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(AD) Halloween party

| >The curious AD starts with a black screen, and a blurred voice that takes a few seconds to hear right

"There is no light"

"There is no reason"

"There is no escape"

"There is one thing"

>Techno music starts and the screen slowly changes to a group of dancing people dressed in 80s style clothing filled with bullet holes

"Starting this October 30th. The most awaited event of the year arrives"

| >One of the dancers drinks up a bottle of champaign as it spills out of the holes on her clothing

"Big Neil's Halloween party is BACK!"

"Drinks: FREE"
"Music: LOUD"
"Kids: NONE"

"Did I mention free drinks already?"

>The video ends abruptly with a description below

-This Party is brought to you by Big NeilĀ® and a deep feeling of nonfullfillmentĀ®. Location and details will be posted below-

| Alright I wish I didn't have to say this every year but for the love of God stop bringing kids to my party God damnit. That aside, everyone is invited.

>Attached are the coordinates of the party

The big ugly yellow house like last year, lucky for me you all are animals and made it look even more abandoned, anyone willing to help I can reward you with a sense of accomplishment.
-Big Neil

| Almost forgot, we'll be rewarding the best costume with a crystal skull or a mystery box. Of course no one ever picks the skull but screw it it's there.
-Big Neil

| Soonds loch a guid occasion tae reunite th' clown-thrashin gang, eh?
Given ye're still alife, of coorse.

| >>603337
Man I forgot you all write like you speak
hope you drink like you write cause I'm not gonna feel complete if I don't get half this city shit-faced for Halloween

| Can't wait to be there Neill. Hmm now wondering what to go as
Maybe go as a go-ost...doesn't work in text as well =<=
-Polly Wolderstein

| >>603398
If my favorite hallucination is gonna show up you definetly have to go as a ghost doll
-Big Neil

| As a ghost, doll* while I admire ghosts and dolls please don't mix them up. -Big Neil

| I'd like to come if I have time. Not sure what to dress up as... honestly sometimes people think my usual outfit is a costume. A friend of mine should be in town by then, so hopefully she'll come too.
>>603497 Hallucination? I haven't seen anyone get called that before.
- SciFox

| >>603507
If you manage to win a costume contest with your usual clothing I'm gonna eat a chair.
bring as many people as you can given the more there are, the less responsibilities I'll have.
-Big Neil

| >>603497
Heh, a ghost doll does sound funny too.
Should I bring snacks?
-Polly Wolderstein

| >>603541 Trust me, I don't expect to win any costumes with my outfit. It's just that my clothes are kind of old-fashioned compared to most people around here. I'll do my best to find a real costume. That shouldn't be hard this time of year.
Egh, it'll probably just be the one person coming with me. I don't really have a whole lot of friends.
- SciFox

| >>603560 Win any prizes.
'win any costumes'. Egh, I need to pay more attention to my typing.
- SciFox

| I think I know who I'm bringing

| >no kids

No promises,ah got one o' dem kids naow. -M9

| No kids huh. -CN

| >>603757
Hey CN!
You're going too?
-Polly Wolderstien

| >>603760
Most likely yeah. -CN

| >>603761

| >>603764
? -CN

| >>603765
Uh, not much for comedy CN?
I could look into a different gift to thank you if you want...

| >>603766
No I am! Things have been pretty busy is all sorry. -CN

| >>603767
Ah, I understand no problem

| >>603768
Cant wait to see you there though! I'll introduce you to my fiance. -CN

| I swear to a thousand gods what is with you people and bringing kids to a party with alcohol, you think I wouldn't fight a caretaker? Oh I will

Snacks, yes, I blew most of the budget on the drink supply so more snacks will do great

-Big Neil

| >>603769
Alright cool!
Candy is on sale so now is my chance >:3

| >>603769
You have a fiance? The geekboy of GC now has a fiance? I'm predicting fanboy uprising about this...

| >>603789



| >>603769
Hot news! I'm glad to hear it, my guy. I'm with Impulse on this one, though...

| >>603879
Sorry to break it to you. -CN

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