat and arrives at the scene and knees down near the hole, testing the strength of one of the vines near the top for climbing.

| >>603693
the vines are sturdy enough that you could probably climb down them. However, the soil itself seems pretty loose in parts and may require some skill to no accidentally pry the vine loose.

| >>603715
>CN checks for a couple more vines for sturdiness, then attempts to climb down one.

| >>603716
>they seem rather good tugging on them. You make your choice and climb down one, and a few seconds later everyone around hears a "snap" and you slowly feel yourself fall back. Then you quickly feel yourself fall down into the hole. The rushing of wind flowing past you the light from above going dimmer

| >>603571
(Whoops sorry, I forgot to check /cyb/ yesterday)
>Red takes out a flare and throw it down the hole

| >>603746
(It's fine)
>you throw down the flare as the tall man in a blue coat falls down with the vine
as you're falling a flare whizzes by you allowing you to see the ground perfectly and prepare for impact you land on the ground with just soreness

| >the ground of the hole now completely lit by the flare you can now see shadows of a tunnel going deeper in the direction of the flooded.
>CN, as you stare down it you can see, green light like the glow of the pumpkin from the thread.

| >>603749
>A pained grunt moans up the tunnel as CN makes his impact
"I'm okay... ugh, well you definitely can't miss where this thing went that's for sure."

| >>603751
"You alright down there?"
>Red shouts down the hole
"Damn that's deep"

| >>603770
"I'm fine!"
>He shouts back
"Be careful, the dirt is loose up there!"

| >>603773
"Hold on, I have some rope in my backpack, don't know if it's long enough though"
>He searches through his Attack-2 Backpack and get out a long rope. He stick a metal pole into some ground and tie one end of the rope to it and throw another end down the hole.
"Finger crossed this ground is actually stable"

| >>603790
>with enough sense to stick the metal poll rather far from the hole you tug a few times and it stays put
>the rope tumbles down and down the hole until it's about arms length from the bottom, but just barely might take some work to get a good grip going back up

| >>603773
"I'm going down"
>Red climb down the hole on his rope

| >>603800
"Alright! I'll be down here."
>CN turns on the light on his phone and takes a look around.

| >>603800
>you make your way down prepared for the loose soil at the top and don't have as much difficulty, once you hit the bottom you see CN
You look around the wide hole and see the vines shining the light down the tunnel you can find more vines running down it until the light is dimmed by that point you can see the green glow again.

| >Red turns on both the flashlight and the laser on his LAM on his rifle and point it around to investigate the area

"Hello! CN, is it?"
>Red greets CN

| >>603932
"Um... yes. I take it hear for the pumpkin as well."
>He points towards the green glow down the tunnel >>603924

| >>603948
>Red looks towards the green glow
"Spooky. Let's find this weird OP and the spooky pumpkin monster, shall we?">>69f00b

| (Oops sorry, accidentally clicked on the ID at the last second)

| >>603952
"Sure mysterious stranger who hasn't shared their name yet."
>He stands up despite the statement and heads towards the light using his phone to aid him

| >>603954
>you walk down the tunnel hearing echos of water and follow the green glow, it feels like you're walking for minutes and you can see your phone has loss signal this far down and underground.
>walking and walking
>walking and walking
>towards the light at the end of the tunnel
>are you sure you didn't die in the fall?
>pretty sure thanks to the mysterious guy.
>finally you can see the source of the glow
>a small lantern in the shape of a pumpkin, hanging off the side of...

| >>603955
>...a fine wood door. No malformation the door looks to be fit perfectly level to the ground and area around it. At eye level, there's a small part that is just a quarter-inch more inside than the rest of the door. There's an iron knocker just below that. Shaped like two vines rounded with another pumpkin at the bottom, carved with a "^-^" face on it.

| >>603959
>Confused at the site, CN reaches out to the knocker and knocks on the door

| >>603954
"Red, Redford Bell, at your service"
>Red say as he walks down the tunnel

"What the?"
>Red shine his flashlight around the site to look if there's anything else

| >>603984
The only things else you see are the vines, you can see the glowing "pumpkin lamp" is attached to a kind of iron hook that is attached to the door. You can't see any hinges and it almost looks like it blends into the surroundings. You can see pipes that come outside the walls and ceiling of the tunnel every now and again as well.

| (=w= just assume unless it's in quotes that's the description I keep fucking this up.)

| (I'm tempted to shoot the fuck out of everything but that would be off character and I don't wanna my character dead yet)

