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(Setting): NSFMed at GC, Urgent Care/Walk-in Clinic [Karte 3]

| thank you to everyone who's stuck with this so far; ilu so much. also whoever 'my brain hurts' guy is, please come back we have a room and a doc for you and everything

| >>600261
>Dr. Makube picks up the soggy roll of gauze and wrings it until the solution has touched every fiber of the loosely woven cloth, then removes some cotton tipped applicators and forceps from their packaging.

"... Plug the leak."

>He begins to carefully pack the wound with the soaked gauze, pressing it into each part of the laceration with the cotton buds.

"A little diluted sodium hypochlorite... will go a long way."

>Wait... it really /is/ bleach?!

| >>600263
"Alright. Just hope that my blood's acidic nature doesn't mess with, huh... the base, to say so..."
>She coughs
>This Makube fellow really isn't the most... easy to approach fellow she's ever met

| >>600268
>The surgeon doesn't notice the uncomfortable atmosphere his interesting behavior seems to be creating...

"... That's kind of the point."

>What else are you going to do to patch a wound that's dripping battery acid all over your good hospital floors?!

"... Hmm."

>Dr. Makube stops packing the laceration for a moment, and retrieves a rather lengthy vial from the bedside table.

"I'm going to need a sample."

>Of /what/?!

| >A woman wearing heavy clothing comes into the clinic with the help of a cane. She almost stumbles in her way to the reception.

"Hmm, can anyone help me please? But-t if i'm taking someone's place i can wait."

>Upon closer inspection, she looks augmented up to where her upper lip would be, and a radio looking apparatus taking the place of her mouth allows her to speak.

>She has a scar where the flesh meets the metal that seems to have a serious infection, yet her tone is calm.

| >>600262

> Dusty bears the height joke done so eloquently and is almost moved to respond in kind. But she really wouldn’t even know how, so she defaults to her usual self. At least, S best that she can given her shape.

“Keep talking like that and I’ll have to put you in your place: underneath my rear whe–“

> She cuts herself off, feeling another wave of pain shoot across her chest. Why does it always have to hurt whenever she’s in the middle of a retort?

| >>600274
"Err right..."
>Seeiol coughs
"But huh, why? Don't think you'd need to check my blood or anything to... you know... fix my wound."

| >>600262

> Hazard takes the nurse's hands and squeezes, he strains a bit to get a firm grasp on him.

"Er, I can't remember much. The den, then I went out to eat..."

> He makes a third pause; a blank expression that seems to hide truth.

"The building was on my way back home, I'd stopped becaused I saw someone enter."

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| >>600282
>One of the secretaries not occupied with helping patients or visitors hears the weakened woman asking for assistance, and her jaw drops in shock as she lays eyes on her. Her face is incredibly red and swollen near the site of the infection-- the receptionist would wager it feels like it's burning up, too.

"A-ah, please, just wait a moment, miss--!"

>She scurries out from behind the desk and heads for the ER triage area.

| >>600393
>Alex raises an eyebrow, and is about to retort with something just as crass when Dr. Joga silences him by clearing her throat in the most menacing way she can possibly manage.

"That's enough! Alex, finish setting up, and get back in the fishbowl."

>Alex rolls his eyes, and does as he's told. Dr. Roberts steps forward, and offers a hand to Dusty with a bit of a flourish. Christ.

"Can I help you get up on the table, >>>madam?"

| >Angus twiddles her thumbs and chats with whoevr walks by while she waits for Dr. Edison to come back. She started going over a lost of things she needed to pick up from her suppliers. Which if everything goes well, will be this place soon enough.

| >>600751

> Dusty feels even her own temper get snuffed out by Joga's command. She feels strange, but doesn't really know why. Pissing her off had made Dusty's own "Do not do" list. She eyes Harold suspiciously, not sure what he's up to.

"I think I can still use my legs, but thanks."

> She lightly brushes his hand away, figuring that anything mildly more hostile would rub everyone the wrong way. She sits up on the table, eying the technicians as if asking 'what next?'

| >>600396
>Dr. Makube unscrews the top of the specimen vial to reveal a long, thin rod attached to the underside of the cap. Its end is covered in plastic bristles, making it look like a weird, miniature chimney cleaner or a bottle brush.

"You're right... I don't need to check your blood."

>The surgeon carefully puts traction on the skin just outside the borders of the laceration, exposing some tissue that hasn't been hit with the Dakin's solution, yet.

"... I need your skin."

| >>600802
>He runs the brush over her (now visible) dermis... if she even has one. The girl has acid flowing through her veins, and slits in her arms that aren't the one she sustained in her fall. It'd be unwise to assume that she's got layers to her integument like a human does. The brush is twirled a few times, and is then withdrawn as Makube inserts it back into the vial, submerging it in culture medium. He hums to himself, apparently satisfied.

"... That will suffice."

| >>600562
>As the officer loosens his grasp on Chien's hands and (somewhat unreliably) traces his steps back through the dizzying days leading up to his hospitalization, the nurse decides to forego the rest of the neuro exam in favor of solving this growing mystery. Even if it's fake-- if the guy can confabulate, and make it sound half-believable-- he's probably not all that fucked up brain-wise.

"You thought they were trespassing, and decided to investigate?"

| >>600802
"Oh... I see... err... right..."
>Seeiol shifts uncomfortably in her seat, good thing she took those painkillers, else she'd probably be bawling from the pain of having something jabbed in her wound

| >>601010
"So... we're done?"
>Seeiol asks apprehensively

| >>600807

"Y-Yes, Trespassing..."

> He holds onto that word, the haze in his eyes not giving away any answers.

"Am... How long have I been here?"

> He lets loose that sign of fatigue, he's already lost track of time, and possibly everything else fairly quickly.

| >>600755
[NSFMed at GC, Orthopedics Department]

>Dr. Edison steps out into the Ortho waiting area, sighing as he tries to clear his mind of the dumpster fire of a "consult" that just transpired in Exam Room 6. He gives Dr. Angus a half hearted wave and clears the look of defeat from his face as he reunites with the crystal-limbed clinician.

"Sorry for the wait. Didn't think it was gonna take so long... sometimes my resident tends to overthink things, unfortunately."

| >>601279
"Don't we all every now and then?"
>Angus smiles and shrugs. She's the biggest candidate for overthinking, what with Zero in her head and other particularly important things to be worried about.
"Let's pick up where we left off Doctor. Showing me around."
>She stretches a bit to be ready for walking around.


| >>600747
"Sure... thank you darling."
>She answers while sitting down in the nearest chair.
>She lays her cane in her thigh, leans back and closes her eyes letting out a relieved sigh.

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| >>600791
>Dr. Roberts' heart falls as Dusty rejects his gentlemanly advances-- despondent, he turns in place and does a pathetic looking shuffle back towards the suite's viewing area. Dr. Joga grumbles, and follows in her residents footsteps-- leaving Dusty with only Alex by her side. He grins.

"Lie down; otherwise you'll whack your head off the machine I load you in. Wouldn't want to shake those last two brain cells loose."


| *whack your head off the machine >>>when I load you in

| >>601739

> Dusty knows an insult when she hears it, and she definitely did this time. The colour rises to her cheeks and she instinctively swings her fist at Alex’s chest. The soreness leaves her unable to use her full strength, but she gives enough that the asshole will know that messing with her is a losing game. Her fist is but a blur.

