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(Setting/Bar) The Hazy Moonlighter

>Open mic night has come around once again at the Moonlighter.
>Everything seems to be the same as it usually is except for one exception
>Nobody seems to be in the building at all, but the door opens.
>the only sound coming from inside is that of an old jukebox in the corner
>As you walk in the lights turn on all at once

| >a gray-haired young man with a cap walks in and almost stumbles from the door opening automatically. It's Liam, carrying his huge guitar case. He then pauses at the quiet...
"Hello? Liz, are you there?"
>He listens intently, grip tightening on the handle of his luggage.

| >Red and his pals are standing guard in some of the less crowded spots and dark corners
>Ziv is drinking something from a canteen

| >>602799
>There's a note near the door that reads

"To Liam and Miro: Go ahead and get started. I'll be there shortly. Press the button on the other side of the counter to start. I'll be there shortly, as I'm taking care of the medical bills of someone who was unfortunate enough to get beaten up by a vending machine. -Liz

P.S.: Red and Co. get free drinks while they're there. Be sure to take care of them"

| >Noticing "Red and co.", Liam makes his way to the back to see about setting up.
"Miro, Liz?"
>He shrugs and feels around the counter for a light switch or tablet.

| >>602831
>your hands find a button that cause the lights behind the counter to all come on
>a small hologram of Liz appears
"Hello Liam. I am an AI that Liz put here to help you out on your first real day. If you have any questions, press the green button beside my lens and I will assist you until Liz arrives."

| >>602803
>Krinkov walks up to the door and reads the note
"I wonder who the unlucky lad was"

>Ziv in the corner nearby heard Krinkov

"Someone got beaten up by a vending machine"
>Krinkov walks back to his corner

>Red walks up to the counter
"Hello, good sir, can I have a Ragnarok please"

| >>602910
"Woah! You sound just like Liz... wait, you aren't playing a prank on me are you? You're not secretly Liz with a hidden camera somewhere?"
>Liam waives his hand in front of him, clipping through the hologram.
"Yeah, sure thing! Let's see if I can remember the recipe right..."
>He mixes up a Ragnarok in the shaker and pours it out. He sets the drink down on the counter.
"You're Red, right? You're still holding down the fort?"

| >>602917
"I am not. i am a copy of her, however. Liz is currently away and should be here shortly"

| >>602917
"Yes, I'm Redford Bell. I'm the security for this place almost full time. So unless the place is close or someone call me to do something else, I will be standing guard here"
>Red take the drink

(If you start a Moonlighter thread, assume there are some random guards from Impulse watching here. If I enter the thread Red and his friends will come and replace the guards. If I haven't replace the guards, you can have control of them)

| (OOC: A while ago I had my character Miro get a job here, but then I got distracted by other things and haven't posted since. Is it okay for me to assume he's been working here and roleplay as such? Sorry if I'm overthinking things.)

| >>602927
(Alright. Will do)

(That's totally fine. Its pretty safe to make the assumption that everyone stayed until close and things were taken care of)

(OOC sidenote: idk if i''ll be able to be on a ton to respond int he next few days as im about to head to the hospital because of some health issues)

| >>603156
(That's fine, get well soon

| >>602923
"...oh, alright then. Um, is there anything I should do in the meantime?"

| >>603171
(thank you}

"Just take care of getting drinks out and keeping the bar clean"

| >>603156 (Thanks. I'll make a post for him soon.
And I really hope you get better soon.)

| >A girl in a white hoodie enters the bar, it's Sulfur's co-worker Mercury
>She seems to be looking for someone

| > Miro was behind the counter. He'd started getting the hang of drink mixing.
>>603267 "Can I help you? Something to drink?"

| >The door slams open once again, and a wild Scotsman appears! He's carrying a rather large object that looks like a nearly two-meters pole that's been crudely wrapped in plastic and cardboard, and leaves it leaning on the wall near the entrance.
>Slowly, he approaches the counter, and sits at one of the stools.
"Evenin', lads. Mah stuff layin' thaur, Ah hope it doesna give ye any trouble, does it?"

| >>603334
"Welcome to the Hazy Moonlighter! Can I get you anything?"
>Liam says as he turns around towards the counter. It looks like he was poking through the bottles on the shelf.

| >Red goes back to his spot next to a counter in the far corner of the bar with his Ragnarok. He takes a sip from the glass and set it on the counter. He then look around with his hands holding his assault rifle, which is currently still on safe

| >>603348
"Aye, let's see... Ye got any whiskey? An' Ah mean th' real thin', nae that American crap Ah keep findin' haur"

| >>603513
"I'll try to find something strong and authentic"
>He says. He looks through the bottles lined up behind the counter. Not finding something suitable, he checks *under* the counter.
>Soon, he pops up with a yellow-tinted bottle of rich liquid and pours a glass of it.
"Here. Apparently it's hand-brewed someplace in the Alps. Can't get more real than that."

| >>603300
>Mercury takes a seat
"A sugar rush please."
>She looks around
"Have you seen a person by the name Redford Bell?"

| >>603587 "I don't think so. If I've seen them I didn't get their name. Do they come here often?"
> He began mixing the drink as he spoke. He wasn't as fast or as sure as a usual bartender, suggesting he may have been new, but the drink was coming out right.

| >>603587
>Red overheard the conversation and walks over.
"Miss, are you looking for me?"

| >>603685
"I-I'm pretty sure, he comes here often."
>She turns to the security guard and hands over a business card
"Recognize this name?"
>On the business card is a name, it reads "Arable Sulfur"

| >>603779
> Miro slides her drink to her across the counter. He didn't say anything, not really wanting to interrupt whatever business they were about to discuss.

| >>603779
"Yes, He contracted me to be his guard for his trip to flooded"
>Red answered
"My guess is he wants me to meet up with him at flooded"

| >>603543
"Aye, that will do fur noo".
>He takes a closer look at Liam's face
"So, Ah've nevar seen yer face before, at least nae behind th' counter. Is ye new haur?"
>He chugs down the whole glass, and lets out a satisfied sigh.
"Another one, will ye?"

| >A walking tower of pizza boxes comes in the door
"Liam, Miro, or whoever, come help me get these. They're a real pain to carry."
>The voice coming from behind the boxes is that of Liz's
"I figured since you guys had to open the place that I would treat everyone to pizza."

| >>603826
"I started recently, though if you're involved in the bounty hunting business, you may have heard my other name. I also go by Patches, 'cause of these"
>He lifts his cap and pushes silvery bangs out of the way to reveal a pair of cloth strips covering where his eyes should be.
>He quickly puts the cap back on and pours another glass of the Alps whiskey.

| >>603847
"Oh! Is that the real Liz over there? Do you need help carrying something? You're footsteps are heavy."
"Here's your drink, sir"
>Liam says as he puts the stopper back on the bottle.

| >>603847 "Right away."
> He came over to help with the boxes, after making sure there wasn't anyone at the counter waiting to be served.
"Pizza? Well that's certainly a great way to welcome someone."

| >>603888
"Yeah it's me. Give me a hand will you?"
>She walks a bit further into the bar
"There are a bunch of different pizzas with a bunch of different toppings. So im sure theres something in there everyone owuld like"
"Mmhmm. Come over and help me and y0ou can have some."

| >>603786
"Right on! Just keep this card with you, he'll contact you via this lil card when he's ready."

| >>604004
"Okay then"
>Red takes the card

| >>603981 > He picked up a stack of boxes and followed Liz to where they were being set down.

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