>Red waits for the response to CN's knocking

| >knock
. . .
>for a few seconds nothing happens, then the wood slide in the door opens and you can see a pair of eyes peer at you both
>comes a young female voice

| >>603984
"Nice to meet you Red."
>CN nods, as he sees the door open
"U-Um hello! Are you the admin from the pumpkin thread? I'm CN."

| >>604095
>her eyes shift a bit, and with a bit of confusion in her voice
"I-I'm sorry? I don't understand what you mean. You're here for the pumpkin event?"

| >>604098
>CN replies, more inquisitively than assertively

| >>604098
"Did your pumpkin get hit by a lightning bolt?"
>Red asks

| >>604100
"Ah, so you are here for the event then."
"Perfect, welcome to the Rabbit Hole."
>the slide shuts, and she opens the door, it bends inwards and you both can hear music, violins and the like... Inside you see what looks to be a bar...The bartender a woman with silvery hair and...rabbit ears. A waitress walks around wood style tables and drops off drinks to other...rabbit girls. The whole scene is lit by an orange glow from pumpkin lanterns that hang from the ceiling.

| >>604101
"I... was not expected this."
>CN quips to Red as he takes in the surprising scenery

| >>604105
>walking inside the hovel you see every single person is a bunny girl here...The sound of the floor is quite different too, it doesn't sound like the same faux wood floors in most bars.
>there is also a smell of pumpkin, cinnamon, and just general Halloween smells that mix with an earthy smell in the air.

| >>604106
"Who do you think here is the thread creator? You dont think we somehow ended up in the place the thread creator was did we?"
>He asks Red

| >>604109
"No idea. Who knows, maybe we did, considering there're only women in this bar"
>Red answers as he looks around

| >>604138
>you look around you can see everything looks to be wood metal and plastic. Pumpkin lanterns light the room. There's a kind of stage to one side, doors leading to somewhere. The bar itself womanned by the silver bunny girl. There doesn't seem to be anyone but bunny women in this bar, also no clearly marked fire exits either.

| >>604151
>Red walks up to the bartender
"What drink is on offer here?"

| >>604164
>the silvery bunny girl looks over
"Welcome. We've got pumpkin mulled wine, cinnamon-spiced beers, mead, and for those that don't drink we've got root beer, and a nice pumpkin-flavored and honey-sweetened milk."
>she ends off with a smile and cocks her head a bit.

| >>604208
"Um... I'll have a root beer Ms...?"
>Chimes in CN

| >>604211
"Silvia, yes I know."
>her ears flop over and she bends behind the counter to get the drink
>she takes out a can of root beer and passes it to CN

| >>604212
"Oh, nice to meet you then Silvia."
>He replies as he opens the can
"Um... how long has this place been here?"

| >>604214
>she looks up in thought
"Going on.... a real long time I guess."
>she looks over to another bunny girl.
"Hey Maria how long have we been in this hole?"
>the waitress replies
"What are you asking me for?"
>silvia shakes her head
"A long time."

| >>604216
"Oh, just I found out about it recently so I'm just surprised... and very confused as well about what all of this is about."

| >>604222
"The pumpkin thing? Well that's back in the agricultural days before pure hydroponics. There was this farmer, think he was a drunk...then there was something about a frozen pumpkin and his wife tried to smash him with it... No that's a different story..."
>she puts her head to her chin
"Ah, right. See around this spot a few years ago a big pumpkin grew. That's it. You going to have anything commando?"
>she says looking at Red

| >>604224
"F-Few years!? Wasn't that a few days ago!?"

| >>604228
>she looks back over
"Oh come on CN, you've been through this before."
>you distinctly remember not giving your name

| >>604232
"Before? What do you mean? Also I don't think I ever told you my name..."

| >>604233
>she waves a hand dismissively
"Oh don't worry about it too much, another drink?"

| >>604235
>CN puts the drink down that he sipped from
"No... I'm fine, thank you."

| >>604236
>she shrugs and looks back to Red
>looking around now you can see a door in the back that has that green glow again.

| >>604224
"I'll have a mead, thanks"
>Red says, before he walks to whisper a few words to CN, only CN can hear it
>"Something's wrong, very wrong"

| >>604275
"I'll check out the door"
>CN whispers back
"Excuse me."
>He says to Silvia as he makes his way from the bar and towards the door

| >>604275
>she hands him a glass of mead. Which has a sweet sugar, honey and cinnamon combination with the alcohol
>you approach the door which has the glowing light peering in the window you can see the vines again.
>behind you a waitress speaks up
"That's the staff door, restrooms are this one."
>she motions with an open palm to the door right next to the one you're at.