“Oh, you should worry about you, not me. I’m sure a baby like you needs all the help they can get.

> She sounds as if she did nothing at all

| >>601745
>Alex recoils from the impending blow as soon as he sees Dusty winding up-- but, he's not fast enough to escape her fury. She lands a pretty good one right below his left collarbone, leaving him clutching at his chest for a second while he tries to collect the wind that was knocked out of him.

"Wh--What the fuck?!"

>He turns quickly towards the booth, hollering at the attending:

"Isobel, I think she's >>>sundowning!!"

>Will you give the grandma jokes a rest, already?!

| >>601012
>Dr. Makube responds with a nod and a mysterious sounding hum as he pockets the sample, then clicks the "call" button on the remote control plugged into the bay's wall. A soft chime begins to sound, and a light just outside the doorway begins to flash on and off in rhythm with the melody.

"... For now, yes."

>Marcille appears, summoned by the bell, and the surgeon mutters something to her before he takes his leave.

| >>601079
>Chien seems a little disappointed as good ol' reliable hospital delirium begins to affect Felix's perception of time. The man's fatigue only serves to make it worse-- what he needs right now is rest, but the RN is a little hesitant to let the officer "sleep this one off," so to speak.

"... It's been about an hour, maybe an hour and a half. You, um... you arrested basically the second we roomed you, and... we've been working on you since."

>"Arrested." Get it? Ha, ha.

| >>601287
>Dr. Edison nods solemnly, and waits for Dr. Angus to finish her twisting and turning before they set off down the hallway once more.

"... So, you specialize in cybernetics? Application of prostheses? Tell me a little bit more about your past work, Dr. Angus."

>They pass by the PT/OT lab, which is only a stone's throw away from the Orthopedics department-- a convenient place for the bone-sawing surgeons to see their work in action.

| >>601619
>The secretary returns mere seconds after she left, a short, old woman hobbling behind her as fast as her legs will allow. She's out of breath by the time she catches up to the clerk and the woman with the cane.

"Miss, this is... Ella. She's one of the nurses here; she works in our ER. Please let her take a look at you."

>Ella nods wordlessly, and smooths back several strands of gray hair that have untucked themselves from the tight bun she wears on the back of her head.

| >>601887
>She looks on as the doctor leaves the room
>Alright Seeiol, try to keep calm, look cool, you're not confused
>So... what now? Seeiol coughs and holds her arm

| [NSFMed UC, Check-In/Waiting Area]

>The MA calling David's name motions to him frantically, tucking his tablet under his arm and waving the man toward's UC's entrance with both hands.

"Come on, come on, I have to get you in a room--!"

>He looks over his shoulder a few times as he waits for David to join him where he stands... actually, "waits" is generous; he looks like the type to just scamper off if his patient takes even a fraction of a second too long to get up.

| >>601896
>Good thing David can speedwalk. I hear sometimes he runs too, but in more appropriate settings. "Uh, yeah-"
>Why the rush? He doesn't understand, but he doesn't want to turn anything he's involved in into a slogfest. In no time at all he's there.

| >>601893
"It's a pleasure to meet you Ella, you can call me Molly."

>She gets up from the chair with a bit of trouble and fixes her collar.

"Too bad we needed to meet in a situation like this... Well, lead the way."

| >>601885

> Dusty isn’t quite sure what he meant, but she tries to get her body ready for the second hit. Unfortunately, the strain of her core tensing in preparation gets her chest to feel like she just took a hit of her own. Her body seizes up. She begins to cough from the pain flooding her torso.

“You’re SO lucky I’m on a handicap or I’d make you eat your words, kisama.”

> She hisses through gritted teeth. She definitely is pissed at something right now

| >>601895
>Marcille dutifully begins to pick up the mess Dr. Makube left behind in his haste to get to Dermatology. She eyes Seeiol with concern, looking from her bloodied arm, to the young woman's face.

"Some cut you got there, miss. Don't think I've ever seen any sort of wound closure glue that's pink like that before-- one of Makube's weird experimental treatments, I'm guessing?"

>Marcille asks as if she had expected the surgeon to actually discuss treatment with his patient.

| >>602078
"Err... no, that's my blood..."
>Seeiol gives a stiff smile, showing somewhat sharper teeth than one would expect from a normal patient
"Your colleague is very... huh, he, sure keeps to himself..."

| >>601919
>Ella offers Molly an arm so she can keep herself upright as they travel to the ER-- yes, I said the ER. The charge nurse only had to make a passing glance at the woman on her way over to the circulation desk to determine where she should send her-- placement comes first, them's the rules.

"Likewise, Molly... take your time now, okay?"

>Ella's 6th sense, that well-honed "nursing intuition", is shouting to her that Molly is riding express train to Sepsis-ville.

| >>601940
>Alex rolls his eyes, and heaves an exasperated sigh. For some reason, these girls with short fuses are a /lot / less fun to light up after you learn the hard way that they have no qualms about exploding and melting your fucking face off.

"Alright, I get it... you mean business or whatever. Lie down on the table so I can thread your ass through this thing, and then kick it out the door."

>Hmmm... do I detect a note of... sour grapes in this fine wine...?

| >>602212
"I appreciate it but you don't need to help me, I'm not that-t... I'm..."

>Molly's Pace slows down as she mumbles until it reaches a halt, she loses a bit of footing and leans on Ella. It takes a moment for her to regain composure.

"Okay... There goes my blood pressure, maybe I do need some help after all. Sorry for that darling."

| >>602214

> This Guy really just wanted to push Dusty’s buttons. And rather than take the smart option and just let it go, she keeps up pressure on her end. She coughs a bit, trying her best to project her voice further

“Gods, you really know how to make a girl want to hate you right? I would be impressed if it didn’t mean I admired it.”

> Dusty, was that a sneak insult or a compliment? Her tone was definitely insulting and she was trying to get others to hear but...


| >>601891
>Angus' grinds to a halt. Past work? Her notable past work was tearing Lilim's apart in the name of homicidal bigotry. But...
"Well I've completely rebuilt almost 12 Lilim from mere scraps. My girlfriend got one of her arms and legs blown off, so I made her these super slick prosthetics that I regularly maintain. I also maintain the Fox unit you may have seen around here. He's pretty much my adopted son at this point."
>She pulls a picture from her wallet for each point.

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| >>601888

>Ah... Haha.. ha.

"O-oh... I see... Erhm... Okay."

>The officer seems to become uncomfortable. Upset with himself in his failure of time keep, he remains quiet for a good second. He takes a gaze and locks it to the nurse.

"Is... Is it noticeable?"


| >>602262
>Ella ducks to the side and kind of guide's Molly's fall as the woman stumbles and her feet threaten to go out from under her. It's not an easy catch-- Ella's still recovering from a badly broken hip she'd sustained during the blackout-- only recently did she stop needing a third leg for support like Molly does. Good golly--

"No need to feel bad, Miss Molly. You need me to grab a wheelchair? There's no shame in taking a load off when you really need to."

| >>602665
"Even if I could bring myself to accept that, this body isn't exactly light. I'm the only one that can and should carry my own weight... In more ways than one..."

