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Their R n0 B0yz on the inter-net

| Facts

| Butt imma boi

| and I'm lesbian

| A friendly reminder that whoever started this is most likely an underaged boy who can't spell for shit, yet thinks that he is gay but really isn't

| Sometimes I can’t believe this website is free
- Dusty

| Speak for yourself
Bet you exhibit bioluminescence.

| One cummies ice cream for op.

| If there are no "B0yz" on the inter-net then why constantly bring it up?

This makes me think they might actually be on here, even this very board, hiding, could be anyone of us.

Remember g/u/rls always look deeper than the surface.

| This is true. As a boy, I can confirm.

| >>600486
Alright you know the drill. Dick pics now or you're a g/u/rl

| As a wise man once said. It's true.

| >>600756
Because no boys are on the internet, only real men are on the internet
-Red 9

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This thread is permanently archived