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[Weather Event] Spookyween

| The change is gradual at first; you almost don't notice the gently yellowing foliage or the decreasing number of mosquitoes until you step out of the dump you call home one morning, and are met by a frigid blast of cold air.

Fall has arrived to the city that shouldn't exist, and with it the greenery that once stood out among the neon and gray decor is disappearing. Like a sun setting across a vaporwave backdrop, the city is awash with yellows and oranges... the prelude to a long sleep.

Festivities approach- the first annual Glitch City Bar Crawl and Spooktoberfest celebrations are being prepared, and eager children rush to prepare costumes for their own, sickly sweet brand of debauchery.

The forecast is calling for a mild, if chilly, fall season, perfect for Trick or Treating. But remember... there are skeletons everywhere, just waiting to pop out.


| burg


| Spook burg

| spooky angery burg of the death

| burg with glowing insides

| hellish burg

| Skele burg

| I love burg

| I-feel-like-this-shouldn't-have-devolved-to-this-burg

| spookyburg?

| where the hell am i

| spook bööörg

| spooky hose

| Spooki senpi

| Ultra spoopy comfy burg

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This thread is permanently archived