Whispers of Terrors

| Things that go bump in the night.
Nightmares that make you shudder in fear
Things that horrify you to your core.
>Neo Yorkers coming back for Autumn break

| NO!

| Aw shit, not again

| Bring some 120 yen caramels for us on your way back please.

| Why'd you have to go and remind us...


| Yes please, I need some influx of cash. -CN

| >>601272
... How exactly would you benefit from this, CN? Do you flip patties at one of the /burg/er joints around here when you're not helping GC's citizens?


| >>601275
I have a certain business this time of year and that's all I'll divulge here. -CN

| >>601285
Fine, keep your secrets. Those Neo Yorkers tend to have loose lips, so... I'm not sure it'll stay a secret all that long, anyway.


| >>601275
Don't you mean a /hams/?


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