>The frustration in that comment is diluted a bit as she speeds up ahead, looks back and says in a way unfitting for someone who is sick and probably in pain.

"Come on, the longer we take the worse, don't let age dictate everything darling."

| >>602317
>The tech grumbles and laces his fingers together, locking knuckles as he fights the impulse to shove her into the scanner and hope she doesn't shoot right out the other side.

"Can you save the part where you fight with yourself over whether or not you wanna get my digits until after the CT?"

>Alex wiggles his fingers as he says this, training a keen eye on Dusty. Was he just talking about his phone number? Making a joke about how Dusty's gonna catch these hands? Or...

| >>602671

> Dusty can't see what he's doing, mostly because just looking at him might set her off. But she /knows/ that he's got to mean something else judging by how said it. She momentarily wonders if this thing could tell her blood pressure was spiking from being unable to let off steam.

"You fucker, I just want to get this over and out. I will be back to break /your/ ribs if you keep this up."

> She keeps her voice loud, hoping he gets scared and runs off like the other guy

| >Suddenly, the man who barged in the reception shouting that his head ached wakes up from his trance.
>I mean, his brain seems pretty fucked up. Let him have it.
>He looks up, and gives a crazed look to the furthest person.
"MY NAME! My name is... GUMBY! Prof. R.J. Gumby!"
>He points at his gumboots, as if it was somewhat ordinary to have your surname deriving from some kind of footwear.

| >>602079
>Marcille doesn't miss the overly toothy grin, but she seems unphased-- there's plenty she's seen in this ER that she could consider more threatening. John pulling a gun on her is high up there on this list; a couple of extra canines doesn't really come close to touching that.

"... Dr. Makube's kind of... on his own little planet, sometimes, yeah."

>Welcome to Earth, where the inhabitants are often less human than the... visiting aliens.

| >>602510
>Chien blinks, confused.

"Is... Is >>>what noticeable, Mr. Hazard?"

>The fact that earlier, his heart failed to do its job for a solid 7 minutes? Well... yeah, that's noticeable, considering the guy's hooked up to an array of monitors that would rival the number mounted on a hacker's wall. The nurse assumes initially that this is what the officer is referring to-- his fatigue and weariness-- but something's... off.

| >>602386
>Dr. Edison studies the photos carefully, gazing at the image of Angus' girlfriend and her new limbs noticeably longer than the others.

"... You >>>made these? Did you install them, also?"

>His eyes trace the shape of each, examining closely. After a few more moments, he speaks-- still very interested, but with his enthusiasm cooled slightly.

"... Do you have any sort of familiarity with non-custom prosthetics? Those we might use in a hospital like this?"

| >>602670
>Ella raises her eyebrows in surprise, but doesn't argue with her patient. Were she completely recovered, she'd probably zipping along at a similar pace. She catches up to Molly, and guides her into the ER, stopping only to glance at the assignment board. People are constantly being transferred onto and out of the unit, so there must be something open...


>Bay 1 is closest. Let's not make the poor woman schlep any further. Ella turns right.

| >>602890
>Molly continues to walk along with Ella with a pensive look, she sucks her teeth... Or at least simulates the noise she would make if she could do that...

"I hope I can get out of here soon... I don't feel all too comfortable in hospitals, or even near them honestly. Plus there is someone who is probably quite worried for me by now..."

| >>602878
>Angus looks proud.
"Of course I made them! Anything for my Dahk!"
>She beams.
"I had to install them too, yes. It was my first time actually doing it. But Dahk trusted me. I went to a ton of different medical schools for around 9 years? I'm always studying and applying stuff."
>She tucks the pictures back into her wallet.
"I don't have experience working with non customs, but I have no doubt I'd be able to work on them."
>Angus punches her palm, determined.

| >>602876
"It sure seemed that way, so... how long until they can plug my wound? I fear that my painkillers might run out..."
>Seeiol looks at her watch

| >>602877

> Immediately the officer points to his eyes, a quick reveal that he himself knows his appearance is off already.

"I, well. I can tell you're not understanding well. They can, I mean."


| >>602918
>Ella helps Molly over to the side of the room's gurney, locking the wheels in place so the woman can sit without having it go out from under her. She starts grabbing vitals, working quickly to get her patient hooked up to one of the room's monitors.

"... Good..."

>Ella pulls up a chair, and seats herself roughly, facing Molly.

"... Tell me why you let it get this bad, Molly."

| >>603351
"Well... There was what I'll call an accident, that lead me to get like this..."

>Molly raises her arms letting her jacket's sleeves fall, showing more of her mechanical body.

"...And due to the nature of the process I've had complications ever since, hence why I need that cane. This infection just adds to the list."

"Now the reason for me taking so long to get treated this time... Is simply because somewhere along the way I lost my drive to seek self preservation."

| >>602924
>Hm. Never worked on mass produced or widely available models, huh? That's a minus. Custom work's impressive-- designing it and taking responsibility for hooking it all up and maintaining it doubly so-- but in a hospital, the only part of augments or prosthetics that's "customized" is the fit.


>Dr. Edison does like her confidence, though.

"Where'd you study? What, specifically? Did you sub-specialize, at all?"

>Time to start reading the fine print on this one...

| >>603007
>Marcille raises her eyebrows and bites the inside of her cheek as she tries to maintain a neutral expression. Oh, you sweet summer child...

"I can ask the nurse to get you some more medication, miss, that's easy-- tellin' you how long it's gonna take Makube to get back down here, though?"

>She starts straightening the sheets on Seeiol's gurney.

"... I got a better chance of hitting the >>>lottery than answering>>>that question right."

>And, welcome to the ER.

>Dr. Susanne Maddox, who has essentially suspended her entire session to evaluate this space case, nearly dumps her 3rd cup of coffee (the third she's had since Dustin Hoffman's "Brain Man" got wheeled into UC) all over her lap as the man suddenly leaps from his chair. Just when she'd thought this guy looked lifeless enough to turn into a piece of office furniture...


>Still makes a nice conversation piece, though, right?

| >>603023
>Oh. OH. Wait-- he /knows/ there's something going on with his eyes?!

"Uh... um..."

>Chien lowers his voice.

"... Y-yeah, though... I-I think I'm the only one who really >>>saw..."

>He looks around the bay, which has slowly continued to empty as the minutes have ticked by, leaving himself and only a few other staff behind.

"... What's... why do they >>>look like that, Mr. Hazard...?"

| >>603567
>Oh fuck... this is gonna be a long trip, huh? And Seeiol even forgot to phone her boss, she's gonna get shanked...
"Hmmm... sure, I'd like some more painkillers..."
>Why the hell does this hospital even hire someone like Dr.Makube? He seems to her more fit for the loony bin...


| >>603373
>The charge nurse listens quietly, nodding along as Molly explains herself. All types from all walks of life end up in this ER-- and, being here for quite some time, Ella feels like there's not one she hasn't encountered before.

"Oh, Molly..."

>Solve a problem... create another one. Such is the cost that comes with prosthetics, and in Molly's case, it seems she had no choice but to ante up.

