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bar crawl?

| ane1 interested in going on this?

>a digital flyer is attached to the thread- a garish title of GLITCH CITY BAR CRAWL AND HISTORY TOUR written in "spooky" (if difficult to read) text takes up three fourths of the space, complete with some stock photos of skeletons, coffins, mummies, and other traditionally "Halloween" stuffs. It's set against a backdrop of the Temple Strip- you know the one, at one point it used to have over a dozen bars stuffed next to each other.

Not sure if many of these places are even still open- one got eaten by termites, lmao- but it looks like fun and tbh im kinda lonely.

also! if u go we need to coordinate costumes and the like- i'm prepping mine rn.


| Oh boy hope the spring breakers wont catch wind of this... -CN

| Wiz. Count me in, omae. Haven't been on one of these since I was in school.

Any reason we gotta coordinate costumes, tho? Don't see a theme mentioned here-- or is this just one of those "oh, we match, guess one of us has to go home and change" kinda things?


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GASP! A CN cosplayer! You were reading my mind! :D :D :D :D


lol no, obviously its so we can decide who gets to dress up as what super sentai!

i was thinking a DYNAMOFORCE character but if the HACKERMAN- er, I mean, CN cosplayer would join us <33333 we can just be Justice Wardrobe!

I've been wanting to cosplay Shimapan for awhile!


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Er... sure. -CN

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