| >>604278
"Um... right, thank you."
>He heads inside the bathroom door and looks around

| >>604279
>inside you can see it's a single person restroom and you're able to lock the door behind you
>you can't see anything that'd be out of the ordinary for a restroom, well out of ordinary is everything since it's underground, but aside from that.

| >>604275
After a bit of time with the mead and looking around a bit more you can see flowers on the table pink petals blooming around a yellow center.

| >>604278
>He drink half of the mead and head over to investigate >>604281

| >>604282
>as you look over the flowers you can't see any resemblance of plastics, so it's assumable they're real. It's hard to tell if they have a smell to them as the place is so rich with the smell of pumpkin and cinnamon.

| >>604280
>He looks around in the bathroom, washing his hands in the process before heading back out and meeting up with Red.
"I don't think I can get in there without a distraction."

| >>604284
>"Let's just look around a little more"
>Red look at the stage
"Is there any show here?"

| >>604287
>silvia looks at the stage
"How long has that been there..."

| >>604290
"Y-You didn't know about it?"

| >>604292
>she makes some kind of juggling motion with her hands
"I mean...It's like...Look I'm not the most observant. I tend the bar, not the stage."

| >>604290
"Since we came in, why?"
>Red tell the bartender

| >>604292
>"I'll try to distract her"
>Red walks over to the bartender
"Anyways, I heard you mention a story about a frozen pumpkin, can you tell a little more"

| >>604296
>CN walks around the place and lingers near the glowing door, pretending to look nonchalant as he wait for his moment to sneak in.

| >>604296
"The Frozen pumpkin story? I'm a bit fuzzy on the details; ah hold on."
>she looks over a bit
"Hey, commando wants to hear the frozen pumpkin story, can I get some help i'm a bit fuzzy on the details."
>a couple of waitresses come over the brunette is the first to speak up
"I love this one, okay so it starts out that an old husband and wife farming couple they had been a bit estranged right. So they decide they'll carve a big pumpkin to celebrate the harvest together...

| ...However the farmer was a drunk."
>the red head continues
"So he's out the whole night drinking in town, and completely forgets the promise. So the wife left out the pumpkin and it was so cold out it had actually frozen. So she decided she was going to bash her husband over the head with the pumpkin."
>silvia snaps her finger
"Right right, and that's the moral of it you don't break promises."
>the red head bunny shakes her head
"No no no, it's about being resourceful"

| >>604299
"If you let me continue, the wife bashes their landlord over the head instead and inherit the property. So the moral is about being resourceful and to not trust landlords, and if you disagree with me I will pull your ears out your head and make you eat them."
>the brunette interrupts
"No, it's about not being a drunkard. She hits the landlord because he drunkenly thought that was his house and if you disagree with me I will bash this glass of mead over your head."

| >>604300
>this continues for quite a bit, they argue over the meaning of the story.

| >>604297
with the three arguing over the frozen pumpkin story you are able to sneak into the staff area and follow the green light and vines

| >>604302
>As you continue in the music is drowned out and it no longer smells of pumpkin and cinnamon. You come to the door with another glowing pumpkin lantern, looking at the window of the door you see a mass of vines covering a large and a ton of pumpkins on the floor. However, in the middle of the room is a bed with a figure on it

| >>604301
"Now, can anyone tell me why everyone here except me has a bunny ear?"
>Red continues to ask question after the waitresses stop arguing

| >>604303
>CN slowly opens the door to sneak in and observes the figure

| >>604304
>they all look at you confused.
"What are you talking about?"
>the brunette reaches over your head and flicks...something, giving you an intense twinge of pain for a few seconds.

| >>604306
>"Aw, shit, here we go again..."
>Red mutters as prepare to somehow have a bunny ear on top of a baseball hat , balaclava, and headset

| (*as he prepares to)

| >>604307
>on the baseball hat you see a set of ears
>then on the balaclava
>then the headset
>then after all of them come off you can feel them spring on your head...

| >>604305
>the figure is slowly moving around the room of pumpkins, pouring water over them. Looking closely you can see the pumpkins...shift? to be looking at the figure where they move
>they're not too tall about four foot in height
>but you can't make out any features

| >>604312
>CN, reluctant at first, speaks up
"Um... excuse me, are you the girl from the pumpkin thread?"

| >>604311
"Holy shit, that's one fucking durable ear. You know what, I ain't even mad"
>Red laughs

| >There's a knock at the door

| >>604318
. . .
>for a few seconds nothing happens, then the wood slide in the door opens and you can see a pair of eyes peer at you
>comes a young female voice

| >>604314
>the figure and pumpkins shift, and you now feel as though everything stares at you. The cloak of the figure doesn't allow for any features to be viewed in the dim light, and they don't respond to your question vocally.