"What or who got you to finally come in?"

| >>603778
"Definitely a who, his name is Victor. After the incident he gave me a place to settle... He's also the one that made me like this. Here..."

>Molly reaches into her jacket, takes out a compass with a yellow star sticker stuck on it. There is a small photo hidden in a crevasse which she shows to Ella.

>The photo is of a middle aged cat boomer with white hair, he has a distinct smug smile.

"...That does also mean he takes care of any technical complications I might get."

| >>603563
>Angus smiles smugly. Her favorite question. Now she can add more to it.
"I studied at two separate medical schools fully graduating and getting all my certs to do surgery on humans and lilims. After that I studied augs but never really got into it. I know a guy who loves augs, but they just aren't my thing. ANYWAY..."
>Angus keeps rambling, dumping info on poor Edison. She had so much to brag about, and now it was actually relevant to say.

| >>602673
>>>"Cut the shit, Alex!!"

>Dr. Joga's voice rings throughout the imaging suite, causing Alex to jam his hands over his ears and wince. He whips his head around to see the radiologist standing menacingly over her desk, palm planted firmly on the mic switch. There's a startled and rather effeminate sounding "eeek!!" audible in the background, and Dr. Roberts can be seen cowering off to the side of the viewing room, not wishing to earn his attending's ire.

| >>603570
"ARE YOU... The brain specialist? Do you have pretty begonias in here?"
>He looks at Doctor Maddox, expecting an answer.

| >>603575
>If Seeiol had aired her grievances about Makube to Marcille, she wouldn't have disagreed or defended him-- but at the same time, she might have told the woman that this hangtime is no fault of the doctors-- this is the nature of healthcare-- as it was, as it has been, and... probably as it shall ever be, even with the continuing technological advances in the field. Hurry up, and wait.

| >>603784
>Squinting at the photograph, Ella can't help but greet Victor's smug smile with a smirk of her own as the boomer comes into focus. Everyone's got someone to rely on... this is Molly's "someone," huh?

"I assume he's the one that's worried sick about you being here?"

>... Here, the best place you can be in when your face looks like it may burst at its literal seams. The nurse understands his concern, but to some extent she feels as though it's... misdirected.

| >>603796
>Dr. Edison follows along quietly, throwing Angus a quick nod or an affirmative grunt every so often to let her know she hasn't totally lost him somewhere amidst her recitation of her resume. He comes screeching to a halt when she gets to the part about not being interested in augments-- mentally, not physically of course. As they continue their leisurely stroll, he interjects.

"'Aren't your thing'? And, that's because...?"

>He waits for Angus to finish his sentence.

| >>603964
>Alex makes a noise indicative of disgust in the back of his throat. Is it in Joga's job description to always take the /patient's/ side of these spats? The tech chooses to ignore the fact that... yeah, it definitely /is/ in her job description-- and it's in his, too.

"Alright, alright..."

>He hits the button to load Dusty into the machine with the side of his fist-- and when I say "hits," I mean "comes just short of putting a dent in the scanner's wall."

| >>604103
>"Boss Lady" watches as her assistant storms towards hers and Dr. Roberts' current place of residence in an impressive huff. As he trudges past his two teammates to his seat at the end of the long desk, the radiologist-in-training raises an eyebrow at Alex, giving him a look that says "serves you right".

"... Fuck off, Roberts."

"What? I didn't say anything! Did I >>>say something, Dr. Jo--"

"Slam it, the >>>both of you!!"

>... Yes, mom.

| >>603990
>Dr. /Suzanne Mattox/ (whose name the author misspelled because they were just as surprised as she was to see the professor come to life) regains control of her coffee cup, before beginning her attempts to do more or less the same with Gumby. Nobody wants a stark raving mad patient in their exam room.

"I... am a specialist, yes."

>She curses herself for ever telling Max that she did an extensive psych rotation during her residency. If only that Walker guy was here...

| >>601916
[NSFMed UC, Check-In/Waiting Area]

>The frantic medical assistant grabs David by the upper arm, and pulls him into the exam area, ducking and weaving between staff as he does some high-knees down the hall.

"'Scuse me-- ahh, pardon me-- Collin's patient, gotta move--"

>Everyone he passes seems irritated at first, but after a few seconds they all have a look of understanding and... is that... pity (?) on their faces. There's murmuring:

"Collin has an add-on, huh...?"

| [Orthopedics Department, Exam Room 6]

>With Dr. Rose having taken her leave, Ryan waits alone to be escorted downstairs by one of Ortho's select few MAs. The room is quiet again, and there's not much more for the PI to do than reflect on his actions until a knock sounds at the door.

"Ryan? It's Etta-- may I come in, please?"

>She sounds just as uneasy as she did when she dropped him off in here...

| >>604111
"Um, yes. Please come in!"
>Ryan replies back

| >>604112
>Etta opens the door slowly, poking her head through the crack and gawking at the man before taking a few hesitant steps towards where he sits upon the table.

"Dr. Rose... wanted me to bring you downstairs for a chest x-ray. A-are you ready to leave?"

>She fidgets uncomfortably, and can't seem to look him in the eye.

| >>604113
"Sure! Though... are you okay? You seem troubled by something."

| >>604110
>David is lead along like one might drag a potato sack. If one had legs and the decency to be helpful, that is. He follows closely on his own merit but he's really only a passenger on this ride and an observer to many mixed emotions.
>Maybe once he's.. Wherever he's supposed to be he won't be privy to talk about the position he's put himself in.

| >>604102
>Angus coughs.
"Wellll... 'Not my thing' I say when I maintain them. The guy I know creates augs. As in, whole new versions. I was never one for inventing Augs. Certain incidents have made me leery about seeing just how far you can push what's maybe limited for a reason."
>She readjusts her glasses.
"Though in the case of medical purposes, solutions must be found."
>She turns to Dr. Edison.
"What say you about the morality of augs, sir?"
>She looks with an analytic intent.

| >>604114
>Etta rubs one of her shoulders and fixes her eyes on the animated screensaver of the computer in the corner.

"She... she, um..."

>The MA's voice quiets to a whisper.

"... She seemed really mad..."

>Mad enough to tell her assistant that what took place in Room 6 for the last 45 minutes was an interrogation, and /not/ an examination?

"... I'm not used to seeing her that way."

| >>604117
>Oh ho! Now, /here's/ something he wasn't expecting-- well, wasn't expecting to be brought up by /her/. Dr. Angus kind of beat him to the punch on this one: usually during his interviews, Dr. Edison throws some vague query about the blurring line between augs and prosthetics into his mix of questions.


>Is she asking whether or not he thinks the use of augmentations is ethically sound?

| >>604115
>With David in tow, the MA darts into the first empty room available to him: Room 5, which (judging by the disinfectant that's still drying on the table) was only vacated literal seconds ago. He slaps the BP cuff on David, and does... /something/ with it that seems far too brief to actually yield some numbers. Ripping the device off, he jots down some... questionable values. This guy's good-- seems he can gauge a temp and a pulse by just /looking/at the patient.!

| >>604121
>She folds her arms a tad annoyed.
"Yes sir, Morality. What's the line you refuse to cross at this clinic, involving augs? And why?"
>She brushes her hair to the side. Expectantly.

| >>604124
>Dr. Edison is silent for a moment or two as he gets his thoughts in order. He exhales deeply, preparing for the debate that may end up following his answer.

