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My roommate might be a cyborg

| Okay, so does anyone remember me posting about how my new roommate never seems to sleep?? Well, I have some new information on them.

See, I figured she just had to be a real human since they seems to bleed and feel pain. But there's something also weird here; They always smell like gasoline now.

Like, the REAL DEAL stuff.

I read that old machines used it as a power source.

Are their augs that use it? I need help g/u/rls

- Unit 00

| I mean, being a cyborg isn't really unusual these days. But I get what you mean, the gas is odd.
Maybe she has some really sketchy augs that run on the stuff. You can still buy it; back in Florida almost half the cars still run on it, and even in places like this there's always that one guy who still drives a car from the last century.
- SciFox

| Another theory (and I'm not an expert on this kind of thing, mind) is that she is a gas-powered machine of some kind. I wouldn't be surprised if someone tried to make their own version of something similar to a Lilim but didn't have access to a high-tech power source.
I remember a while back there was a weird ad for some kind of romance bot, and while I don't know how intelligent they were, the point is that Lilim aren't the only artificial beings out there.
- SciFox

| Cheap sketchy augs is more likely in my opinion, especially if she didn't smell like gas before; they might be new. Though if someone without the proper skill tried to make a robot she could be wearing out inside.
As for the no sleep thing... I have a friend that usually only sleeps once every few days, and she is very much human, so while it's definitely not normal it's not impossible.

| >>599141

She's definitely not any kind of AI. I at least got that much understood about her. I don't know what anyone would want to use GASOLINE near their bodies. That just seems like the worst way to do anything. At least my power cores are non-reactive under most circumstances.

I wish they'd be a little more open, then i wouldn't have to post on here

- Unit 00

| If need be I can disect the body for you.. I'm neither a doctor or an engineer, but I'm ok if it's for science, or you can do the less crazy thing and scan her with an x-ray scanner..

| >>599582

Please don’t vivisect my roommate. She’s really cool and teaches me cool things.

- Unit 00

| What if YOU are the cyborg?

| >>599825

If I'm actually a cyborg, then I think something really went wrong when I was deployed

- Unit 00

| >>599295
What if she secretly works at a gas station?

| I can safely say that no augments run on gasoline, none have ever been made with that fuel in mind...

Its heavy, requires a tank, smells like ass and catches fire easily if mishandled, so it never was considered for aug making unless you were some kind of deranged self proclaimed Aug Engineer.

So its fair to rule out augs IMO

| >>600097
Also never mind the fact that gasoline hurts the skin and tissues and that its fumes are toxic lol

| >>600051

I haven’t seen a gas station here since I left New Jersey 3, but that’s a good theory


I’ll make a note of that too. I wonder if it would damage my skin too

- Unit 00

| >>600103
Do you have a protective coating or nah? if not well it'd depend on the mats

| >>600097 Well, I'd be willing to bet that GC has plenty of deranged self-proclaimed Aug Engineers, but I'm not an expert.
>>600103 There's an auto mod shop down the street from me that has a gas pump, and they seem to do a lot of work on classic cars. Do you live anywhere near the Neon District? If so she might work there.
- SciFox

| >>600265

I only have light protection. Gotta stay light. Some finishes really add to wind resistance and I am not having that


We’re in the motor district. But that’s another possibility too. Another piece of data for the board

- Unit 00

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