| >>604315
"Hey, where'd your friend go?"

| >>604321
"Um... if you are I'm CN. One of the other posters online. Wanted to see if you were okay..."

| >>604323
"Restroom, poor sod had to take a big dump"
>Red chuckles

| >>604325
>all three react with an "uch" at the crassness
>the two waitresses go back to their work
>the bartender shakes their head
"Another drink?"

| >>604324
>the figure approaches with a slow meandering walk forward.
>closer, and closer...
>until they're nearby and you still can't see their face
>another young female voice but it feels like it's coming overhead

| >>604329
>CN slowly reaches into to his stungun as the figure approaches, taking a step back and looking up as he hears the voice.

| >>604330
>overhead see a giant carved pumpkin, while lit still only produces a dim light for the whole room. The face gives off no recognizable feeling positive or negative

| >>604331
"I think I'll leave you to your tasks then..."
>CN states as he closes the door and attempts to run back to the bar!

| >>604328
"Uh, sure"
>Red drinks the rest of the mead

| >>604320
>A man in a suit and tie walks in
"Oh, hello there.. I'm looking for Redford Bell, is he here..?"

| (computer broke will take longer to reply...)

| >>604349
>the eyes look at you a moment.
"Wait here a moment."
>she shuts the peephole leaving you facing the door
>as you get your drink you get approached by the door woman.
"Someone asked for you at the door, they're wearing a suit."

| >>604394
"How do you​ know he is asking for me? I​ don't remember giving my​ name to​ ​you?"
>Red​ asks

| >>604395
>she waves her hand dismissively
"Don't worry about it. Do you know them?"

| >>604332
>you run down the hallway but you feel like you're making no progress as you run.
>looking behind you the figure stands at the door frame

| >>604405
>Red walks over to greets the man in the suit
"Late for the party, eh?"

| >>604428
>CN turns back around and thinks about the situation carefully
"Illusion or...?"
>He closes his eyes and attempts to walk backwards slowly

| >>604559
>you feel your back hit something hard as you walk backwards for a few seconds

| >>604563
>Still closed he reaches around for a doorknob.

| >>604564
all you can feel is dirt and vines as you run your hand across the surface

| >>604573
>Holding on to a vine, he turns around and opens his eyes

| >>604574
>you see a dirt wall and the vine you're grasping. The wall has a faint green glow, you can hear the echo of sparks, and rabbit squeeks.

| >>604575
"This... is going to be freaky isn't it."
>Still holding to the vine, he looks behind him

| >>604577
>behind you you see Red and a man in a suit sitting on the ground staring at each other as rabbits are walking around. Theres small plastic cups and tables. in the air sparks emitt randomly. Theres a pile of things in the far corner. then sitting where the stage was you see a pumpkin..headed? vine bodied thing carving a smile on another pumpkin. The vines on the ceiling wiggle a bit shifting red and the suited man.

| >the pumpkin creature glows a pale green glow

| >>604579
>Holding on to the wall, he approaches towards the pumpkin headed person slowly, doing his best to observe and get closer to the man without hopefully falling into an illusion again.

| >>604584
>the pumpkin thing is engrossed in their carving and doesn't notice you at all as you approach. You see its lower vines kicking back and forth as they work. You're inarms reach, or taser distance of the creature

| >>604585
>CN holds his stungun in one hand but doesn't aim, shifting slightly closer as he gets the... person(?) attention.
"Um... excuse me?"

| >>604588
>the small pumpkin creature is startled and falls backwards with a gasp, the pumpkin rollijng on to the ground
You and the man in the suit find yourself sitting on the ground surrounded by rabbits and pumpkins

| >>604595
"A-Are you okay!?"
>CN slowly approaches the creature

| >>604596
"W-why aren't you...?"
>you can see their pale green glowing comes from their carved face, in a :o image right now.
>you see a few sparks in and around the creature, they're about the size of an 8-12 year old child

| >>604598
"Well... I figured something was up when I ended up in an infinite hallway, so I closed my eyes and here I am."

| >>604599
"N-not f-fair. N-no visual data to work your nanos..."
>the face is now a >:T
"G-go back. Redo."

| >>604601
"Nanos? Redos? Sorry but that's not how that works I'm afraid. Whatever illusion you have probably isn't going to work anymore."
>He shrugs
"So who are you?"

| >>604602
"Sure it will! J-just need to concentrate."
>a vine pulls down a pipe
"A-also smell this!"

| >>604605
"Thats... no."
>He puts his hands in front of the pipe to reject it.
"Why are you pushing me away? Isn't lonely by yourself?"