"... >>>Morality... refers to one's>>>personal principles and beliefs, Dr. Angus. Often unchanging, inflexible, very black and white, and by no means rational...>>>Morality has little to no place in medicine."

>His tone is very solemn and matter-of-fact, despite the almost snide-sounding wording.

| >>604123
>The ride does not truly stop when you get off, it seems. David watches the process he's thrown into with a hint of awe and all the awkward stillness of a mannequin.
>Oops. He didn't mean to say that, would rather not interrupt, and is very glad that came out quieter than it could have been. It takes him even longer to stop looking like he's been jabbed in the armpits.

| >>604096
>Molly takes a look at the picture herself, it's subtle due to half of her face being cold metal. But you can notice a sense of peace in her expression...

"Yeah, I think he still holds a feeling of responsibility for all that happened. Truth is there wasn't much he could've done..."

>She puts the compass back into her jacket.

"...But in any case, it would be a disservice to him if I gave up, so here I am. I think I needed to remind myself of that, thank you darling."

| >>604126
>The MA gives David one last once-over-- he's breathing, right? Yeah, yeah-- he's breathing. The guy is... /definitely/ alive... or, he's just a really good faker. Y'know, in this fucking dumpster fire of a city, it could be either.

"O-okay, uhh... y-you're David, right? David >>>Foster? T-there were two 'David's on Collin's schedule today..."

>... You're only checking to see if you've got the right guy /now/?!

| >>604129
>Far from me to question the particulars of GC, we skip straight past the fat and into the thick of it.
"Yeah.. That's /me/,"
>David says slowly, deliberately. In case it goes in one ear and out the other. He gives the MA a little nod as extra reassurance.

| >>604130
>The medical assistant shifts his gaze quickly from his tablet, to David, and back to his tablet-- eyeballing his patient's chart. His eyes scan the text a few times, and you'd swear from his panicked expression he'd found hieroglyphics having replaced what he'd punched in earlier.

"O-okay, and... and you're here because..."

>Another look down at his useless notes. Might as well dispense with the pleasantries and just be blunt:

">>>Why are you>>>here?"

| >>604125
"I like you Doc."
>Angus smiles. Proud of him almost. Didn't know him, but his moral grayness was interesting.
"Now tell me, did you practice that definition, or did you come up with that on the spot? That was very well spoken."
>Angus smiles broadly and holds herself back from clapping for him.

| >>604093
>Seeiol winces a little
"Oh yeah... this is starting to sting..."
>She wipes her blood on her clothes... good thing she wore red today...

| >>604104

> Even Dusty recoils slightly, ducking her head down at the sudden noise and for fear of thrown objects. Joga isn’t just the leader, she’s their absolute commander, she decides. At least she got her wish in the scanner moving, which she’s not sure how to react to.

“Thank you Doctor Joga. You are a saint. This isn’t going to take long, right?”

> Dusty inhales deep and holds her breath... for some reason. Her brain just tells her it’s the logical thing to do at this time

| >>604108
"Doctor, you see... I was on the English TV arranging flowers, then my brain started hurting. A lot."
>He stares into the void for a couple of seconds, then looks back at Dr. Mattox.
"I went to the doctor, but the doctor wasn't good, and he checked my other brain, not the one in the head. Can you help me?"

| >>604132
>Dr. Edison smirks as he rubs the bridge of his nose, shaking his head at... himself? This job candidate? It's unclear who this subtle display of derision is directed at.

"... Likewise."

>Good show, Dr. Angus.

"Practiced? Yes-- in front of my bathroom mirror? No. This sort of discussion is one a former... >>>colleague and I had... very frequently."

>He's loath to call Roy a "colleague." Although, now that he's not here, Max can kind of call him whatever he wants...


| >>604118
"Oh... I see."
>Ryam frowns
"I apologize if I could you some unneeded stress."

| >>604465
"Well rest assured you won't have that discussion with me!"
>She stands proud.
"I realize this is my interview, but I'm a woman of many questions on an endless pursuit for more knowledge."
>She flips her hair.
"Shall we continue our walk?"

| >>604310
"A >>>saint? Isobel, how much did you fucking pay that ditzy NP upstairs to have her patients say shit like>>>this about you?!"

>Alex huffs from his corner at the attending, who simply shrugs and says:

"It's in our best interest not to accuse our patients of being disingenuous, Alex."

>The tech glowers at Dr. Joga, scoffing as he goes to hit the button that activates his mic--

">>>Wait, Alex! Can>>>I be the one to tell Dusty how the procedure will... ehm, proceed?"

| >>605253
>Dr. Roberts has his hand raised and everything-- which looks... really stupid when the person whose attention you're trying to get is sitting two seats down from you.

"Oh, for fuck's sake-- give it a >>>rest, Harry--"

>Dr. Joga smacks the table with her palm, and after glaring daggers into Alex, she turns to her resident.

"I think that's a wonderful idea, Dr. Roberts. It's never a bad idea to strengthen your bedside manner."

"Oh, you >>>wound me, Isobel..."

| >>605254
>Alex rolls his eyes. She's only letting the guy do this because it's one of the few things he can't /possibly/ screw up. Dr. Roberts has proven himself pretty inept as a resident-- his reads are all over the place. There's a saying: "if the radiology resident and a medical student both see a lesion on the chest X-ray, there can be no lesion there." Alex is convinced that Dr. Roberts is the sole reason this adage exists. He pushes to talk.

"... Harry's gonna fill you in."

| >>605255

> Dusty exhales and coughs a bit, both from the soreness in her chest and from the damage all of her smoking has done. She figured the scanning had already started

"Oh, I thought it was already going on. So I held my breath for basically nothing? What's going on??"

> She was sort of yelling, as she had no idea how well they could even hear her. Poor Dusty, being so lost in the world of actual healthcare

| >>604127
>The crow's feet around Ella's eyes make a rare appearance as she smiles at Molly. Good. That flame's still lit. Now, to make sure she's not burning up from the inside out...

"Let's get a line in you, Miss Molly. We'll take a little blood, give you some fluids--"

>She begins emptying her pockets looking for a kit she can start an IV with. There's gotta be one in here somewhere-- tape, alcohol swabs, finger lancets, surgical lubricant-- it's like nursing Christmas...


| >>604431
"Your... other brain, you say?"

>Dr. Mattox crosses and uncrosses her legs, starting to become intrigued. Don't get her wrong-- she's still pissed at Max-- but perhaps this will prove to be a more productive office visit than she'd thought.

"I will do nothing less than my best to help you... professor. Is there anything in particular you remember happening right before you began to experience pain?"

>She'll certainly have some stories to tell in the elevator, at least.

| >>605458
"Let me help you with that... Now where was it anyway?..."

>Molly runs her hand along her arm looking for something until...
>...One of the many metal plates in her arm opens up to the side, there is a compartment underneath it with 8 tiny holes.

"That's what Vic uses for IVs, it's the closest we will get to exposed flesh, just stick the needle in one of those, it should work... I think."


| >>604680
>The energy this woman possesses is nothing short of impressive-- Dr. Edison gets the feeling that Angus would boost site productivity were she to join their team.

"Yes, let's."

>As the two clinicians continue their stroll down the hall, Dr. Edison decides to voice another question that's been kicking around in his head; one that both he and the higher-ups here would consider important.

"Have you considered lending your talents to... research at all, Dr. Angus?"

| >>605849
"All I do is research, Mister Edison."
>Angus meant a lot more than what would meet the eye in this case. Her arms were evidence/results of grotesque amounts of research.
"I'm married to my wife, but cheat on her with research. Sometimes I get scared of the things I have the potential to uncover. But my bragging about it all is unparalleled."
>She giggles a bit and then looks at Dr. Edison with overflowing amounts of pride in herself.

| >>604666
>Etta's expression hardens for a split second, and she tears her previously averted gaze away from the desk monitor to look Ryan in the eye. She speaks to him rather firmly, that mumble from before gone without a trace:

"I think it's >>>her you should be apologizing to, Ryan, not me."

>The MA doesn't know this man, but... part of her believes that he /would/ apologize, given the chance. Just the sort of feeling he gives off, she supposes.

"Please collect your things."

| >>606058
>He wordlessly picks up his stuff from next to his seat and silently follows Etta

| >>605596
>Oh. Oh, wow. The hospital's access team would either faint out of shock, kidnap Molly for research purposes or take a knee and desperately propose to Victor if they saw this beautiful assortment of ports on the woman's arm. Do flesh and blood humans even /have/ that many points on their arm to stick a needle in? Eenie, meenie, minie, moe...

"Let's give lucky number 7 a try."

>Ella gets started trying to put in a line.

| >>606280
>When the needle reaches halfway inside, it gets sucked in by something until its fully inserted, it looks pretty stable in place. Other than that it seemed like a normal procedure.

>Molly grunts as it goes in.
"Lucky number 7... I don't know if i should be happy that he's not the only one that makes that joke."


| >>605338
"Yo, pipe down in there, omae! We can hear you just fine, there's a mic inside the wall of the scanner..."

>Dusty notices something on the ceiling above her swivel slightly.

"We got you on cam, too, in case... anything went wrong, or whatever."

>How very reassuring, Alex! It's about now that Dr. Roberts decides to step in...

"Ah, w-welcome to our imaging suite, Miss Dusty! I hope you've been enjoying your stay, so far-- having you as our guest has been >>>scantastic!"

| >>606463
>Alex gags and then stifles a laugh; Dr. Joga groans. It takes a Herculean effort not to roll her eyes at her resident-- she'd rather not let on that she's already regretting her decision to let him handle this part of the exam.

"I'd tell you to relax and put your feet up, but it looks like you've already beaten me to it, haha!"

>Is he reading this off a teleprompter? Cue cards? What the fuck? Maybe he rehearses this shit at home to anyone who who'll listen...

| "We haven't quite started back here, but lucky for you, you're already doing what you're supposed to-- sitting there and looking pretty!"

>Dr. Roberts chirps enthusiastically into the mic, and Dusty can hear a "thump", followed by an exasperated growl that sounds like it belongs to Alex. Were she able to peer behind his monitor, she'd see that he's plunked his head down on the desk, and is muttering to himself.

| >>604131
>If restating his apparent ailment wasn't all part of the process, David would be none the wiser.
"I'm pretty sure.. No uh, /very/ sure I sprained my wrist."
>He indicates his left arm by holding it out. He's stiff with his movement, probably trying not to aggravate it.
"That's all."
>He clears his throat.

| >>606466

> Dusty groans upon hearing such canned dialogue. Not out of anger or frustration or anything. Rather, what little she knew about him probably pointed to him wanting to use it from the start. At least he’s earnest with trying to be funny. Unlike that asshole, Alex.

“You might be a total dork, but at least you’re not blind. And thanks for being an actual NICE FUCKING PERSON, I THINK.”

> she totally wasn’t trying to hurt someone else’s ears. Nope. Not at all.



| >>606339
>Ella raises her eyebrows in surprise, and pulls back on the syringe she's screwed onto the extension tubing to see if she can get some blood return. The lab still squawks if they flush the line before drawing off of it, even though the equipment they use to analyze nowadays able better able to account for this having been done when the samples are run through.

"You'll have to have him meet us when you're well, Molly."


| >>606903
>Molly gets a bit more comfortable in her gurney after that initial doubt has passed, she has definitely gone through this process many times before, and her familiarity signals a successful recreation.
>The withdraw goes smoothly.

"I'm sure he would be glad to, he is quite passionate about what he does, but i think his knowledge of this body might turn out err... A bit disappointing."

| >>605971
>Dr. Edison's eyes threaten to bulge out of his head as Dr. Angus nearly admits to infidelity-- right in the middle of what's become (through discussion of philosophy, past work, and fields of interest) a formal interview. He's relieved when she coyly states her mistress is the ever-noble pursuit of knowledge... this could have become very uncomfortable, very quickly.

"Do you involve others in your studies, Dr. Angus? Have a team you work with, or something?"


| >>606482
>The MA nods frantically, looking more like a bobblehead figurine than a person as he scribbles down one last thing on his tablet, muttering to himself.

"... probably gonna want an x-ray..."

>Without so much as a farewell, he does a quick 180 and walks straight out the door, slamming it closed behind him. Yikes. David now sits alone in Exam Room 5, waiting for... what was this guy's name again--Jeckyll?-- to arrive.

| >>606493
>Alex mumbles something bitterly from the corner of his mouth.

>"She's /capable/ of /thought/?"

>Luckily, he's too far out of range for Dr. Roberts' mic to pick him up-- but not enough that Harold himself doesn't hear him. He squints at the tech, resolving to tattle on Alex to Dr. Joga later.

"The test will take about 15 to 20 minutes. During that time, we'll be taking different pictures of your ribcage. I hope you're ready for your close up!"

>Oh, dear lord...

| >>607420
"Earlier, you'd mentioned holding your breath-- we may have you do this a few times to reduce motion artifact that might affect our reading of your scan. Gotta make sure we get your good side, after all-- right, Miss Dusty?"

>He giggles at his own stupid joke, then gasps in surprise, as if there was something important he just remembered.

"Oh!! Harold, you >>>dunce --what am I saying, Miss Dusty-->>>all of your sides are good!"

| >>607103
"A... team..."
>Angus has an answer, but doesn't. She really didn't want to explain all of REALITAS to Dr. Edison. It'd make her look mental... *And* it'd take forever.
"I've worked primarily solo, with occasional outside help. I'm by no means against teamwork if that's what you're asking. Many hands make light work, as they say."
>Angus snaps her fingers for emphasis on the phrase.
"I can't tell you how nice it'd be to have an assistant..."

| >>607015
"Disappointing? I thought he was the one who cobbled this whole thing--"

>She makes a long gesture, movement spanning from Molly's head to her toes.

"--together for you. Do I have that wrong?"

>This has got to be the smoothest venipuncture she's ever done. Wow. It's amazing how something like this, a very minor procedure going without a hitch, can make a nurse's shift. She sighs contentedly to herself.

| >>607427
"The thing is, this shell was not constructed by him, it was an unknown model abandoned with him. All he had was a name..."