| >>604606
"I'm not!"
"It's fine, it's fine!"
"It'll feel quick i promise. Just like the dark place! The root beer was good!"

| >>604608
"T-The dark place? What dark place? Were you the one who made the thread on cyb?"

| >>604609
>their face shifts to >.>
"No that was Alice...She's kind of crazy. BTLs"

| >>604611
"Alice? Where is she now? And does this mean you're the pumpkin she grew?"

| >>604612
"Yes, but actually no?"
>a rabbit bounces by

| >>604613
"I assume you mean something about that weird lightning that happened?"

| >>604614
>they just look away kicking their vine feet

| >>604615
"Well... I cant say I understand all of this but, you're sentient, so that's all that matters. Did alice give you a name?"

| >>604616
"No. Did you three come because you were worried about her?"

| >>604617
"Well... yea. That and the giant hole that showed up in the ground. Though knowing you're here I'm worried about you now as well."

| >>604619
"You're really nice."
>they look over the face rather more jackolanterny
"Alice went off about something about rabbits and wonderland after the hole showed up."

| >>604620
"That... might have been BTL chip..."
>CN sighs
"Well I'm glad you think I'm nice though. I have a lot of practice due to taking care of kids."

| >>604621
"Yeah. Thats probably part of it."
"if it helps i couldn't move when they left so. Not like they knew i was lon-..alone."

| >>604622
"I see... well if you don't want to be alone you can come back with me if you want."

| >>604623
"I-I mean, you could stay down here..."
>they pull down the pipe again

| >>604624
"I could but... I dont live by myself. Theres people up there who are waiting for me. I cant pretend they dont exist and stay down here."

| >>604625
>they sigh, a flickering green glow from their face, v.v
"I-I guess not much to do down here after a while..."

| >>604474
"Haha, I'm always late.. Payment will be sent to your account later.."
>The man in the suit takes a look around.

| >>604626
"Exactly. Plus back in my place theres a ton of people you can hang out with, and between you and me..."
>CN leans in to whisper
"Some fields you can play with those illusions and stuff too with yourself and the others if you wanted."

| >>604627
>you see a man in a blue jacket talking to a pumpkin child a vine over your head and rabbits bouncing around

| >>604628
>they poke their vine lightly with the carving knife
"That does sound kind of nice."

| >>604630
"Exactly! They all have their own personalities but I'm sure you'll like them all. Though we should probably drop the illusions on the others as well."

| >>604631
"it broke when you scared me."

| >>604632
"Oh... I see."
>He turns back to Red and the other people that has seemingly joined them
"Mystery solved. Looks like this little guy can have us see things with nanomachines from what I can tell. Hes harmless though don't worry."

| >>604633
"That was fast.. So everything here was actually just illusions..?"

| "And methane fumes."
>they pull down a pipe

| >>604634 >>604635
"...and methane fumes apparently."
>CN shrugs
"All well that ends well, since the last in the cyb thread was just a BTL chip user. Don't worry, I'll take care of the little guy here, so we can probably just start making our way back."

| >>604633
"So that was all in our heads?"
>Red put his hand on his head to check if the bunny ears are still there
"That's pretty fucking creepy"

| >>604644
>the pumpkins face gets small and you can hear a faint apology

| >>604638 >>604634
"Just as I was about to shock someone with electricity.."
>The man in the suit sighs.

| >>604644
the bunny ears are, but you can pull them off. you see in the corner other bunny ears

| >>604651
>Red pulls the bunny ear out
"How the fuck did it get on my head anyways?"

| >>604655
>a vine comes down from the ceiling and wraps around the ears
"I don't know..."

| >>604656
>Red freaked out
"What the fuck!? The vines are talking!? "

| >>604661
"Hey don't make the kid feel bad now."
>CN headpats the pumpkin
"My guess is it has to do with the electricity or whatever but I'm uncertain."

| >>604665
"Nothing weird EVER happens in flooded"
>Red says
"I will say that I called this atleast"

| >>604667
"Yes, yes. Let's just be thankful that it was someone harmless for a change and not whatever worse thing roams around in the district."
>CN shrugs
"Shall we get out of here now?"

| >>604716
"I'm all for it"
>Red turns on the flashlight on his rifle and shine it around to find the exit

| >>604718
>you sgine the light and find the hole and rope still attached

| >>604729
>The man in the suit stays behind, He scans the surrounding area with a bio-detector

| >>604763
>you find nothing out of sorts biologically, lots of junk data with nanomachines though

| >>604769
>The man in the suit sighs and takes his leave.

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