>Molly pulls down her collar to show an engraving in the metal, it's hard to tell due to the wear and tear but it reads "PR3-QU31."

"...It carried an AI, one not connected to Lilith. Preserving it meant his research was limited, and now... It carries what remains of my body, so harsh modifications and studies are necessary, but always carry a risk."

| >>607424

> Dusty simmers in what can only be called a combination of secondhand embarrassment and anger over getting hit on. She really hopes that it isn't visible on their scanner.

"Uh.... yeah. Just um. Yeah. Tell me what you need me to do."

> Somehow, Roberts effectively managed to overload Dusty's responses and she had no way to effectively retort.

"Oh, get pictures for me too. I want to see the kinds of things I have stuck in me."

>Gods, Dusty, really? Appropriate?

| >>603575
[NSFMed at GC, ER Wing 1-A, Bay 2]

>After what seems like hours (and with the way workflow seems to go in this place... may have actually /been/ hours), a nurse-- not the same one who'd roomed Seeiol-- arrives at the young woman's bedside with some sort of medication in hand.

"Sorry for the wait, miss..."

>She looks down at Seeiol's chart, and upon finding that she's likely going to botch the pronunciation of her patient's name, decides to just stick with "Miss".

| >>607648
>It's not a great recovery: it's very easy to tell she'd planned on taking a stab at it, but has given up and is trying to make it look like she'd intended to address her patient this way in the first place.

"It's change of shift. It gets a little crazy out there this time of afternoon; patients are changing hands and we're trying to get up to speed--"

>The nurse rambles anxiously, likely to uncaring ears.

| >>606164
[NSFMed at GC, Lab/Radiology]

>Ryan arrives at the lab, escorted there by an awkward Etta who seems like she can't wait to get rid of him. A few patients are present in the waiting area, and appear to be in widely varying states of health and age. The MA offers the PI a seat, then proceeds to the desk, where she speaks quietly with one of the techs for a few minutes about what's been ordered.

| >>607654
"Thank you."
>Ryan takes a seat and pulls out his phone, keeping a side eye around the going ons near him

| >>607418
>David silently wishes that the MA check if his head is screwed on right. He wouldn't be surprised if a particularly sharp turn had it fall off and tumble to the floor.
>Physically, he's just winding his fingers together. With nothing else to do that doesn't require him to pay more attention to it than the world around him, his timewaster is to simply stare around the room until someone else arrives. Maybe they'll drag him around some more.

| >>607650
"Err... alright?"
>Seeiol was almost falling asleep by now, and the bleeding wasn't really helping, along with the now searing pain accompanying it
"So, huh, are you going to treat me?"




| >>607425
"'Not opposed to teamwork', huh... That implies the choice to burn the midnight oil by your lonesome was your own, Dr. Angus. You don't seem to regret that, either."

>Dr. Edison strokes his chin thoughtfully.

"So, why the sudden interest in your own assistant-- here, specifically? What's stopped you from recruiting one yourself?"

>Wanting to continue life as an auteur of the medical variety, perhaps? He doesn't voice this thought, but he certainly entertains it.

| >>607457
>Ella finishes pulling off the line, and flushes the remaining blood through-- clamping the tubing shut before she starts setting up a bag of saline for Molly to receive. The woman's dry-- she can tell just by looking at her.

"... You ever miss your old one?"

>There are plenty of people who aren't all that attached to their physical bodies in this day and age, but at the same time... well, you tend not to forget the one you were born with.

| >>603572


> He clears his throat, looking farther down that he has been to break the gaze into the nurse. And, with a final decision, doesn't continue.

| >>608529
>Her partners in her more elaborate field were... Gods... of another world.
"I couldn't really find anyone who knew how to completely rebuild Lilims. Everyone I asked was either really shady or didn't quite understand how difficult it is to properly mod or rebuild a Lilim."
>Angus sighs and crosses her arms, looking a little upset about that fact.
"I'm hoping a professional environment will bring professional compatriots."

| >>608793
"At this point it's a stretch to call it >>>my body, the girl i once was is gone. I am what remains, her spirit and her heart, this is who i am."

>The way Molly says it almost sounds like a prayer, which makes the honesty a bit questionable.
>She turns one of the knobs in her cheek.

"Plus it can be pretty rad!"

>The voice that said that was completely different from her usual one.
>She turns it back.

"Pardon me, i refuse to hear myself saying that."


| >>607812
>There's a knock at the door-- one that would seem demanding and even aggressive had it gone one even one tap longer. The rapping is cut off at this point almost skillfully, and the exam room's next visitor doesn't wait long before they start cracking the door open.

"David? Are you in here? I hope you're >>>decent!"

>It's a man's voice, youthful, energetic... and kind of hard to read.

| >>607921
"Uh, ahh, yes! Yes I am! I just need your name and date of birth..."

>The nurse looks at Seeiol's wrist which, unlike those of her other patients, is devoid of a bracelet bearing her personal information-- the kind you'd identify her by. Of course they didn't print one for her at check in... She gives the woman an apologetic look. You can only make so many "you passed my test" jokes after asking patients for their identifiers before they smack you upside the head.

| >>608800
>Chien frowns, irritated by Felix's lack of an answer-- whether this is because the officer is being intentionally evasive, or because he's simply run out of energy with which to speak, is unclear.


>Maybe if we try some 'yes or no' questions? Those are a but easier to answer, and they don't feel like they're digging for too much...

"... Were they like that >>>before you followed that person into the building our EMTs found you in, Mr. Hazard?"

| >>609161

> The officer shakes his head, clearing his throat.

"No, they were like this after I went in."

> Hazard sighs and looks back up to the nurse, wavering each time he makes a movement.

"E-Excuse me, but... Will I be staying over night?"

| >>609160
"Seeiol, I'm 16."
>Really? They ask this far into the game? She's kinda bleeding here
"Err... is that all you need?"



| >>609176
>Chien gawks at Felix, incredulous. Did he... did he really just--?

"Officer Hazard, your >>>heart stopped about an hour ago, and we had to forcibly get it to start beating again! You sticking around isn't even a>>>question-- you're>>>absolutely staying overnight-- and maybe more than once."

>They say healthcare professionals make the worst patients... does the same thing go for people in law enforcement? Should he get the AMA paperwork ready? The nurse sighs.



| >>609679

> He nods softly in understanding, sighing and taking a look around the room, just to avoid eye contact.

"Sorry... I-Sorry."

> How about it! Felix doesn't attempt an excuse, maybe out of guilt or knowing it was a bad attempt...

| >>609679

> He nods softly in understanding, sighing and taking a look around the room, just to avoid eye contact.

"Sorry... I-Sorry."

> How about it! Felix doesn't attempt an excuse, maybe out of guilt or knowing it was a bad attempt...



| >>609302
>The nurse cross-checks this with what's been recorded in Seeiol's chart as she opens the EMAR on her tablet... and raises an eyebrow, questioningly.

"... The information I have here says you're >>>19 years old, miss."

>Did she give the secretary a false birthdate-- and now she's slipped up and forgotten? Is this /another/ patient who's injured themselves in the pursuit of pain medication... Her mouth warps into a tight frown as she waits for an explanation.

| >>610577
"Err... right, sorry... I often forget my age, especially since my kind don't really... err... grow up like humans... we finish puberty by 2 months old..."
>She coughs to hide her awkwardness, but it really isn't working

| >>610587
>The nurse doesn't look as if she's buying Seeiol's lame explanation as to how the girl's accidentally flipped the last digit of her age... but at the same time, she's got 4 other patients calling for meds, and she doesn't have the time nor the energy to further investigate this issue. Oh, yeah-- her arm really does look like it hurts, too.


>She offers Seeiol a medicine cup with two small, white tablets in it, then grabs a glass of water and places it on the table.

| >>608843
>Ella snorts loudly, and is about to ask if Molly if she can do impressions using that thing in her jaw when one of the ER's handful of MDs pokes his head into the room. Having finished running Cassie's code (resulting in him shipping out one of his last patients), his productivity has taken a nosedive. Gotta fill that panel!

"... Is there a 'Molly' in here?"

>Dr. Lahey shuffles into the room... accompanied by Oliver, who seems to have gotten separated from Dr. Sigvaris.

| >>617322
>Wishing to be useful (though proving himself once again to be everything but), Oliver volunteers his insight:

"Dr. Lahey... I-I, uh... I-I think it's just >>>'molly' and not>>>'a molly'..."

>Dr. Lahey gawks at the PA, incredibly confused. Oliver continues:

"A-and seeing as we're in an >>>ER half-full of tweaking club-goers... I-I don't>>>think you'll have trouble finding any? I-I have to be honest--I'm not sure why you're looking, though... "

>Is this guy for real?!

| >>608802
>Dr. Edison nods, satisfied with Angus' answer. The woman knows her way around an interview: for every question, she has a response-- and a solid one, at that. It'd be foolish if they didn't at least /consider/ offering her a position...

"Well said, Dr. Angus."

>Their path eventually winds towards the front lobby, bringing them both back to where they'd met. They might have gotten off on the wrong foot, but... Max feels they've landed on the right one.

| >>610070
>Seeing Felix back off as soon as he'd put his foot down, Chien cools his jets a little, as he's noticed a few of the CNAs in the hall starting to stare... including Marcille, who starts making her way over to Bay 4 as soon as her eyes meet Chien's. Any patient who's got their nurse spending that much time at the bedside is either really sick, or has a great story to tell. Or, both. A lot of the time, it's both. She sidles into the bay.

"Makin' friends without me, Chien?"

| [Radiology Department, CT Suite 1]

>Dr. Roberts nods eagerly in response to Dusty's request for films of her chest once the scan's complete-- then remembers that she can't see him bobbing his head up and down like the total moron he is.

"Of course! We'll put aside the >>>best ones for you, Miss Dusty--"

>Dr. Joga, rapidly tiring of this sickly sweet exchange, cuts her resident off in order to announce to Dusty that, finally:

"We are starting the scan, now. Please remain still."

| >>617325
>Molly perks up when she hears her name, and carefully gets off from the gurney.
"Well... I guess this is it for us then, it was nice meeting you."

>She actively tries to not get too caught up in goodbyes and walks over to the MD.

"That would be me sir, I-i mean Molly as in the name... Never been interested in those types of substances, much less becoming one with them... Aaaanyway it's a pleasure to meet you."
>She says, offering a handshake.

| >>617315
>Seeiol gulps down the medicine without making more of a fuss and seems to heave a sigh of relief
"So... err... well... I'm guessing you guys don't get many aliens here..."

| >>617377
>Ella flashes Molly a grin as she watches the woman totter towards the MD taking on her case, and the PA who's clinging to him like he's trying to replace the man's shadow.

"You too, Miss Molly. This won't be the last you see of me, though-- Dr. Lahey's just here to lay eyes on you."

>Lahey takes the hand his patient's extended towards him in a warm handshake.

"A pleasure to meet you, as well."

>Not wanting to be left out, Oliver sticks out his own hand towards Molly.

| >>617402
>The nurse blinks, at a loss for what to say, even though the answer to Seeiol's question is quite clearly "yes". NSFMed historically hasn't served a lot of patients who are quite literally from out of this world... She stands there awkwardly for a few moments more, before shaking her head and murmuring an embarrassed "Mm-mm."

| >>617939
"I-I see..."
>Awkward... Seeiol has never felt more awkward in her whole life, she can practically feel her face turning pink
>Her boss was never one for conversation, too, but at least at work she had other things to do in order to distract herself... but here? No such luck

| >>617941
>The nurse is blushing to match-- though the flush on her cheeks can't even begin to compete with the neon pink seeping through the gauze covering Seeiol's arm. When the fuck is Makube coming back?!

"Ah... so... what, um... brings you to Earth...? I-if I'm allowed to ask--"

>Let's make sure this one has come in peace...

| >>618022
"Oh, I wanted to travel... but I liked it here and I applied for a permanent residency... which got approved last month."
>She coughs
"My hei- err... dad, didn't take it well, but everything got resolved without problem..."

| >>617331

> Seeing the arrival of another staff member forces Felix to look up. Of all the things he could've asked, he keeps quite as the two start an interaction.

| >>618028
"Y-you like it here?"

>The nurse seems surprised. Should she be surprised? She doesn't know.

"What exactly, ah... draws you to this... planet...?"

>Jesus, this is painful. She hopes those pills Seeiol popped will take effect soon...

"I'm... sorry about your father, but... congratulations on your residency! I know the application process for those living here and looking to change locations is rigorous, so... I can't really imagine what it was like for you."

| >>618036
>The nurse sighs, unsure as to whether or not he should welcome Marcille's enthusiasm, or ask her to curb it, a bit.

"Wouldn't dream of it, Marcille. This is officer Hazard-- he came to a little while ago. You might have seen him in the hallway during the code blue..."

">>>Officer Hazard? I gotta thank you double for introducin' us now, Chien-- y'know I have a thing for men in uniform--

>She bats her eyelashes at Felix.

"Y'look a lot better with a pulse, Mr. Hazard!"

| >>618085

> Hazard is slightly surprised at the comment, unsure if to be pleased with it, or at most, concerned.

"Er... Thanks?"

| >>617909
>Molly accepts the PA's handshake.
"I hope i can count on you darling, I'll need it."
>She says, in the faint hope it might sparkle some confidence in him.

| >>618084
"I... huh, like the big town. I'm from a really backwater planet, so..."
>She coughs
"And yeah... but I did fix things with my... dad, so... all is good in the end."

| >>617337

“Oh tha–“

> Dusty cuts herself off, since she figures talking can constitute as moving. She keeps as still as she can, holding her breath to the best of her ability. She swears the scan is making her insides feel funny, but that has to just be in her head, right?

> Years of training at least gave her impressive amounts of patience for keeping still. Focusing on her notion of staying still helped her maintain composure

| >>617328
"So doc, sorry I cut into your break! But I'm hoping it was moderately worth it."
>Angus gives a genuine smile, and extends her hand. She has a card in it, but she also wants the handshake.
"All my info's on there, hopefully I hear from you soon!"

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